10 MIN TRAINED WAIST - Medium Level, for toned side abs / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

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Finally a MEDIUM Level workout, that is not soooo difficult :) we will train the side parts of our tummy: for a trained and toned waist ♥︎
This routine focusses on ab exercises, that target your obliques. All kinds of side crunch variations (I think I got really creative here haha) and a couple of (easy) side planks for the ultimate burn.
IF YOU WANT TO: you can also do the hard side plank version (not on your knees, but on your feet).
Have fun with this one & tell me how you like it!
No Equipment necessary, no breaks and not much space needed :) If you need a break tho - take it! Just don't quit!
The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.
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1. Matt Maeson, Seeb - Hallucinogenics (Seeb Remix) 0:00 - 3:40
2. Balcony - He Don't Trust Me 3:41 - 6:09
3. JC Stewart - I Need You To Hate Me 6:10 - 8:39
4. Goody Grace - If I Want To 8:40 - 11:13
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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif 8 hónapja
who's ready for some EASY side planks & an EASY star fish haha? Nah they are nut eaasyyyy, more like Medium Level :) Still very effective and intense, but not on a "I'm gonna collapse" level. Let's train that waaaaiiiist 💜 xx
Allison Colwell
Allison Colwell 11 napja
no one XD
anonymous goddess
anonymous goddess 15 napja
Okay so I’ve lowkey been scared to do workouts that focus on obliques because I heard that some can box your waist and I want a very tiny waist. Can someone let me know if I this does that? Also loveeeee Pamela’s workouts ❤️ for some reason they not that hard for me but still gives me fast results (and I’m not even constant lol )
Eliška Svatošová
Eliška Svatošová 18 napja
I did regular starfish and regular side planks for upper-mediate haha
yo mama
yo mama 22 napja
Shut up.
Kdramas Vibin'
Kdramas Vibin' Hónapja
My neck is burning lol! @pamela reif
teag xo
teag xo 11 órája
how does she finish with her hair still perfect and her face glowing whilst i’m sat here red like a tomato, dying. how???!!!
Vanehuuhc 23 órája
this was a leg and neck workout tho
They are called obliques
Ariana G.
Ariana G. Napja
Wow my neck is so toned 😅
Victoria K
Victoria K Napja
And of workout I prefer jumping squats....
El ombligo del mundo
El ombligo del mundo Napja
emmanuella anyanwu
emmanuella anyanwu 2 napja
Why is it that when im.doing the lying crunches , it's my thigh that hurts not my side abs?
Malu Medeiros
Malu Medeiros 3 napja
low spider is the worst - mainly cause idfk how to do them properly
Siti Zahidah
Siti Zahidah 3 napja
Me after workout: I don't want to suffer again so let's not workout anymore. Also me after see the result: Let's see what is the workout plan for tomorrow
Katina Juneja
Katina Juneja 3 napja
Hey! When I saw this, I thought it was going to be like a waist workout, but instead, it's another ab workout! >:(
es sa
es sa 3 napja
Stefan Betermieux
Stefan Betermieux 3 napja
Das video ist toll
A P 4 napja
Whenever I do Side Planks, my arms hurt more than anything else. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how I could fix it so I'm getting the burn I'm supposed to?
Ella Pokorná
Ella Pokorná 4 napja
guys am I the only one who is looking at her tights in easy side plank how they are not touching :-? or are just mine :-/
miranda 4 napja
Love how I was about to collapse in defeat but then in one of the exercises I actually felt my sides super hard and my motivation skyrocketed
Mira Rim Swe
Mira Rim Swe 4 napja
Dane Go
Dane Go 4 napja
She’s so evil to burn my elbow like that and end it with an elbow plank
justjuls 5 napja
That was great. Now I can make sure my side neck muscles are trained too.
Inej Klaus
Inej Klaus 7 napja
Why does this workout hurt my arms and legs more than my abs?
Karolína Klazarová
Karolína Klazarová 7 napja
My favorite ❤🔥
Kiara Lovett
Kiara Lovett 8 napja
omg i could not even hold my body up for pretty much all the exercises so i feel like i did no work yet im sweating on my floor. lol
Mariana Gómez
Mariana Gómez 8 napja
Única latina? Jajaja
fiore naomi
fiore naomi 8 napja
sto per morire
Sara Togni
Sara Togni 9 napja
I've almost died at the end of the side planks
Tiffany Jillian Go
Tiffany Jillian Go 9 napja
What shoes are you wearing huhu @pamela reif
Pheth Grguric
Pheth Grguric 10 napja
Thank you.💕
Michaela Tvrznikova
Michaela Tvrznikova 12 napja
This should be called burning legs😂
tea petrokov
tea petrokov 12 napja
Grace 13 napja
Oh my neck
Am I the only one who don't know how to do side plank and dying because of that ???>>>>>>
Elli C.
