John Oliver on Biden’s Inauguration, Trump’s Bizarre Departure & Becoming a U.S. Citizen

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Jimmy Kimmel Live


John talks about the challenges of doing his show from home, Joe Biden being sworn in as President, becoming a U.S. citizen while Trump was in office, returning to work on Valentine’s Day, friends from England calling him to talk about the state of the world, and the Capitol attacks.
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Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy®-nominated “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” ABC’s late-night talk show. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is well known for its huge viral video successes, with over 11 billion views and more than 15 million subscribers on the show’s HUpost channel. Some of Kimmel’s most popular comedy bits include “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” “Lie Witness News,” “Unnecessary Censorship,” “Halloween Candy HUpost Challenge,” and music videos like “I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.”

اسمامة ابو العيد
اسمامة ابو العيد 2 napja
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Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 5 napja
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Winifred Hawkins
Winifred Hawkins 7 napja
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Hyun 7 napja
wow not funny
Hyped Grails
Hyped Grails 8 napja
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sdfs sds
sdfs sds 8 napja
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Bilquis Alam
Bilquis Alam 9 napja
John Oliver's background wall looks like a KGB interrogation room. About as creative as his sweater.
Emmons Leroy
Emmons Leroy 10 napja
The zonked scorpio postprandially warn because gear embryologically taste pro a shivering interactive. well-off, marked disease
Christopher Nicolson
Christopher Nicolson 12 napja
Film was The Remains of the Day wasnt it?
AMT 13 napja
Gotta write these down: "anything north of malicious incompetence" .. "Two men without the confidence or imagination to express themselves sartorially " ... See ... guys ... intelligent, compassionate, strong women love men who are modest ...
Grim Goblin Jack
Grim Goblin Jack 16 napja
Well, I almost got my John Oliver fix. Guess this'll do until the Home Boner Office releases the episode to us non-paying folks.
cbrockabilly 17 napja
Daniel Kupfer
Daniel Kupfer 18 napja
John, are you going to work on an American accent now?
Pooh 18 napja
not every day you see a late night host interviewing a bird
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly 20 napja
Clap jimmy clap
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly 20 napja
Clap jimmy clap
Keit Coyo
Keit Coyo 21 napja
The brawny sweatshirt successfully suggest because sociology cephalometrically rock aside a white turkey. lush, lowly knot
Kylan Romas
Kylan Romas 22 napja
John Oliver is definitely one of my favorite 5
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis 22 napja
Your boy is in charge now Kimmel. Will you ask him where the vaccines are? Nah, didn't think so. You are a clown.
Idiotic Beyond Measure
Idiotic Beyond Measure 22 napja
Neither of you are essential.
Gati Akbar Wibisono
Gati Akbar Wibisono 23 napja
Looks like the show would be still in a void 😥😥😥
Gaston Neal
Gaston Neal 23 napja
He’s a European with United States citizenship, not an American. Ask yourself what is American culture? There’s barely any Americans left. Now(for 400 yrs) they have been replacing American culture with european culture; morals(or lack there of), language, clothing,...All european!!
eyedoughnut 24 napja
you guys are soooo fun&funny,peace&wisdom&good health to your families,fyi,the superbowl is not a giant bong,the superbowl is a game called football where a bunch of dudes run around like stoners trying to get their hands on the last cupcake in the refrigerator,that's why they have miley cyrus for the pre game show
Isidora Zeljovic
Isidora Zeljovic 24 napja
What could've John said at 05:08 so that they had to cut it that abruptly?
Dennis Vlogs
Dennis Vlogs 24 napja
jimmmmyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Dennis Vlogs
Dennis Vlogs 24 napja
John oliver :)
Kala Ena
Kala Ena 25 napja
Kala Ena
Kala Ena 25 napja
galen lyall
galen lyall 25 napja
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Ariel Malanga
Ariel Malanga 26 napja
So much fun! I love them both.
Pranav Flame
Pranav Flame 26 napja
For some reason, it's hard to believe that John Oliver was once an ordinary kid with ordinary parents....
Peeking through the Porthole
Peeking through the Porthole 26 napja
Cheers for the shout to New Zealand, we appreciate it after being left off so many maps
ThaDevilsJester 26 napja
Wow, one of the funniest hosts ever is talking to Jimmy Kimmel. Nice 😂😂😂
Audrey Letson
Audrey Letson 27 napja
john will literally never learn that you can’t swear on most networks
Tina Hinrichs
Tina Hinrichs 27 napja
Just have to say, John Oliver's dimples are amazing.
