Joe Biden 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

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Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States and delivers his inaugural address.
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Nadia Vogt
Nadia Vogt 13 órája
there's no way this man actually won just from these comments and the like-dislike ratio.. even when youtube removes dislikes he still has more dislikes bahahahahahahahahhahahahaah
Debra Ransom
Debra Ransom 20 órája
They in the hell was NOT social distancing... what hypocrites and two faced pieces of ****
Oliver Ava
Oliver Ava 22 órája
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Blue Fox
Blue Fox Napja
logan Owens
logan Owens Napja
4:21 horseteeth is at it again lol.
7A7Ę 3R4ŃŃ4Ń
7A7Ę 3R4ŃŃ4Ń 2 napja
I think America should protest and take the capital down.
7A7Ę 3R4ŃŃ4Ń
7A7Ę 3R4ŃŃ4Ń 2 napja
Nobody in the world like Biden. He’s a fake, stupid, incoherent dumbass for a president. The government should be ashamed. Fuck you
D Parker
D Parker 2 napja
Clown Show
Armand Boucher
Armand Boucher 2 napja
Joe Biden Has more votes then any president, but hardly anybody at this event. Hmmmm Nothing to see here Folks. Literally. Is it me, or Does Something NOT ADD UP? Let me guess because of COVID? Yet everybody not wearing a mask. Hmmmm
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 3 napja
So many triggered snow flakes in the comments HAHAHAHAHA
Dave Mustard Stain
Dave Mustard Stain 15 órája
@Darth Bane Or maybe those people actually know how to use their brain? Hmmm.... 🤔🧐
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 22 órája
@Kengiro 05 dafaq? the opposite dumbass there's a bunch of triggered Maga people here
Kengiro 05
Kengiro 05 22 órája
Yah I know, we get it you like Trump, move on lol
Dave Mustard Stain
Dave Mustard Stain 3 napja
Oof you must be naive 🤔
Trynt Heart
Trynt Heart 3 napja
Wayne Brafford
Wayne Brafford 3 napja
Charlee 3 napja
“That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream-a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.” President SELECT Biden.
LEWFROST2 3 napja
TRUMP took down ISIS..............BIDEN took down mister potatoe head and doctor suess # tsk tsk
lelechim 3 napja
Just here doing my civic duty ;)
Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell 22 órája
Hi dear
Bush Girl Karen
Bush Girl Karen 3 napja
What s joke
Norvvid 4 napja
Still not a president. "Whatever you want me to do Nance"-Joe Biden
Trevor Griese
Trevor Griese 4 napja
Joe Biden ‘s not even a president it’s just a TV show Joe Biden as a joke and so is Kamala Harris people need to wake up and realize it’s just a TV show the news it’s not real
Seventizz 4 napja
Fake PotUS.
Gem Journey
Gem Journey 4 napja
Doc Jill really had her hand up his back!..Lol!
Glory Griffith
Glory Griffith 4 napja
It's interesting how Judge Kavanaugh came to the inauguration. Remember how the nasty horrible witch called Kamala Harris treated him during his confirmation hearings to The Supreme Court back in 2018? If not check it out! And here he is attending her inauguration. He and his beautiful Godly family puts this evil shamefully horrible so called "madam" vice president" to shame! Pence was great that day as well. God's not at all finished with him! Keep on fighting Mike Pence who is the Vice President (in my eyes)! Kamala Harris, I will never call you vice president. That was your day to shine Judge Kavanaugh, Mike and Karen Pence!
Дермидонт Гуталинов
Дермидонт Гуталинов 4 napja
По лайкам и дизам можно сразу понять как голосовала Америка и как белодомная бюрократия подсчитала голоса. Пинками гнать всю свору клинтонов- кеннеди и их подпевал и купленных судей с прокурорами. По всем этим персонажам пожизненное плачет за узурпацию власти.
Дермидонт Гуталинов
Дермидонт Гуталинов 4 napja
байданутая деменция, марионетка клинтонов и кеннеди- это позорище Америки и позорище якобы выборы с помощью которых дерьмократы протолкнули эту старую куклу. камила харрис это вообще что то несусветное.
