Marjorie Taylor Greene Frontrunner for Worst Person of 2021

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Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy apologizes for setting off Alexa in a lot of people’s houses after telling a story about pancakes, and since he has this newfound power, encourages everyone to try out an idea he has. Jimmy also talks about the common flu virtually disappearing, new mutations of the COVID virus spreading around the world and China developing an anal test, a school band in Washington practicing in individual tents, a shortage of monkeys to test the vaccine on, a major announcement from Hasbro about Mr. Potato Head, Marjorie Taylor Greene continuing her campaign as frontrunner for worst human of 2021 by working to defeat the “Equality Act,” Donald Trump’s tax returns being officially handed over to the Manhattan District Attorney, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.
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Relentless Ohio
Relentless Ohio 9 órája
She is literally the definition of insane. Idk if her mom smoked/drank during her pregnancy (I'm sure she did). But God damn this woman is crazy.
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress 15 órája
we live in/up? ,,palatial estates.., its a place, the mistresses, the wiVe,, read up movietime Foundation, wouldnt worry,, no tasteless platitudes,, as of? its beyond the grumpy gasoline station,, ?operating system is critical to you, but not Foundation&39,,$-44_(the steffikim! otherwise tjajc,
Toby Renfro
Toby Renfro 19 órája
Idiots! Jimmy, you are so out of touch, it's sad!
Russell S
Russell S 22 órája
Marjorie Taylor Greene, keep up the Great work in congress! Jummy Kummel is an imbecile!
AJ Shaw
AJ Shaw Napja
The woman raked in $3.2 million this past quarter. That's pretty damn good for someone who is the worst person of 2021.
Scott Pulver
Scott Pulver Napja
Kimmel is a Karen is a too tight suit.
Sam Wiley
Sam Wiley Napja
Flu is a RNA VIROID as is corona and the common cold
Susan Smith
Susan Smith 2 napja
Omg my Alexa asked me if I wanted to buy the goose book 😭
Momomils 298
Momomils 298 4 napja
She looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein
Kimbel, I think you were actually up for that award.
Dean Baker
Dean Baker 4 napja
If they ever have an ugliest woman in the country contest, I'm voting for her.
jensonee 4 napja
so many conservatives come here to suffer kimmel's comments on trump's and greene's stupidity.
jwh 1993
jwh 1993 4 napja
Kimmel isn’t what he used to be. Like many, he’s gone political.
jensonee 4 napja
good things happen.
Newny T
Newny T 5 napja
she is absolute garbage
Ron K
Ron K 5 napja
Kimmel is the frontrunner for the least funny person on international television. What a stool.
Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX
Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX 7 napja
I thought Joe Biden was the worst person of 2021, or is that Bill Gates? 🤔
Cinder 6 napja
No they are good contenders but it's definitely Greene
Daniel Parsons
Daniel Parsons 7 napja
You aren't funny at all Jimmy.
Marcee Christensen
Marcee Christensen 8 napja
She is soooooo Karen
Ultra AL
Ultra AL 8 napja
jimmy sftu.
jensonee 4 napja
did that make you feel better?
Philip Gregory
Philip Gregory 9 napja
Jimmy Kimmel you are not doing democrats any favor by promoting LGBTq. Equal rights is a proper stand but not waving (or supporting) flags promoting "alternate life styles" that 'most' people agree is not a positive trend in society.
jensonee 4 napja
no phil, that's your opinion not most decent minded citizen's.
Lucero Jon
Lucero Jon 10 napja
derek flegg
derek flegg 11 napja
THE SECOND AMMENDMENT DOESN'T ACTUALLY SAY ARMED WITH "GUNS" DOES IT. IT JUST SAYS ARMED.. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Such language has created considerable debate regarding the Amendment's intended scope. Arms is short for armaments which comes from the Latin term armamentum which is from the term armare which means to arm meaning to give weapons. Basically it is derived from two Latin terms meaning to give weapons or weapons. Nor does the second amendment specify the weapon must be lethal.. HERE'S 10 OF THE BEST NON-GUN SELF-DEFENSE WEAPONS THAT MEET THE SECOND AMMENDMENT FOR BEING ARMED.
jensonee 4 napja
what does that "A well regulated Militia," mean? does that have a specifici meaning or does it mean just any goose with a gun?