Elli C. 14 napja
Realized I couldn't give up halfway because then only one side would hurt 😅
Immy hartley
Immy hartley 14 napja
I’m a girl on my dads acc and I’ve been doing her workouts for 2 years I do 6 10 minuet abs every day and 20 min full body and I love her so much she’s an insperation
Audrey Moreau
Audrey Moreau 15 napja
idk if my mat is too thin or my floors are too hard, but my elbows hurt so bad by the end of this
anonymous goddess
anonymous goddess 15 napja
Okay so I’ve lowkey been scared to do workouts that focus on obliques because I heard that some can box your waist and I want a very tiny waist. Can someone let me know if I this does that? Also loveeeee Pamela’s workouts ❤️ for some reason they not that hard for me but still gives me fast results (and I’m not even constant lol )
Helen Holmes
Helen Holmes 15 napja
Okay is it just me or did she skip a side in the beginning?
Simram Mishra
Simram Mishra 15 napja
Can you please tell me that in her plans she gives options for each day. Do we have to do all the exercise videos or choose any one from the three options? Thank you ❤️
Auto Kisa
Auto Kisa 8 napja
You should do all of the exercises 😅, it’s difficult, you can take breaks if you need them and than continue
Lina Radončić
Lina Radončić 15 napja
“i need you to hate me” after this, you bet i do :( jk haha i love it!!
Namratha Rao
Namratha Rao 16 napja
More like neck workout I’d say !
mands 16 napja
why i´m do not look like this :(((
C 16 napja
Hi! Today’s my first day. I’m gonna be doing this for 2 weeks and let’s see if I get some results. My waist is currently 62 cm, and I want it to be 60 DAY 1: DAY 2: DAY 3: DAY 4:
fuscia 16 napja
The playlist for this is emasculate 🥰
Melike Tokmak
Melike Tokmak 16 napja
Its also leg and neck workout
peecharple 16 napja
Pamela is Looking at her abs and me at my belly
Marie Zillinger
Marie Zillinger 16 napja
Sophie Rose
Sophie Rose 16 napja
du weißt schon das wenn die das liest und dann glaubt du meinst sie dann kriegst du ne anzeige wegen mobbing :D
Мария Асенова
Мария Асенова 16 napja
The title may say it's a medium level but for some reason I always sweat so much during this workout...lol
Einfach Merle
Einfach Merle 16 napja
Waist: it hurts but YEAH U GO GIRL Shoulder: won’t hold side plank
Jane Enaj
Jane Enaj 16 napja
I’m a beginner and this ain’t no beginner workout omg
Laura C-P
Laura C-P 16 napja
JUST FINISHED THE HAPPY MONDAY OF WEEK 7!!♥ I'm doing your workouts for a few weeks now, but I decided to start working with your plans now, starting with week 7! I feel amazing and can't wait to continue tomorrow! THANK YOU PAM!!♥
Cardi and Hannah Co.
Cardi and Hannah Co. 16 napja
Arms: ow Legs: ow Literally any part of the body: ow Abs: ?? feelin' refreshed
Annerie van Vught
Annerie van Vught 16 napja
This video was in the beginner plan this week but this wasn't even close to beginner level. My neck and back hurts and I don't feel anything in my (side)abs because the rest of my body isn't strong enough to do these exercises. I didn't do the entire video to spare my neck and back
Geet Panjwani
Geet Panjwani 17 napja
I want to inform you guys that i am on week 7 of 2021 but i am working out since June 2020 but was never able to complete all workouts assigned on a particular day by PAm... This is the first time... I am so proud of myself 😀😀😀😀😀😅😅
Тамила Асланбекова
Тамила Асланбекова 20 napja
very cool workouts, I really like it❤️⚡
LV chennel
LV chennel 21 napja
New subscriber's here. Sweat a lot. Love it 🥰. Thanks for your video. 😘
i want dead
i want dead 21 napja
Czy to jest żeby mieć wąską talie?
josephine maxima
josephine maxima 22 napja
killing me, but i really enjoyed it
Daniela Piña
Daniela Piña 23 napja
I will upload my progress 8 Feb Waist: 73 cm
Caterina Rinaldi
Caterina Rinaldi 16 napja
Here with you girl!!
Isabelle Lindell
Isabelle Lindell 23 napja
this was actually harder than I thought and I could feel the burn, thank you for making this and also, you got a new subscriber (:
Dii -chan
Dii -chan 24 napja
Doing the real side planks was a mistake 😫
ghosttara 25 napja
eAsY ... Ich schaffe die Hälfte der Übungen nicht mal ansatzweise! 😅
Amelie Se
Amelie Se 25 napja
no matter how much I think about my side abs - at some parts of this workout I feel the side part of my booty burning instead :
Maria Assenova
Maria Assenova 16 napja
Me too! Well, I think I am improving because I can feel the burn in my side abs more now. Maybe we need even more practice 😂😂😂
rama 25 napja
hey! im not really feeling it in my abs more in my legs. can anyone tell me what im possibly doing wrong x
Mia 16 napja
Maybe you trained your legs the day before or your doing the exercises wrong. It could also be, that the rest of your body isn't strong enough or your side abs isn't strong enough yet. Just keep doing her workouts and soon you'll be able to feel it burn❤️
Say What
Say What 26 napja
Hi guys, will this workout build my obliques outwards? I want to cinch in my waist
Alba Labarta
Alba Labarta 26 napja
That moment when the leg hurts more than the abs
Caro 1902
Caro 1902 26 napja
Anyone ele who can't organize their body at the Lying cross crunch? Just me? oh ok.
