Inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege | Visual Forensics

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At 2:12 p.m. on Jan. 6, supporters of President Trump began climbing through a window they had smashed on the northwest side of the U.S. Capitol. “Go! Go! Go!” someone shouted as the rioters, some in military gear, streamed in. It was the start of the most serious attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812. The mob coursed through the building, enraged that Congress was preparing to make Trump’s electoral defeat official. “Drag them out! … Hang them out!” rioters yelled at one point, as they gathered near the House chamber.
Officials in the House and Senate secured the doors of their respective chambers, but lawmakers were soon forced to retreat to undisclosed locations. Five people died on the grounds that day, including a Capitol police officer. In all, more than 50 officers were injured.
To reconstruct the pandemonium inside the Capitol, The Washington Post examined text messages, photos and hundreds of videos, some of which were exclusively obtained. By synchronizing the footage and locating some of the camera angles within a digital 3-D model of the building, The Post was able to map the rioters’ movements and assess how close they came to lawmakers - in some cases feet apart or separated only by a handful of vastly outnumbered police officers. Subscribe to The Washington Post on HUpost:
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Spikes 2 órája
Taking into consideration the endless "racial" rioting and calling for "justice" everywhere this whole past year this was nothing Notice how it wasn't burned down if it was antifa and blm they would be just burned it all down
pigeon 3 órája
The problem with democracy isn't democracy. It's the people who don't want democracy, and refuse to accept the other side.
pigeon 3 órája
3:21 I was audibly yelling KICK HIM DOWN THE STAIRS FFS
Eli Vester
Eli Vester 4 órája
I forgot but is it like illegal to just don’t them on the head with the batons? Cuz last I remmember you could if they hurt you first. DONK EM ON THE HEAD KNOCK EM OUT!
Dark Spyro
Dark Spyro 4 órája
Its order 66 all over again?!
mamamia here we go again
mamamia here we go again 6 órája
11:17 GoPro can have a new ad
mamamia here we go again
mamamia here we go again 7 órája
Imagine what they would have done to Pelosi if they did find her
Imperial Officer
Imperial Officer 8 órája
Fun fact: USA is a joke.
Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph 11 órája
I can't believe Trump got off from the responsibility for this mess.
Nenggo 13 órája
Hai students from the future
the spumel joke
the spumel joke 14 órája
This is the trump supporters. No wonder they are on trump's side.
Clayton Crites
Clayton Crites 15 órája
come out COME OUT wear ever youuuu arrreeeee
1slyboy 17 órája
We need to see charges of insurrection and/or sedition for those who were involved or helped orchestrate the attack
thetownspeople 14
thetownspeople 14 22 órája
I'm surprised nobody else died. When you start messing with the secret service and their protectees ..yikes!
Bernardas Janušauskas
Bernardas Janušauskas Napja
It’s April of 2021 and most of us forgot this even happened. This is how messed up 2021 is.
Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold Napja
It is sad that Trump is still free. He is the major cause of this invasion of the Capitol. His followers are now paying for his Hitler like polices. He belongs in jail,.
Jacobster Yt
Jacobster Yt Napja
poor police, they have to experience and deal with all of these crack heads.
Corvus Corax
Corvus Corax Napja
Banana republic.
Thị Ngô
Thị Ngô Napja
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dr lushe
dr lushe Napja
Sup kid’s watching this in 10 or 20 years
the titman
the titman Napja
theres a thing called rubbers bullets
moderngod1 Napja
Ohh so now I’m supposed to feel sorry for the shmucks who spent $2.2 Trillion on a F35 program? Yeah get rid of em
Augur Cybernaut
Augur Cybernaut Napja
DLC for The Division prequel looking lit!
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones Napja
Shocking how only ONE white person was killed. Shockingly racist
Wingman46 2 napja
“We’re not gonna hurt you” and they never did
Denis Kozhanov
Denis Kozhanov 2 napja
Nancy were here for you, Im dead ahahahahaah
ntfox 2 napja
hi history students, how is it going?
Imperial Scout Productions
Imperial Scout Productions 2 napja
Hey history students of 10-20 or beyond years from now. Have fun with all of your essays of 2020/2021!
lokesh loky
lokesh loky 2 napja
I thought US stand for powerfull MILITARY SUPPORT , but there was no military after the panni attack on DC POLICE CALL OUT FOR BACK UO
lokesh loky
lokesh loky 2 napja
If trump stands for the presidentship again this will remains the proof of his presidency .the world's will never forget and it's stands the historical incident
HARP SEAL 2 napja
I think I heard of this. Aw man thats messed up. 12:30 This hole thing is so sh!tty... Cant believe this man... Smh
Philophobia 2 napja
I bet these people wouldn't even go to war if necessary...