Kathy 5 napja
These words will come to pass....soon joe will die suddenly when the 25th amendment is filed. They will lie about his death! They will betray kamala and she will be so upset she will turn on them!! WATCH FOR IT......
Michael McCullagh
Michael McCullagh 5 napja
Good tosee the red coats there to take back america for the uk
Trump's CPAC speech has more viewers just for the last 3 days than Biden's inauguration. Numbers tell it all. Still waiting for Biden’s State of the Union speech.
Humble Life
Humble Life 5 napja
Gathering of the devil's ghouls.
Isaac Noah
Isaac Noah 5 napja
Biden is trash
the worst dot on YouTube
the worst dot on YouTube 5 napja
Justin Scott
Justin Scott 6 napja
If you disliked the video, you might need to come back to make sure HUpost didn't delete it.
Deerwood Boy
Deerwood Boy 6 napja
Looks like a funeral procession
Peace Tran
Peace Tran 6 napja
Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo recently tweeted that Biden is so popular that every video of the White House HUpost channel about Biden is received 4 times more dislike 👎🏻 than LIKE 👍🏻. And comments are locked. 😂😂😂 ... what's wrong? 80 million people voted for Biden, right? 🤔
Brain Religion
Brain Religion 6 napja
looks like they are buying views.....c span better be demonitized for pumping their biden views.....all of a sudden its 3 mil? when he had 3000 live viewers? id like to see the views chart from the youtube stats on this viedo. i bet it looks alot like that fraud spike on election night
lynkr0891 6 napja
Screw this fraudulent fake president. President Trump is the Real President. Stealing an election will bring dire consequences for these scumbags
Bernardo Duran
Bernardo Duran 6 napja
United States America
David Me
David Me 6 napja
A time to reflect; Then vomit.
Magick Princess
Magick Princess 7 napja
A month into his presidency: sends out air strikes. Terrible president.
ولی یا علی یا اللہ ھو
ولی یا علی یا اللہ ھو 7 napja
Good hand five stars perfect president
Daniel Lawrence
Daniel Lawrence 7 napja
The burnet potato Chip
The burnet potato Chip 7 napja
Joe Biden seems like my 3yr old brother stealing money from the bank in monopoly and screaming that he did not steal it
James L.
James L. 7 napja
Charlee 8 napja
We didn’t elect Joe Biden, he was selected.
Charlee 3 napja
@AviationBoi 2007 that didnt make sense but ok.
AviationBoi 2007
AviationBoi 2007 3 napja
@Charlee there are 2 possible scenarios but ok
Charlee 3 napja
@AviationBoi 2007 you can argue there wasn’t voter fraud (though there are hundreds of whistleblowers saying the contrary), but I defer to the TIME article: “That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream-a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.” They blatantly admitted that powerful people INFLUENCED PEOPLES PERCEPTIONS, CHANGED RULES AND LAWS, and STEERED MEDIA COVERAGE to swing the vote in Bidens favor. If that’s not giving an advantage to one candidate (or rigging an election) to place someone into office then I don’t know what is. I stand by my statement, Biden was selected- not elected.
AviationBoi 2007
AviationBoi 2007 3 napja
I am a trump supporter but there is no fraud,81 million braindead idiots voted blue and now they’re regretting it😂😂😂
Paulinchen 8 napja
So all the hugging and hand shaking without gloves is during the highly contagious covid virus pandemic amongst politicians and celebrities not even an issue? Police is watching you if you keep distance from the person next to you in Walmart but hey politicians, they got other rules. Probably they know the truth.
Patrick Still
Patrick Still 8 napja
Yeah he won!!.. 🇺🇸 sucks
Li Dynasty
Li Dynasty 8 napja
Jeez he airstriked syria
Idefix valentino
Idefix valentino 8 napja
Good luck with that guy lol 🤮.thank good im from Czech
Michael C
Michael C 9 napja
trump supporters are still bitter 😂😂😂😂😂😂
BritishOne 7 napja
Biden supporters are class clowns.
Joseph Philips
Joseph Philips 9 napja
I like the part where trump arrived there
Crown Uk
Crown Uk 9 napja
I caught HUpost again. They are constantly changing the amount of views for this video. I have it on screen shot. This video had only a couple thousand views
ranker4 9 napja
Welcome to this communist trash that raises taxes and stops operation to hunt for child traffickers, and that bombs Syria.
yazoo street
yazoo street 9 napja
Dumbass Joe piss pants Biden
Blade 22
Blade 22 9 napja
Democracy is dead in America, we are ruled by tyrants.
