The guys who turned minimalism into a religion

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Drew Gooden


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The IDK place
The IDK place Hónapja
I accidentally ate my cat
Artistically Annelise
Artistically Annelise 7 napja
camillavanilla Hónapja
fat potato rock
fat potato rock Hónapja
500th reply
Kira Aisling
Kira Aisling Hónapja
Oh no
Cactus - clu
Cactus - clu Hónapja
TCGdota 53 perccel
Esayas Asefa
Esayas Asefa 4 órája
Haven’t watched it yet but title made me think, “Isn’t that asceticism”
Cssfiend 5 órája
how does anyone fall for this kony 2012 shit
Alphonsus Rouis
Alphonsus Rouis 5 órája
Alphonsus Rouis
Alphonsus Rouis 5 órája
I practice minimalism intensively that my primary comment to this video is a period.
Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore 11 órája E non c'è dubbio che i paesi in via di sviluppo attivo del Terzo Mondo sono ambigui e saranno abbandonati all'anatema socialdemocratico. Considerazioni ideologiche di ordine superiore, così come il percorso innovativo che abbiamo scelto, presuppongono modi indipendenti di attuare un sistema di partecipazione di massa.💋 これは現代のトレンドの鮮明な例です-人材育成の境界により、開発のさらなる方向性の重要性を評価することができます。私たちの立場の明確さは明らかです。社会経済的発展には、プロセス管理の革新的な方法を導入し、近代化するプロセスが伴います。総合的なテストは、その規模と壮大さにおいて印象的なテスト実験において興味深い実験であるという事実から始めることを余儀なくされています。私たち一人一人は明らかなことを理解しています。今日の経済的課題は、活性化のための適切な条件の実施に最適です。
I'm Inspired
I'm Inspired 14 órája
12:07 is no one gonna talk about that email?
I'm Inspired
I'm Inspired 14 órája
I'm broke no no no I'm a MINIMALIST.
GR GR 14 órája
The best part of the documentary is the family drama.... hahahahahah Felt like I was watching American Idol. But without the talented singers...
Stoner Shorts
Stoner Shorts 14 órája
Just be glad that 52 blog visitors in the first month didn't turn into Y2K part 2
Cydney Meadows
Cydney Meadows 14 órája
the mom thing is definitely a southern thing; most people i know do this
carly barker
carly barker 16 órája
i don’t know what these guys are talking about, my two baggies of cat hair and singular bags of my own hair and feathers i’ve found on the ground and my 3 plastic rat skeletons and my 6 empty pringles cans and my 8 blankets and my 15 half-full water bottles and my hoard of large sticks i’ve picked up off the ground and my rock collection and my singular baby shoe and my plastic eastern chipmunk from hobby lobby and my discontinued plastic my little pony and my lala-loopsy figurine and my OTHER collection of rocks and my 8 candles make me SO happy every day.
Emppu T.
Emppu T. 16 órája
They're just adjusting to The Great Reset, where you'll own nothing and be happy. Or some shit, I'm not making this up, by the way.
Simon Smith
Simon Smith 18 órája
Blonde dude is so minimalist he doesn't even have collegen.
Annie Cahill
Annie Cahill 19 órája
Me writing an essay 1:24
Lauren Simon
Lauren Simon 21 órája
this some cult crap
LemonLord 21 órája
6:08 why is this scary
Weeb Shrimp
Weeb Shrimp Napja
it's funny because most sermons in my country are EXACTLY like that one
Jamie D
Jamie D Napja
3:33 Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get a boyfriend. I just gotta find the right toothpaste.
BrianNichol Napja
Took 20 Minutes to explain minimalism? Thats not very minimalist of him.
Evilgnomekitty Napja
as a person from Nebraska, I can confirm minimalism does indeed fix that. thank you for bringing awareness to this, drew
FlippityFlop Napja
so minimalist they didn't even bother to learn minimalism
iguwugy Napja
i do not know how to feel knowing they are located in my city.