Dan Salvato
Dan Salvato 2 napja
They are so luck the national guards came later they would have all gotten killed or arrested good job police for not letting the important people get hurt
Pykle Six
Pykle Six 2 napja
The gaping dragonfly terminally plant because suede distinctively hammer aboard a strange speedboat. adjoining, many page
That Guy
That Guy 2 napja
Where’s the riots at the height?
Jonas 2 napja
Every single person that participated in that riot is as much a terrorist as the people who flew the planes into the world trade center, yet, they call them selves "real american" and "patriotic"...
Jonas 2 napja
Right when the traitor veteran got shot everyone was making room for the cops so they could help her... The rioters are distgustingly stupid
Alex Hill
Alex Hill 2 napja
Then don't cheat. Play stupid games win stupid prizes
Jaden Delgado
Jaden Delgado 3 napja
Either my eye sight is bad or all these rioters are white
Ladel 3 napja
I saw a couple black people but the rest are white
Jennifer Alvarado
Jennifer Alvarado 3 napja
Idk why some people brought the South Vietnamese flag I mean what does Vietnam have to do with this?
Lennart Gottochblandat
Lennart Gottochblandat 3 napja
Trump Trump Trump
That Clavier Guy
That Clavier Guy 3 napja
Noob Cops haha
Cole Barrick
Cole Barrick 3 napja
Lmao we owe 20 something trillion to china. What do you think they are doing with it. Building a military we don't have. They have way more people and are allies with russia. We the u s of a are fucked
Black_vipers 1
Black_vipers 1 3 napja
They aren't trump supporters*
GWDJ 3 napja
"Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump, WE WANT TRUMP! WE WANT TRUMP" -The domestic terrorists
Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile 3 napja
Hi all students that is watching this in history class in 20 years
Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile 3 napja
See ya in a couple years
Nancy Desch
Nancy Desch 3 napja
Trump is most definately responsible for this.
????????????? 3 napja
Trump 2024. You can’t stop what’s coming
Juice is The world999
Juice is The world999 4 napja
I would’ve caught a whole bunch of body’s
Nils R.
Nils R. 4 napja
The woman who died shoud´ve been one of hundreds
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 3 napja
But they don’t
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 3 napja
As long as they also shoot everyone at BLM riots as well.
Slayge 4 napja
Oh boy if I had a machine gun all these rioters would have been dead
Sharon Cameron
Sharon Cameron 4 napja
Why did they have gas masks under their seats??? Had they, the Republicans suspected this??
Umberto Barbi
Umberto Barbi 4 napja
How is trump not arrested for promoting basically a terrorist attack on a US GOVERNMENT building. Yes it was a riot but I am referring it a terrorist attack because they attacked then government building.
The Doctor
The Doctor 4 napja
Why didn’t they just call the military to control the whole chaos.
The Doctor
The Doctor 3 napja
@Ladel ok
Ladel 3 napja
They called the National Guard
Zack Cross
Zack Cross 4 napja
For a group that screamed “Blue Lives Matter” and “Defend the Police”, they sure had no problem calling traitors and pigs.
Dani The fag
Dani The fag 4 napja
Why do they hate pence???
Ladel 3 napja
Pence hated Trump after the attacks. And he accepted Joe Biden win. I dunno
Dani The fag
Dani The fag 4 napja
Why didn’t they get more cops and stop them?
Dani The fag
Dani The fag 2 napja
@Talkz Field no.. Black Lives Matter protests had way more cops
Talkz Field
Talkz Field 2 napja
They called almost all police available
Galavis232RO 5 napja
Those guys have serious mental problems...
jags4life 307
jags4life 307 5 napja
Those unAmerican traitors deserve prison. Trump deserves prison. Let’s build back better america
Mano Shan
Mano Shan 5 napja
Rainbow six siege secure the hostage from attacker
Ódhran 5 napja
3:33 Ya know u just wanna kick that twat back down the stairs Edit: The rioter
Sydney L
Sydney L 5 napja
Hello future students who are questioning this😀
Yaliema Kickass
Yaliema Kickass 5 napja
Peaceful night protesting 😂😆
Vector Perfect
Vector Perfect 5 napja
Billions of dollars of military budget but they can't even protect their Capitol? *IRONIC*
Canada Ball
Canada Ball 5 napja
just install TSM.exe or Tiananmen Square Massacre mode
Riordan 5 napja
I think it's good, for law makers, politicians and lobbyist to know if public doesn't like you, you will be going down and no one can save them.