KenzoT YT Studios Animations
KenzoT YT Studios Animations 10 napja
what are you puting dislike
timmy 10 napja
1423 Days to go 👺👺👺💩
timmy 10 napja
5 weeks and already this Asshole is provoking a war. Good Luck
squick1842 10 napja
Lady Gaga.. No shock there. Remember Queens radio gaga? It is all lies.
BritishOne 7 napja
I hear she likes spiritual cooking. These people are so creepy.
Justin Z
Justin Z 10 napja
This is the first president inauguration video I saw that has more dislikes than likes
Lisa Ciesla
Lisa Ciesla 10 napja
Drop Point
Drop Point 10 napja
Deleted mine too i put it back
American Flag
American Flag 11 napja
Trump is our real lawful president and not the criminals they allowed in power. Save America and impeach and arrest the Democrats and Media and big tech and rhinos.
Markp Seymour
Markp Seymour 11 napja
Biden Just As Dishonest As Trump
Markp Seymour
Markp Seymour 11 napja
Trump Pelosi McConnell And Now Biden Hariss As Well
Markp Seymour
Markp Seymour 11 napja
Republican President Elect Mark Patrick Seymour Original Forty Sixth Library And University
C S 11 napja
Amy is full of shit
Danny Nguyen
Danny Nguyen 11 napja
People really believe youtube changes the dislike ratio.... I'm sure they have proof just like they did the the election being stolen.
Tussilar Centrum
Tussilar Centrum 11 napja
Hahaha I have never seen a president elect with more dislikes than likes. Very good job joe biden.
David Havea
David Havea 11 napja
Haha Biden has more dislikes then likes 😂😂😂
maria miller
maria miller 11 napja
oliver blank m
oliver blank m 2 napja
Can I have some evidence please?
Joel Haines
Joel Haines 11 napja
Most popular president my ass
barbara shell
barbara shell 11 napja
You are a poser. An imposter. We are unified in our dislike for your very presence
barbara shell
barbara shell 11 napja
It was cold and overcast that day. I don't see anyone's breath. Did this happen a Castle Rock studios in California?
jO ETHI 11 napja
A fake president. This guy was not legally elected.
Three6 11 napja
I reported this as terrorism because its destroying out country
andre sandgaard
andre sandgaard 12 napja
iluminatti puppy
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
No you
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson 12 napja
Democracy has prevailed. Liar has FAILED! ! !It's great that Trump got out of White House as soon as he can. He was destroying this country last year. Many people died because of him.
kathleen carey
kathleen carey 12 napja
this dude is old as fuck. hes out of touch
Generic Person
Generic Person 10 napja
@kathleen carey I’m not a trump supporter
kathleen carey
kathleen carey 10 napja
@Generic Person hi 'idiot'... they both old af so relax and go storm the capitol, idiot
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
Trump was just like a few years younger idiot
Nathan Swanson
Nathan Swanson 12 napja
“Most popular president in US History! Like to Dislike Ratio: “Hold my beer”
Harry Benjamin
Harry Benjamin 3 napja
Hi how are you doing ?
chris shaw
chris shaw 12 napja
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Rooster Dog
Rooster Dog 12 napja
Stolen election, false POTUS.
Rooster Dog
Rooster Dog 9 napja
@Generic Person you're an absolute tool if you believe career politians and their msm cheer leaders.
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
@Rooster Dog still better than lying scum bag trump who you worship like a cult
Rooster Dog
Rooster Dog 11 napja
@Generic Person ffs, Bernie Sanders won the Democrat popular vote in 2016, yet establishment Democrats, like Biden, denied their constituents of THEIR pick... Your entire party is riddled with 'fraid'.
Rooster Dog
Rooster Dog 11 napja
@Generic Person So Biden, a 45 year career politian, who lost his first election for defrauding the public, who wrote the 1994 crime bill that exponentially made lives worse for black americans (which Trump ended), who attempted to blackmail a black SCOTUS pick, who praised a kkk grand dragon (robert Byrde), who some how got the most votes in history(more than Obama) but only after polls closed and despite having crowds of less than 50 while not a fraud?
