FBI: The MAGA Maniacs Who Tried To Overthrow The Government Are Going To Pay

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

2 hónapja

While the president tries to shift blame for last week's insurrection, the FBI and Justice Department are making it clear that the terrorists involved will face very serious federal charges. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Washington and around the country are bracing for a second wave of right-wing violence. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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Brian R
Brian R 16 órája
They basically asked to be in prison, and welp. They’re going to Federal prison. Fucking idiots.
Nuralian Athamna
Nuralian Athamna 6 napja
the Terorist are not the problem , 76 million voted for trump are more dangerous
Pocket Heart
Pocket Heart 13 napja
10:48 white privilege lol yeah that's about right.
BenIsJamIn 20 napja
Wow, very... funny... and entertaining... just like I like my late night shows.
Robert Michalscheck
Robert Michalscheck Hónapja
He says maga maniacs in his description,my term is “maga morons”.
Bethany B.
Bethany B. Hónapja
My eyesight isn't so good with computer monitors, and the caption for the thumbnail cuts off as "FBI: The MAGA Maniacs Who Tried To Overthrow The", so I thought "overthrow" was "overflow" and that the rioters had tried to overflow the toilets as part of their riot. "Overturn the results or we'll flood your toilets!!" would be gross, but potentially more effective than violence. :D
Milo Del Campo
Milo Del Campo Hónapja
I love how stephen Colbert can seamlessly blend witty humor and genuine rage to the point where you can't tell the difference between the two
The Judas Resurrection
The Judas Resurrection Hónapja
“The Trainable Mentally Handicapped on the Floor” The Judas Resurrection
Desert Fox
Desert Fox Hónapja
THEN PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD! - Imperial guard.
steven jackson
steven jackson Hónapja
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Wendell Cole
Wendell Cole Hónapja
Your stupid to think all of us bye into your lies we are not that dumb. The meida all need to be cancelled, oh wait that's you guys do!!! Never mind just keep trying to push your reddric is absolutely unifying.
Sugar Vampy
Sugar Vampy Hónapja
How can that idiot tell what's organic food vs not if he can't even figure out that rioting and calling the FBI to gloat is a bad idea....
david whang
david whang Hónapja
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Lelia Simmons
Lelia Simmons 2 hónapja
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J Cloutier
J Cloutier 2 hónapja
Trump thinks he's clever, but his whole plan to center his objections on mail balloting was clear long ago. He's not even a good con-man. It was hilarious when he declared himself the election winner before the mail ballots were counted. It exposed his whole plan and his thorough contempt for the American system. Then, he banked everything on the January 6th riot. Thank God enough sane people existed to thwart his plans. History will blister his lying ass.
Karen Green
Karen Green 2 hónapja
This is real talk. Thanks for NOT kissing their a** and speaking facts. They ALL are weak losers
EddieTheSponge 2 hónapja
Bruh remember when steven colbert and comedians were actually funny now they are like political pundits but worse.
Vincent Miller
Vincent Miller 2 hónapja
Lisa Brygger
Lisa Brygger 2 hónapja
Chicken or the Fish !?
david defusco
david defusco 2 hónapja
john lerner
john lerner 2 hónapja
Mayloni Minchew
Mayloni Minchew 2 hónapja
Bull shit is organic. However it is already coming out of his face.
Unity has to begin with the truth. There was no widespread election fraud. Had that been true, no Republican would have won his/her seat. Senators and Congressmen must come forth with the truth and come with a made up mind to go forward without Trump
TrueNorth Patriot
TrueNorth Patriot 2 hónapja
don't forget... Biden is a thief.
deeds millar
deeds millar 2 hónapja
i can just imagine if Obama pulled this shit. can you even imagine that? as a neighbor to the north, its hard to watch. a point nobody really makes when these ppl claim their country is getting stolen, is what about the other, and ill be generous, 90% of the country. what about the right to live without fear and peacefully. im pretty sure those ppl are the ones feeling like theyre losing something. and, what about all the guys that fought and died for that right. its a good thing most of the old guys got to pass away peacefully, cause this would have been a pretty painful end for them.
