Emanet 155. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 155 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 23 napja
I can’t wait for Yaman to find out that ikbal is behind this, that she killed seher sister, and she is killing ziya little by little. She is next to go to jail
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 24 napja
Yaman que no le tiene miedo a nada, ahora si le tiene miedo a seher porque ya sabe como le va a ir, 🤣🤣🤣
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 23 napja
Yaman: Seher must not know about this. Ikbal: Seher there's something you must know.
Mari luz Villar
Mari luz Villar 24 napja
me encanta¡¡¡¡ son muy buenos actuando
Dilek Keskin
Dilek Keskin 24 napja
Ah yaman sen hala korsun 🤣
Lilia Rivero
Lilia Rivero 24 napja
Me llama la atención que hasta este día solo se consigue el capitulo 155 subtitulado en ingles...espero que lo puedan colocar en español
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 24 napja
Which Channel and when ?!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 24 napja
Yaman recuperarla, y que Seher no quede como la niña tonta que todos piensan que es.
Rafail Rafail
Rafail Rafail 25 napja
Rafail Rafail
Rafail Rafail 25 napja
Z - Cooking Recipes
Z - Cooking Recipes 26 napja
Good luck
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 24 napja
I dont Luke ikbal she is very bad👹👹🔱😈
lilyan 97
lilyan 97 27 napja
this is tooo much there is no scene for ail and kiraz since ep 60 there love story stopped and this frustrating I swear this so unfair they are main characters 2 😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😩
Judith Lebron
Judith Lebron 27 napja
What they really need is to go somewhere and have out. Way from everyone. For once an for all. And realize they love each other. Yaman most most ask forgiveness . Stop all this nonese. Maybe if they smell each other. ♥️♥️♥️
Keyzitin Muñoz
Keyzitin Muñoz 27 napja
Español por favor 😟💔🙏🙏🙏🙏
Maria Tillery
Maria Tillery 27 napja
Yaman should be the one to tell Saher the truth! No matter how much regret he should have...At this point, he should gather his strength and talk to her!
Rəcəb Zamanov
Rəcəb Zamanov 27 napja
Wukur her wey aciqlandi
Dorothy gomes
Dorothy gomes 27 napja
Zuhal ‘s acting was the best, actually l was crying for her, it was so true. Best villain acting should go to her. She nailed it.
Silzamara Correia
Silzamara Correia 27 napja
Agora teremos que ter paciencia de monge, pra esperar que Yaman volte a olhar nos olhos de Seher, ser uma Emanet e isso: ser paciente e esperar....esperar....
GachaWinterPrincess 27 napja
Yaman: Seher must not know about this. Ikbal: Seher there's something you must know.
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi 27 napja
I hope they don't go back about that nonsense hurting that girl again we had enough of that
Kamalə Mürsüdova
Kamalə Mürsüdova 27 napja
Filmdə xatırlama çodu təkrarlanır hər şey
sara alnajar
sara alnajar 27 napja
Which Channel and when ?!
Renuka R
Renuka R 27 napja
Ikbal killed Kevser... will that ever come out
Besi Emesov
Besi Emesov 27 napja
Vahide Esedova
Vahide Esedova 27 napja
swett cat
swett cat 27 napja
I dont Luke ikbal she is very bad👹👹🔱😈
cloclo latina
cloclo latina 27 napja
Yaman quiere actuar como si nada para que Seher no sepa. Que cobarde! Yaman wants to act as nothing happened!! for Seher doesn't know. In what World Yaman lives?
Hajra Abbasi
Hajra Abbasi 27 napja
Ah!!! Ikbal Ikbal Ikbal and her evil plans....when this will end.....i just want to see Y&S together.
Тагмина Гусейнова
Тагмина Гусейнова 27 napja
Bu iqbal yene qarisdirir ortaliki
Crapoula 27 napja
Could it be that İkbal and Nedim are lovers and that's why he couldn't uncover the plot and why he kind of looks rough for the worst lately? 🤔
Qurat Nida
Qurat Nida 27 napja
why is it Friday today, and not Monday?
