J. Cole Freestyles Over "93 Til Infinity" & Mike Jones' "Still Tippin" - L.A. Leakers Freestyle #108

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Power 106 Los Angeles

Power 106 Los Angeles

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Almost 12 years in the making, North Carolina and the Los Angeles Leakers finally collide for Freestyle #108 featuring one of this generation's greatest hip-hop artists, @J. Cole.
The Cole absence has been without a doubt felt in the culture but the perfect timing of his forthcoming 'The Off-Season' lp and the first-ever Leakers feature has further proved why Cole continues to be regarded as a GOAT and an emcee in control of his own lane. Justin Credible ad DJ Sourmilk took a trip to an exclusive North Carolina studio to tap in with the sought-out rapper and history was written.
Effortlessly spitting complete top tier bars over not one, but two classic hip-hop tracks, Cole takes differing approaches over Souls Of Mischief's "93 'Til Infinity" and Mike Jones' "Still Tippin".

#JCole #TheOffSeason
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Adam Bland
Adam Bland 46 perccel
2 of the GOAT's here .... that beat! .... and .... J.Cole!!!
Brady Bumpus
Brady Bumpus 46 perccel
That Cosby line is dumb hard
Pastor John
Pastor John 47 perccel
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Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice 47 perccel
That chopper gon spin you around like a judge on the voice????? Fuk outta here!!! Hey... he warned us!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 COLD AZZ WORLD
Ardiansyah 34
Ardiansyah 34 47 perccel
CADO346 48 perccel
When J. Cole dropped the bill cosby line I had to run away from my laptop
Leonardo Saavedra
Leonardo Saavedra 48 perccel
J.Cole is the G.O.A.T. Ain’t nobody like him right now.!👌🏼🐏
Benjamin Jacome
Benjamin Jacome 48 perccel
Just finished the video* Me: Aight , let´s watch it all again
Dwansi Mitchel
Dwansi Mitchel 49 perccel
The crabby foot greely raise because double fortuitously queue worth a descriptive fog. lying, historical key
therealkest 49 perccel
j.cole is up there lyrically. give my man respect.
Derek Hoytink
Derek Hoytink 49 perccel
Snipa Gang
Snipa Gang 49 perccel
he giving off Montana of 300 type bars 🤣
Anthony Del Toro
Anthony Del Toro 50 perccel
I lost it when he started on still tippin FOH
Lance Glover
Lance Glover 51 perce
Cole is Cold wit it,Official
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 51 perce
This is not a freestyle, stop it🙄. Love Cole and all, but to cap that dam hard makes this unbearable. I rather watch authenticity all day. Watch Lupe Fiasco freestyle off the head
Pavan Nischith
Pavan Nischith 55 perccel
He sure know the address of the Lord🙌🙌. COLEGOD
nodertion zer
nodertion zer 58 perccel
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Adrian Z
Adrian Z 59 perccel
Straight fire.
Too Fire!
kasha butter
kasha butter Órája
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Johnny Dep
Johnny Dep Órája
too bad his album is nothing like this ;(
Kwam D.
Kwam D. Órája
One of the 🐐’s of this rap game today…no dispute. This freestyle was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Money team
Money team 46 perccel
Theres only one goat lol not multiple i never hear people say kobe or lebron are the goats of basketball its jordan the goat
Gold Encompass Health & Wellness
Gold Encompass Health & Wellness Órája
You could tell that comment - "sitting next to arguably, *one of the best of this generation," didn't sit well with him ... dudes goated, thinking a goat reply to that in his head haha
Julian Berriel
Julian Berriel Órája
Oh my god.
Ese Pinche Arod
Ese Pinche Arod Órája
His style cold 🥶 one thing about them classic beats though is to take it slow and smooth, slow down and rap it calm and mellow to the beat
Johnny Crosby
Johnny Crosby Órája
Bars for bars
alex camerano
alex camerano Órája
I don’t know who this man is but this ain’t cole
Andy Órája
Matthew Beam
Matthew Beam Órája
I listen to very very few rappers and j Cole is one them. Just on a whole different level.
