Diablol 2 Ep 16 "Eyes On The Prize"

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Nick Morris
Nick Morris 6 órája
I love the callback @1:00 of the Witch Doctor from Herostorm EP. Nazeebro in the background finding a frog made me laugh. Nice touch.
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn 11 órája
The mercenary's smiling face! 😭
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 17 napja
Next episode when? ❤️
sadas 17 napja
at 0:38 why does shooting a swarm turn it into a fetish?
afaultytoaster 17 napja
You now speak to Ormus. He was once a great mage but now lives like a rat on a sinking vessel. You have questions for Ormus, and doubt in yourself. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you, as he does in all would-be heroes. Speak to him, and he may grand you wisdom in turn. Or turn from him, and seek wisdom in thyself.
Just Noob
Just Noob 17 napja
Damn, Diablo is much faster than I expected! He use his minion as a decoy!
Martyr Machine
Martyr Machine 20 napja
LOL at the merc!
Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta 21 napja
Did anyone else notice Witch Doctor at 01:00?
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 21 napja
The "assassin stealing everything" joke is old man, put it away. you cant use it 15 episodes in a row and have it be funny still.
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 17 napja
Well, the big bang theory fans have spoken
Matthew Barabas
Matthew Barabas 19 napja
disagree. its hilarious! keep it in!
OMG! Oh Mikko Gusi
OMG! Oh Mikko Gusi 23 napja
I replayed d2 a few weeks ago realizing how short act 3 was, but as a kid, it was my favorite act, aesthetically. When you're a kid, it's not all that short. The architecture and the monsters in this act are very visually appealing. Jungle, murky, poison, ran down vibes
BoK_ 23 napja
Meat Bag
Meat Bag 25 napja
Assassin grabbing the idol and leaving was too real
KSWfarms 25 napja
I don't know why but Act 3 just seemed like it took FOREVER.
IAteItGuy 26 napja
I remember those inferno blasting assholes were the bane of my existence... I should play this game again.
The Morrigan
The Morrigan 27 napja
CONTEXT PLEASE, AS someone whl havent played diablo. I just love the comedy of the animation even if I dknt undersrand anything
Felipe Acevedo
Felipe Acevedo 28 napja
Quality over Quantity... It seems you guys ran out of ideas.
Ebon Hawk
Ebon Hawk 28 napja
act 3 is my least fav act
BelieveinWaheed 28 napja
My Man Waheed putting in work
GrimSoul66 28 napja
The flail noob! Great shorts!
EndellionQT 29 napja
Due to this series I've started replaying D2 again. So thanks for that ^.^
Fated4Glory Hónapja
I appreciate the "but usually act 3"
Koro Hónapja
Lol, the sorc all like "nope nope nope" at 1:16 lighting that place up. :P
Mr. Robertos Neighborhood
Mr. Robertos Neighborhood Hónapja
These were so good. Can't wait to see more. It makes me wanna play so bad
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Hónapja
The barb leap sound will always get me
RJ Ehlert
RJ Ehlert Hónapja
I'm having stress flashbacks to that friggin swamp.
dosduros Hónapja
There was an act 3?
Yanson Łorior
Yanson Łorior Hónapja
Why is pally the yamcha of this series
Miles Hónapja
Weirdly enough, act 3 was my favorite. The monsters were annoying, but I liked the jungle theme with the ruined cities and stuff
MAUL0667 Hónapja
Now an entire episode on the damn stygian dolls
Sir J. Malakai
Sir J. Malakai Hónapja
Do you do the expansion LoD too?
My YoutubeChannel
My YoutubeChannel Hónapja
hahah i love how that Guy at the Docks just get ignored :D good old times
gilbert jung
gilbert jung Hónapja
I can't wait to see next episode!! When it will be ready???
D R Hónapja
Didn't mention those damn blowing up dolls in Durance of hate...
DreamVikings Hónapja
I like act 3 almost as much as 1 and 2. Shame people like to skip it so much. Its not like you can do Baal runs till you are lvl 40. I know exactly how everything is connected (Spider forest, great marsh and flayer jungle) and which locations should contain waypoints / dungenos so it is way less tedious for me.
Алексей Васильев
Алексей Васильев Hónapja
С нетерпением жду продолжения
진성현 Hónapja
1:23 "-put that to good use" Lol xD
Lvideo36 Hónapja
In the end the ancients should have died first :'( haha
SlimTim017 Hónapja
There needs to be so much more of Diablol. I love these little videos. It's the first video I watch when I hop on HUpost. lol
bola10 rede
bola10 rede Hónapja
muito bom.