Ann sans E
Ann sans E 12 napja
What is it with China and the U.S. bum? Back when Nixon went to China there was a rash outbreak on the bums of the U.S. delegation. The CDC ordered that photos be taken of all affected bums & shipped to Atlanta for analysis. It determined that the rash was an allergic reaction to china's bamboo toilet seats. No, I'm not making this up.
Johnson Hunglo
Johnson Hunglo 14 napja
Oh hell, hands down winner!!!!!
Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker 14 napja
If I lived in America she would get my vote true hurts these globalist lefty snakes they should all be locked up
jaba paba
jaba paba 15 napja
ya i always get my news and ideas from operation mockingbird entertainment programs!!!!
mikoloe 15 napja
I cant remember the last time Jimmy was funny.
Abigalil juan
Abigalil juan 16 napja
The natural insulation obviously radiate because syrup conversantly discover worth a big account. useless, stingy vacuum
Robert Green
Robert Green 16 napja
Mr. Kimmel, Mr. Kimmel you are The funniest yet!! 🤣 I can't stop laughing!! YOU MUST KNOW YOU ARE!! P.S. THE BEST YET P.P.S. Potato heads will roll!!
Don Hill
Don Hill 17 napja
But MTG is not human, so that statement that she is the worst person isn’t true.
sharon hunt
sharon hunt 18 napja
She’s got my vote.
Cinder 6 napja
Why? Not trying to hate but what about her is good in any way
Craig B
Craig B 18 napja
it’s the Green Apple Port-a-loo Band
Annoyedmofo 18 napja
OMFG. I’m watching this three weeks late at 11:25PM and as soon as he said “Alexa volume ten” I screamed “ALEXA NO!!” Lmfao my hearttt.
Suzan H
Suzan H 18 napja
Cinder 6 napja
You really think she cares about the working class? When she's opposed all laws that help them in any way
paul birtles
paul birtles 19 napja
All likes and no dislikes at all, total censorship and you all still believe anything on this channel
mao hadad
mao hadad 19 napja
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James Lee
James Lee 19 napja
The freezing foot counterintuitively handle because week equally wait before a laughable cactus. delightful, impolite daughter
John Auner
John Auner 20 napja
You do remember the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Serbia "in error" over voting irregularity.
Ogden keg by
Ogden keg by 20 napja
Topper Harley
Topper Harley 21 napja
Thanks youtube for filtering! My tablet answers to alexa, my echo show answers to echo. He woke neither :)
Annie605 21 napja
You have to say hey alexa
Kelleen Grimm
Kelleen Grimm 22 napja
Well it is proof that MGT is neither a woman or a female or a human being. She is more of a neanderthal species than the original Neanderthals, and gosh wouldn't it be nice if she were to become exitinct too.
Pamela L.
Pamela L. 22 napja
Kimmel is such a jerk!
Courtney Rose Wellness
Courtney Rose Wellness 23 napja
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 25 napja
I love her you liberals are little triggered here😁
Cinder 6 napja
What about her is appealing? Not trying to hate i just don't understand why people think it's a good thing to use religion as an excuse for anything
Gypsy SnickerDoodle
Gypsy SnickerDoodle 25 napja
The people I feel for❓ ⚡️THE AMAZON STAFF trying to keep track of that lightning round 💫
John Lujan
John Lujan 25 napja
That's wild!
Christine Reno
Christine Reno 25 napja
No Jimmy that would be you
MAGA 4 Life
MAGA 4 Life 25 napja
Cinder 6 napja
@Lesly Ponce English?
Lesly Ponce
Lesly Ponce 25 napja
Left wing. No brain. , call left wing brain vacation. ,that include this little brain kimmel. Left wing no brain v los izquierdistas democratas no tienen cerebro
Aisling Sutton
Aisling Sutton 26 napja
God MTG sucks how can a subhuman like her be an elected official, it’s embarrassing. Republicans really are the worst, they are such losers. PS They also tried to wreck our democracy, that should never be forgotten or forgiven
Eagle Spirit
Eagle Spirit 26 napja
She has common sense.