Eniolassa Jakandesa
Eniolassa Jakandesa Órája
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Terence Jackson
Terence Jackson Órája
He look like Jesus frfr.
Aaron Órája
*Hey, to you reading* .... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Cesar Contreras
Cesar Contreras Órája
He ready ready like right away he starts rapping and he could that for a quite a period of time
Insight Órája
How he go this hard on a freestyle ? But didn’t bring this energy on his album ? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Bobby J
Bobby J Órája
Broooo like he never left
BiG LO Aka Yfn Los
BiG LO Aka Yfn Los Órája
my Freestyles are hot too check out big Lo aka yfn los music out of Charlotte nc hottest
ESTAM8 aka OBrizzle
ESTAM8 aka OBrizzle Órája
Sounds like written rhymes but ether way, Was Still Dope… 🔥💯🔥
Stunbob Flashpants
Stunbob Flashpants Órája
he says picasso, then corrects himself and says van gogh, it's off the dome
Too Teezy
Too Teezy Órája
Carlos Órája
I’m getting S. Curry vibes - now every kid is gon think they can do this
Gullafrumpton S
Gullafrumpton S Órája
Cole is damn amazing. Tingles down my spine
Icybull Órája
Might be the best freestyle I heard of all time
The Young Rager
The Young Rager Órája
Bro dis nigga is a god
Carlos Bilal
Carlos Bilal Órája
President CEO
President CEO Órája
Straight BLESSED talent!! Mo Fiya!!! 🔥🔥🔥
*Mutilated Angel* **
*Mutilated Angel* ** Órája
Jerry Summer
Jerry Summer Órája
Needed this. Cole just gave us that fix we've all been needing for awhile now 😂😅
The Young Rager
The Young Rager Órája
Shii hard to believe this nigga is human 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🔥🔥
Zak Loncar
Zak Loncar Órája
Cole vs black thought 2022
Prodigy ø
Prodigy ø Órája
Close your eyes and just listen
P Stace
P Stace Órája
Greatest freestyle ive ever heard...fr..
Kurkzzy Órája
J cole already did a rap over 93 til infinity back before he was known, this was just a WARM UP ;) if you know, you know.
xpertsolutionsinc Órája
Bruh said, “Let’s face it. He’s one of the greatest. No Bill Cosby sh*t, but if ni**az is sleepin’ then f*ck ‘em!” DAAAAAYUM!!! 👀
Devon Tucker
Devon Tucker Órája
Around 4:50 did dude throw in an “America, exercise”?😂☠️
M Órája
Double time was dope, man!!! 🤙
Jesus Rios
Jesus Rios Órája
why j cole lookin like he stank
Jordan Somerville
Jordan Somerville Órája
Where was this on the album. Real talk
Nas Rirhaleb
Nas Rirhaleb Órája
This ain’t no fking freestyle
Suphitcha Bandit
Suphitcha Bandit Órája
fukin love u bro JCOLE WORLD
Mark Portwood
Mark Portwood Órája
This one of the best freestyles I’ve heard. Cole will always be the goat.
Ephesian Rose
Ephesian Rose Órája
This beat is so special to me and all us Californians nostalgic for old school hip hop. (Souls of Mischief hail from East Oakland.) But J. Cole from NYC is among the best in terms of new school and does the beat justice!
Ricky F
Ricky F Órája
THIS...This is why cole is in my top 5.
Fresh Start
Fresh Start Órája
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Órája
Slim Thugs’* “Still Tippin”
Monkey 2K1
Monkey 2K1 Órája
the that theres any dis likes
jyapu whitesinner
jyapu whitesinner Órája
Keep playing on loop😳😀🤩
jyapu whitesinner
jyapu whitesinner Órája
Bars on bars on bars dope album 21
Joseph Harrington
Joseph Harrington Órája
It's a cool freestyle. Definitely above average but nothing exceptional. Black Thought freestyle on Flex was Exceptional, Mysonne freestyle on Flex was Immaculate, Tsu Surf freestyle on bars on I95 was Lethal...Those are my definition of Legendary freestyles. J Cole freestyle was cool(Two 2 min verses)but NO comparison to the Extraordinary freestyles that I've heard and witnessed!
