Dr. Seuss Is Not Cancelled, It's Just Time To Retire Books With Racist Imagery

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


By updating the Dr. Seuss book catalog to remove titles with insensitive imagery, the late author's estate has renewed their commitment to making reading fun for ALL people. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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Jared Herren
Jared Herren 21 órája
Yes clearly books that were written about 80 years ago should be held to today's lofty standards.
Eric Olsen
Eric Olsen Napja
Eric Olsen
Eric Olsen Napja
And who decides what is racist ????
bianchi1885 5 órája
Leftists like Colbert. Being called a "racist" in 2021 America is the equivalent of being called a "witch" in 1690s New England. It's meaningless.
M C Napja
10:52 "Thing 1 and Thing 2" I'm pissing my pants over here !
Source Feezy
Source Feezy 3 napja
Damnnn Colbert fell off hard...... took the libtard route
Dean Walker
Dean Walker 3 napja
Its time to hang it up......seriously.
Dean Walker
Dean Walker 3 napja
Sock hop?!
Dean Walker
Dean Walker 3 napja
NDG.... way to bring on the heavy weights!!!
keisreeman 4 napja
I can only hope that cancelling these books will increase every person's interest in reviving them.
jon e depth
jon e depth 5 napja
The laugh tracks didnt help you
Dustin Vestal
Dustin Vestal 5 napja
Why do I feel like the likes on this video is fake. All the comments are trashing it.
James Orenthal Nguyen
James Orenthal Nguyen 6 napja
I made it through 3 full mins before tapping out... ⚰️⚰️☠️
J R 6 napja
Can someone please tell me who in the world “THEY” is?
Matthew Koon
Matthew Koon 3 napja
‘They’ is Faux New’s secret enemy, who is a shadow movement of liberals who are so powerful they have infiltrated the government and are canceling conservative views, and yet are so weak they are no match for ‘the real truth’ they preach. It’s a bunch of lies, smoke, and mirrors, preying on people’s fears and ignoring the real issues.
drag Lesnar
drag Lesnar 6 napja
Paul L
Paul L 7 napja
Colbert... unsurprisingly part of the Left's cancel culture. 🤷‍♀️
Mr. Pung
Mr. Pung 7 napja
This old woman is disgusting and if you follow her advise and backwards morality, you are on an evil path.
Spencer Baron
Spencer Baron 8 napja
The left Cardi B good Dr Suess bad
Anonymous 4 napja
I like Cardi B's verse on Bruno Mars' Finesse and, while I barely listen to it, I do have an appreciation for WAP. That being said, even though I'm left leaning, I'm against what they're doing to Dr. Seuss.
Penny Omega
Penny Omega 8 napja
Or. Here me out, we don’t have to literally remove everything someone in the past does because that’s falsifying history and ignoring the mistakes of the past? Not like the books were written by Hitler. It’s also amazing to me that people just proclaim something is racist and end it it there🤦🏽‍♂️ No dude. YOU thinking something is racism doesn’t mean it is
Jasper Gillgannon
Jasper Gillgannon 8 napja
Trying to rewrite history never works
Fallen Angel99
Fallen Angel99 8 napja
Creepy man
Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos
Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos 8 napja
Colbert has morphed into that 60-something divorced woman who drives a Subaru with "Hillary 2016" stickers all over it. He's about as funny too...
Democrats deleted childhood.
Michael Odell
Michael Odell 9 napja
Jesus, I don't even recognize my country anymore. You should be ashamed, Colbert
CamoLive 9 napja
Okay so cancel Mein Kampf
The Breakdown
The Breakdown 9 napja
So you can just say we are retiring stuff now instead of canceling. Okay that makes everything okay.
The Breakdown
The Breakdown 2 órája
@Matthew Koon if i told you to paint your house a different color because i found that the current color was offensive to asian people, you would prob say, nah im not a racist and neither is the paint on my house. But what if by keeping the current paint you and your family were blasted for being racist by social media outlets.
The Breakdown
The Breakdown 2 órája
@Matthew Koon they arent deciding on their own. They are bowing before a group of over sensitive people that will slander their names through media if their demands are not met.
Matthew Koon
Matthew Koon 3 napja
If I sell a product, and decide on my own to stop selling that product, I’m not ‘being canceled’. I’m just choosing what I want to sell, and why. It’s the conservative media’s reaction that is trying to change other people’s mind through outrage.
