Rudy Giuliani Banned from YouTube (Again), Amazon’s Hitler Logo | The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy discusses problematic Dr. Seuss books going the way of The Muppets and Rudy Giuliani getting banned from HUpost.
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Rudy Giuliani Banned from HUpost (Again), Amazon’s Hitler Logo | The Tonight Show

Teresa Ellis
Teresa Ellis 14 napja
All political theater.Where are the celebrity activist now that Biden has a border crisis?
Magruder sanchez
Magruder sanchez 25 napja
The outrageous lace interestedly alert because protocol modestly desert pace a obsolete epoch. ambitious, windy detective
Four Horseman
Four Horseman 26 napja
So tutti frutti how are you Rudy? Still playing the mad hatter of Oz.
Jame Andy
Jame Andy 26 napja
The various railway simultaneously sneeze because watch interestedly protect plus a probable scallion. eight, overwrought currency
AVL ANCHE 27 napja
‘Vodka and Capri sun captain Hazelwood?’ ‘Sure matey... now that we cleared the Alaskan coast.. bottoms up!’
Sherri Hughlett
Sherri Hughlett 27 napja
Ban him for life! Until he suffers consequences he will continue. Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, unless severe consequences change his behavior online.
Dease Name
Dease Name 29 napja
Better moustache than a hay beufont comedd over backwards. He grew it to compete with his dad's crazy EYEBROWS, steal moms aquanet et voila! WTF
Steve Wisniewski
Steve Wisniewski Hónapja
And I thought I was the only one that was thinking of grossness of the smile and a penis combination. I’m so glad that somebody else came up with that. That just needs to be removed. As far as the Hitler comment, trumps taking it over. Don’t worry, he’s got it covered. God bless America.
Teddy Schünneman
Teddy Schünneman Hónapja
- Did that instructor just propose to you!!?? - xD xD xD
Snowman374th Hónapja
Snowman374th Hónapja
You sad pieces of shit TRAITORS called The tonight show needs to be banned on all platforms including public broadcasting. Your studio demolished. And your jobs banned. And you parents need fined a million dollars for having you
vision robs aqautics
vision robs aqautics Hónapja
I'm so over the politics can you change the subject it's getting kind of old no one wants to read yesterday's newspaper
Adrian Colley
Adrian Colley Hónapja
Those who don't read yesterday's events in the newspaper are doomed to appear in tomorrow's edition.
Sean Faherty
Sean Faherty Hónapja
Yeah, we’re tired caring about our society, our fellow citizens and trying to make things better. Take a break from the extremist views but please don’t stop caring
kel n
kel n Hónapja
Fallon stop trying to be sensible it doesn't wash. Yea! you have a family the children still need to be fed You have very intelligent jokes thou which will do well England 😇🥰🤣
Marcella coleman
Marcella coleman Hónapja
That speech impairedment fool Giuliani
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen Hónapja
Rudy is more intelligent than all the lefties put together.
Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison Hónapja
Yeah...sure he is...🙄
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Hónapja
Jimmy wanted to blow Cuomo.. now he won't even mention him! Jimmy you are a doucher!
muselius13 Hónapja
Jimmy is back on the sauce. Good for him.
Maria Magi
Maria Magi Hónapja
😆😂🤣🥲😅 👏👏👏👏. 👍
Ed Rod
Ed Rod Hónapja
Nerea Martínez
Nerea Martínez Hónapja
The workable probation naturally fool because brazil postprandially cycle around a hungry smell. regular, demonic cod
Ricardo Rodrigijez
Ricardo Rodrigijez Hónapja
Holy smoke Mitt Romney sporting a black eye , Glad he's okay !
Stewart Anzalone
Stewart Anzalone Hónapja
find new writers, funny ones
Willz Resurreccion
Willz Resurreccion Hónapja
Ghouliani should be banned from consuming oxygen.
Dale G
Dale G Hónapja
War Planner
War Planner Hónapja
Fuck you, Fallon!
Janice Farmer
Janice Farmer Hónapja
Omg.. don't give the retrumplicans any ideas..
Jefferson Metzen
Jefferson Metzen Hónapja
That comment about the history channel reminded me of when it actually covered history and the large amount of history there was. Don't get me wrong WWII was a huge game changer in human history but there's still other stuff in Human history before and after as well as stuff that happened before humans.
jensonee Hónapja
i'll never get the humor in seeing someone hurt themselves. wtf is that?
Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison Hónapja
Schadenfreude. Study some psychology and you may found out. A fascinating subject.
Cill T.
Cill T. Hónapja
😹🤣😂🤣😂😹😂🤣😹 How? What? OMG Amerika HAS become the stupidist in the WORLD!
john thomas
john thomas Hónapja
You hit the nail right on the head. GREAT SHOW🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
jmda58 Hónapja
Utter nonsense!😳
Buck Fiden
Buck Fiden Hónapja
Shut up you puppet...its just to bad you aren't original or honest or funny!! You deepstate ,luciferian,adrenochrome guzzling fuck bag.....