İrade Quliyeva
İrade Quliyeva 27 napja
Yaa Halil İbrahim kisa saçlar və oyunculuq çox yakismis, sarkiciligi ve uzun saçları unutsun adam boyle karizmanin zirvesinde💕🌼
Love Kingdom
Love Kingdom 27 napja
Why ikbel says zuhal did bad, she was the planer of that idea. Ikbel is lair and dangerouse as the same time. With Yeman way of thinking it will be very difficult to recognize her.
Norma Romero
Norma Romero 27 napja
Que empiece lo bueno que no se alargue otra ves porque la otra yarara sigue suelta que la paloma blanca deje de ser tonta y no caiga de vuelta
Janician Timas
Janician Timas 27 napja
After Legacy nxt is innocence....😍😍😍
Ala'a Saad
Ala'a Saad 27 napja
Finally i can breathe 🙂 but i think ikpal will do something soon 🥺
Kim Stevens
Kim Stevens 27 napja
Lord, let them move on to some other crisis already. I'm so over this file business.
Shah Massi Shah Massi
Shah Massi Shah Massi 27 napja
Just moral lectures to a savage in suit won't heal the situation. Seher must leave the mansion. Yaman deserves to be alone with his great advisers, Nedim and Iqbal. He doesn't deserve wise men like Cenger and Ariff. What a rotten sadistic twisted script. Legacy of Evil. This should be the title. Btw, is it true Naz is going to invite Bulent Ersoy to act in one of the upcoming episodes. How wonderful. More twists than we can swallow. This is really 'turkey' of a series.
s talakokula
s talakokula 27 napja
Only Ziya can kick Ikbal from the mansion. Because he knows the truth about seher's sister.
Samiya Badhon
Samiya Badhon 27 napja
The real snake is still in the house! I feels bad for Juhal. Because Juhal did it all for that stupid iqbal .now that snake iqbal again trying to do something with seher. 😡😡
Nona Nurwana
Nona Nurwana 27 napja
if Yaman didn't talk about fake file to Seher, it's become Ikbal's new games. Allah give me patient
Anar Qurbanov
Anar Qurbanov 27 napja
Lenilda Teresa
Lenilda Teresa 27 napja
Foi lqbal quem tramou e preparou todo não é justo que agora ela continua invenenando a seher alguém precisa para ela yamam precisa falar com seher antes
hassim hassim
hassim hassim 27 napja
Seher should speak yaman sort there misunderstanding clear.if not this drama will be boring.
Irma Troncoso
Irma Troncoso 27 napja
Ela it’s at the mansion . I hope she it’s there to help Seher with a job or something!
LM M 27 napja
My guess is once this whole file issue, detective issue, seher finding out is all done and seher starts to forgive Yaman, iqbal’s new evil plan will be telling the social services that seher and yaman’s marriage is fake and they sleep separately because she will find out for sure that seher sleeps on the sofa, so another drama will start with the social services.
LM M 27 napja
Yaman will not be able to look in Seher’s eyes for a while but he will treat her very nice, Iqbal will not let him have peace and will take revenge for her sister, she will start using seher against Yaman because seher is the easy target and trusts Iqbal, I think Yaman will be arrested for a short time because of the detective shooting, having firat involved will help both seher and yaman, seher will find out soon either from Iqbal or in court when Yaman goes for the detective’s shooting case, either way their won’t be any peace in that house thanks to Iqbal
yas t
yas t 27 napja
actually i wanna see seher and yaman with a baby, and zuhal still around them trying to do stuff to the now family, cause i want this to evolve like pleaseeeee, now another 100 episodes of seher hating yaman, well ok
Tanta Tantza
Tanta Tantza 27 napja
Fuori anche Ikbal! 😦🤔
Mirqasim Ahmadli
Mirqasim Ahmadli 27 napja
Sevener qovuwsun inşallah
Delil Useinoski
Delil Useinoski 27 napja
Omgod now who is next with marking trouble in the mansion. Well the only is lkubla now she marking trouble but yaman now that she is only one that told to do for her sister.but yaman will find out and will go in jail or kick out of the mansion never comeback.seher stop street your self yaman is not doing nothing for Yusuf to take ways from you seher noo.everthing is done yaman find the file and find out more something going on with lkubla he now ever thing about her he can see his eye open watch out what lkbal doing to seher for seher smart women. Hope yaman explained to seher about that. And hope yaman will tell ever thing for her.but hope or is up to seher or maybe seher will lever him. But not yaman will hug her for given change to love her back.