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
Trump is the fraud here
Jeanne Bentsen
Jeanne Bentsen 12 napja
Bullshit Biden...your cronies planned the whole thing to discredit DJT. Your a fake. You know he was out to get you corrupted SOB's the minute you heard he was running. Fear that he will expose all of you in your Satanic Rituals with children etc...Well he's been cleaning it up all over the world. Including the tunnels under the Capital and White House. You all will be hung. That's why your inside the Capital. It's all a movie. Trust the Plan.
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
Fuck off you wanker
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
Trump is fake
True democratic A
True democratic A 12 napja
Thanks to Trump's terrorists didn't even allow President Biden supporters to come and celebrate. Trump is selfish. Plus because of the Pandemic. I thought it was very moving when a minute of silent was made to those people who lost their lives. Did you hear Trump paying his respect? No he was too busy telling lies to the world about his votes or shall I say too busy painting his face more orange🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
True democratic A
True democratic A 12 napja
They should play one way ticket to the moon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
True democratic A
True democratic A 12 napja
Congratulations America. You have a fantastic peaceful and a non Racist President
BritishOne 7 napja
Paid troll
My・Mind・Heart・Body 12 napja
President Trump After leaving the house at Marine One Air Force One The square from the monument to the pond in front of the Wight House is filled with flags. I couldn't hide my surprise in the scene that reminded me of a funeral. Capitol Hill is surrounded by big works, reminiscent of a prison. Even though it is a ceremony, there are few other than staff A mysterious sight was seen. It was a movie that was said to be a live performance just like entertainment, with people disappearing and appearing while it was in progress.
Anton Skippy
Anton Skippy 13 napja
Biden is a usurping tyrant. Ne DID NOT WIN the election. It was stolen for him by China, big-tech oligarchs, and billionaire globalists. Biden is an ILLEGITIMATE President, and EVERYBODY knows it.
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
Fuck of with you pathetic trump supporter
lua liam
lua liam 12 napja
Nah my guy the stolen election thing died down like 3 weeks ago or something
Hattu Neula
Hattu Neula 13 napja
10% for the big guy.
Dib Spicer
Dib Spicer 13 napja
Ooh that dislike to like ratio
Charles Mckinney
Charles Mckinney 13 napja
timmy 13 napja
1426 days to go 🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩
Robert Anlauf
Robert Anlauf 13 napja
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 BIDEN/HARRIS AND CONGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KAREN 13 napja
Worst day in American Politics !! I can't even look at this man and his vp without getting nauseous.!!
BritishOne 7 napja
Hi Karen, I am sorry didn't listen to you about the vaccines. I appreciate you every day :).
Nate Weidner
Nate Weidner 13 napja
sybergato 13 napja
Anyone watch this? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
Kaleb Meeks
Kaleb Meeks 13 napja
I hope everyone is happy no what the "bad orange man" is out of office. These damn snowflakes fallow blindly at the hint of free stuff.
Kaleb Meeks
Kaleb Meeks 13 napja
He kept saying this democracy...but we are a republic not a democracy. No matter what this dumbass thinks or tries to force. I respect the office but not this rambling pile of crap.
Craftystitchaway 13 napja
Check out my picture on the left, my version of the ladies outfits at the inauguration but for 18" Dolls. :)
Stacy Young
Stacy Young 14 napja
timmy 14 napja
1427 days to go with this piece of Shit
timmy 7 napja
@BritishOne They did it once got away with it. They'll do it again
BritishOne 7 napja
Until they rig the next one and the next one and the next one.
Sharlene Yehle
Sharlene Yehle 14 napja
Let's here it for Misty from Arkansas 👏👏
Ronald Abarca
Ronald Abarca 14 napja
People to beat YT dislikes/likes manipulation, Just write (I DISLIKE VID) at the end of your comment. Example: I DISLIKE VID
Kurt Klein
Kurt Klein 14 napja
When will Joe Hitler grow that's signature mustache? He's already got his army and marching to the Texas border
Generic Person
Generic Person 11 napja
Fuck of with you pathetic trump supporter
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