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Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects

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Sultan Saiful Bahri
Sultan Saiful Bahri 2 órája
there is always the best song released by, justin bieber
Sultan Saiful Bahri
Sultan Saiful Bahri 2 órája
very good
Xlolot 2 órája
Eu vi isso
Belleva Fancher
Belleva Fancher 2 órája
I'm here for Zoey
Russel Rafael
Russel Rafael 2 órája
rocky balboa 2.0
Ftoomx .17
Ftoomx .17 2 órája
This song it’s the best
HandOfGod 3 órája
Vaya anuncio de MIERDA
Shalin R.
Shalin R. 3 órája
I know no one’s gonna read this but I’m gonna write it anyway. Honestly, when I was younger and Justin had just risen to fame, I didn’t like him at all. I thought his songs had no meaning and girls only like him because of his looks. A couple weeks back I decided to look back into Justin Bieber’s newer songs. The more I listened to them, more meanings I found behind them. This guy has definitely made bad decisions. But there’s a difference between someone who makes mistakes and continues to make them and someone who makes mistakes and learns from them. Justin learned from his mistakes and wants the world to know that he realizes the poor decisions he made and takes accountability. 👑 ABSOLUTE KING 👑
One Target
One Target 3 órája
One Target
One Target 3 órája
Love you forever
jeremy21 WeAreHoly
jeremy21 WeAreHoly 3 órája
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Jade Fung
Jade Fung 3 órája
Was it just me or did anyone else think of the "TROYYYYYYYYY" scene from High School Musical 3 when he went down?
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 3 órája
Justin is the GOAT!!
Mili Reji
Mili Reji 3 órája
🤩woah💎Justin is a diamond 💎
Loren Harrington
Loren Harrington 3 órája
Why would he not have his wife be involved? So weird.
Taylor Jackie
Taylor Jackie 3 órája
Rocky Balbieber
Josué Drew Fernández
Josué Drew Fernández 4 órája
Like si eres de Perú 🇵🇪
Buck Gammon
Buck Gammon 4 órája
Greg and Ryan Do Not get Anything!!! They are No Relation to me!!!
Tatiana Yanory
Tatiana Yanory 4 órája
I love it
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 4 órája
nigga thought he was gon surpass the weekend "save ur tears" when he dropped this lmfaoooooo hell na
Mary Babo
Mary Babo 4 órája
I have been inlove with this guy for 12yrs, dropped out of school to have his kid..waited for him to finish school and make his life better with his promises to marry me I dissed all the guys that came along now he is successful and last year he paid dowery for another woman and they have a baby girl..how do tell my heart to stop hurting and everything will be ok? My son is his lookalike how do I unsee him in my son's face? Is it possible to loose memories and forget that I have ever met him?
Nicole Hendrickson
Nicole Hendrickson 4 órája
This reminds me of my love now.. we went to high school back in the 90s.. we both had crushes on each other.. he was a senior..I was a sophomore.. we dated right when I graduated from high school.. but we faded... Now we are together after 30 something years...
Ana Gracie
Ana Gracie 4 órája
I hate to bring this up, but I feel this song may be about Selena since he is using a lot of past tense. Such as when he said "You are the only one that I ever LOVED", and when he says "If you ever move on without me". If this song was about Hailey why would he talk about her moving on from him? when they are already together?
Rishabh Rana
Rishabh Rana 4 órája
Mary Babo
Mary Babo 4 órája
The fact that the girl is Selena's lookalike in some scenes and him singing "if you ever move without me" & "looking back in my life you are the only good I ever done" got me thinking mmmmh!! ,🤔🤔 Is this song about what am thinking?
Cado Syrups
Cado Syrups 2 órája
Imagine lol
What Do You Want From Me
What Do You Want From Me 4 órája
Justin, Justin Justin Justin... I've been on a rollercoaster with your music. I did not like any of your recent, I did not really relate to any of your recent either, but this one actually changed my mind. This is one I can appreciate and relate to. I want to congratulate you on everything you've been though and in the end, it always gets better. Just know even if half of the world sees you as an idiot, your music can change their minds.