Tassiana Carlos
Tassiana Carlos 27 napja
Procimo episodio
Joanna2013 27 napja
Hi 🙋🏾‍♀️ Questions: I’m currently going for episode 97 of Emanet. But I’m so exciting about the next episodes. Is Yamen and Seher’s marriage consummated? Thanks 😊
Joanna2013 27 napja
@Amparo Toro | Ok. I’m anxious 😟 😏. I’ll keep enjoying 😬 the episodes. Thanks 😊
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 27 napja
Keep watching is better than you think 🙌🙌
Sadiq Shirinov
Sadiq Shirinov 27 napja
Super filmdi
Poornima k
Poornima k 27 napja
First snakes injected poison to Yemen's brain. Now they will inject poison to sehar's brain. Anyway she will do her best to separate them.
Branka Duric
Branka Duric 27 napja
Sono stanca di tutto😢😢😢😢😢
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 27 napja
So he's not going to have the guts to tell Seher. He had plenty to say when he was demonising her. 🤬😡😠😤
Rhode Prend
Rhode Prend 27 napja
Oh ikbal don't be too nice to Seher because your husband know your secret. He is the one will tell to yaman what you did to her sister if you do something bad
Desdemona Diciotto
Desdemona Diciotto 27 napja
Cobra 🐍 Ikbal maledetta😡🤬
nicat Telekom
nicat Telekom 27 napja
Harikaaa 👍😊❤
Khushi Raizada
Khushi Raizada 27 napja
In my opinion That's a good move by Ikbal I mean if Seher sound out from Yaman then it would be bad. Finding out from Ikbal means she would add spices to enhance the anger. And I am all ready to see Yaman beg for at least 10 episodes if not more. And I wasnt sincere begging without a blink of anger
madalina alexa
madalina alexa 27 napja
Yaman always uses big words, but in the end he quits so fast and everything hurts more and all it remains is just Disappointment. Sorry...
pl pld
pl pld 27 napja
Very true
Shovqiyye Mammadova
Shovqiyye Mammadova 27 napja
Yaman krımlı sən bir körsun her şey partlamış ölçülür seher Mahsum ya basdan
Тагмина Гусейнова
Тагмина Гусейнова 27 napja
Ah ikbal ablasini tek suclu yapicak kendisini dogru yapicak
Alia Nurmala
Alia Nurmala 27 napja
I wonder how strong Yaman does not sleep at all and only drinks coffee without eating any food🧐🤔🥺
Lucy david
Lucy david 27 napja
I am pretty sure Iqbal won't be able to tell her as Yaman will stop her and soon Yaman will be arrested for detective murder as Nedim said there was no eyewitness police will believe he killed him and as a proof he will show the file in court and that's how Seher will find out the truth
Ehedov Serxan
Ehedov Serxan 27 napja
Yaman zuhali kovmakda çok iyi yaptı, ikbalınsırrıda ortaya çıksaydı, Sehər ve Yaman mutlu olurdu.
A B 27 napja
Ulan ikbal bi uslan artik .huylu huyundan vaz gecmiyor derler o hikaye .
Сарвиноз Исмоилова
Сарвиноз Исмоилова 27 napja
Yaman sevdigi ucun har sey yapar ask sevdaya dondu ic icinden Seheri seviyo
ismixan Axmedov
ismixan Axmedov 27 napja
Gerekirdi Yaman efendi gerekirdi😁😁😆😆
Сарвиноз Исмоилова
Сарвиноз Исмоилова 27 napja
Ikisine de mutlu gunler gelsin artik
Сарвиноз Исмоилова
Сарвиноз Исмоилова 27 napja
Bir Seher dil Yamanda eziyet kiciriyo ona da cok zor oluyo
Mrdev Dev3
Mrdev Dev3 27 napja
I think she won't learn the truth yet iqbal will only tell her that zuhul did something to yaman..