heart빛나는 26 napja
can't believe that I'm working out at 12:15 midnight HSHSHSHSHSHS
Maria Assenova
Maria Assenova 26 napja
Who made it to the end today? Was so hard, my abs are on fire, I am dripping sweat, but now I feel so amazing 😄🥰🥰
qualified armchair critic
qualified armchair critic 26 napja
"lying toe reach" YEAH i'd be LYING if i said i came anywhere NEAR reaching my fricking TOES those fuckers are moving further away from me with every second
al 26 napja
love this workout but my arms say 'noo🥲'
3lya 26 napja
fuckk its so hard
Rina N
Rina N 27 napja
Is it just me that decides to do the harder version of the starfish and the side planks and wonders why it's such a killer routine?
Suzy Doggo
Suzy Doggo 28 napja
That’s was so confusing.
Steffi Kielow
Steffi Kielow 29 napja
Love this workout
Sali Sal
Sali Sal Hónapja
My sides feel fine 💔💔💔
LoReal021 Hónapja
Will this make my waist tinier or more bulky and boxy?
Thai Hien
Thai Hien Hónapja
tập xong lên cmn tiền đình :(
Aliesha Goulbourne
Aliesha Goulbourne Hónapja
i'm so happy that i got through this workout without struggling but also scared bc now i have to go for all her harder workouts that absolutely KILL me every time lol
Toni 457
Toni 457 Hónapja
If you made it from the training plan today to here, then I congratulate you! We did it for today🥳❤🥵! Yeah!
Charlotte22 Hónapja
Pamela during this workouts: 🙂☺️ me:🥵😰😭🥴
Ayşegül Özçelik
Ayşegül Özçelik Hónapja
this isnt trained waist workout this is how i hurt my neckkkk!
Mia 14 napja
@Ayşegül Özçelik you’re welcome❤️
Ayşegül Özçelik
Ayşegül Özçelik 15 napja
@Mia thank you for support❤️
Mia 16 napja
Your neck shouldn't hurt. Try to focus more on your abs. When your abs is stronger your neck shouldn't hurt anymore. Don't give up❤️
Veronika Hónapja
Seriously feels like going to hell after the previous 3 workouts
Maria Gtk
Maria Gtk Hónapja
Way too easy 😓
Miri K
Miri K Hónapja
This is the first time in my life I kept being motivated doing sports for more than 3 weeks now lol. I actually really enjoy it! Thank you Pam! 😍
Elif C
Elif C Hónapja
Can you do a trained waist for advanced level
Elif C
Elif C Hónapja
@Chloe Jimenez thanks a lot
Chloe Jimenez
Chloe Jimenez Hónapja
Miras Träning
Miras Träning Hónapja
Pamela, do you know that timer up there? Can you make a video on how to do because I want to make many videos with such a timer!
Ân Hồng
Ân Hồng Hónapja
Anyone feel more pain in the leg or is it just me...
Kyle Yuvallos
Kyle Yuvallos Hónapja
Does anybody else's glutes hurt while doing the side crunches or is it just me?
Sonya VELVETOVA Hónapja
Pamela, your workouts are something similar to the glimmer of miracle😻 as they’re truly worthy and efficient for the body progress! I’m gratuitously thankful to your astonishing zeal for creation & for your irreplaceable motivation for making your channel always bustling🤩☺️💪 It’s such an amazing case for everybody to feel their forces and inner capabilities with getting stick to your trainings and keeping improving athletically😄🙌 Thanks a lot! XOXO ✨
JustMeAngi Hónapja
bin ich die einzige, die immer erstmal 20 sekunden braucht um von einer Position in die nächste zu wechseln? :D
Anežka Bělohlávková
Anežka Bělohlávková Hónapja
I just can’t do some of these no matter how hard I try 🥲
keiwa11 Hónapja
it'll get better after some time of doing this regularly :)
Milena m
Milena m Hónapja
Αφροδιτη Σ
Αφροδιτη Σ Hónapja
with these exersices we will achieve the 11 line abs?
_ xxen1aa
_ xxen1aa Hónapja
My neck got abs lol
rxchel samuel
rxchel samuel Hónapja
have people gotten any results? how long have you been doing this??
all of my states
all of my states Hónapja
Hi! Is this every practice of this workout suitable for closing a diastasis recti? You shall only train the lateral abdominal muscles with that problem but not the straight ones. Thank you so much for your answer!
sara *
sara * Hónapja
I love her. The waving and the clapping cheered me up so muchhh
Christine Catelo
Christine Catelo Hónapja
Pretty sure my elbows worked out more than my waist
Madina Madina
Madina Madina Hónapja
So it was a neck day
Anushkainthehouse Hónapja
Stopped working out few months ago starting again this time with u I’ll update with results just remind me guys :) Day 1✅ Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Diya Mahajan
Diya Mahajan Hónapja
Hey i am siya from India and luving ur workout a lot and i am just 13 years old and i lose 3 kgs in just a month luv ❤❤u and ur workout
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