Daddy Wasn’t A Trader
Daddy Wasn’t A Trader Órája
Prime_TymeXXL Órája
Would’ve of loved Kendrick on a track
Nikita Kozhemyaka
Nikita Kozhemyaka 2 órája
J. Cole - you Legend, you Greatest rapper. Real GOAT.
B H-0
B H-0 2 órája
man wearing weave wtf
LieuLieu Bear
LieuLieu Bear 2 órája
J.cole!!!! Is back ayyyy
Steven Lane
Steven Lane 2 órája
fresh asF
David Nam
David Nam 2 órája
Lyrical Genius.
xC_Lowkk x
xC_Lowkk x 2 órája
0:46 Start Here 3:36 Start 2nd half Here Enjoy Cole world 🌎
Jenn Figueroa
Jenn Figueroa 2 órája
Pluto 103rd_Built
Pluto 103rd_Built 2 órája
J.Cole and Kendrick Friday Night Freestyles!!!! Lets gooo!!!
xC_Lowkk x
xC_Lowkk x 2 órája
I watched this about 100k times and it doesnt get old seeing cole get in his bag bruh ⛅️ yu dead ass see him start really vibin when he talkn about “thats yo bestfriend now you do it” Yu see that lil smile nd he start just showing tf off 🔥🥵 lol
Rynx2425 2 órája
Rynx2425 2 órája
Lol 😂
Cheerio Box
Cheerio Box 2 órája
Cody Harris
Cody Harris 2 órája
Coles dope but that definitely wasn’t a freestyle.
Bekmeister 2 órája
I need like 5 more hours of this.
O CSGO 2 órája
Cole is a fucking monster
Ruby iscute
Ruby iscute 2 órája
I hate freestyles. They have no topic and everyone thinks they are off the top of their head lol. Songs are where the real talent is. When you can capture emotions through your words. This is for kids.
jordyn wever
jordyn wever 2 órája
Music isn’t all about substance lol
Hybrid College Kid
Hybrid College Kid 2 órája
My Gawd JCOLE just stole the whole Room my gawd!!
Danny Mubanga
Danny Mubanga 2 órája
“Most niggaz don’t understand me, I don’t do the Grammys. I be in my jammies on sofa. Most niggaz don’t understand me Ferrari or Camry I bet I look good in em both!” HYPED!!!!
carmela del papato
carmela del papato 2 órája
The spicy freeze intriguinly tip because taxicab ironically disagree plus a alleged place. tangible, unhealthy design
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Alvarez 2 órája
PURO PINCHE FUEGO 🔥 J Cole NEVER disappoints and that is on GOD
Anesu Pasipanodya
Anesu Pasipanodya 2 órája
Put him next to PAC and nas big and jay already
Saud Alqahtani
Saud Alqahtani 2 órája
Shoutout to that first beat though
Keon Leonard
Keon Leonard 2 órája
“ no bill cosby sh*t but if niggas sleeping ,then f**k em”-J.Cole
B. Son - RS Motorsports
B. Son - RS Motorsports 2 órája
i just listened to the whole album and ddamn. then i came here, and DAMN.
Justin Banks
Justin Banks 2 órája
Where was this energy on the off season
iqbal zenul
iqbal zenul 2 órája
yoooo, why i'm late!
Alden Audric Matondo
Alden Audric Matondo 2 órája
still got it
Brandon 2 órája
James Brown #1 and he knows it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kalenjin Gamer
Kalenjin Gamer 2 órája
and someone in Kenya was trying to compare J Cole with nyashinski 💀😭
Quin Brown
Quin Brown 2 órája
Love the energy and how much fun he had with this, who else wanted to hear more from Cole? He def made my day!
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 2 órája
J. Cole - The Off-Season (Full Album)
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