Poet Amanda Gorman reads 'The Hill We Climb'

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The nation's first Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman recites "The Hill We Climb."
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Nephele Torres
Nephele Torres 8 órája
POV: all these comments say something close to “POV: U have a writing Assignment about this”
rd609 12 órája
I got here because I heard Amanda do it live at Joe and Kamala 's Inaugurations. Excellence all around. -Dave@Woodpile 58N 16E
Nayeon Kim
Nayeon Kim 14 órája
my teacher tell me to do what do u felt what you will do this me I felt nothing and I will do noting bc I watching Kpop and Kpop is better than this sorry
I love this poet!
Maty Diop
Maty Diop 16 órája
LMAOAO i like this comment section. except for the people bullying the one english teacher that commented BAHAHAH
Miriam Israel
Miriam Israel 21 órája
FALSE HOPE! All those Luciferians know that i understood the agenda! This wicked world is coming to AN END! What you call good is COMING TO AN END ... PERIOD! 2Thesselonians, THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY. POEM FOR THE ANTI CHRIST ORDER! NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!
Basti lol
Basti lol 22 órája
Who's here from 9b flg Bamberg lol
Basti lol
Basti lol 22 órája
Hello classmates
Kryotico Napja
came for the schoolwork stayed for the schoolwork. Poem was good tho ngl
Henk Rijkse
Henk Rijkse Napja
Impressive. This is American energy on its way to the Great Republic. The Shining City on the Hill. But first some healing must be done. Begin with the JFK murder. See what it was. A coup d'etat to reach an imperial state. See what has happened and make the turn.
SmellyNotSlim Napja
im only here for my assignment ;-;
WolfieDog Napja
Lol all the comments are talking about how their english teachers sent them here I mean my english teacher sent me here too
Parker Will
Parker Will Napja
pov: you have to write an essay on this but are distracted by the comments
Captain Price’s Lover
Captain Price’s Lover Napja
It very interesting that this is a Spanish participation assignment for me
Smash Studios
Smash Studios Napja
0:17 when the poem starts
Avivia Napja
POV: your teacher assigned this to you.
Radaev Alexander
Radaev Alexander Napja
She speaks well, but it's not poetry. Although for "New BLM America" it's really the top of the hill
Joey billy bob
Joey billy bob Napja
yeah it's more of a summary speech then poetry
Not_c413b 2 napja
POV: ur English teacher sent you here
Soham Vankudre
Soham Vankudre 2 napja
POV: You're watching this for a school English assignment.
Abdul Bose
Abdul Bose 2 napja
my teacher sent me here and im canadian bro
Ben Roorda
Ben Roorda 2 napja
I got sent here by an SEL teacher
Mobile Player
Mobile Player 2 napja
Fr tho, are they all teaming up against us?
Mobile Player
Mobile Player 2 napja
Pov: all you see is pov
Colin Law
Colin Law 2 napja
POV: Ur looking through the comments for things to help u write ur essay
Hannah Emme
Hannah Emme 2 napja
forever a historical moment
_Lemon.Frog_ 2 napja
Hi set 2?:)
hi education village
Jjk 2 napja
Imagine bein sent here from school. I came in my own time😎
Roblox Bby
Roblox Bby 2 napja
POV: when u realize that ur not the only 1 who got send here by ur english teacher
leila hope
leila hope 2 napja
pov: you have to do this for school
Xoxo panda
Xoxo panda 3 napja
visionhaze 3 napja
yay school assignment
Benthebomber212 _
Benthebomber212 _ 3 napja
Benthebomber212 _
Benthebomber212 _ 3 napja
Benthebomber212 _
Benthebomber212 _ 3 napja
Benthebomber212 _
Benthebomber212 _ 3 napja
Zombie 3 napja
Correct, egg
Zombie 3 napja
Benthebomber212 _
Benthebomber212 _ 3 napja
Zombie 3 napja
Zombie 3 napja
Zombie 3 napja
Benthebomber212 _
Benthebomber212 _ 3 napja
Zakk Elwell
Zakk Elwell 3 napja
jesus. 1.6 mil like from just English assignments
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 4 napja
The way she talks is just annoying
The Holy Boink
The Holy Boink 4 napja
I came here because I wanted to, not because of my english teacher.
