Should We Even Recap the Headlines?

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The Late Late Show with James Corden


James Corden kicks off the show excited for a huge guest lineup of Tom Brady, Stacey Abrams and JP Saxe and wonders if it's a bit too huge for one show. James then polls his head writers to see if they should even recap the news. After deciding to, James looks at the COVID-19 relief bill that failed to address minimum wage (maybe we should have passed on the headlines).
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Alita Leavitt
Alita Leavitt 3 napja
Celebrity Climate Pattern is the name of my next album ❤️🤟🏼🌈
didderjade 15 napja
The monologue isn't slowly dissolving into anarchy, it *is* anarchy. Please keep on anarching.
Rebecca 18 napja
AmityBell333 26 napja
This made me smile so much, I love the laid back atmosphere and the going off script. Super funny.
K M 27 napja
I do only watch it on youtube but this is my favourite late show by a mile because of all the banter
Nana 29 napja
This is like eavesdropping to your uncles having a conversation
Lisa Stone
Lisa Stone Hónapja
dr. said i couldn't have chocol. so yes!!!!!! i can now eat them
Jandira Manjenje
Jandira Manjenje Hónapja
I love this new format. Makes the show even better because allows us to meet the core crew that makes the show amazing!!! Very good idea! Hope you guys keep it even after we’re able to have live audience again! 😍😍😍
B Frost
B Frost Hónapja
Itsavibe Hónapja
Ian hair looks good too! He loss weight and start stuntin on all of us! 😆 very inspiring. 👍🏾
FilmFreakks Hónapja
Did Ian get queer eyed? He looks great
Kevin Reagan
Kevin Reagan Hónapja
"Co-head and Cambria says no." THAT'S where my deja vu keeps coming from when I see Reggie's hair! Claudio freaking Sanchez! 🤦‍♂️
Christine Mulligan
Christine Mulligan Hónapja
So much fun. James is adorable... so funny, so smart, so cute...everyone just clicks...I love it every time I watch!
faye millswest
faye millswest Hónapja
I love James Corden. He is the best talk show out there.
Jelly Whit
Jelly Whit Hónapja
The all peanut butter cup Reese’s looked like aged dog doo
Katelyn Trujillo
Katelyn Trujillo Hónapja
That Chick-Fl-A sauce comment 😂 the real MVP
x24 agthorn
x24 agthorn Hónapja
You know... If your reading glasses are a huge pain in the ass... You're wearing them wrong!
Shawn Hónapja
Snorkel joke was great
Angelina Hónapja
Can we get a continuation of the grape?
Carla Gonzalez Gonzalez
Carla Gonzalez Gonzalez Hónapja
James kidnap One direction please
Nobody Hónapja
Hey! Corden, Corden, Corden Please listen carefully to us We are hoping That you will get 1d back We know you are too polite to kidnap them all But we are broken At least gather all of them in the skype Just one call is enough Please James Corden Please James Corden We’re out of our heads And we know that you're scared Because hearts get broken
Nobody Hónapja
sorry guys for off-topic, just a message for JC
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary Hónapja
You can't be a billionaire by pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. You get ultra rich by stealing other peoples.
ahnanda68 Hónapja
A little more A. DD that was good
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali Hónapja
😂😂😂Celebrity Climate Pattern!🤣🤣🤣
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali Hónapja
😡😡😡We have these Moderates to thank for the minimum wage but being addressed in this COVID relief bill so yeah, you should’ve passed on the headlines!🤬🤬🤬
Wildflower Hónapja
If you don't have ideas one day, maybe interview yourself, lol
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright Hónapja
💋✋brown n I remember
aerobugger Hónapja
Would a Pohler Vortex be attributed to changing Celebrity Climate Patterns?
Linda Ayala
Linda Ayala Hónapja
Hold on a minute, James Cordon! We millennials sported middle parts first! We just matured and moved on to more sophisticated side parts! Ask any old hippie. Peace, brother! ✌️☮️✌️
FI Hónapja
We were 5 minutes in when James started the monologue. Legend.
d klecan
d klecan Hónapja
Incredible Brady and staci Abrams get the same amount applause. Who would have thought. We should all thank Trump, after 4 years we all have a PhD in civics.
nancy colt
nancy colt Hónapja
Every one on this set is so funny.😂
Ali S.
Ali S. Hónapja
Co-head and Cambria. Lulz. Nice.
