Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet? - LIVE MONOLOGUE

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


After the unprecedented assault on democracy that took place in the Capitol Building today, Stephen Colbert kicks off his LIVE monologue with a message for cowardly Republican lawmakers who for five years have coddled the president's fascist rhetoric: there will be a terrible price to pay. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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Violet Biggs Productions
Violet Biggs Productions 10 órája
Joseph 22 órája
Yo Steve get some new stick already ! Boring ! Zzzzz!
Max Power
Max Power Napja
We were getting there. Thanks for voting in a corpse, Democrats.
Flopper 2 órája
The only thing WE were getting was fucked. Trump did Jack shit to stop the pandemic and said absolutely nothing about police violence. And listen i am absolutely not a Biden supporter but he's LEAGUES better than Trump.
Mike Woolie
Mike Woolie Napja
I am not a Republican!
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 2 napja
And those morons in the GOP wouldn’t convict him in his second impeachment trial!
Diane Clingerman
Diane Clingerman 2 napja
Biden team will find out about all the trump supporters around our families by the track
Michael Lawrence Maag
Michael Lawrence Maag 2 napja
Canada,....HAHAHAHAHAHAH Islam is the second-largest religion in Canada, Minister of Immigration in Canada is a Somali-born, Muslim man himself by the name of Mr Ahmed Hussen. When making decisions about minorities, it is important to have someone on board who can provide context and allow informed decisions to be made.. How's if feel to have the FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE.. Say goodbye to your Country.... NOT IN AMERICA..
dave garber
dave garber 3 napja
Teresa Gee
Teresa Gee 3 napja
Stephen your looking so old now , how will you survive without all your bad taste jokes about DJT 🤫🤣
AMT 3 napja
Felt like S.C. needed a big hug ...
S B 4 napja
Stephen Colbert is such an idiot!
howard logue
howard logue 5 napja
You have got to be the most ignorant human to ever be on television!!!
Levi 4 napja
Lemme guess, you voted for trump and watch Fox News?
Eddie Najera
Eddie Najera 6 napja
I feel bad if u believe in this propaganda
Karen Thompson
Karen Thompson 6 napja
You really can't fix stupid can you?🙄
Matthew Paulding
Matthew Paulding 6 napja
The people who think Colbert is smart or funny have the intelligence of a peanut.
Femi Adebayo
Femi Adebayo 6 napja
I don't understand
Fine Ivanova
Fine Ivanova 6 napja
That was my question why did republicans were running and hiding
Fine Ivanova
Fine Ivanova 6 napja
I hope they go to jail josh Hadley Ted Cruz Kevin McCarthy and all the rest of them I pray
Ce R
Ce R 7 napja
Staged BS, The camera angles prove it. 9/11 ushered in a change. They warned of the Patriot Act steeling American's Freedoms. The NSA came about. We thought our national security was been reinforced. But now those policies seem like they only cut us off from transparency of our government. Now it would seem like our country is being hijacked by insiders who hid behind 9/11 policies. Now we have Nancy Pelosi wanting to stand up a new commission for January 6, again, "to protect the American People." At this point I aint drinking their kool-aid this time.
John Doe
John Doe 7 napja
Yuck. The late show went from comedy to bias propaganda brainwashing. Orange man bad! Orange man bad!!
John Doe
John Doe Napja
@Bink yep, so is the state of Florida and many other people in the USA
Bink Napja
@John Doe the trump cult member is anti-mask, HAHAHAHA
John Doe
John Doe Napja
@Bink remember to social distance and wear 3 masks while pillaging your town. Hope that double dose of covid vax will give you strength to take down some statues and light some fires.
Bink Napja
@John Doe remember the Q merch and the golden statue worship too
John Doe
John Doe 5 napja
@Bink trump cult members dont exist. mainstream news and entertainment has been brainwashing you for decades. Learn to use critical thinking skills. Stop blindly excepting mainstream narratives as facts.
Salty DEPLORABLE 8 napja
Joe Biden.... ahahahahhahahaha!