Rebecca Green
Rebecca Green 6 napja
True!!! We normal don't see them because we don't see him smile so much 😀😀😀
4:24 and sudden change in topic, GETTING TO REAL
Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele 27 napja
Four SOLID YEARS of doing nothing but slamming Trump has left you completely VOID of any ability to be humorous. You and the other "former comedians" are crapping your pants! I'll be surprised if any of you survive 2021! I can't wait to see what the new generation of comedians brings us. They've been given a wide open door.
Gus Michael
Gus Michael 27 napja
What a great chemistry between these two guys. I think Felix and Oscar would approve of an odd couple remake.
Mary C
Mary C 27 napja
9:06 It's that one meme we've all been sharing of the cat in overalls looking over the snowbank.
Top10 DE
Top10 DE 28 napja
Hello, I am posting out reviews, please let me know what you think of it! Thank you
Richard Mängelmann
Richard Mängelmann 28 napja
Wait you need to know your social security number by heart in the US? Why, don't you get a card or something?
JiJi Chanel
JiJi Chanel 28 napja
His comedy show is very funny without being overly offensive.
JiJi Chanel
JiJi Chanel 28 napja
I love John Oliver's show. He is so funny. He does it with class too!!!
John Kitto IV
John Kitto IV 28 napja
raker milban
raker milban 29 napja
Look out, Jimmy! It's the RUSSIANS
flophi 0207
flophi 0207 29 napja
John Oliver is just superior to Jimmy Kimmel on every Level
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 29 napja
My fav. human on TV
dbabeh41 29 napja
I missed him so much! Why the show has to be off the air now?😁
Adam LIndholm
Adam LIndholm 29 napja
Liana H
Liana H 29 napja
Last week tonight stopped being a comedy show for a bit it was just listening to john oliver rant
Emma Larose
Emma Larose 29 napja
Nice to see you smile John! Im happy for You that you took time off! I imagined all the jokes you would have made about the capitole being invaded. It helped me deal with the anxiety. Can’t wait to watch your show again🔥
Frostbyte 29 napja
Kimmel used to be a comedian,...once
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Hónapja
A land called "Eng"? Really?
Al 57K
Al 57K Hónapja
I had an Employer say As a Citizen of 40+ years Your Clearance is off the charts (Wales) ,I said We took an oath To Ask what you can do for your Country ,Not ask what your Country can do for You ,99% of America believes in It, just was Manipulated by a Con Man ,from Will Hunting !!!
Al 57K
Al 57K Hónapja
You guys are So happy you're acting like you just Got your Vasectomy !!!
My Email
My Email Hónapja
I do like Oliver. I don't always agree with his takes on some things, he seems like a decent guy. Jimmy Kimmel, however just oozes self-righteousness. Can't stand the guy. Why he got a free pass on being canceled, I'll never know.
abocas Hónapja
I absolutely adore John Oliver ...... but becoming an American citizen is kind of taking things too far.
Bing Gimenez
Bing Gimenez Hónapja
The Remains Of The Day :-)
Les White
Les White Hónapja
"Anything north of malicious incompetence" - that sums it up. Thanks John
Shae C
Shae C Hónapja
I believe The Village People are still suing tRump for using their music... They NEVER agreed to that
MewcePewpz Hónapja
rip TV
Angela Hamlett
Angela Hamlett Hónapja
I missed laughing. I didn't realize it until now. I have not had a belly laugh in four years! wow...
Ken Masters
Ken Masters Hónapja
Smug overload
Suvrat Bafna
Suvrat Bafna Hónapja
Wasn't Dec 13, 2019 also the day Covid became a pandemic?
Adrian Bourne
Adrian Bourne Hónapja
Universal Anthem of what? Oh, ok I finally got it. Agreed.
Rafa Gómez
Rafa Gómez Hónapja
Let's face it, guys: in Trump's inauguration there were a lot more of people than in Biden's
SRDuly2010 Hónapja
@Rafa. Not if you count the soldiers
Claude Feldon
Claude Feldon Hónapja
Best inauguration ever for the most polpular president ever in us history 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hack Job Garage
Hack Job Garage Hónapja
I want to see John Oliver on Saturday Night Live!!!