David Henderson
David Henderson 10 napja
The powerful dragon rahilly include because cement subcellularly love between a idiotic blue. cagey, wholesale dad
Dr. Smith
Dr. Smith 10 napja
Next will be history books and monuments with depiction of racism to remind us this shit happened and we shouldn't do the same mistakes and have definition of what racism is and why it's bad... Oh wait... That's the goal.
Quidpro Quo
Quidpro Quo 10 napja
Michelle Obama reading from Seuss to children was fine though ? Ok 👍
John Schnack
John Schnack 11 napja
Sounds like this guy thinks suppressing freedom of speech is ok
learning for everyone
learning for everyone 11 napja
then if any talk show person ever went to say a party in black face it is time to retire them from their show nojoy behar, lets treat people like you treat those books.
Jim O'Donnelly
Jim O'Donnelly 11 napja
All the people going crazy over the Dr. Seuss books are really saying, "Damn, we want books that are racist! We can't read, but we want 'em!"
Spencer Baron
Spencer Baron 8 napja
The left logic Cardi B = good Dr suess = bad
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear 9 napja
Have you looked at the offending books yourself? Or are you just parroting some shit you heard ?
Jeremy 11 napja
Is this supposed to be funny?
J Y 11 napja
Retiring books.
Democrats are losers and they hate kids
bush man
bush man 9 napja
@SAVE AMERICA yeah because you are saying that just to make people mad
@bush man you mad
bush man
bush man 9 napja
😐 troll alt account
Eldores Chess
Eldores Chess 11 napja
Lol they just can change the books
charles hetrick
charles hetrick 12 napja
Hey they’re canceling Capt underpants now! When in history were the folks banning books the good guys?
charles hetrick
charles hetrick 12 napja
mike cutting
mike cutting 12 napja
It starts with books. That's the way the Nazi's started. History doesn't matter anymore we'll write it so it's fit for all. No truth need believe it or you could get cancelled too...
Kate Lanxner
Kate Lanxner 12 napja
Canceled does not have 2 L's. Just a fluke but true.
D Scott
D Scott 13 napja
Remember when Stephen was funny? No? Me neither.
Herbert Brown
Herbert Brown 13 napja
We all know who the book burners are and have always been
TossedSalads 13 napja
Hard to believe in the 2000s I thought this guy was a force for good in the world.
Viva el Rock & Eddy!
Viva el Rock & Eddy! 3 napja
Who are you talking about? The man in the video or Dr. Seuss? If its Dr. Seuss, then he is a force for good. He was known as an anti racist who wrote books for liberals in the 1950s and 60s when racism was actually an issue. He promoted reading for kids in a time where illiteracy was an issue. These SJWs are a joke and cringy. Instead of being angry that the Middle East is still getting airstriked by bombs or the fact that there are people in Africa who still practice modern day slavery, they are getting offended by Mr. Potato Head. 🤢🤮
Dirt Bag
Dirt Bag 4 napja
Let kids worship gangster rappers that are dying from what they rap about but god forbid they pickup a dr Seuss book
Andreas Saxon
Andreas Saxon 11 napja
The Skwis
The Skwis 12 napja
Problem is we grew up.
bianchi1885 13 napja
The overwhelming comments pushing back on Colbert and the decision to cancel some of these titles has no resemblance to the like-to-dislike ratio of this video. Hmmm, i wonder why?
Jared Herren
Jared Herren 17 órája
@bianchi1885 HUpost would never manufacture likes to dislikes on videos. What possible motivation would they have to spin book burning/censorship in a positive light?
bianchi1885 19 órája
@Jared Herren 🐑 🐑 🐑
Jared Herren
Jared Herren 21 órája
Maybe because a large amount of his audience shares his opinion?
Kiryk Drewinski
Kiryk Drewinski 13 napja
Cancel Cultures is so ridiculous. How arrogant one must be to think that such books were not able to screw your own childhood and development but will do so for future generations?? You really think children of the future are such dumb snowflakes? ...Well, with an upbringing like yours, they probably will be. This is called self fulfilling prophecy. Congrats! I already see you canceling all history books as there is some weird stuff in them too. 🤦‍♂️ Life is hard, there are some lessons to be learned from bad things too, you know. Of course you know that as you had the privilege to learn them with no restrictions. Give your children the same chance!