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 27 napja
Agree to get help from Yaman through Seher 🙄🙄🙄
Nəcibe Məmmədova
Nəcibe Məmmədova 27 napja
Bir can nə ilə yaranıbsa canı da onnan çıxacaq İkbal başına nə iş gəlir gəlsin düzələn deyil tülkü tülkü kimi də öləcək
philipsylvia 27 napja
Go to google to vote
Pana Marites
Pana Marites 27 napja
Only one snake 🐍 lift😁😁😁😁✌️✌️✌️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Yasmin Y
Yasmin Y 27 napja
The etiket of this episode Hata yaptim Wow Yaman admit wvery thing I wish instead of yemin Emanet continue at weekend
Areti Bindusree
Areti Bindusree 27 napja
Aha ikbal what a acting beating her sister
Ana Llenroc
Ana Llenroc 27 napja
Yaman, espabilaaaaa!!! 📢 📢 📢
Надюша Ябло
Надюша Ябло 27 napja
Next to be punished is Selim and I hope he will open Yamans eyes on Ikbal
Meeh J
Meeh J 27 napja
Yaman​: Brain​less Seher​: Stupid Ikbal​: Genius 👏👏
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 27 napja
Yes 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡🐍🐍🐍
Beatrice Night
Beatrice Night 27 napja
I must say these actors are spectacular 👌👌
Maryam 27 napja
The pictures show that Ibrahim is at the mansion, it should be for more investigation or telephone check maybe.
Ayeshajutt345 Ayeshajutt345
Ayeshajutt345 Ayeshajutt345 27 napja
When will ikbal get her punishment?
vastvistas 27 napja
Ikbal is the villain protagonist, so I think Nazmiye will keep her favorite 🐍 character until the season 2 finale.😒
Enjoy Music
Enjoy Music 27 napja
Again, what evidences Yaman gave the police to come and arrest Zuhal, did he give them the file with the true recording? The police come with evidence to arrest, isn't it!!! Can we see Ali and Firat involved in the investigations and Selim is been involved in the crime? If yes, then Ikbal will be revealed if Selim is arrested then because he should say what happened> Unless Ikbal will send her men to kill Selim while Zuhal in prinson, so Ikbal will be revealed too because there should be someone behind killing Selim? I am doing investigation here as much as I am following the events of this series. Therefore, I ask the writers to write true and justificated plots otherwise they are giving wrong impression and wrong lessons to the community and to the international community how police and investigations happen in Turkey. I am thinking loudly here so I like to share my thoughts with you and hopefully Emanet team can read the comments.
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 27 napja
@Ivett Szürös yes I agree the Naz world 🌎 doesn’t have logic
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 27 napja
No don’t think 🤔 to much you know the Naz world 🌎 she love left loose ends 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Ivett Szürös
Ivett Szürös 27 napja
I also don't understand what's going on. But if you look some logic in this series, you will get headache. 😅 So, take care of your own health, please! 😀 I think the writers concentrate on the love story of Yaman and Seher + the mental and emotional state of Yaman, so other cases are not so important. Just think about how fast Seher healed after she had an injury. She must be a wonder woman. Because so fast recovery is impossible in real life. Otherwise I like this series, especially the two amazingly talented lead actors and the little child actor.
