Film Theory: Why Godzilla WINS! (Godzilla vs Kong 2021)

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The King of Monsters is back and this time he is not alone! The trailers for Godzilla vs Kong look epic and it meant I had to take a swing at the BIG question - who will WIN? Well Theorists, it's actually pretty simple. So instead of hedging my bets, I'm going to come out and say it. Godzilla will WIN and King King will... well the answer is not that simple. You will just have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

BlackScape Hónapja
I want to see Zilla and Shin Godzilla AFTER Godzilla vs Kong 2021
Logan Reaves
Logan Reaves 25 napja
Sounds pretty 1 sided
Armando Salazar
Armando Salazar 25 napja
Zilla be wreckt
Huse Family Gaming
Huse Family Gaming 25 napja
Omg yes
Evilgoat56 26 napja
My votes with Shin Godzilla.
RustWish 26 napja
Shin Godzilla 2 anyone?
Ekam YaBoi
Ekam YaBoi 19 órája
maya78 moi
maya78 moi 22 órája
uhh who win i watch all of it
Paul Rawson Jr.
Paul Rawson Jr. Napja
I think it said “The unconquerable King Kong” but yeah I heard uncomfortable the first time
Miguel Muscat
Miguel Muscat Napja
UnCONQUERABLE King Kong!!!!!
Spring_ Roblox
Spring_ Roblox Napja
Kong did not win before they both tied
Born First
Born First Napja
Plot twist fury bowser ends up on earth and becomes friends with gorilla and kills Kong
South Central
South Central Napja
You know what.... WOW 🤷🏽
Manatsanan Thangsareemankong
Manatsanan Thangsareemankong 2 napja
Redsidyan 3 órája
Nah it’s the screen writers and the fan base
Emo美的 2 napja
Bro u know when you're getting into and it ends right and then he's like: "But hey, it's just a theory! A film theory!" And then you realise that what he says might not actually happen 😃
Khalil Dadabhoy
Khalil Dadabhoy 2 napja
Close but no
Daren Aaron
Daren Aaron 2 napja
Mat: talks about mecha Godzilla The movie : write notes
Xavier Rich
Xavier Rich 2 napja
He won cause he has radioactive death lasers. Simple as that. He's A billion year old dinosaur who has radioactive powers, and king Kong is a big monkey with a big brain.
Redsidyan 3 órája
Godzilla only hit Kong with his atomic breathe once and he destroyed him without it
Dr. Skreeonk
Dr. Skreeonk 2 napja
Gamera isn't an ally of Godzilla, he doesn't even exist in any Godzilla canon
melissa robb
melissa robb 2 napja
You got a long for the biggest Godzilla it’s actually Godzilla earth
Ice Mangulabnan
Ice Mangulabnan 2 napja
Godzilla fans: :)
Ice Mangulabnan
Ice Mangulabnan 2 napja
Gogeta Gaming z
Gogeta Gaming z 2 napja
the only things he got wrong was king kong being stronger and how the team work comes into play but besides that MY GOD THIS WAS SCARY ACCURATE
Redsidyan 3 órája
He got the sizes wrong Godzilla is taller
_robin_ 3 napja
i mean is it really a twist anymore if it happens with most of these vs movies? i watched this movie with my friends and i was like 'bet neither of them actually win' and everyone else was like, 'yea, they're probably gonna team up to take down a bigger baddy' and then we went on to joke that it was mecha godzilla lmao (no one int he group even watched this theory, we said all of this right before we started watching)
Tokentakeeno 3 napja
People thought at first Kong was taller, but it was because Godzilla was crouched forward. Godzilla remains taller than Kong
LOW JOO JIAN Moe 3 napja
godzilla and kong Wie the fight
GamerBen 3 napja
Him: explains why Godzilla will win for 17 minutes. Us: big monke vs 250 million year old fire breathing lizard Kong fans: 100% monke win
Henry 3 napja
***Spoilers*** This is pretty accurate other than the fact that Godzilla was the pretty definitive winner.
Bunny Toons
Bunny Toons 3 napja
Nobody: Ok but why does he win (Clicks on video) Me: Ah yes. A giant monster who can breath fire versus big monkey- Seems legit (Clickity Click)
Zane Daewoo
Zane Daewoo 3 napja
MJ Caranto
MJ Caranto 3 napja
godzilla and kong is real the gravity wont crush them if u know the animal kingdom if u know what i meant they are at the zoo :)
Vision Gamer
Vision Gamer 3 napja
No one will win they will all die to corona virus
hop off my dick
hop off my dick 3 napja
Iwazuimi Hajime is gonna love this one
Redeyedwiz1278 4 napja
who else saw the movie then saw this video
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor 4 napja
Andy Vasquez
Andy Vasquez 4 napja
Bruh whoever thinks that godzilla won is stupid cuz king kong won
Carson Kornegay
Carson Kornegay 4 napja
yummy stick
RBo Rog
RBo Rog 4 napja
How the f did he get it absolutely right?!