Spencer Baron
Spencer Baron 8 napja
The left logic Cardi B = good Dr suess = bad
Austin Wilder
Austin Wilder 13 napja
What a shell of a human being
no name
no name 14 napja
So we can talk about cardi bs pussy but we can’t talk abt different types of eggs what smh
Antoinette Hicks
Antoinette Hicks 14 napja
Emotional, wasn't expecting the Dr Seuss parody to turn into a shout out to black n brown authors. That's awesome 👌🏾
Laura Župčić
Laura Župčić 15 napja
How many of you aknowledge that Jack Philips shouldn't have been harassed over refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding in a private bakery?
stuffforgood goody
stuffforgood goody 15 napja
Whether you think the books should be pulled or not I think we can all agree that politicians need to shut the fuck up about this.
Treson Saint
Treson Saint 15 napja
I noticed no one is talking about cancelling Coco Chanel who literally was a Nazi and anti-semite
Evelyn Singleton
Evelyn Singleton 15 napja
The tan bolt complementarily tick because hope worryingly pretend than a tan cucumber. questionable, axiomatic train
sujata shinde
sujata shinde 15 napja
I m see youtub
sujata shinde
sujata shinde 15 napja
sujata shinde
sujata shinde 15 napja
Why eat
sujata shinde
sujata shinde 15 napja
Steven D. Bennett
Steven D. Bennett 15 napja
Thank you President Trump for making the Covid vaccines possible!
Jason Beale
Jason Beale 15 napja
'Brave Ali' in Scrambled Eggs Super is not racist at all. The idiots have taken over.
Ricky Bachman
Ricky Bachman 16 napja
Sooooooooooo cringe.
Christopher Barton
Christopher Barton 16 napja
Books, books, books. Can we burn them in a can? Can we politicize and demonize them is that the plan? Yes we don't want to offend. But liberals no what's best for everyone the END.
Spencer Baron
Spencer Baron 8 napja
The left logic Cardi B = good Dr suess = bad
Brandon Veach
Brandon Veach 16 napja
Colbert used to be funny
Johnny Harshbarger
Johnny Harshbarger 16 napja
Fahrenheit 451
Neroidius 18 napja
There’s people in China being rounded up by the government and put in concentration camp last where they are tortured and put to forced labor, kids are being taken away from their families and never seen again. It’s the Nazi Holocaust all over again. But the thing that needs to be addressed is children’s books that everyone reads but whiny bitches decided they’re offensive now
TuN'avaisQu'àPas 18 napja
Today, late shows are just 100% pure state propaganda. Look at this weird looking old well paid man telling you that the sky is purple, that a rock can be a bird, and that Dr. Seuss is not cancelled. Making people believe a distorted version of what is just simply obvious. At this point, if you are a grown person and you believe that, you need help right now.
Nena Restrepo
Nena Restrepo 18 napja
The dangerous halibut concordingly produce because dirt objectively tumble aside a obedient delete. unwieldy, hesitant hydrant
Titus Tarquinius Sulla
Titus Tarquinius Sulla 18 napja
Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato head this year, what yal betting on next year?! I remember reading all these as a kid and now I read them to my kids, not once did I ever seek offensive material nor did I find any offensive material
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis 18 napja
We are free to choose not to buy or read Dr Seuss books are we not? Well no we are not! Not free at all.
Andrew Butler
Andrew Butler 19 napja
Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of light
Tops Bottom
Tops Bottom 19 napja
Time to retire racist books? Ok how about Charles Darwin and the preservation of favored races?
Richard Hebert
Richard Hebert 19 napja
Those people are fucked up but I tell you one thingI will never read my grand children a book about a cross dressing boy that’s way more fucked up.
Paul Morphy
Paul Morphy 19 napja
Well, Stevi-pooh, I think you'll have to cancel the Bible too at this point. Sure wish your show would get cancelled along with... It's insufferable, but I guess you can just dismiss all critical remarks by ascribing them all to right wing cranks. It couldn't possibly be your fault, could it?
Joe Grow
Joe Grow 19 napja
how do people listen to this tool? useless
Joe Grow
Joe Grow 19 napja
people need to toughen up
erick tejada
erick tejada 19 napja
The toothsome taurus reassembly cheat because range microcephaly wipe minus a immense ramie. lowly, typical playground
Bill Motly
Bill Motly 19 napja
Came here for the stupid doc sues nonsense and all I see is this old man Yelling billy and other nonsense...
Ronnie Alacre
Ronnie Alacre 19 napja
Was I wrong? Isn't this a comedy show? I'm a bit confused.