Skyler Marshall
Skyler Marshall Hónapja
All of those videos are too old,
Nina Zoutas
Nina Zoutas Hónapja
The domineering start osmotically slow because shears posteriorly intend like a ratty wax. late, well-to-do pipe
Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison Hónapja
@Gary Payne These are popping up all over.
Gary Payne
Gary Payne Hónapja
Well someone's AI sucks....
Tim Ypp
Tim Ypp Hónapja
Did Hitler smile?
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Hónapja
China are worried about being infected with their own disease that they want to anal swab people at airports?
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Hónapja
Jimmy Fallon just really isn't funny.
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Hónapja
Why are republicans jumping on Dr Seuss? It's none of their business what a private company decided to do. Are they dictators now? Wait.....
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hónapja
The USA is either bored or needs a therapist.
Gary Rutledge
Gary Rutledge Hónapja
The only time Jimmy dresses well is when the wardrobe department dresses him. He obviously can’t dress himself.
Darcy Royce Therapeutic Art In Rhythm And Rhyme
Darcy Royce Therapeutic Art In Rhythm And Rhyme Hónapja
I feel so sheltered 🤣😂😜
Biznez Buddy
Biznez Buddy Hónapja
Giuliani should quit politics. he should do BORAT full time once he's pardoned??? he's a natural comedian.
Heart Mind
Heart Mind Hónapja
There is a place for being able to keep an eye on what the nutters are thinking and saying. Otherwise they may turn into Unibombers.
canuck Hónapja
Good for you tube...!
Diane Clingerman
Diane Clingerman Hónapja
How would u know if Russia is in your house today
TJ J Hónapja
The reason couples have less sex during pandemic because their wives are at home.....
Losaiko Save the Earth!!!
Losaiko Save the Earth!!! Hónapja
Should have been a life long "Suspension" Unfortunately Vampires don't die easily. Anyone have any extra silver or stakes. 😎
Viva Piñata
Viva Piñata Hónapja
Wow, Double Rainbow. Keepin it classy. 🌈🌈
Champernell Washington
Champernell Washington Hónapja
Jessie Gabs
Jessie Gabs Hónapja
Or "I just load the dish washer and told the kids to watch it to see if it breaks, wanna go for a nap?"
Jessie Gabs
Jessie Gabs Hónapja
Or "I just load the dish washer and told the kids to watch it to see if it breaks, wanna go for a nap?"
Tom Hendry
Tom Hendry Hónapja
Wtf is with ancient vines?? Like yeah mom ahaha wut
ukashmeijin Hónapja
This is obvious that the Amazon logo is not a coincidence. Why is it happening at the same time the Amazon workers union topic is?
Carl Hónapja
Please don’t take up my tube any more.
loyal Bird
loyal Bird Hónapja
Looks like Donnie threw Mitt a blanket party...
David may
David may Hónapja
Jimmy is a sell out and not funny at all keep wearing the black face jimmy
Sarbaaz Chabahar
Sarbaaz Chabahar Hónapja
History channel sucks.
#supargirl #suparboy
#supargirl #suparboy Hónapja
The simplistic trousers realistically hang because idea july breathe aside a unbecoming jumper. quarrelsome, gorgeous lace
Fuzzy Flick
Fuzzy Flick Hónapja
J. Gaulke
J. Gaulke Hónapja
Like Noa always said, "Any boat docking you can walk away from is a good one." Hey how do I get job writing bad jokes
Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly Hónapja
I didn't even know Rudy had a HUpost channel ...shame, I could of harassed the clown every day.
Travel & More
Travel & More Hónapja
Always very funny! Please check my channel for short videos from my trips around the world at
Jill Stover
Jill Stover Hónapja
How does anyone get hitler out of Amazon boxes🤦🏻‍♀️ damn just pay the employees better!, luv the goat😂😂
Swamper Hónapja
Just not worth watching.
jose ap santos
jose ap santos Hónapja
Boa noite, um belo show de muita graça muito boa. Adorei o vídeo.
Erin Elliot
Erin Elliot Hónapja
Has the show heard from attorneys, about immediately removing the (hilarious) Seuss-like spoof (@end of this video)? If not, you likely will. Just sayin' . I can't publish a Dr. Seuss parody I wrote, entitled: One Ho, Two Ho, Black Ho, Blue Ho. Here's a clip: ...My ho can mow, While I sell blow. My guests leave high, With their pants worn low. And the motel grounds look good you know! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Sonny DeVille
Sonny DeVille Hónapja
Rudy: the wheel is still turning, but the hamster is dead
MLJ Shell
MLJ Shell Hónapja
Yvette Moore
Yvette Moore Hónapja
LMAO you nailed it thank you
T-Bug Hónapja
Can't know how I stopmed onto this. All in all GREAT clip 🥇😎. I also have been watching those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these clips. MStar Tutorials also had amazing info about similiar make money online things on his vids.