CHASTITY Dialogo 4 napja
Skelly 4 napja
SPOILER ALERT: Honestly, this would have been a WAY better plot. Like, the corporation has somehow contained Godzilla and is using MechaGodzilla to destroy opposing companies or something. It would have been a cool twist. And that way they could also have a winner (King Kong) by having him destroy the fake. Then they could continue- if their budget allowed- to make another sequel to this to explore the hollow earth and have Godzilla actually fight king kong or what-have-you.
Zoro _
Zoro _ 4 napja
I just saw it yesterday and you nailed it
Rashed Alghafri
Rashed Alghafri 4 napja
I told my brother I wanna be Godzilla and him kink Kong KING OF THE MONSTERS
Ivan Ceron
Ivan Ceron 4 napja
the fact u where right is scary 😭
Sedit T
Sedit T 4 napja
Ah yes Godzilla the way I remember, Equal mix of Magic, Science and Propaganda!
joeysciulli21 é
joeysciulli21 é 5 napja
nice spoiling the movie my recommendations
Baity Playz
Baity Playz 5 napja
None of em won
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
Godzilla won, lol
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen 5 napja
nope Godzilla technically won
Ryder Pruitt
Ryder Pruitt 5 napja
Godzilla is not mega Godzilla Godzilla was hurting people is because they were creating Mechagodzilla which was powered by king ghidorah and even though I spoiled it it’s good to know
James Stark
James Stark 5 napja
I mean he wasn't wrong but he wasn't right
PC FAM 5 napja
who is watching this when you watched the movie here
Creeper Deepa
Creeper Deepa 5 napja
at the start king kong stuff that tree right into godzilla
Jeremy Kambugu
Jeremy Kambugu 5 napja
he knew...
mohamad tr
mohamad tr 5 napja
1- godzilla 2- King Ghidorah 3- kong 4- mechagodzilla
Judah cub
Judah cub 5 napja
i hate this dude . STOP MAKING FALSE THEROYS DUDE . in the real movie they both won because they defeated necca godzilla together so no you are wrong
King Godzilla
King Godzilla 2 napja
@Pheonix Wrong lmao
Pheonix Wrong
Pheonix Wrong 3 napja
Wow it's almost as if it was a theory released BEFORE the movie....
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
@King Godzilla I... I know? Lol
King Godzilla
King Godzilla 4 napja
@I like nougat the movie came out
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
Bro, it's a THEORY. It's not like he knows. Do you know what a theory IS?
YeetPotatoes 6 napja
I love at how matpats theory was so accurate he go big brain time
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith 6 napja
Came back just to like the video. You done good, MatPat. You done good. ✊🏾
Mari Dragon
Mari Dragon 6 napja
Yeah Minecraft :)
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen 6 napja
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
It was a theory. It just so happened that he was right.
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith 6 napja
It was just a theory, but it met its burden of proof 😂
Ed Lawson
Ed Lawson 6 napja
lol he got it right godzilla wins
Ed Lawson
Ed Lawson 6 napja
godzilla wins then a gaint robot appears and they team up on it
Ed Lawson
Ed Lawson 6 napja
lol he is right about everything
Ed Lawson
Ed Lawson 6 napja
i wached it
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 6 napja
Can't wait for sirenhead vs megaphone.
Eva-Marie Alimezelli
Eva-Marie Alimezelli 6 napja
Exactly. When I saw Tim I was like, how is the ship holding BOTH of them????
Katie Paul
Katie Paul 6 napja
I saw the movie!!!
Uttam Kr Dey
Uttam Kr Dey 6 napja
Very close to the real flim
꧁Antinue༺ ༻Contured꧂
꧁Antinue༺ ༻Contured꧂ 6 napja
Cause Godzilla got powers and king Kong not
Michael Jhon Lumen
Michael Jhon Lumen 6 napja
The intro was funny 😂
Siats Productions
Siats Productions 6 napja
The ( u n c o m f o r t a b l e ) king Kong!
Siats Productions
Siats Productions 6 napja
Its not a theory anymore.
Namyra Batrisyia
Namyra Batrisyia 6 napja
Nobody: Me: Monke Monke
okyanus incesu
okyanus incesu 6 napja
Godzilla is alien no physics we know
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
Godzilla isn't an alien, though
Linda McQueen
Linda McQueen 6 napja
This theory is basically 80% correct great job!