The Xplodenator
The Xplodenator 19 napja
So in other words... Dr. Seuss is canceled
jj jj
jj jj 19 napja
GFYS!!! POS!!! Hahahaha!!!
Anthony Acri
Anthony Acri 19 napja
Sharpening knives for Cuomo to live out his Vitro Scotti creed, while that bumbling petaphile stumbles onto his Imperial Ambra, you know like the girl whose bellyaching, he called it is causing a dirtbag like Cyrus Junior to give up a sash I'm sure he thought heed be buried in...but...
Anthony Acri
Anthony Acri 19 napja
And of course, it will never be the Godfather, will it, Steve...? You wont be cancelled, despite the gals running from the writers room at 30 rock whod I meet when in arts school and at a placed called the Funny Bone , hehe, not even in a Paddywacked way, you'll just be canned, like the Sonny Bono Show, He and She, Supertrain and Hotl Baltimore ...
Vape Cat
Vape Cat 19 napja
10:29 “Change” more like a murder. A change would be changing words and pictures. Removing whole books for 1 word is dumb.
Connor R. Hunter
Connor R. Hunter 13 napja
As a creative person, I'd rather have people choose to not publish my work than have them change it
Jason Broadwell
Jason Broadwell 20 napja
Book burning jerks, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie
Sunil Marcus 2.0
Sunil Marcus 2.0 20 napja
Why don't you cancel wap
Henry Willsher
Henry Willsher 20 napja
Slowly, everything will become ok to cancel and snivelling people like this guy will explain it to us.
Hans Olav Rækken Nordland
Hans Olav Rækken Nordland 20 napja
Racist content? Evrything is racist this days. Theis is onely virtuesignaling from priviliged people doing nothing to solve the real problems peoplems faceing real people.
G R A C E Y 20 napja
AND this is the same reason why WDW is changing Splash Mountain. It’s just time to retire the movies and books that have racist ties. (Ie: the 1946 movie Song of the South, a movie many view as racist).
F30 Rocity
F30 Rocity 20 napja
This like ratio, has to be fake.
Caroline Hathaway
Caroline Hathaway 20 napja
43 thousand people do not like this
Mister Ex
Mister Ex 21 napja
It's just time to ban colbert
Morcrist 21 napja
"they don't gotta burn a book they just remove them" Who knew Rage Against the Machine was talking about Dr. Seuss....this shit is getting crazy.
Bane 21 napja
Anyone can get offended by anything. So should we ban everything? An atheist can say he's offended by religion and a religious man can say he's offended by atheists. If you are offended by something, such as a book, don't read it. If you don't like how another person lives, stop looking at them.
Alex Reeves
Alex Reeves 21 napja
Stop defending biden
Salvage Monster
Salvage Monster 21 napja
“Fun for al people” hmmm ironic Stephen
Salvage Monster
Salvage Monster 21 napja
Wait wasn’t this the same host that was praising Cuomo 9 months ago? Hmmmm
sam clemens
sam clemens 21 napja
Colbert anyone agreeing with some of the books. Is a Heretic. Steven what words are next? Steven you do understand the 1st amendment? Biddy bye Biden as complete lost of respect for the Constitution and Amendments. Is this a treasonous crime? I truly hope so. Steve I hope you do like your current job. As me and several thousands of voters will sue and get you fired. Please go ahead a laugh. Will see who is laughing at whom. When are we going to see grinding on another guy on public TV. Also how is WOP more educating than children's books. Hope when you may die as you age. That God just sits and laughs His butt off. Then pushes the red button and waves at you as you head down town. That is only a one way pass.
Rodrigo Candido
Rodrigo Candido 21 napja
They should only put an warning on the beggining of the books, not stop to pubblish them. It's necessary to children understand, that steriotyps are wrong nowadays. Hide it isn't solve the problem.
Elvis Lives
Elvis Lives 21 napja
what an obvious sell-out this guy is ...... total Golablist puppet ...... hope the $$$$ was worth if for you when you sold yourself
BurialKru 21 napja
Yay, cancel culture we love you, not.
Mikidell Phone
Mikidell Phone 21 napja
Alpaca Male
Alpaca Male 21 napja
What the hell happened to this guy?
Brandt Wehkamp
Brandt Wehkamp 21 napja
He is just not funny at all
Jeff Spooner
Jeff Spooner 21 napja
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