William Gray
William Gray Hónapja
The smooth organization immunophenotypically spill because anthropology probably box forenenst a deep linda. volatile, black sushi
Mik Johnson
Mik Johnson Hónapja
Welp hope they changed the WAP SONG AND PULL ALL SONGS DEGRADING FEMALES THAT WAS MADE IN 2000 TIL NOW... #drsuess titles pulled
Kymberly Thomoff
Kymberly Thomoff Hónapja
Thank you!, I have always said the Amazon arrow looked like a penis! My husband thought I was crazy!!😉
Layne Hónapja
this shit ain't funny I want trump back
j gorge
j gorge Hónapja
His family should be looking for a "home " for daddy Rudy .
Bill Goodman
Bill Goodman Hónapja
Stupid woke show.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Hónapja
Your a piece of shit Jimmy.
Marsh Morgan
Marsh Morgan Hónapja
MTG will blame lib lasers for Romney’s face. ⚡️💫😂😂
Malvakai P
Malvakai P Hónapja
I just wasted 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
Susanne Grabowski
Susanne Grabowski Hónapja
Your loss..😂😂
ron Watts
ron Watts Hónapja
I always I think of Hitler and other tin despots, when I hear people being asked to take an "oath of loyalty" to a leader, as opposed to taking an oath of loyalty to the Constitution of a country.
R A Hónapja
can"t wait til they cancel your lame ass
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall Hónapja
Anal swabs??!!! WHY????????
Paula Hildebrandt
Paula Hildebrandt Hónapja
Another gorgeous sweater, T. Very stylish.
Ashley Jay
Ashley Jay Hónapja
Did anyone else think the guy was going to drop the engagement ring?? 😮
R.A. Vee
R.A. Vee Hónapja
I'm sorry Jimmy but do your writers have Covid? 90% of those jokes landed uglier that the fat guy off the skateboard. Sad to say the funniest part was the fat guy falling off the skateboard 🤦🏻‍♂️.
Shekinah95 Hónapja
Geez, why was there laughter? Who writes the jokes? Jimmy doesn't even think his jokes are funny.
Annie Hónapja
Romney? 🎶🎶Jeepers creepers where'd you get that peeper, where'd you get that👁 🎶🎶?
Think Pad
Think Pad Hónapja
how is this monologue any different than Tosh 2.0?
Annie Hónapja
Rudy should be banned from America and sent to a foreign prison since they love dealing with em'.
Ed Rowlands
Ed Rowlands Hónapja
Keep all looneys off Utube.
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan Hónapja
Well, there's your problem. You should never give your teenage son the keys to the yacht.
Alfred Degiorgio
Alfred Degiorgio Hónapja
Just before the event, Don Jr announced that CPAC would be replaced by TPAC: for once, he spoke the truth! Conservative ideology was canceled from CPAC because the new ideology of the Trump-GOP is white supremacy, and its goal is not a smaller government but a one-party government ala N. Korea.
Savage Nobles and Merry Peasants
Savage Nobles and Merry Peasants Hónapja
u r dumb
Bev I
Bev I Hónapja
Your not funny at all
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Hónapja
Surgeons for plastic horses? Wait. What?
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Hónapja
Skiff, Biff, & Riff Romney.
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Hónapja
...And, oh right. Can't forget my girls. Buffy, Muffy,
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Hónapja
The wurbled adventure of Rudy Toot Toot Included some scenes of a movie to shoot. Excuse me, my dear. My shirt is untucked. Hey here's an idea. Would you like to get...dinner later?
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Hónapja
So AMZN, but still phallic. So still a dick-tater. But yeah, like Potato Head, logo is very androgynous.
Brad Miech
Brad Miech Hónapja
It's more than 1%, Closer to 21% possibly higher. Millionaire families living in America. Same families in power for the last 200 years. Possibly longer, now grandchildren and great grandchildren in powerful positions. Banker's.
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks Hónapja
Wow! Karma is starting to come around to the evil republicans!
Robert Thikkurissy
Robert Thikkurissy Hónapja
Rudy’s face on the thumbnail looks just like the classic Michael Scott cringe face lol.
miapdx Hónapja
Romney got reminded that the GOP is dead. It's now the Rethuglikkkan party.
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain Hónapja
The dull beef additionally attempt because glue postoperatively pretend into a unsuitable antarctica. royal, slimy baritone
Gale Mylin
Gale Mylin Hónapja
He "fell"
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