Sophia Garthoff
Sophia Garthoff Napja
that guy is just middle aged jacob sartorious
JantanBetina Napja
Minimalism to me is just another way of pushing The Great Reset nonsense. Own nothing and be happy about it.
kkkyun4 2 napja
*"There was this gaping void in my life so I tried to fill that void the same way many people do, with.. stuff."* Oh lord forgive me,,,, this does not sound the way it's supposed to be.
Connor Evans
Connor Evans 2 napja
We really do live in a society
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 2 napja
MonkeyShaman 2 napja
Listening to people who 'got everything they dreamed about' telling their lessers to stop reaching for their shelf gives off clear noughties sustainability theory vibes.
Sherrythefruitypenguin 2 napja
This is a great video! I really appreciated the minimalists like 7 years ago and listened to them a lot (they only had a blog and podcast back then), but then the Ted talks, documentaries and I also read their books are all EXACTLY THE SAME. They work with Matt davella (or whatever it’s spelled like) and his content is also the same so makes sense he films their crap too 😅
Sherrythefruitypenguin 2 napja
Whoops just got to the part where you give Matt a shoutout. I think he’s brutally milking the algorithm , but at least the quality is well made 😅
Alice Misfit
Alice Misfit 2 napja
This mentality of things don’t make you happy is so bs to me it always comes from people that can have it all. Yes my vase serves no purpose other than looking cute on my table but I love the atmosphere it creates I love walking into my living room and seeing all the little things I curated over the years they remind me of moments and make me happy. I would feel sad in an empty ass room I would feel annoyed constantly when I would live in a tiny house and basically have zero space it would be lame for me to always wear the same things over and over. When I‘m old I want to have that book that I bought in my 20‘s and the things that made my life great.
Charles Verderame
Charles Verderame 2 napja
Imagine getting bullied as a kid being like “I heard your mom doesn’t even use dawn dish soap you fucking peasant!”
MediumCrayon Gaming
MediumCrayon Gaming 2 napja
just feels like postmodernism to me...
Mckenzie Myatt
Mckenzie Myatt 2 napja
But I like stuff lmao. I don’t want my house looking bare. I like my copious amounts of pop vinyls and sweaters
pop rocks
pop rocks 2 napja
3:22 legitimately thought a commercial started and I tried to skip it then you popped up and it scarred me
Friday the 12th
Friday the 12th 2 napja
Fun fact! Matt D'Avella, who has the great minimalism youtube videos, directed and edited the 'Less is Now' documentary and the original Minimalism documentary
Gee eee
Gee eee 2 napja
Lilah White
Lilah White 2 napja
I used to go to church with my grandpa and then the pastor would actual talk about his life on how he is so blessed to find god 💀
Sierra Kaye
Sierra Kaye 3 napja
"Don't even get me STARTED on Mom's bedroom..."
Lor27Lor 3 napja
if anyone wants to watch a really thrilling doc about minimalism watch 'the church of stop shopping' it is an absolutely wild time
B H 3 napja
The pinnacle of good parenting is to buy that dish soap your kids demand.
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 3 napja
"I will not be loved if I don't have this toothpaste." You will not be loved if your breath smells like shit.
Esdiamonde Niamh
Esdiamonde Niamh 3 napja
Very well said! I was wondering why it felt off, and its because I've seen it all before! Even there podcasts are half just input by the audience! Thank you for this video!
Nomore Mrnicegoy
Nomore Mrnicegoy 3 napja
2:42 if Drew had a meth addiction.
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings 3 napja
I wish the documentary was called "Broke: An Aesthetic"
BRIAN Kim 3 napja
The grateful gratis september universally flash because pancake uncommonly scrape astride a picayune steel. imported, ajar cave
Aleckazam 3 napja
Oh my god it's Matt and Ryan from SuperMega!