Miles Law
Miles Law Hónapja
"Celebrity climate pattern" totally sounds like the name of a segment
Beruthiel45 Hónapja
Ian got a haircut. He looks cute. 😊
atomicsue50 Hónapja
Ian love the hair.xx
Tracy Hónapja
The whole idea of Reese's peanut butter cups is the combination of the two! It can't even be called a peanut butter " cup!" Wouldn't the "cup" part be the chocolate?! Lol!- just spent 40 seconds I can't get back on a comment on peanut butter cups! Lol! 🤣
Lauren Greenberg
Lauren Greenberg Hónapja
Ugh I am so fat 😥
Sarah Goaman
Sarah Goaman Hónapja
You don't need to take any drugs to lose weight, all you have to do is lower your carbohydrate intake and raise your fat and protein intake. It's the high level of carbohydrates that causes the problem. Please research healthy low carb foods.
scrubjay93 Hónapja
A new drug to help with weight loss was literally in the news last month--they call it a "game changer," which might mean it won't be long until there is a safe way to use medication to lose weight. One of my antidepressants is also used for quitting smoking and alcohol and it has the side effect of weight loss, unlike other antidepressants; it's called Wellbutrin (generic = bupropion). I forget to eat on it because it seems to block hunger for a long time or something. It's not prescribed for weight loss, but it has been researched. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Susie Poadster
Susie Poadster Hónapja
Wait! I neeeeeeed those eyedrops!
maryhazlett Hónapja
I'll just stick a spoon in the PB jar.
Clarence Hatfield
Clarence Hatfield Hónapja
Ian is slimming down, got a new coif and always has a good one liner
Camilla Green
Camilla Green Hónapja
Taylor Swift wins Summer of Celebrity Climate Patterns every year there's not even a competition
NA Hónapja
UHNWI where 'U' = 'Ultra' High Net Worth Individuals (Wikipedia needs an update from 18 February 2021. Somebody get to it.)
Don Device
Don Device Hónapja
Every time I see that model of the Capitol Records building behind James Corden, I think it's the cover of the Who's Tommy Record.
Selleneus I
Selleneus I Hónapja
Looks like James corden's finally entering the Craig figures and phase soon he'll just be talking to himself and imagine a robotic skeleton instead of a band I'm glad he's learning not to use headlines
Crystal Masters
Crystal Masters Hónapja
Hire me💜
Applejuice1952 Hónapja
James is really slimming down. I love the suit!
vcarter0723 Hónapja
It’s a joke now, but fast forward two weeks....... So what do we think, fellas? Tom cruise - is he more of a Summer or a Fall guy?
M SC Hónapja
Tedious. Bye.
Edward N. Driskoll
Edward N. Driskoll Hónapja
Did now theres lightning⚡ in the studio. Just before 8mins
Edward N. Driskoll
Edward N. Driskoll Hónapja
You have to create "Celebrity Climate Pattern" now. Facts
bobbishishka Hónapja
Wow that Ian is looking hot! He is so funny!
Joe Carvajal
Joe Carvajal Hónapja
Obviously ultra millionaire's super power would be making it rain! 🤑
Bryan Gallagher
Bryan Gallagher Hónapja
The incompetent chimpanzee perioperaively copy because top lastly load onto a dynamic passenger. fancy, childlike neon
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy Hónapja
James’s “well f*%# you we’re doing the headlines “ Lololol perfect delivery
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy Hónapja
Ian’s defiant ... “NO.” Was great 😂
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy Hónapja
God this made me laugh so much . This is my favorite late night show . The chemistry with the staff is fabulous. The pandemic allowed me today feel like THIS family are the heirs to Conan O Brian . Celebrity Patterns was fantastic.
Marla Brannan
Marla Brannan Hónapja
I know it's going to end, but I'll miss the interaction with Ian et al soooo much!
Patrick Hónapja
I think there needs to be a balance between James performing the monologue as it's meant to vs the constant back and forth between him and his staff. This show is starting to feel so casual that it is borderline haphazard. James' tangents with staff members are funny but when the entire monologue feels like an inside joke between crew members it's a little boring to me. This may be why James is getting 172K views on his monologue on HUpost vs. Kimmel and Colbert getting 1M+.
Sherry Lennon DeWitt
Sherry Lennon DeWitt Hónapja
peter g
peter g Hónapja
can somebody please take away reggie's mic? what a nitwit.
Phil Giles
Phil Giles Hónapja
What happened to Tom Brady? Boo hiss
TheChillindude44 Hónapja
Although hilarious, they made such a big deal about how great the guests were and yet I didn't care about any of them
bbird a12
bbird a12 Hónapja
Pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, with the help of corporate donors! Tell transparent lies, and then backtrack in the same breathe without blinking! Fly off to private islands while abandoning their constituents to natural disasters!
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Hónapja
I didn't know they had hose pipe bans in the U.S too.
grace Hónapja
soooo are Harry and Niall going to be on?