I have a feeling that Sahar will end up living with Firat for a while, maybe only until I forgive Yaman 😅
Lynsey Harper
Lynsey Harper 27 napja
I don't know. There are pictures of her in her own bedroom without her wedding ring on. I think she will stay there for Yusuf's sake. She may only leave for a day or 2
Ramin Ibrahimov
Ramin Ibrahimov 27 napja
Hormetli izleyi iler azerbaycan dili mukemmel
Юсиф Нуриев
Юсиф Нуриев 27 napja
Enjoy Music
Enjoy Music 27 napja
still I have to comment on the writers again and how wrong the story line is designed. When Yaman was handed the file on his honeymoon, he then called Ikbal and zuhal to his room and asked both of them not to say anything and that evidences do not concern him. Yaman, Ikbal and Zuhal new that Zuhal used a detective to collect those evidences about Seher. My question is, doesn't Yaman think now since he will strart using his brain now calmely, that Zuhal tells Ikbal that the evidence were fake? Does it come to Yaman's mind, that Ikbal knows about the money paid to the detective comes from the company since she is the one who is giving her sister the money? Why on earth, they are trying to make Yaman more stupid and Seher more innocent and bighearted? Was Cenger surprised yesterday when Zuhal was revealed? Did not Cenger has any doubts about Ikbal and Zuhal? Again stupidity domains the show> They should make Yaman think of Ikbal as a partner in this slander even if he does not take action automatically now, but to show that he is doubting her and try to watch her actions and behaviour> Here then I as audience can say that the story line contains intelligence and not stupidity.
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 27 napja
I agree but they thinks we are not using our intelligence like them they are wrong 😑 but my method is switch my brain 🧠 off and enjoy the serie 🙌 Naz love the loose ends 🙄🙄🙄
Shahla Thasni P
Shahla Thasni P 27 napja
I feel that real psycho in this series is not zuhal or Ikbal ...then who guess it....
Shakila Muna
Shakila Muna 27 napja
Real Life Stories
Real Life Stories 27 napja
I am worried with the statement Ikabal mentioned in episode 152 if "I'm dying I'll go down with Seher".Wonder what she'll do next she can't stomach Seher just come in and she's more of honor as a Kirimli than her.Being Yaman's wife she's stronger than her interms of everything she's dying for.Hope Yaman remember Zuhal statement"I did everything with my sister Ikbal".
Naira Kapanadze
Naira Kapanadze 27 napja
იქბალსაც მიხედოს ერთი იამანმა.გაუყენოს გზას.მოღალატე ქალი,სახლში გასაჩერებელი არ არის.ეშმაკია.მას ზია არ უყვარს.ბოროტებაა.
Seadet Nadirova
Seadet Nadirova 27 napja
Azerbaycandan Salamlar...Yilan yilan oldugunu hep zeheriyle subut eder...Iqbalde ilanin bawi oldugu ucun yinede zeherini Sehere akidarak ilanligini subut edecekdir. Inwallah oda bir gun cezasini ceker.
Sebahattin Apaydin
Sebahattin Apaydin 27 napja
Zuhali giti yamuk azikbali hala buzurluku pesinde daha akilanmadi seninde sonun zuhali gibi olcaki
Leyla Gumbatova
Leyla Gumbatova 27 napja
İkbal yene öz pisliklerinde inşaallah tezliklə oda Zuhalın yanına gedər onların yeri oradı
Ольга Власова
Ольга Власова 27 napja
Икбаль 🐍. Зухал🤕. Сехер 🌼.Яман🔥💯. Сериал💣🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Miss Baró
Miss Baró 27 napja
Hay pinga en esta novela hay más veneno que perfume 🤮🤮🤮
Odrée NOUNAMO 27 napja
I will watch the whole episode, just to see Yaman regret.
Cristina Strungaru
Cristina Strungaru 27 napja
Now the twist will be Seher finding the truth while they are on a trip and leave Yaman there 😂😂going in circles 🤯
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty 27 napja
First he thought her wrong now again he doing mistake, not saying her the truth
Cris Dullas
Cris Dullas 27 napja
For me time to talk seher and yaman and told her everything first seher is anger but seher is good heart at yaman learn the lesson about trust love tume to happiness being a wife and husband with yusuf the problem is always there the file is solve now seher time yman to tell her all that is a plan of zuhal and seher forgive you but seher all remember to her abuse insult pain lie anger and cry always seher in mind yaman solve past the mistake to seher start now all fans wish is good ending happiness and love thanks if season 2 start in june new all good happy and start the family of yaman and seher with yusuf thanks again
Akula Balu
Akula Balu 27 napja
Real hero halilsir love sir
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