DankEZ 4 napja
See if I wasn't forced to watch it by the school board against my own free will, I might actually enjoy it
Spectacle 4 napja
POV: Looking for answers to the question your teacher asked you for your school assignment. The Guidance you are looking for: Talk about her being a girl raised by a single mother descended by slaves who wants to be president.
TranscendingEuphoria 4 napja
You should talk to Candace Owens and have your brain reformatted.
Hello Nicetomeetyou
Hello Nicetomeetyou 4 napja
Grüße an die Deutschen Schüler die das für Englisch machen müssen
scootmaloot 4 napja
Everyone is saying they're from their English teachers I'm just here coz its a great poem
Caribbean Girl
Caribbean Girl 5 napja
Wow! First, Serena Williams best in tennis; Simone Biles best in gymnastics; and now Amanda Gorman best in poetry! Who's next? They put a smile on every face who watch them.
Female Hustler
Female Hustler 5 napja
So who got the answers?
waffielz 6 napja
i expect an apology for making a poem so good that every single teacher in American is currently shoving it down our collective throats
Nayan925 2 napja
Not just America
Thulini Don
Thulini Don 4 napja
I mean I do t even live in America but our teacher is doin the same lmao I'm from Ireland btw
pamela egeonu
pamela egeonu 5 napja
a m
a m 7 napja
Cringe AF Didn't even bother with cadence, syllable count per line, or even a basic rhyme scheme Just straight prose
Jane Helena
Jane Helena 7 napja
Perfect Amanda
taytay Matthews
taytay Matthews 7 napja
someone should help me with this assignment lol
cuncenti 7 napja
Garbage poem! Trash lady!
Will Damron
Will Damron 8 napja
2:31 There he is.
Chronicles 8 napja
I'm not even American and yet I was still sent here by my teacher.
Communismisgreat 22 órája
Why does everything in English have to be about USA English isn’t even American to begin with it is British
Nakita Hitchcock
Nakita Hitchcock 6 napja
same lol
waffielz 6 napja
Sunkissed Edits
Sunkissed Edits 8 napja
so, we all got this by our english teachers?
onian AE
onian AE 8 napja
Waferz 05
Waferz 05 8 napja
Shoutout to my classmates!
Jack Neiman The Liberal Destroyer
Jack Neiman The Liberal Destroyer 9 napja
The libs cheated and won!
Pathways Immigration Law
Pathways Immigration Law 9 napja
FalconwingArtistic 9 napja
I was sent here by my school librarian but I'm glad I stayed
Samurai Gamer88
Samurai Gamer88 9 napja
Stop looking at this comment. You have an essay to write.
Randy Sherman
Randy Sherman 12 órája
@Communismisgreat COmmunism is great, you've killed over 90 million people with your "communism"
Communismisgreat 22 órája
No I don’t think I will
Randy Sherman
Randy Sherman Napja
Dont write your essay, school is abd and is the things democrats use to KILL bABIES!
Maya_hello 9 napja
who else here for a school assignment.And dad made them watch this
C.J. Young Jr.
C.J. Young Jr. 9 napja
You go girl!
곰디 10 napja
For 심슨. 0:17 1:14 2:01 3:12
pearl harbor
pearl harbor 10 napja
Typical oppressed racial rhetoric. She also did not say anything poetic and she stole from Maya with her 'rise" stanzas. So cliche. Most people just eat this stuff up. I had to mute her just to shut her up and read the comments in peace.
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson 10 napja
Ugh she looks so gorgeous
Carter-hot pockets
Carter-hot pockets 10 napja
All y’all here for an English assignment, anyone here for an art assignment??
Don Camacho
Don Camacho 10 napja
POV: The English teacher sent us here again
Spoonzity 10 napja
My English teacher teaches me more and black history than my history teacher (who just so happens to be a big trump supporter.) Really says something huh?