Cinder 6 napja
Anurag Chakraborty
Anurag Chakraborty 26 napja
Shawn Moore
Shawn Moore 26 napja
I think we should give the "Karen's" of the world a break and substitute "Karen' With "Marjorie".
Mickey Valor
Mickey Valor 27 napja
Omgs the end is wild how is this allow? 😂😂😂👁️👁️👁️
O'Rell Williams
O'Rell Williams 27 napja
with Mitch McConnell in a close 3rd
O'Rell Williams
O'Rell Williams 27 napja
Her and Ted Cruz are neck and neck for most reprehensible people of all time!
Lesly Ponce
Lesly Ponce 25 napja
Are you talking no brain left wing. Lack brain. Cerebrum. Definitely. Poor kimmel comic no has cerebrum. Kimmel is vulgar
Trish Doran
Trish Doran 27 napja
Dammit! Seriously, echo is playing who let the dogs out right now!
Chupa Me la
Chupa Me la 27 napja
What! The Hillbilly Royalty, with a 3rd grade Knowledge. Those who were looking for the origin of "IGNORANCE " , don't look anymore she Invented it.iGNORANCE!
J DeM 28 napja
Jimmy are you gonna mention Cuomo as king scumbaggery?
Lesly Ponce
Lesly Ponce 25 napja
Cummo corrupt , New York. Sent covid 19. People to nursing homes? We do no need put attention left wing. Brain vacation. Joe obiden. Kimmel. Left wing. No brain. Los communistas democratasc no tienen cerebro
J DeM 28 napja
Funny jimmy is a male Karen lol
loretta o'connell
loretta o'connell 28 napja
Don't do the Alexa thing again!! It upset all my settings
keegan polak
keegan polak 28 napja
Jimmy Kimmel is a joke.
keegan polak
keegan polak 7 napja
@Anurag Chakraborty negative
Anurag Chakraborty
Anurag Chakraborty 26 napja
Well, his monologues *are* funny. Is that what you mean?
Jeff Riddick
Jeff Riddick 28 napja
I think Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing great for protecting the 2A that the dems are infringing on the 2A of the Constitution Better then Socialism from Biden
sfoda511 29 napja
Well look who thinks he is still relevant.... You, Jimmy are the leader of fools
Sparky Wirenut
Sparky Wirenut 29 napja
Who watches / cares about what jimmy kimmel says ? He sucks !
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 29 napja
Omg snd ihsn Omar tslks sbd claps for killing Jews.
Bobby Robby
Bobby Robby Hónapja
Jimmy Kimmel hates Bible living Christians too. Who cares. His audience is filled with liberals.
Cinder 6 napja
If you think modern day politics should be influenced by a fictional book from 2000 years ago you've lost your mind
Felipe m
Felipe m 29 napja
Ok boomer
Marleah Meyer
Marleah Meyer Hónapja
Never mention greene again.
russell lacy
russell lacy Hónapja
I could use words more colorful to describe Green. I just don't understand why her and her constituents, like Ted Cruz, seem to be telling lies about everything that they comment on. These two should be flushed away like the rest of the crapp. And that's saying it nicely.
Lauren Aquino
Lauren Aquino Hónapja
That was hysterical! I forgot my Alexa was on and it just started playing “Who let the dogs out?”
Knight Enchanter
Knight Enchanter Hónapja
Josh Hawley is crying that he's losing out his title.
Jeff J
Jeff J Hónapja
Maybe she will visit Jimmy when he isn't expecting it.
Ramos Familia
Ramos Familia Hónapja
Riffer65 Hónapja
MTG is right there in the gender issue, because, at least to me, she is masculinely female. Seriously, (s)he looks like MMA/UFC could be a good career move.
r rosen
r rosen Hónapja
How infantile
K R Hónapja
I don’t understand why this is debatable.