Megawave79 5 napja
Should’ve used live rounds
NotViewed 5 napja
false narrative
Tyler HVACR Tekk
Tyler HVACR Tekk 5 napja
such terrible acting those "police"
sonny melrose
sonny melrose 6 napja
Ladel 3 napja
We're not all like this :(
DehExotic Bruh
DehExotic Bruh 6 napja
I’m totally not with this riot, I think it’s a disgrace to americans. But I’m curious to what they would do if they found Pelosi...
Braeden Schilling
Braeden Schilling 6 napja
This is awful! I am embarrassed to be American. And I hope all lawmakers are safe.
Ladel 3 napja
@Jacob Davis The lawmakers are good and doing fine just the citizens are fucked up
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 3 napja
Why would you hope the lawmakers who screw Americans over every day are safe?
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas 6 napja
No it’s rainbow six siege
Lisa Kikukawa
Lisa Kikukawa 6 napja
Hey future children that will learn about this! Yeah insane right! The president of the United States was a crazy man and his followers did dangerous stupid things!!!! Hope you guys wont have to go through this in your life!
Nick Sam
Nick Sam 6 napja
Omg the horror! Sarcasm..
Asian Boi
Asian Boi 6 napja
One idea how bout let’s make glitter bombs so that they can mark protester since glitter is hard to get off and also that glitter can get onto the eye resulting to temporarily blinding the protester
Saad Sajidul
Saad Sajidul 6 napja
"You good?" - Guy with the Grenade launcher
vxsqi 6 napja
In 200 years later this will happen again.
Mamba 6 napja
That is crazy
Joseph Lowe
Joseph Lowe 6 napja
All this because they’re saw losers
Alexan Rustler
Alexan Rustler 6 napja
2:40 god he sounded so scared
Den Wolff
Den Wolff 6 napja
Ly Tour
Ly Tour 6 napja
if i was one of the police that are in there they all would be dead
Rome M
Rome M 6 napja
Americans love boasting their military power, but they can't even protect themselves from each other. What a joke.
Greta Lemke
Greta Lemke 6 napja
to everyone here twenty years from now, I'm sorry you're cramming for your history test.
Andy Cheng
Andy Cheng 6 napja
6:58 lmao they don’t seem to realize the year is 2021, not 1121
Hyper Blaze
Hyper Blaze 7 napja
It’s scary to imagine in around 60-80 years futuristic school kids will have to endure this in class and make it mandatory curriculum.
Matthew Johansen
Matthew Johansen 7 napja
I Have No Idea
I Have No Idea 7 napja
Trump also said to stay PEACEFUL because the conservatives and the republicans are the party if law and order but okay just leave it out
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott 3 napja
@Jacob Davis by repeatedly lying to rile up his supporters and telling them to 'take back' their country.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 3 napja
@Cancelled how has he egged it on? He told them to peacefully protest outside the capital.
Cancelled 3 napja
But they were NOT peaceful though and Trump has egged this for months/weeks on end.
Yvxn 7 napja
Can't they just make doors unbreachable?
redbandit11 7 napja
Its was gonna happen sooner or later thats what happens when you elect a Dictator.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 7 napja
The U.S never had a dictator
I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.
I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you. 7 napja
All the rioters should have ended up like Ashli Babbitt.
Kuriki 7 napja
Hey kids of the future. Just leaving this year because I'm pretty sure some of you will end up to this video.
ObnoxiousCat 7 napja
cant wait for this event to be the in history books
Jimmy Pierce
Jimmy Pierce 7 napja
We the people have the right to over throw the government if there doing or making wrong choices i hope everyone knows that
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott 3 napja
But they weren't, Joe Biden won the election and the senators were doing what the people voted for.
iTrisl 7 napja
12:31 the officers hand was shaking.
EL Gee
EL Gee 7 napja
2:39 he is compleetly unfaced be the fact he was told that they where in the building. He knew about wat was going to happen and wanted a coupe and 5:40 this guy is in it to. Nervous as hell
Ikmaniky 7 napja
imagine what the US would have looked like if the Heavy Duty Polices fired at the crowd (im talking about a civil ish war) but hello future kiddos
OFF GRID 8 napja
This is just the start. Good luck.
M G 6 napja
Great trail you leave online for the feds, buddy. Americans lol
Ciaran Power
Ciaran Power 7 napja
"May the odds be ever in your favour"
El Roc
El Roc 8 napja
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