Queen Naiya
Queen Naiya 3 napja
Moral of the story: I still want my Chanel bag 🥴
WhiteManCan'tJumpCancel 95
WhiteManCan'tJumpCancel 95 3 napja
"WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!" That's the definition of a first world problem
Hannah Vanderzee
Hannah Vanderzee 3 napja
I used to be a really big fan of them and I do still agree with the philosophy in general... however, it really twisted my mind into thinking, as someone who is essentially unemployed and is on benefits, all I need to be happy and save money is just to not consume and have stuff. Because even though I essentially have no money, I'm living this etheral life. Which is kind of dangerous? I just threw out heaps of shit that materially brought me no happiness sure, but when you live close to the poverty line and your possessions (especially clothes which other people see) are the only semblance of a secure and "normal" life, it makes me so mad that they, who were on six-figure incomes before they dived into this, are profiting off my adoption of this philosophy. It just REEKS of (very white) privilege.
SauceBox Podcast
SauceBox Podcast 3 napja
Thank you for articulating the issue I've had with these 2 guys since day 1
candiidoggie 3 napja
i hate the documentary so much its funny
John Hunter Sanders
John Hunter Sanders 3 napja
They made us watch this in school
Joshua Snow
Joshua Snow 3 napja
It was so scripted. And yes the way it was shot with them speaking with the dim lights was like all these Pinterest churches. This documentary wasn’t needed. The principle is sound but ugh they let me down.
GrumpyBun 4 napja
the whole time watching i was thinking damn this is just marie kondo but worse 😭
Frequent Videogamer
Frequent Videogamer 4 napja
For me minimalism was about what I could learn to do myself rather than buy. I learned a LOT about stuff I never thought I could do! And I can say to this day, they never found the bodies.
Rainey Reid
Rainey Reid 4 napja
10;04 34?! I'm sorry ma'am you look 50 :/
Monika Ciapala
Monika Ciapala 4 napja
I used to listen to their podcast when they were starting getting recognition and enjoyed it but then I was put off by things such as: 1. podcast contained Q&A from their tour which was same stuff every episode 😩 2. They talked a lot about not wanting to interview anyone then all of a sudden they move to LA to interview other podcasters duplicating what has already been said 😑 3. Their fascination with LA went bizarre given how much they claimed to love Montana 🙄
Logan K
Logan K 4 napja
Him being a preacher was awesome, great laugh
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora 4 napja
They are vague because they don't actually live a minimalist lifestyle. That's why they are squeezing out as much money as they can.
Annie Roar
Annie Roar 5 napja
Even minimalism is capatalistic... the irony
CatsAreAwesome 5 napja
“I want it and i want it nOw” Sounds like a spoiled kid at a toy store 😃👍
Emanuel Burke
Emanuel Burke 5 napja
First time noticing the Circa Survive album in the background. I knew I liked you for a reason.
Lord of the Jams
Lord of the Jams 5 napja
ik thats how it works google listened to my best friend talking about you every single day so it recommended your channel
Vitória Alencar
Vitória Alencar 5 napja
Thumbs up for the one second of Defying Gravity!
Queen101 J
Queen101 J 5 napja
He looks like JennxPenn
Crewmate CantSleep
Crewmate CantSleep 6 napja
I went into their documentary excited, hoping it would be like Marie Kondo. It made me so minimalist, I gave little to no fuck about the empty documentary. Like, sure, I liked them during their tedtalk days but they really need some substance and fresh new specific idea to approach minimalism already if they want to make a new documentary, if not, then just why bother.
Judge von Grudgenstein
Judge von Grudgenstein 6 napja
yeah, that was one weird documentary, with the echo and spiritual music
Alex K.
Alex K. 6 napja
I actually liked their first Ted Talk but they got weirder and weirder over time until their message became a complete turnoff.
TheOneWithoutALife 6 napja
Mabye if I stop breathing then the little time I have left will be the happiest moments in the universe :D
ava darden
ava darden 6 napja
my best friend and I watched their original documentary in high school and it made our brains so wormy like we continue to feel bad everytime we buy anything
Baatile Kagosiemang
Baatile Kagosiemang 6 napja
I think they should stop producing documentaries, and writing books. Their message is very repetitive.