Cody Li
Cody Li 2 hónapja
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GEAUXTIGERS091 2 hónapja
“ The guerrilla fighter is primarily a propagandist, an agitator, a disseminator of the revolutionary idea, who uses the struggle itself-the actual physical conflict-as an instrument of agitation. His primary goal is to raise the level of revolutionary anticipation, and then of popular participation, to the crisis point at which the revolution becomes general throughout the country and the people in their masses carry out the final task-the destruction of the existing order and (often but not always) of the army that defends it.”
Андрей Мащенко
Андрей Мащенко 2 hónapja
Is BLM gonna pay for their destruction?
mike muschik
mike muschik 2 hónapja
Isabelle Brant
Isabelle Brant 2 hónapja
Blk Lafaye
Blk Lafaye 2 hónapja
Love the choir Whte priveledge
Losaiko Save the Earth!!!
Losaiko Save the Earth!!! 2 hónapja
Enough with the violence. We now have a decent president looking out for a better quality of life for US Citizens.
Jan Mazur
Jan Mazur 2 hónapja
crazy world ..................
Anthony G
Anthony G 2 hónapja
Low energy world
DENISE BELL 2 hónapja
Corrupt Trump Will Throw Anybody Under The Bus ! That's Corrupt Trump !
utopia todderson
utopia todderson 2 hónapja
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Gillian Cottle'Mathurin
Gillian Cottle'Mathurin 2 hónapja
Does Mike Pence and other cronies get discount tongue cleaners Stephen?🤨
Alias User
Alias User 2 hónapja
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DrinkingStar 2 hónapja
I think this George Carlin quote about stupidity is appropriate in view of the storming of the Capital on January 6: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups". And here is another one :" You cannot argue with stupidity, you just have to accept it patiently as one of those things….Nevil Shute.
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson 2 hónapja
This is old news,,,, they need to put DATE RED !
Jeff Light
Jeff Light 2 hónapja
109K likes, 4.1K dislikes. There are far more of us than there are of the Trumpers. That's why they're so scared. They won't win.
Cheap Tracfone
Cheap Tracfone 2 hónapja
Colbert is to Hitler as Comey is to Snowden
arthur taylor
arthur taylor 2 hónapja
The punishment should be tying them in a chair and making them watch this show nonstop for a few weeks.
Christopher Chung
Christopher Chung 2 hónapja
Lol antifa started it? Half of these MAGA wear tinfoil hats in fear of mind control. If Antifa actually attended his speech and attacked the capitol building on command then I guess that Trump is the one controlling peoples minds! :o
Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse 2 hónapja
Where have all the MAGA gone? Long time passing. Where have all the MAGA gone? Long time ago. Where have all the MAGA gone? Gone into hiding every one. Oh, When will you ever learn? Oh, When will you ever learn?
Nanya 2 hónapja
You DO realize that 1: Trump was both still speaking when it happened and that he didn't invite anything and 2: there were confirmed BLM/Antifa agitators there, right? Oh, sorry, forgot you're just another NPC bot
Rockymountain Rockhound
Rockymountain Rockhound 2 hónapja
Are we talking about the rioters or the congress people who voted against democracy. They must have hsd some #evidence to support that vote?
Emil Sørensen
Emil Sørensen 2 hónapja
The Puerto Ricans don't wanna be a state, actually. I'd like to see it happen, but let's not pretend it's up to mainland white liberals what the nation of Puerto Rico does.
MrArcher0 2 hónapja
Jason Olson
Jason Olson 2 hónapja
Gddjhgdreavjjgh hhgff code
Jim Barth
Jim Barth 2 hónapja
I loved the clever Colbert Report. Sadly... Parody doesn't translate well to actual political commentary.
D. Norton
D. Norton 2 hónapja
Why James Comey? Hasn't he done enough damage already?