Bernice Erehart
Bernice Erehart Hónapja
OMG yes, my Alexa played Who let the dogs out at volume 10 - I'm laughing my butt off
Rep Wannabee
Rep Wannabee Hónapja
MTG - hehehe
ryad boulasbaa
ryad boulasbaa Hónapja
The bent tornado historically number because refund socially suck per a unbiased reindeer. boiling, statuesque weather
Brian McCauley
Brian McCauley Hónapja
This shits funny.
ryad boulasbaa
ryad boulasbaa Hónapja
The inquisitive amount preferably fool because bongo bareilly judge circa a spurious bibliography. nine, classy join
Dave Rowley
Dave Rowley Hónapja
I wouldn't be surprised to see Kimmel compete in women's sports some day. He supports the bill,I'm sure he'd accept the trophies and pretend it was fair competition.
Cinder 6 napja
I guess conservatives only care about woman's rights when it comes to sports. Considering that they would ban abortion even though that is technically against her rights. Oh but i guess my body my choice only applies to masks then. Am i somewhere in the ballpark for your argument?
Cory Farmer
Cory Farmer Hónapja
라미 Hónapja
Alexa, get me a vaccine...
Jackie Schaffer
Jackie Schaffer Hónapja
Dude! My Alexa just ordered your book!
Bella Stratton
Bella Stratton Hónapja
My alexa ignored all the mentions of bisquick as I played this video 03/08/2021; however she is loudly playing 'Who Let The Dogs Out' as I type.
Annalouise Fischbach
Annalouise Fischbach Hónapja
She forgot about hermaphrodites. Trust the science, Greene.
Mazda626gtturbo Hónapja
Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for showing Ted Cruz what a real beard should look like!
Gaston Gonzalez
Gaston Gonzalez Hónapja
That was so awesome! I had to scream at my alexa.
Jackey Lovalux
Jackey Lovalux Hónapja
Alexa can you cancel my amazon prime and my amazon account bozo stole Americas wallet
Ste Frequency
Ste Frequency Hónapja
Dear Americans you should stop watching Kimmel hes a pathetic puppet
Cinder 6 napja
So i guess anyone you don't like is a puppet? Because it doesn't seem that there is any logical proof of that other then your blind loyalty to MTG and her massive ego
FU Hónapja
Stick to comedy and not politics unless you want to talk about that decrepit old adult diaper wearing,mumbling,can’t do a interview without a teleprompter Perv. Grandpa Joe.
M Schultz
M Schultz Hónapja
This is why I don’t use “Alexa” as my wake word. 😝
ZOO YAWK Hónapja
Thanks Jimmy. I just heard the song I hate the most for the first time in years. I thought my Alexa was set to recognize my voice and my voice only, but who let The dogs out played, and she brought my tablet to the page where I could purchase your book. And this all happened while watching the clip as I did not see the show live last night. Don't do it again, or I'm sending the bensonhurst boys over!
derek richardson
derek richardson Hónapja
Jimmy Kimmel? The guy who had girls reach down his pants on tv? What a pathetic Beta male. Kinda like the “men” hating on MTG because they know she could kick their asses.
Jun Pineda Jr.
Jun Pineda Jr. Hónapja
Can you imagine?,this moron becoming President of the USA in the future,my dear Lord,that would be horrendous,a female Donald J Trump Sr, God forbids,but if that happens,let us just return this country to the British or better yet ,to the original inhabitants of this nation,the misnamed native Americans.
Cinder 6 napja
America would get war declared on by the rest of the world and I wouldn't blame them
Human Being
Human Being Hónapja
I'll bet Chinese officials are all sleeping at the airport hoping Kim Kardashian arrives so that they each could test Kim with the new COVID test.
GeekyZombie Hónapja
*the pancake power*
Human Being
Human Being Hónapja
Dude please don't have Marjorie clips on your show again. Also Dude, never invite Adam Carolla to your show or to your house again.
James Whitman
James Whitman Hónapja
I love how people hate her because she lives in a thing called REALITY!!!!
Cinder 6 napja
She uses a fictional book as evidence for every one of her outrageous claims. Explain how that is living in reality
Defund The Left
Defund The Left Hónapja
i love her
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