There are so many family friendly memes in this incredibly wholesome reddit

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Söjus Napja
16:58 Me: "Wait I know that scene!" Also me: "Shit I can't remember how the title was called!"
Puff M
Puff M 2 napja
17:20 I’ve seen that somewhere before
masterpig5 S
masterpig5 S 2 napja
Find what you love and leg it kill hou - as someone who likes to make robots, this sounds like an eventual work place accident. 15:33pm 3/May/21
Erumaaro 5 napja
i swear, Henry and animal names don't mix well! In all those videos of them that i've watched (and that saying things), i dont think he has ever gotten anything right apart from perhaps cats and dogs.
ZeLLarc 5 napja
I came back to this video for the sole reason to say, not long after, i now finally have a girlfriend....and yes, one that cosplays :3 Also thanks Henry and Jeannie, you guys help me a lot, especially when i feel down
Charlie J. Mac
Charlie J. Mac 5 napja
5:50 the place is called Bombshells, its located in Texas and the girl also has an amazing OF and instagram and she cosplays xD
Blubby 5 napja
I play undertale to you guys
Charlie Juarez
Charlie Juarez 7 napja
Goth ihop is real
Robert Allen
Robert Allen 7 napja
Try watching redo healer henry
Onii-san Bot
Onii-san Bot 8 napja
7:36 ... wow... I’m insulted... I’m happy with my Poly relationship
Anton Obel Rose
Anton Obel Rose 10 napja
I feel Like jeanie is secrertly using vr as pudpud
Pushrod302 10 napja
That Ren and Stimpy clip was not aired on nick. It was an episode from the Adult Swim version...
Punk 5hits
Punk 5hits 11 napja
7:00 what is the title of the cartoon???
Sune Thaulov
Sune Thaulov 11 napja
10:38 69 upvotes nice
The legend 420 123
The legend 420 123 12 napja
5:53 where is this establishment
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal 13 napja
Technically Spiderman would be 20.
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal 13 napja
That must be James Veitch's cat.
Ōkami 13 napja
6:33 "You are not allowed to do that" - Jeannie, forgetting how, in the same video, she showed the polygons herself.
Pyromaniac 096
Pyromaniac 096 13 napja
The sad thing is i seen that last hentai...
Albrat Gaming
Albrat Gaming 14 napja
< watches the old videos... Misses the "Dig a tunnel" endings... :(
Ivan Elolo APEDO
Ivan Elolo APEDO 15 napja
17:32 redo of healer right?
Richard Lafreniere
Richard Lafreniere 16 napja
noooo ren and stimpy is a great show
Mike Baboosh
Mike Baboosh 16 napja
i can testify to the dig a tunnel phenomina.its real
Olivia West
Olivia West 17 napja
lmao that ren and stimpy vid with the saw and log- it's kinda just a limited edition dvd for adults. The creators understood it was more adult based and decided to sell it like that.
Johhny E
Johhny E 17 napja
That ren and stimpy clip was never on nickelodeon. It was from the awful adult party episodes that failed on Spike network and lasted 3 episodes and was released on dvd with 3 additional episodes.
Justin•Clarence 17 napja
Marek Bortnowski
Marek Bortnowski 18 napja
you should work with lost pause
Nofunforjon 18 napja
Me when o saw goth ihop that’s disgusting where
MetalHev 18 napja
"You're finally awake! You've been sleeping for the last two years!" "So no one will mind if I sleep 5 more mins" *goes back to sleep*
ruhiel 18 napja
source for the final clip plz and thanks
Pixel Whisper
Pixel Whisper 18 napja
11:28 wtf happened to Beethoven
Raven Blackfall
Raven Blackfall 19 napja
I do believe hedgehogs are rodents.