Nasir Uddin
Nasir Uddin 10 napja
Joe 1.🇺🇸💙👫hi
Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark
Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark 11 napja
Anybody know the 9 literary references used in this poem? I got until tomorrow. Asking for a friend.
waffielz 6 napja
good luck lmao
Daniel Playz the return
Daniel Playz the return 11 napja
Rainey J
Rainey J 11 napja
If i can you can too
If i can you can too 11 napja
nobody: teachers: let's make this homework like if you agree
Jan Krynicky
Jan Krynicky 11 napja
I feel like I traveled in time. Back. A bit more than thirty years. Back to the time communists ran my county and "actresses" recited poems exactly like this one.
Jan Krynicky
Jan Krynicky 4 napja
@SoftNut America wasn't, the country I live in was.
SoftNut 4 napja
Yes cause America was under communist regime in the 80's lol
En Win
En Win 11 napja
My English teacher told me to follow the sheep...
Veniayetta Flowers
Veniayetta Flowers 12 napja
🤭🤭🙌🏾she did so good‼️😍
peter elem
peter elem 12 napja
"Democracy may be delayed but never denied". What a great poet you are!
Sarah Armani
Sarah Armani 13 napja
Alma Perocho
Alma Perocho 13 napja
I'm watching this for a school assignment
Senator 13 napja
1861...and 100 years to 1961; and here I am; a Republican; a Lincoln Republican; marking the decades 71..81..91..01..11..21 and that is our speach.. that is our American
Jade Van Voss
Jade Van Voss 13 napja
Hoping all in her generation embodies her intellect and passion so that humanity can move toward a better future. Amazing!
Der Wüstenfuchs
Der Wüstenfuchs 13 napja
Mates, it isn't the "same-minded" English teachers, it's part of the establishment's curriculum.
jason ruffy
jason ruffy 13 napja
if u spacecat this email me
greg0879 14 napja
Neoliberals hire these black faces spouting platitudes instead of getting the lead out of our drinking water. I look at this woman with the same disgust I have for a Candace Owens. Two sides of a flawed coin. Your not going to hear any mention of labor unions in this poet’s work. Just another sellout cashing in.
Marcio Adriell Z.C
Marcio Adriell Z.C 14 napja
4:52 is she rapping? :o
its flasky
its flasky 14 napja
pov youre hear from your middle school ela for something called a mind map thats due in 3 hours
Maximas FuzionMaxyt
Maximas FuzionMaxyt 14 napja
I got send here by my teacher
Daniele Marchetilli
Daniele Marchetilli 14 napja
Why does it sounds like a rap song?😂
Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀
Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀 11 napja
Daniele Marchetilli because rap songs are like poems
MELANIE-GRACE.JAMES 101058 14 napja
So everyone just got sent here by their English teacher?
Jakob Jäde
Jakob Jäde 14 napja
where iis the h
Melanie Boor
Melanie Boor 14 napja
you suck
Magnelan1 14 napja
at last america seems great again, how refreshing!
CRAZ3 oGxrno
CRAZ3 oGxrno 14 napja
Helllo class
I4gtmyBossman08pswrd On Scratch
I4gtmyBossman08pswrd On Scratch 15 napja
" *There is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it.* " that hit
Charlotte Turnbull
Charlotte Turnbull 15 napja
Dude I didn't know others were having to study this poem for English as well dfgnd. Hi from Australia!
Toni Hales
Toni Hales 15 napja
The Irony Of The Past 4 Years Is That America Became Greater On this Day .The World Was Watching And Yes You Made Me Cry
John Carlo Vergara
John Carlo Vergara 15 napja
POV: The 1.6 million viewers are all students😂
Mya Dubeau And family
Mya Dubeau And family 15 napja
The Hive Mind of English teachers brought me here.
Yoya 15 napja
My teacher sent me here.
Lisseth 15 napja
i just finished my essay on this lol
Sarah Disney
Sarah Disney 15 napja
my fifth grade teacher is making me write a summery over this >:P
Sarah Disney
Sarah Disney 15 napja
this is crap all this joe biden stuff is crap infact this entire speech is crap
Charlotte Turnbull
Charlotte Turnbull 15 napja
When you're older, you'll understand why Joe Biden becoming president is such an important moment for America and the world kiddo ❤
Cate Mclaughlin
Cate Mclaughlin 15 napja
last week my english teacher sent me here but now my music teacher....like what does this have to do with music.
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