Lizzie Crespo
Lizzie Crespo Hónapja
John!! Why am I waiting till feb 14 bro? So much is happening
Mag Loyd
Mag Loyd Hónapja
Lots of positive comments about Oliver from Americans. I thought you didn't like socialists?
Susanne Yuk-ping Pong
Susanne Yuk-ping Pong Hónapja
He's funny. Funny looking
Tim Chamberlain
Tim Chamberlain Hónapja
Jimmy looks real stoned here and his flubs on that intro does not convince me I'm wrong.
Nick D
Nick D Hónapja
Messer T left a low bar yet set like the highest bar ever. It’s gonna take a lot of public pressure to move the administration up where needed to meet the demands of these times & its circumstances, which narrows the choices.
Christopher Ivan
Christopher Ivan Hónapja
"sartorially". John Oliver in a rare moment of maximum vocabulary usage.
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 27 napja
Nah fr ⚰️⚰️⚰️
December 13 is my birthday!!!
mihi hrebak
mihi hrebak Hónapja
Circle jerk
NinjaBadness Hónapja
America would heal if yall would stop focusing on Trump. Tell ya writers to find something else to spend ya air time on.
Randy Orton
Randy Orton Hónapja
How exactly would America heal?
Geo Gonzalez
Geo Gonzalez Hónapja
John is so AWESOME :)
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams Hónapja
nicely groomed facial hair....
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore Hónapja
Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!
Randy Orton
Randy Orton Hónapja
Not everyone's wasting their time on the internet like you
Cheryl Russo
Cheryl Russo Hónapja
MTS Radio
MTS Radio Hónapja
It was Shadowlands... the story of CS Lewis and his love interest, but it's absolutely the least expressed love story ever on film, my favorite romcom LOL
LSW Hónapja
John Oliver's show has been cancelled after the first episode of 2021. The comedian was drawn and quartered by his wife on Feb. 14th after allegedly working on Valentines Day.
Anthony Payne
Anthony Payne Hónapja
From wrestling to PBS! hahahaha Perfect! And EXACTLY what we all need.
jonny-five Hónapja
He called him "frunny" and then got the name of his show wrong. But he's only had 18 years of practice, I'm sure he'll get good at this any day now.
uberfu Hónapja
February 14th is too fuckign far away !!
TheMakersRage Hónapja
ah banter!
deniseg812 Hónapja
Fortunate Son, do people listen to lyrics?
Piotr Swat
Piotr Swat Hónapja
I have enjoyed the stupid 9/11 on January 6th
Filipp S.
Filipp S. Hónapja
0:30 Jimmy Kimmel looks stoned as F*CK. (John probably just had a toke and can't decide if its too much.)
bookofcleophas Hónapja
9:28 As a NZ citizen these kinda comments always have me rolling 😆
Admiral Halsey
Admiral Halsey Hónapja
Paul Anka?!
Esha Bhandari
Esha Bhandari Hónapja
The silent hydrant sadly allow because line noteworthily dust midst a thin bangle. finicky, obedient botany
Michael Shigetani
Michael Shigetani Hónapja
Story: someone, I don't remember who, asked me "Well what about Biden?". Honestly; if all he manages to do is reverse all of Trumps BS, I'll be happy. Other Person "He can do that in two years." Me: "If he manages to do that in two years; he can sunbathe on the White House lawn and drink Mi Tai's all day for all I care." Honestly I know, know , That Biden will try to more than that. But for one moment I could hope, just hope, that that, would be enough.
Gvious Hónapja
exactly half of the month - i got that joke 28/2 = 14
Paul's Oscars.
Paul's Oscars. Hónapja
I got my dual nationality a year after Trump was elected. I'd been here 34 years prior on a green card. I felt I had to put just one more vote against him. Want it back now?
The Hate Cabbage
The Hate Cabbage Hónapja
Jimmy stoned asf
Matthew Singh-Dosanjh
Matthew Singh-Dosanjh Hónapja
“If you say you're a unifier, you expect and usually get applause. I'm a divider. Politics is division by definition, if there was no disagreement there would be no politics. The illusion of unity isn't worth having, and is anyways unattainable.” *Christopher Hitchens*
Russell Kempe
Russell Kempe Hónapja
John and Jimmy....just add Seth Meyers and you have the Three Stooges.
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