Trent Smith III Official
Trent Smith III Official 4 órája
What are you doing today and your birthday beautiful day today thank You Lord happy blessed birthday happy birthday to You happy
corey crawford
corey crawford 4 órája
Does anyone else think that this song is meant for selena Gomez or is that just me
Lyka Mae Lopez
Lyka Mae Lopez 4 órája
If its not you, its anyone💙
AnswerMeAjalon 4 órája
Imma beat saber to this for my yt
Kim Ushe
Kim Ushe 4 órája
My Dad said this is the only song he likes from this generation. Wonder why, 😂🙌
Yusron Nasution
Yusron Nasution 4 órája
From Indonesia
Galina Demido
Galina Demido 5 órája
Justin dont cheat. Ur wife is the 1 for u.....take it from someone who traveled from the oast to future nd vis versa more then 15 times..I promise u
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic 4 órája
This is just acting not cheating. He's just doing his job as an artist.
Yeissy Arauz
Yeissy Arauz 5 órája
Is, am love
Jeraldy Bautista
Jeraldy Bautista 5 órája
Te amooooo
Jeraldy Bautista
Jeraldy Bautista 5 órája
Te amooo💕💕
Charith Lakshitha
Charith Lakshitha 5 órája
Please come to srilanka
Charith Lakshitha
Charith Lakshitha 5 órája
I want to see you bieber ,i am sri lankan child
crizzleXT gamer
crizzleXT gamer 5 órája
Only legends know this is the first singles from jb6😍😍😍
Himanshu Bhardwaj
Himanshu Bhardwaj 5 órája
I'm from jammu and i'm big fan justin bieber i have pendrive 32gb my pendrive is full of your songs i love your song❣️
JUAN Rodrigues
JUAN Rodrigues 5 órája
Por que aora no esta permetido aser activides esto apunta comunidad sintransito como se puede rrecoger fondos
Y A N A 5 órája
all i can say is WOW
JUAN Rodrigues
JUAN Rodrigues 5 órája
Como podemos evitar de tantar cosas que en la vida senosviene alegrias tristesa es peransa
Tailane Tavares
Tailane Tavares 5 órája
I love this song. But it reminds me of a person I loved and still love very much: Hyago R. Martins.I think he already has another person, but even so he remains the person I love the most and the love of my life.😔💔 28/10/2018-06/01/2021
Amanda B.
Amanda B. 5 órája
Love this song so much...I listen to it on repeat 💜💜💜
Akarsh Bahukhandi
Akarsh Bahukhandi 5 órája
Justin is cheating hailey 🤪🤪🤪
Aaronn sixx
Aaronn sixx 5 órája
nobody talking about zoey deutch
Charlie Montero
Charlie Montero 5 órája
By the way he treats his fans still has a lot of subscribers The song is good but not great
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic 4 órája
Because he's the best popstar
this must_ be sharifaah
this must_ be sharifaah 5 órája
Ok besides the song have u noticed he doesn't bare any tattoos on his body 🤗🤗
Rc Mama
Rc Mama 5 órája
Jake Paul knock down Nate Robinson🤣🤣
Wilapron Sripoompruk
Wilapron Sripoompruk 5 órája
Peculiar Comedy
Peculiar Comedy 6 órája
Where are his tattoos?
Jamy Smith
Jamy Smith 6 órája
hamdha fowzan
hamdha fowzan 6 órája
reminds me of the upcoming UFC fight with porier and Mc Gregor. cant wait!!!
Zoe Beltran
Zoe Beltran 6 órája
This reminds me of rocky the movie lol but i like this new song
Jahiiirah CarLoS
Jahiiirah CarLoS 6 órája
Ohh yeah ... We TrynA Clap 👏 ouT There 2 PleaSe CloSe ThE door 🚪 * Comprenday .. 🇵🇷 ..