Andrea MENDENHALL 2 hónapja
THE SEDITION IS FROM WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT AND HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME. Wise up. Fight to stop it. That is what we are about not freaking racism! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Yfffad Kcud
Yfffad Kcud 2 hónapja
These are not of The President DonaldTrump but the poisonous snakes who are toxic turn coat republicans and demoncrats
Morry Gonzalez
Morry Gonzalez 2 hónapja
Where are you getting your under-age girls now your best mate Epstein is dead.
the ugly truth
the ugly truth 2 hónapja
Poor people will die first. And if you think you are one of the rich..... You would be in a bunker a REAL bunker
jjai471 2 hónapja
MAGA Maniacs were trying to overthrow the government? What a crock. The day Hillary Clinton lost to Trump the Washington Post ran the headline "The Impeachment Has Begun" because ever since Eisenhower, Democrats have tried to overthrow every Republican President. That's why Hillary Clinton led the banner "Not My President" and incited everyone to 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT to overthrow the will and the vote of the american people - the same will and vote of the american people she told Trump to honour if he lost.
David Stewart
David Stewart 2 hónapja
Just saw this video from the other day. How joyous it is to see that we got through Jan 20th safely. I am so grateful that we got this crazy man out of office at last.
Anthony G
Anthony G 2 hónapja
Crazy? I think you mean high energy👌
Jayson Bird
Jayson Bird 2 hónapja
Great being asleep 😴again.
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears 2 hónapja
The US without any government since 20th January 2021!!
Peter Giles
Peter Giles 2 hónapja
Partisan rubbish. American late night television used to funny and entertaining. Now it just garbage......
Rasheed K.
Rasheed K. 2 hónapja
lmao j jdelany81 is a straight up shill bot
Frater D
Frater D 2 hónapja
I can't believe the non-funny lecture SHIT that liberal comedy has become. Sounds like I'm listening to a one-sided PRAVDA voice from the State here. Not funny. Hasn't been funny for years.
Khalimero Adam
Khalimero Adam 2 hónapja
MAGA waffen...hahahah
hangming zheng
hangming zheng 2 hónapja
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TheIronomega 2 hónapja
7% of the country burnt over the summer Colbert "crickets" a bunch of glorified frat bros falls into the most obvious trap ever "IT'S SEDITION!" sad you dems are sad!
mconn2112 2 hónapja
I stopped supporting the left/right false dichotomy long ago. What’s really sad is people turn to an second rate extra on the Daily Show for their political commentary. Stephen Colbert is a complete lefty stooge and it’s pathetic that people who did vote for Trump are being targeted. This shit is like Nazi Germany.
Gabriel Vazquez
Gabriel Vazquez 2 hónapja
We have faith in Joe Biden, Steven. Yes, we still want to join the US. Trump will be gone, Biden and Kamala will set a new path. Have faith.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 hónapja
Something to remember about Trump, he has a long standing history of blaming the opposition for things he's done personally.That goes back to way before he was preside
semper fi
semper fi 2 hónapja
When will Republicans understand that only WE can break the law and get away with it. (satire, for those with advanced degrees)
SPROCK3T MONST3R 2 hónapja
Hey Steven! What about the BLM and Antifa thugs that destroyed our nation this summer? Tore down businesses and statues, rioted and killed people, and vandalized Government property, and took over several city blocks in Seattle? Double standard hypocrite! We will not forget!
SPROCK3T MONST3R 2 hónapja
@Omega0850 Nothing that antifa or BLM did was excusable or solved any problems. Their sole putpose was anarchy and power. To suggest their actions had any merits or legitimacy at all is disgusting. Thugs are thugs, period! And just when are people going to be responsible for their own actions? The president was still speaking while the capital was being broke into. I have heard his speech several times. Nothing he said was suggestive or inciting to violence. Unlike Kamala Harris who said that BLM would continue to riot and should continue to riot because it's a movement. Give me a break! Calling Lefitsts out on all their bullshit is Trumps legacy. And the 75 plus million REAL voters agree.