LauraArniman Hónapja
Someone explain me how is possible "rush" in act 3? If You need first open a way to mephisto under altar. and for that u need eye,brain and heart.
that one pop cat who always have a luger
that one pop cat who always have a luger Hónapja
Samekh Aniki
Samekh Aniki Hónapja
0:52 "Atacar!"
SavageSkull131 Hónapja
i met people, who didnt know, that you get 5 stat points on a quest in act3, because they never ever played the quests in this act.
Mark E.
Mark E. Hónapja
your shorts are so well made and funny, sadly i didn´t play diablo 2 and thus i don´t really get these, it´s a shame. are you by chance planning on doing these little episodes for diablo 3 too?
Guan Yinping
Guan Yinping Hónapja
Amazon: oh screw me for losing that figurine and now I'm going to be burned. *Inferno came to her face*
X Y Hónapja
Oh god I hate Act 3, the maps are huge, filled with tons of annoying and dangerous mobs and bosses, AND you have to collect tons of quest items to progress.
Mikael Linck
Mikael Linck Hónapja
it is stupidly insane how much lore, easter eggs and throw backs you manage to include in 2 frikin minutes.
UV Hónapja
Man even when I played some Diablo 2 based mods where you had optional map unlocked aka maphack even then Act 3 is a god damn CHORE. So much running around the river and trying not to mistake Arachnid Layer for Spider Cave (I can never learn which is which). I was happy when people would rush you through all this mess it was a blessing.
CalgarGTX Hónapja
Act 3 is the one I love to hate. Many enemies would actually be a challenge during your first run, the long jungle runs to end up in a useless corner made you think you were actually struggling to reach kurast and diablo. I mostly hate it but I love that it's there and in that form.
Contes et Histoires
Contes et Histoires Hónapja
So good 😂
Azhureus Hónapja
Ah the Act 3, the one I would rather skip all the time !
FullMetal Hónapja
What if Carbot already new there is going to be a Diablo 2 remastered and started the series to build up nostalgia?
Blit_Wizbok Hónapja
lol zeebo collecting toads
Christian Braase Helge
Christian Braase Helge Hónapja
No Travi or Meph :( Always people spamming pp & tp to get bugged Q or got travi wp? Got Meph wp?
Darti Hónapja
you had to do travincal before killing mephisto
Tassadar C
Tassadar C Hónapja
But actually Act 3 segment is 100% accurate if you were playing on B.net.
Bubba B. Bubba
Bubba B. Bubba Hónapja
I miss StarCraft II animations 😭
Altrantis Hónapja
The amazon should take revenge on the assassin one day.
André Q.
André Q. Hónapja
Nazeebo at 1:00 grabbing a toad fucking killed me xD
Lut Gholein
Lut Gholein Hónapja
D2R will come out before this series ends xD, too slow. Anyway very great job: humour, lots of memories and nostalgia.
eva91rg Hónapja
Ferenc Dojcsák
Ferenc Dojcsák Hónapja
Poor Amazon, she always gets the hard end of the stick.
Null undefined
Null undefined Hónapja
players 8
russ1185 Hónapja
Hated act 3.... this is by far best representation of act 3 diablo 2.. love the work guys
SuppleGenius Hónapja
that was one of the most relatable and funniest yet!!!
Alexander Goebel
Alexander Goebel Hónapja
Can't wait to play D2 again, this time on PS4! So excited to dive into this amazing game again :D #D3suckedbutwasfunnonetheless
Robert Papworth
Robert Papworth Hónapja
great episode !
Antonio Wagner Fogo
Antonio Wagner Fogo Hónapja
Who hasn't experienced Diablo 2? I laugh like that because, I already went through all the funny episodes of Carbot Animation !!!
Travis Beaulieu
Travis Beaulieu Hónapja
Hey now, missed the council kill on that A3 rush, it should have taken at least 10 more seconds lol
BuriedFlame Hónapja
Amazon: "Just kill me already."
El Rocky Raccoon
El Rocky Raccoon Hónapja
0:59 Nazeebo's guest appearance!