Patrick Koonts
Patrick Koonts 9 napja
Patrick Koonts
Patrick Koonts 9 napja
If you burn down cities and loot stores that's peaceful protesting,but if you are allowed into a building by security that your taxes pay for,you are a domestic terrorist.Thats division,that's not unity and if this narrative continues your" unity "will be a pipe dream just like Hunter Biden's military carreer.
Levi 4 napja
You’re simply wrong, please reconsider your opinions
Hektonite 8 napja
You are a hypocrite.
Patrick Mosley
Patrick Mosley 9 napja
Patrick andrew bennerman Mosley is sylvia sylver Mosley 8 9 52 8 11 86 no king okay luv
POET CERA 9 napja
The PEOPLE of these United States are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to over-throw the Constitution, but to over-throw the men who pervert that Constitution. @rObw%C2%A0- Abraham Lincoln
Matthew Wolfe
Matthew Wolfe 10 napja
Ted Cruz is the Texas Senator who does not care about his constituents and instead puts his support for Trump.
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 10 napja
oh, hell. when can we see him in jail?
Donald Uhlinger
Donald Uhlinger 11 napja
Incompetent? Far from it. They are leading a bunch of rat-ass-holes into the depths of hell where they belong.
Donald Uhlinger
Donald Uhlinger 11 napja
Make America Great Again Today! (pronounce the acronym:-)
Anna Lupton
Anna Lupton 11 napja
stephen popped OFF
Michael Prideaux
Michael Prideaux 11 napja
This was the finest moment from Stephen Colbert.
Greg Silsby
Greg Silsby 11 napja
This guy is a total puppet. Do people actually find this entertaining? You have serious blood on your hands Colbert. You’ll get yours.
Optimal81 12 napja
Hey Colbert, you are the coward. You and a lot of other Hollywood weirdos leaped lavish praise onto Andrew Cuomo on a nightly basis and even gave him an Emmy. People died, a lot of people in NY died and you played a small part in covering that up. You are pure partisan slime.
Jon McCarty
Jon McCarty 13 napja
This guy is a joke.... we are not done yet.
Einomar 12 napja
only joke here is you bub.. pathetic
I'm watching this post-trial when Don and the Impeach 2 had concluded and he was found "not guilty" - even though it is as clear as day he was unconstitutional and in the wrong. This mirrors how Historian John Gooding described Tsarist Russia in the Mid-19th Century: "It was more backwards now than at the beginning of the century."
Mr Ramos
Mr Ramos 13 napja
Were is the indignation over the the riots and looting of BLM protesters that cause the death of many citizens during many weeks and were inflamed by Democratic party rhetoric using incendiary language to "fight in the streets and to never stop fighting". They never dare to call this BLM riots supper spreader events but all of Trump's rallies were. 🙄 Now that Trump is no longer president lets see if the country is a paradise on earth. Yeah right! 🙄 Enjoythe next 4 years comrade Stephen hupost.info/chat/i2JmzaWdoK6pg9Y/vide
Einomar 12 napja
because most of that is made up by fascist like you bub
Adem Tya
Adem Tya 14 napja
The useless atom subcellularly drop because giraffe internationally whine despite a hesitant department. detailed, bored october
Don Travis
Don Travis 15 napja
Rockymountain Rockhound
Rockymountain Rockhound 15 napja
Cowards are us. GOP.
1moredaly 15 napja
I bet this guy got picked on in school for being a loser
Scott King
Scott King 15 napja
Any one here get a chance to see MIKE LINDELL voter fraud Documentary!! One More thing, have you ever heard of the Phrase, MAFIA Cult Propaganda Corporate Media paid Bitch to help shut the mouths of the REAL "We the People"... This is far from over!
DERIC 4 REAL 15 napja
Coward calling people cowards.im not political, organized religion, cancel culture,etc.i do know right from wrong! and all parties have dirt on their hands.if civil war broke out,I'll stay home.and those who trying to pillage me,tell the tinkers they are welcome to come and try anytime!