Preston Rodenkirch
Preston Rodenkirch 6 napja
It's unconquerable
Pride Prejudice
Pride Prejudice 6 napja
Your theory was wrong
I like nougat
I like nougat 3 napja
@hengki irawan Yeah
hengki irawan
hengki irawan 3 napja
@I like nougat well godzilla still wins
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
No, it wasn't. Kong and Godzilla team up to fight Mechagodzilla. That's what happens in the movie.
hengki irawan
hengki irawan 5 napja
Or ur joking pls tell me ur joking
hengki irawan
hengki irawan 5 napja
It was correct
Pine Dragon
Pine Dragon 7 napja
Funny how they do this, but they also make Godzilla the clear winner before doing it.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 7 napja
do you just have a crystal ball... like, that ability to predict just isn't natural. also, you should do a video on just how right you were.
Somasekhar Maddireddy
Somasekhar Maddireddy 7 napja
Your so smart
Brooke Lefever
Brooke Lefever 7 napja
Oh my god, this is so accurate-
Gary xing
Gary xing 7 napja
But don’t forget leviathan the creature from GOD that inspired Godzilla
Gary xing
Gary xing 7 napja
Yooo you the man for talking about nephilim
J1-1M 7 napja
Mat really hit the nail on the head
TOX 2.7.4
TOX 2.7.4 7 napja
Me:watches this theory and realizes That all of that I awesome evidence The movie: comes out Me:realizing that matpat only did ONE mistake while still predicting the entire movie
RageNiikura 7 napja
Had to go back here because I remembered this video and your prediction. I CAN'T WITH YOU.
Necc Boi
Necc Boi 7 napja
A walking nuclear power plant vs. an oversized monke, noice
Chocolate_04 7 napja
Henri McCullough
Henri McCullough 7 napja
This didn’t age well
DogBlox 7 napja
Wat about Dino's how they live with a huge body
Jesse Harthan
Jesse Harthan 7 napja
I believe the King Kong line is "the unconquerable King Kong".
Minecraft Sheep
Minecraft Sheep 7 napja
Literally SO CLOSE Matpat!!! Sooooo freaking close 😭😭😭
Nathan Davies
Nathan Davies 7 napja
I told everyone of my friends ur prediction claiming that I predicted it. I basically spoiled the movie to all my friends but wasn’t flamed for spoiling because I hadn’t watched the movie yet 😂
the garden of eden
the garden of eden 7 napja
Nah bro I’m so glad that Godzilla won that fight first. GODZILLA WON
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
Yep, Godzilla has been confirmed the winner.
Abhinav Kondabala
Abhinav Kondabala 7 napja
Idiot kong and godzilla wins
Very Random Name
Very Random Name 7 napja
Big monke
Tucker Ramage
Tucker Ramage 8 napja
Hollywood has to hate him lol.
Bhismakarna Rauf Ahmad B
Bhismakarna Rauf Ahmad B 8 napja
because king kong is more to a human and Godzilla is a redioactive iguana
Anthony's Fun
Anthony's Fun 8 napja
He says that Mechagodzilla interrupts the fight so nobody wins but now that I see the movie that kong almost died to Godzilla.
Kyle Billings
Kyle Billings 8 napja
U Might need to rewatch it a few times
Goku Black
Goku Black 8 napja
Yea that boat the monsters fought on is the real winner
cherry-blossom 8 napja
I watched the movie and this was on point
Scrappy Payne
Scrappy Payne 8 napja
whos here from the "MONKE MONKE. RAWR RAWR RAWR. MONKE MOOOOONNNKE. RAWR RAWR. MONKE... Monke" from the 2nd gvk theory
Dean Anderson
Dean Anderson 8 napja
4:36, has Matt ever gave homage to Robot chicken with the eyeball animation? Or he don't have to because it's obvious? 😂
Ayoub Habou
Ayoub Habou 8 napja
Holy god 85% of your theory is right
Shift 26
Shift 26 8 napja
title: godzilla wins video: tie
jacobfouroblox 8 napja
um NO godzilla wins IDIOT
I like nougat
I like nougat 4 napja
Dude, it was a theory. He had literally no way of knowing that.
MaxGaming 415
MaxGaming 415 8 napja
Sir Sheep
Sir Sheep 8 napja
Is it just me who wanted to se the film theory where matoat finds out who would actually win
fugator 2008
fugator 2008 8 napja
That team up to beat mecagodzilla
fugator 2008
fugator 2008 8 napja
How did you get it
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