Grettel Barboza
Grettel Barboza 6 órája
a 9kj9j
SoulSurvivor182 _
SoulSurvivor182 _ 6 órája
Just wanna say, I already know this is gonna be my most played song on Spotify this year. This is solid gold and I’m very grateful to have heard it. GREAT SONG JUSTIN!
william rodrigues
william rodrigues 6 órája
Legal, nota 0
jenny klicya sl
jenny klicya sl 6 órája
Maddie Pasterik
Maddie Pasterik 6 órája
Love this song so much! The lyrics are absolutely amazing and very powerful!. Ever since I added this song to my spotify playlist, it is the one song I listen to everyday! The kiss at the end of the music video is so cute! Great job and thank you to everyone who dedicated there time and effort in to putting this music video and song together!
Ana Davila
Ana Davila 7 órája
Estilo Rok Balboa
Pynehkupar Syiemlieh
Pynehkupar Syiemlieh 7 órája
Wow goosebumps
blxuwy 7 órája
Ayavuya Mdineka
Ayavuya Mdineka 7 órája
Who is the girl is it Hailey or some one else
MountainFishingandHunting 7 órája
He's got a different wife in each one of these music videos... ... ... ... Poor Hailey
MountainFishingandHunting 7 órája
He's not quite pulling off that hair... and that's saying something. Too poky at the sides.
Marcos Gabriel
Marcos Gabriel 7 órája
Cadê as tatoos dele ??
Robin W
Robin W 7 órája
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 7 órája
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 7 órája
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 7 órája
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 7 órája
Expired milk07
Expired milk07 7 órája
Kzm64 7 órája
IG -86
IG -86 7 órája
k k
k k 7 órája
I think this songs for Selena.. 🌗⛅
Renato House
Renato House 7 órája
Legit_best 8 órája
why isnt his wife playing his lover in the musicc video? and why did he kiss that girl? cheater!
Keia Battee
Keia Battee 8 órája
Who is a belieber?
EJ Sajonas
EJ Sajonas 8 órája
Nice song❣️❣️❣️
Merieca Rossine Cruz
Merieca Rossine Cruz 8 órája
Janet Lekoba
Janet Lekoba 8 órája
Homie actually has an amazing voice
RHB Relax Music
RHB Relax Music 8 órája
wolf and dog lover
wolf and dog lover 8 órája
Justin Bieber
Ava Barrett
Ava Barrett 8 órája
Happy new justin I love you're music
Shivi Agnihotri
Shivi Agnihotri 8 órája
If its not you then its not anyone😍 Get that straight into your head🙄💓
Shivi Agnihotri
Shivi Agnihotri 8 órája
You're the only good I have ever done❤
Deah May Rosales
Deah May Rosales 8 órája
My ultimate crush is growing manly.
whatt 8 órája
karennh120 8 órája
Absolutely love this
Francisca Gomes
Francisca Gomes 8 órája
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Senuka Abeysinghe
Senuka Abeysinghe 9 órája
*Hailey Bieber has left the chat*
Bimal Chettri
Bimal Chettri 9 órája
Big fan of your bro ✌️🤩 I from india
🥺🥺🥺🥺ugh him without tattoos 😍
Brian Bentham
Brian Bentham 9 órája
Definitely got the idea from those rocky movies
Carrie Boudreau
Carrie Boudreau 9 órája
All your songs are so beautiful such a beautiful soul Justin 😇
Jahiiirah CarLoS
Jahiiirah CarLoS 9 órája
Dee hoLe 🕳 CoLony ..... 🥛 * # WiLsoN Online
Alessia Contro'
Alessia Contro' 9 órája
He’s one of the best human being! 🌹❤️
Lilpop Rapper
Lilpop Rapper 9 órája
When I'm sad I away listing to Justin song anyone it makes me powerful of love thanks to Justin Bieber music😊✌️🤞
Andrea Pirlo
Andrea Pirlo 9 órája
Logan Paul?
Christina hello
Christina hello 10 órája
JJ Arbuckle
JJ Arbuckle 10 órája
Love how this has a storyline
JJ Arbuckle
JJ Arbuckle 10 órája
Rip haileeyy 😢
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