Vaisnava Spicher
Vaisnava Spicher Hónapja
I wonder if there will be more of act 3? Theres a huge forest maze, the gidbin, natalya, the electric thorned hulk so much more
hardstylahTV Hónapja
а почему звуки из квейка? =)
TheTwober Hónapja
I was like: "This episode would have been better if it was just like 5 seconds long where someone just portals them through." And then I watched the outro. :D
Gersh's Gaming
Gersh's Gaming Hónapja
For all the people who are excited about D2 Remaster... I still hate Act 3 and I haven't played the game in 7 years.
Gamblitz101Gaming Hónapja
Fucking love this.. XD
BrotherTree1 Hónapja
Lol it gets funnier and funnier as it goes. Those fetishes 🤣🤣
Ant Man
Ant Man Hónapja
That ending was on point. My first play through (single player) took FOREVER on act III, between everything being poisonous to the very large maze like maps to get to each waypoint. I played online and when we got to act III someone grabbed their higher up lvl character and just sent us a TP to all of the WP's to rush us through it haha. Fond memories.
Mark Dark
Mark Dark Hónapja
Thank you Carbot. The moment that Children of Zhakarum piled up, has made my day! Even though I got scolded by boss whole day.
Quân Phan ích
Quân Phan ích Hónapja
c200d45e95 Hónapja
All D2 music is great, but act 3 music is the best of the best.
Jaws Trock
Jaws Trock Hónapja
my memory of act 3 was.. that my Summon Necro could not progress any further.. the Zakarum Priest lighting one shotted all my skellies :( That was really not fun XD Having to re raise my army everytime, to die instantly :(
Morry 10
Morry 10 Hónapja
HolyInkvizitor Hónapja
Seem you never played Diablo 2... You can't enter Durance of Hate portal - if you didn't kill council. Real Act 3 skip will be: 1) Travincal - kill High Council 2) Durance of Hate level 3
Mantaur104 Hónapja
I think it's implied a helpful player who has already completed Act 3 ported them.
perizome Hónapja
Travincal and mephisto for a perfect rush ^^
mike Hónapja
next video: unique thrasher chad @ entrance to kurast city and his bros (pillar men) surrounded by tiddy in the ruined temple first undead doll in durance wipes the party
Rathburn scape
Rathburn scape Hónapja
I REMEMBER THOSE LITTLE BUGGERS! i also dislike how the shamans use so many fire spells.
cassandra5322 Hónapja
I used to call that area dickhead jungle.
Odbarc Hónapja
Having to reforge that stupid weapon in Nightmare and especially Hell. No one played act 3. Frankly, people hated act 2 and 4 and 1 as well.
Tomás Vittino
Tomás Vittino Hónapja
Fetish always appeared out of nowhere, when playing this as a kid I used to get jump scared all the time by them.
Jiara Anatalis
Jiara Anatalis Hónapja
I am clearly the odd one out. I loved Act 3, especially Lower Kurast. I called that map "The Mall" and farmed the crap out of it, especially the super loot buildings that spawned with the campfire. The Traveincal Council...yeah, I could live without them. No, seriously, they killed me all the time.
Mantaur104 Hónapja
Ah, Lower Kurast, with enough interactable stuff to make up for the rest of the game :)
Josemo Hónapja
missed the deadly travincal council, or the explording skeleton puppets
Gustavo Alvarado
Gustavo Alvarado Hónapja
onikoneko Hónapja
Diablo 2: The game where you can literally stand face-to-face with the titular character and main antagonist at the beginning of act 3... but it's best to just ignore them and keep going.
onikoneko Hónapja
It always bugged me: You run into Diablo alone in the forest, but at the Act 3 ending cutscene, Diablo and Baal are hanging out with Mephisto, so obviously they'd been traveling together since Act 2. So where was Baal? Off having a smoke break? Peeing in the bushes?
Marilyn Prochy
Marilyn Prochy Hónapja
I love your diablo videos, too bad they don't come out more often, but that's okay it's not hate
Ran0r Hónapja
The worst about act 3 was to hunt through all of the jungle to find those branching points to the areas for the side quests, just to arrive at lower Kurast and wonder where you missed them. Then backtracking on the map where you missed a part of the map in the fog of war only to determine that it was right at the start and you have to go back all the way.
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong Hónapja
Damogron Hónapja
These are the best and hit every time
R D Hónapja
Forgot Trav council then dead meph
Vik B
Vik B Hónapja
I hope there will be anoher act 3 video... you totally missed out travincal
Roman Intrajus
Roman Intrajus Hónapja
Act 2 Merc. No one ever used someone else. Running gag itself ^^
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