Dragoner Productions
Dragoner Productions 19 napja
Henry: "Wait you guys aren't getting girlfriends to cosplay for you?" Me: "Bro all the women here are crazy, I ain't getting a girlfriend period"
Jac ReviewsStuff
Jac ReviewsStuff 19 napja
She wanted him to day "death by snu snu"
houkikker1 20 napja
Rin and Stimpy was on Nick at Night the inspiration for Toonnomi on the Carton Network. I miss Rin and Stimpy.
grim eevee
grim eevee 20 napja
16:54 I'd like the sauce please to extend my research
Mask V2
Mask V2 21 napja
14:57 I had a bed frame and when I left for a few days my sister took it and turned it into a shelf
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin 21 napja
The Panda Paladin!
simsom4343 21 napja
"Polyamory is not the way to go, its all about commitment" hmm... what about commitment in polyamory?
Alexander Ludvigsen
Alexander Ludvigsen 21 napja
normal ppl: anime is gross ppl who have seen the hentai: nononono NO NO NO DTOP THE CLIP STOP ITTTT
Geo Alpharius
Geo Alpharius 21 napja
Karen: Why is there a coyote on the bus? Me: Because he has just dropped off the illegal immigrants.
marine 117
marine 117 22 napja
holy music stops
Jimmy Moriset
Jimmy Moriset 22 napja
alien gansta is doing the same thing as me
Jimmy Moriset
Jimmy Moriset 22 napja
lol henry would say something else
Victor Kwan
Victor Kwan 22 napja
Either Thomas Edison or Tesla invented electricity
Western Gopnik
Western Gopnik 23 napja
Marcus Bauer
Marcus Bauer 23 napja
Evrol Fairweather
Evrol Fairweather 24 napja
17:27 sauce -REDO HEALER
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke 24 napja
Recording for 13 April 2021: 45k likes
BNC BlackNightsClan
BNC BlackNightsClan 24 napja
I was going through reliking every video but i just had to stop and watch this video quickly again 😁😂 Laughed again 🤣
trandmain 24 napja
i had to like the video again and let me tell you i always auto like your videos this is bs im not a bot
kyle lang
kyle lang 24 napja
You are like a cat&wolf by the way I think if you two were going to be furry that's what you be
ObiJuanKanobi 24 napja
Ren and stimpy MTV adult entertainment
James Jamesbond
James Jamesbond 25 napja
Can we get a discord server?
Palikka 25 napja
That Croatia president picture is Fake.
Briseur De Lance
Briseur De Lance 25 napja
Jeannie's face, in the thumbnail picture... X'-D
Comehang With me
Comehang With me 25 napja
Is that redo of healer I see in the thumbnail 😏😏 only cultured people will know what I mean😌✊
brett stover
brett stover 26 napja
Lol ahhh ren and stempy
funzordswithnocup 26 napja
Polyamory, don't knock it till you try it because all 3 of us are happy ;)
A guy
A guy 26 napja
Henry : It's only five times Me thinking : That's what she said.HAHA
Elijah Bergeron
Elijah Bergeron 27 napja
I had a test today, and Iw as Jeanie #9.
Suit 52
Suit 52 27 napja
Wait you guys are getting girlfriends?
Romeo Blancia
Romeo Blancia 27 napja
I got a girlfriend but she doesn't cosplay. So it's still an L.
Space 07KID
Space 07KID 27 napja
That guy took way to much time having to sort all though legos.. all that time wasted on finding that one thing in life
Bryan Zimmermann
Bryan Zimmermann 27 napja
Jeanie is clearly carrying this channel
Jeremiah Lewis
Jeremiah Lewis 28 napja
Speaking of falling asleep to "Dig a Tunnel" and previous videos, remember that video of the little kid that can't wait till the end of the videos for the outro, and then dances to it?
Alan Mira Anime
Alan Mira Anime 28 napja
I'm a simple man, i see Freya from Redo of Healer and i click (btw, Setsuna is better)
Rotting Time
Rotting Time 28 napja
Henry in 17:27 that’s not hentai it’s an anime
vossler25 28 napja
Goth ihop Location is required for......”research” unrelated, anyone know where the best place is to get chloroform?
ᑢᖻᘉᓰᑢᗩᒪ ᑢᗩᖶ
ᑢᖻᘉᓰᑢᗩᒪ ᑢᗩᖶ 28 napja
6:55 Well it's no surprise considering how fucked the guy that made that show was in reality.