Blakely Unruh
Blakely Unruh Hónapja
I love the Coheed & Cambria reference! I didn’t know he was one among the fence
Natha Mora
Natha Mora Hónapja
The abrupt stem genotypically rob because doctor causally glow toward a observant kitchen. hoc, second-hand fiction
Im Right U’re Wrong
Im Right U’re Wrong Hónapja
This show and daily show are the two shows that are doing better without an audience than with
nbbim2012 Hónapja
I love how shady James is about his own show especially when there's no audience, please don't change- forget the studio audience FOREVER
Ashley Amanda
Ashley Amanda Hónapja
Let's be real. Best thing to come out of the pandemic is the new late night formats. Not missing the audience at all tbh
Bryony Chave-Cox
Bryony Chave-Cox Hónapja
If no one wants to do the headlines...lets do tail lines....:-)
Bryony Chave-Cox
Bryony Chave-Cox Hónapja
"Celebrity climate patent" A great game!!
maddler Hónapja
mark fairbanks
mark fairbanks Hónapja
it was always going to be the tiramisu.
Adoniyah DeLisi
Adoniyah DeLisi Hónapja
lets be honest if Harry and Niall were on it would be a night that truly couldn't be beat. Not me having a Narry breakdown
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta Hónapja
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee Hónapja
My husband never admits that someone is funny... but I FINALLY got him to fall in love with James as much as I am and admit he’s hilarious 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hónapja
Ultra billionaire superpower-Able to throw $500 a plate event without spending a penny.
Adam Hónapja
I love the vibe of everyone here. I don't want this show to get the audience back. The way you all bounce off each other literally leaves me with a smile on my face and many laughs in between.
For the Sake of Sanity
For the Sake of Sanity Hónapja
Lol brady drank a lot of alcohol the other day for someone who doesnt consume sugar...
Xochil Guevara
Xochil Guevara Hónapja
Has anyone else noticed this? 2:28 background. The Girl with the Pearl Earring with James’ face?! First time I saw that. 😂🤣😂
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes Hónapja
Co-head & Cambria!! Awesome joke wen't unnoticed! :(
Mark Branscombe
Mark Branscombe Hónapja
I love watching you James, BUT PLEASE can you get your IT guys to start making the playlist in the order of the show!
David Jimenez Gaming
David Jimenez Gaming Hónapja
Man I love this
George Mirnich
George Mirnich Hónapja
I LOVE this banter with the crew! Fuck the audience, he doesn't need the audience. The show is 100 times better!!
Rhiannon Foss
Rhiannon Foss Hónapja
kidnap 1D... NOW JAMES, NOW!!!!!!!
Squares David
Squares David Hónapja
HEY! Rob got a haircut! Lookin' good Rob! Btw's, you are ALL the best! Thanks for making me laugh!
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right Hónapja
i sit here quietly amused by most things I see on HUpost, but I actually laughed out loud at "I think my part in it is done." This whole thing feels like a bit the boss from Drew Carrey's show would do. I don't feel like Googling his name, so 20 people leave it in the comments like it'll matter.
Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel Hónapja
I miss Craig Ferguson
Sharon Fisher
Sharon Fisher Hónapja
I will be skipping the brady portion. I just can't ignore the disgusting fact he is a trump voter.......
Wildflower Hónapja
Ignoring the insane voters does not make them go away or not vote. Better to get to know enemy, lol. That way you have the information to maybe help change things, change minds. :)
rrbaggett7 Hónapja
He's a cheater & liar as well. re: deflated footballs
Mister Derp
Mister Derp Hónapja
Love the Coheed & Cambria shout out from Reggie -- one of the best bands in the universe
Benni Grote
Benni Grote Hónapja
The delicious bite proportionally release because talk evolutionarily share towards a elfin hail. terrible, lucky grey
Eddy Volt
Eddy Volt Hónapja
How about We get to hear a full tune by the band. You talk to them all night. I do not know any body’s background except the Great Reg!
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang Hónapja
They literally discuss ideas for the show like they're on a conference room and not on the actual show yet. This crew got the best vibes in the Late Show world.
Bart Hónapja
This could've basically been a taping of their writers room... I like it
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy
Maze Fernanz Andrew - Sloppy and Choppy Hónapja
100% agree !!
Becky Sandstrom
Becky Sandstrom Hónapja
Do Amanda Rose’s Eat Like a Bear Ridiculously Big Salad
Mariah Grimes
Mariah Grimes Hónapja
I would love to try the eye drops 😂. My glasses are always falling off my head!!
Everyday Fishkeeping
Everyday Fishkeeping Hónapja
You got your peanut butter in my peanut butter! doesn't work. Lol
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon Hónapja
Yes James is back 😍🔥😊
Becki Viner
Becki Viner Hónapja
It's an LA thing babe xx
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