Omega0850 2 hónapja
Difference is that they were pissed about a real problem that plagued US-society for... well basically since the US exists, a problem that never was sufficiently adressed and solved. Those rioters on the other side were pissed about a made up problem, and tried to overthrow american democracy itself. Thats now Trumps legacy! He turned far to many conservatives into anti-democratic, violent terrorists and future supporters of a possible dictatorship.
Sherman Barrett
Sherman Barrett 2 hónapja
One of the most disgusting shows on television
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 hónapja
This guys stupidity makes my blood boil
dbabaron 2 hónapja
So much for uniting the nation. The left's continued taunting of 75 million disenfranchised voters, real or perceived, will only incite more violence. You won, bow stip being jerks about before your taunts result in getting more people killed.
Robert E
Robert E 2 hónapja
EPD 2 hónapja
What a Freudian slip that is. Colbert implied that the riots of 2020 is simply normal for left wingers. I think Colbert secretly has a loathing for the people he pretends to admire.. hupost.info/chat/jXOFzG6md6KJX5c/vide
Swamper 2 hónapja
Trump Trump....Start writing some new material and be a comic.
Jack Briley
Jack Briley 2 hónapja
Jack Briley
Jack Briley 2 hónapja
Looks like mostly a peacefully protest
Rd Rockn Roll
Rd Rockn Roll 2 hónapja
Who ran sack cities for 7 months? Has our new vice president said the riots should continue. That's not a call from violence I don't know what is. Where were you for 7 months? Looting shooting killings burn down businesses where were you then?
Jonny Lawrence
Jonny Lawrence 2 hónapja
To bad they couldn't stay "mostly peaceful like the protest before. Here's an example townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2020/09/08/new-study-shows-majority-of-blm-protests-turned-violent-n2575801
Garage Japanese
Garage Japanese 2 hónapja
Once your Biden tax rates of 63% in cali hits you're going to have to move back among them
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 2 hónapja
This January of 2021 has been, I think, the most embarrassed I've ever been to call myself an American. And thats saying something considering the rest of Trumps presidency. With how many of this people being treated kindly, all these politicians STILL being gentle with Trump and this coup attempt, with these fuckers complaining about the lack of organic food in fucking prison and the judge ruling in that persons favor. We have a terrorist insurrection group that was supported and basically created by Donald Trump, and these bastards are not only not doing anything about it, they seem to support it.
GS Greene Entertainment
GS Greene Entertainment 2 hónapja
Billy Bob, don't you support BLM?
Alessandro Machi
Alessandro Machi 2 hónapja
Eventually, you will probably be exposed for the treasonous actions you took over the airwaves with your lies about Charlottesville.
Jeffery Morris
Jeffery Morris 2 hónapja
Wonder how many hard working Americans lost their jobs today. This country is a fucking disgrace.
Joeseph Smith
Joeseph Smith 2 hónapja
Look at it this way. This guy can t do anything but trash trump and millions of Americans who voted for him. Look I think trump can be an idiot at times but he isn t president any more. Who is going to watch this guy who thinks the whole world revolves around him. News flash it doesn't .
Farmer J1s
Farmer J1s 2 hónapja
These comments are just an echo chamber for the lefts lies! It was an obvious false flag event. Yall are playing yourselves believing these stupid lies. Open your eyes ppl. Its all in the script.
Omega0850 2 hónapja
You are disconnected from reality... like many MANY on the right. "False flag", after weeks and months of religious leaders, conservative politicians, and first and foremost Trump himself fueling the fire and asking "not to accept it" and to "be strong" and to "fight back". How can you possibly deny that this might be more extreme than we expected, but that it definitly was incited by the right? (leaving aside the fact that many right wing nutjobs that were involved already have been identified BY THE VIDEOS THEY FILMED THEMSELF) I know i repeat myself, but you definitly 100% DO NOT LIVE IN REALITY if you believe this bullshit.