Carnibucle 29 napja
If asking for a girl is too much I’m glad Astolfo is my waifu
Bryson Blomgren
Bryson Blomgren 29 napja
Damn 0 2 got me wanting to "dig a tunnel"
Dallas Lyons
Dallas Lyons 29 napja
1:31 I dont give a fuck about that hentai shit this dude is hippie fireing a auto pistol
ULT1M8Gam3R_06 29 napja
9:48 Bro I’m not getting girl friends at all lol
Cristian Del Angel
Cristian Del Angel 29 napja
Yo henrys main attack: HUGG Jiny attack: puppy dog eyes and pichy voice Gues who wins
GAVINLETSPLAY109 Gaming Hónapja
9:47 that's me 😐😔😭
ShopKey Hónapja
ha ha ha... 7min mark.. Ren and Stimpy , adult cartoon.. best man !.. that was very first North American main stream adult cartoon evers !
Chris van Hooser
Chris van Hooser Hónapja
You should have jenny shake something lower on you for 3 hours if you can lol
B Smith
B Smith Hónapja
11:57 Henry & Jeannie: "Omg, I'm Voldemort! 😊" Me: Wait, why is there half a face *_in his ROBE?!?_*
Julien Gagné
Julien Gagné Hónapja
12:00 look at the sleeve
Julien Gagné
Julien Gagné Hónapja
9:50 we aren’t getting any girlfriend at all
Wae1 Hónapja
6:39 WHERE CAN I FIND THIS !!!!!!!!!!!! the world has to witness thiss !!!
gogo capo
gogo capo Hónapja
That cute fox at 13:05 name is finnigan fox and the channel name is saveAfox ... i love that channel
Robert Gregory
Robert Gregory Hónapja
5:40 Someone please tell me that goth Ihop is real.
Ren and stimpy ... from the 90's, thats how they could put it on Nickelodeon ... plus it was on late nights
The Lore Writer
The Lore Writer Hónapja
How did Ren and Stimpy air on Nickelodeon? It was the 90s. They'd allow anything during the 90s.
Crazy G
Crazy G Hónapja
17:23 the name is redo of a healer There is both the censored and uncensored version I suggest the uncensored
Kos4Evr Hónapja
Ren & Stimpy is 1 of the most disturbing things ever to be broadcast on television. It was on Nickelodeon and MTV (both owned by Viacom) and even had video games...
ManBearPigeon 5 napja
I could be wrong, but I think that specific clip was taken from the MTV version that was more adult oriented, not the original Nickelodeon version. Regardless, the Nickelodeon one had plenty of disturbing moments.
Obesed Llama
Obesed Llama Hónapja
"u guys arent getting girl friends that cos plays?"- henry "bro we arent even getting girlfriends in the first place"- me
Ren and Stimpy was an odd show. and that didn't get on the day or morning shows I believe that was the lost tapes. that later aired on Teletoon at night
Jeanie must be super submissive, he interrupts her nonstop and talks louder when she keeps talking. True pos right there
RavenCodex Hónapja
Isnt that "camera angle" from Redo of Healer.. I mean it seems to match the memes.. Not seen the sauce yet.
Ryan Louis Baeza
Ryan Louis Baeza Hónapja
13:00 hey it's finnegan fox
christopher boone
christopher boone Hónapja
That thumbnail is trash!!! I don't care how you two paint it!!
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes Hónapja
Ah Ren & much fun
thats flare from redo of a healer
Boltrod Gaming
Boltrod Gaming Hónapja
5:11 Me: 😢 finally they understand
xtreemgamer129 Hónapja
I finally understand what the endcard music is!
ZackThe Flame challenges
ZackThe Flame challenges Hónapja
It is called being born in the 1990s 7:07
Kai Hónapja
Henry: I've only said it like 5 times Also Henry: says it 3 more times in the same video
God forgive me for finding this funny
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trying my absolute hardest to make her laugh
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memes that'll ruin (or enhance) Skyrim forever
props to the dad for waiting 10 years at least
Facebook üzeneteim... #20 (By:. Peti)
Radics Peti
Megtekintés 372 E
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