Before anything I just want to say that I am wrong
Before anything I just want to say that I am wrong 6 napja
i had to write a paper in English about these peoples ted talk
LeofanGD 6 napja
It's Buddhism taught by Beavis n Butthead.
Felipe Useche
Felipe Useche 6 napja
I live in a 3rd world country. I am not poor, and yet, I'm much more "minimalist" that those two jackasses.
Bigapp99 7 napja
So Netflix will spend cash on this crap & not give us a 2nd season of Bodyguard!?
Danni Jensen
Danni Jensen 7 napja
Partake in minimalism... by buying all our identical books and documentaries to clutter your home with.
Brie Espanto
Brie Espanto 7 napja
Marie Kondo's take on decluttering (which is a subsection of minimalism) is milder and more of a "breath of fresh air." this documentary however feels so intense, forced and culty lmao
herdiex 7 napja
Instructions unclear, mistakenly sold my mom
Amelia Isobel
Amelia Isobel 7 napja
I read the Minimalism book and it was my only 1 star of last year. Truly awful and exactly the same as these documentaries sound 😂
Morgan Harper
Morgan Harper 7 napja
Next goes the clothes...
Catnip Hunter
Catnip Hunter 7 napja
I’m so glad you made this video. I fucking saw this one awhile but couldn’t finish it because it sucked ass
N Maruri
N Maruri 7 napja
Did anyone else had the impulse to buy something from amazon after this documentary? I swear that it looks like they were sponsores by Amazon.
lol. 7 napja
This minimalist trend is one of biggest BS I've ever seen in recent years. HUpostrs go: "Look at my minimalist closet", and the guys shows like 50 shirts, 30 pairs of shoes, 25 pairs of pants... Dude, if you're a minimalist, you would 7 shirts, two pairs of shoes and two pairs of shoes.
DoubleDenial 3 napja
I think you forgot to mention the shoes
Jenny Brune
Jenny Brune 7 napja
I swear this guy is adam sandlers friend!
Luna Amarilla
Luna Amarilla 8 napja
The leader of hippi movement or anything like that, earned tons of money from the ridiculous cult movement, the same can be said to these Hypocrite
oritsela 8 napja
Phonies. It was evident they are full of crap.
Danice Lobrin
Danice Lobrin 8 napja
Almost all the faux minimalist I encountered look down on people who buy stuff even if it’s a need. They just like shoving their minimalism down our throats.
Cynic Studios
Cynic Studios 9 napja
Not gonna lie I thought it was goodmen for a year
Bronwen Yoncak
Bronwen Yoncak 9 napja
You did NOT just cut that wack-ass monologue into the climactic final chorus of Defying Gravity
Sara 9 napja
Just found this YT channel i guess it’s time to binge watch every video
A Little Chestnutty
A Little Chestnutty 9 napja
þis is so weird. . .
mesa louis
mesa louis 9 napja
Minimalism is the new vegan.
Guilherme Teixeira
Guilherme Teixeira 9 napja
The director, Matt D'Avella, got so embarassed with the final result that he left the country and moved to Australia
J H 9 napja
i've watched this video about 20 times at this point
Natalie Russell
Natalie Russell 9 napja
This wasn’t a doco about minimalism it was a doco about The Minimalists in identical terms as the last doco!! So boring and disappointing. LOVED your video to know I’m not alone in my disappointment. I recommend the documentary The True Cost if you want to learn more about the dangers of fast fashion and consumerism generally, and of course Marie Kondo for a how to of minimalism.
enesjei 9 napja
I love the message of minimalism, but of course there's always people who took it to the extreme🙄
Conroads Dev
Conroads Dev 9 napja
Be minimal. Tiny word.
Mike Zanzi
Mike Zanzi 9 napja
If your a minimalist an you have hair?!? Do away with the unnecessary like hair...u dnt need hair
Muse of Awe
Muse of Awe 9 napja
Okay, these aliens are trying to tell us something here
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