Farmer J1s
Farmer J1s 2 hónapja
THIS guy Is such a tool. Trump, trump, blah- blah! Great job fear mongering w/ your sorry ass jokes
jenny pig
jenny pig 2 hónapja
I'm still angry how those ridiculous people who were destroying the literal U.S capital were led out WITH the police PROTECTING them, meanwhile many peaceful protesters for different good causes, and may I remind you, UNARMED, were beaten, threatened, and tear gassed. I'm still very upset about that. A lot of the blame goes to the politicians that basically condoned this kind of behavior. I hope the government and the people start getting their crap together.
moog man
moog man 2 hónapja
Cobert is not helping with peace at all.
moog man
moog man 2 hónapja
@Omega0850 they are being charged. Peace brother
Omega0850 2 hónapja
Peace requires justice! Those rioters have to be charged for their crimes. Trump has to be charged for his crimes.
Peter Vesalius
Peter Vesalius 2 hónapja
Ya had to piss off the FBI, dincha?! 🤷‍♂ Now y'all are screwwwwwed!
Tim C
Tim C 2 hónapja
What will the triggered left do now? Jerkoff on camera..
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Brown 2 hónapja
Dems have so much money they can afford to buy anyone to do their deeds. Steven C is an idiot.
Alex David
Alex David 2 hónapja
im white and proud
Zachary Schmahl
Zachary Schmahl 2 hónapja
Censoring names scares me. Dont get me wrong i dont like trump but this censoring shit is wrong
TheAarowsmith 2 hónapja
We need to put Republicans on trial and removed from America. They use the Constitution as toilet paper, and distort American Law, lie and rewrite History to attempt fooling America. But, is America that stupid??? Apparently so .....
guitar operator
guitar operator 2 hónapja
BLM can do as they please though and those Antifa guys are cool
Rick Mars
Rick Mars 2 hónapja
You still around spreading your hate and stupidity, Colbert?
Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston 2 hónapja
How ironic is it that when left armed radicals take over parts of a city and everyone says its acceptable, or there is multiple riots on the street, its reasonable .. yet when half the country doesn't agree with the results of the election and some do the exact same thing, its the end of the world. This double standard needs to stop
Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston 2 hónapja
@Omega0850 Depends on what you believe I guess. Defunding the police verses the largely insane control social media giants had over the election and the rather sketchy way certain details were handled. Yet.. I don't see how you can side for violence, and then against it when it doesn't align with your beliefs, and not call yourself a hypocrite.
Omega0850 2 hónapja
Its not acceptable, but its understandable, because BLM protests a real problem... the Trump-fans on the other side protested a made up problem.
Barone di Piemonte
Barone di Piemonte 2 hónapja
This attack upon the Capitol was nothing less than (thank God it failed) a poorly organized Coup D'etat / Self Coup. All those deluded Maga creatures truly think that T boy actually gives a flying ____ about them. Mussolini and Hitler came to power through the help of their respective followers , the Squadristi/Black Shirts, and the SA/Brown Shirts. And when they were no longer needed, or began to tarnish their images, they were eliminated in the middle of the night. After Hitler committed suicide in his bunker, the Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels said, in response to the destruction of Germany and suffering of the people, words to the effect "the people gave us the mandate, they asked for this, and I have no sympathy for them". Then his wife poisoned their five children, and they committed suicide. Are there problems with America ? Most certainly. But violence, terrorism, and insurection/sedition isn't the way. Truly, I would so love to know what previous statesmen like JFK, Reagan, FDR, Lincoln, Washington... would have to say about what has happened over the past several months in America. Some government and industry leaders in other parts of the world are gloating over the occurances of the past several days...
J W 2 hónapja
Here's the thing these morons don't realize. 1) The country's not with them. 2) You can't "take over the government" by taking over a few buildings. Whoever is in charge is in charge not because they're in a building but because the vast majority of the people, the military, and the rest of the nation of the world believe they are in charge. The fact that our government IS so decentralized will be the traitors' ultimate downfall. I guarantee that they will be unable to take over a single state by violent insurrection, let alone the entire country.
Kimberly JEAN PIERRE 2 hónapja
Cindy Wagoner
Cindy Wagoner 2 hónapja
They will also lose thier right to VOTE !!!
Omega0850 2 hónapja
Thats funny, i didn´t even think about that!
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