Rebecca Webb
Rebecca Webb 16 napja
I didnt vote for either u are a ftard as well . Abandon the system
steve woodward
steve woodward 16 napja
These capitol rioters were beginners. Everybody know s all you have to do is say "peaceful protester " . Then you can loot stores, burn cities, attack police , cause billions in damage , and take over entire city blocks forcing people out of their homes and businesses . Not to mention David Dorn the retired police chief who was shot and filmed as he bled out.. He was trying to protect his friend's business from peaceful protesters . These capitol dummies did it the wrong way.
Meemee Palmer
Meemee Palmer 16 napja
Uhm,where was the president? Didn’t see him,Was he holding a door?!🤔
Meemee Palmer
Meemee Palmer 16 napja
Stephen u r my guy!!! U tell them like it is!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Jason Andolina
Jason Andolina 13 napja
Yeah he is. It just doesn’t make sense how all these Nazis republican Trump supporters are wasting their time commenting on these videos saying how much they don’t like Colbert for harassing and threatening Trump.
Jewel59 16 napja
Higher gas. Etc. With biden “are we great”. No. Worst position America has ever been in. Lost jobs. He not for Americans. I think you must be talking about biden
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan Napja
@Jewel59 This is fun, sure Russian bot that has no idea about logic and capitalisation and only knows to regurgitate far right talking points.
Jewel59 16 napja
@Nadia Hassan sure bot
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 16 napja
Sure bot
Rick Evans
Rick Evans 16 napja
When this originally aired on HUpost Colbert’s writer and graphics department wrote a joke about a woman who was trampled to death. Who was ironically carrying a yellow “Don’t tread on me” flag. And showed the graphic of the woman carrying the flag. The image of the woman was removed within the first few minutes it hit HUpost. I refreshed and came back to this story and the joke was removed. Obviously in bad taste. But did a woman get trampled to death? If so anyone know her name? The picture showed a woman with long auburn hair hanging out her beanie, down to her cest. She also had big wide rimmed glasses.
tong-il 16 napja
I want a presidential boxing championship title fight!
Kat Madridista
Kat Madridista 17 napja
Im from Germany ... please don’t make the same mistaks that we did 80 years ago 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻e
erin lewis
erin lewis 16 napja
Spot on 🎯
lazor222 17 napja
If you believe Trump started an insurrection I have prime beach front property in Kansas to sell you, cause you'd have to be a total moron.
lazor222 Napja
@Bink Q? 🤣 You've proven my last comment accurate
Bink Napja
@lazor222 don't forget to buy your Q merch and worship the golden statue
lazor222 6 napja
Bink oh look someone with no critical thinking skills. So sad
Bink 6 napja
Look at this trump cult member. So sad.
lazor222 17 napja
What a peice of trash hack "comedian" Colbert has become. Go back to parodying Bill Oreily because that's the only thing he was ever funny at.
Joe Atchison
Joe Atchison 17 napja
Ugh... I used to enjoy your show... When you meddle with video evidence... In a court ..it just pushes me more RED
Dave Figore
Dave Figore 18 napja
You humor was a lot better on the Colbert Report ... No matter who is in Office.
BrainGaming 822
BrainGaming 822 18 napja
Idk colbert. When did you decide to sell out america???
Justice 007
Justice 007 18 napja
Shut up colbert liar dont pay taxs people anymore file 9 dependants on w-2 form and do right offs. When they raise food tax eat less and when they raise gas drive less colbert is lying, the truth came out friday people in the senate the fake impeachment scam is coming to an end Trump is innocent . The dems altered messages and made up lies . American patriots check your mail boxes for all the info of what is going on with the elites plans, to the election info and what the dems did to americans and the info for the virus and why they used it as a distraction especially hollywoods role in manipulating people . Check your mail boxes cause the internet censors the truth along with the media , we are passing out info all over in many cites in every state . Stay strong patriots Trump is the best of all time we love you Trump.
Virginia Kennedy
Virginia Kennedy 19 napja
Great, Great speech Stephen, I wanted more, more. You really hit all the important points. This was the most horrible attack On our Government aided and abetted by the Rethugs and The Puppet Trum
williewest 2370
williewest 2370 19 napja
Hell yea and we would have been better these next 4 years if things would have been done right with these counting machines and all this bull that went on.
AR15fan 19 napja
Is this Comedy? It's like a teenage queen bawling about menstrual cramps.
GI Shmoe
GI Shmoe 19 napja
I wanna see if Stephen cries like a bitch. Again. Please don't spoil it for me.
Bryan Malick
Bryan Malick 19 napja
These people that are not wearing masks storming the capital are at the pinnacle of stupidity it gave you an excuse to hide your identity. I mean it’s not like their are thousands of cameras that could identify you lol, but don’t worry insurrectionists I’m sure Trump will show up to unlock you jail cell and walk you out of prison. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting though.
LukeyBoy13 19 napja
I hereby declare this country will no longer be known as "The 'United' States", and will henceforth be known as "The Land of the Free".
Elessar Strider
Elessar Strider 20 napja
Tara Reade should as Gina Carano to meet Joe Biden behind his gym.
TJakira 20 napja
A person who vigorously supports the United States of America is a patriot. Being loyal to Trump doesn't make you a patriot. Attacking the capitol is the opposite of patriotism.
Barbara Lindhjem
Barbara Lindhjem 20 napja
Why are Republicans so afraid of Trump? A lot of people voted for him simply because they've voted GOP the whole of their lives. Not all of these people are Trump's base.
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez 21 napja
Well troops showed after the siege at least to prevent this from happening again.
A S 22 napja
I love how much Colbert feels for and ultimately loves the country
Buzz A
Buzz A 19 napja
😂. Riiiggghhht. He only been trying to year it apart for previous four years
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon 22 napja
I saw the senate impeachment trial and they show the evidence from the riots it was disturbly
Get Your Popcorn Ready
Get Your Popcorn Ready 22 napja
Speak it!
Rugrats Henry-martinez
Rugrats Henry-martinez 23 napja
Calling Republican senators running for relection "cynical cowards" Legendary
jackie kennedy
jackie kennedy 23 napja
Everyone with half a brain should understand what happened there, but for the insurrectionists. They were there out for blood and didn't care at all about the damages and deaths they caused. In fact they are traitors and murdererous criminals.
jackie kennedy
jackie kennedy 23 napja
Can't believe my nephew was onboard a bus headed for insurrection at the Capital, paid for by the wife of Justice Thomas. Thank God it broke down before it could get there.
melody marks
melody marks 23 napja
trumps fake news is like hitlers lugenpresse.
Tarun S
Tarun S 23 napja
My question is: what kind of amazing illness do you have where masks restrict your "ability to breathe" and give you "pre existing conditions", but surprisingly gives you strength to scale walls and break windows and doors?
Peace Monger
Peace Monger 23 napja
That would be the billion dollar question.
Peace Monger
Peace Monger 23 napja
"We're going to walk down, we're going to walk down, we're going to walk down...." Hey don, think we should walk down?
Peace Monger
Peace Monger 23 napja
"And you can skip the lubrication." Beautiful!
Mason, What happened In cuba?
Mason, What happened In cuba? 23 napja
How can you be great again when you have people that imagine black people being oppressed?
J.P. Jones
J.P. Jones 23 napja
today is february 7 2021 now when they say traitors are in the Whitehouse ......it's actually TRUE!!!!!!!!!
Buzz A
Buzz A 19 napja
@ZXL - Today's World no just everyone that has supported him has
ZXL - Today's World
ZXL - Today's World 20 napja
Did he incite a literal uprising? No. But Trump did.
Genesis23OPB 24 napja
thats not a viking, thats a shaman. vikings dont use buffalo hoods.
Artist VK
Artist VK 24 napja
JayBee 24 napja
thank you, Stephen!
michael cassillo
michael cassillo 24 napja
will u please tell me why trump is locked upped already u said it exactly if u or i said what said or done what he has done we would be in jail for life WHYY ISENT TRUMP LOCKED UP ? i really want to know
Sling Ding
Sling Ding 18 napja
Because republicans have no backbone. If trump says bark they will bark. If trump says jump they will jump. If trump says get up and protest they will get up and protest. They are the dogs and trump just so happens to be the brand new owner of the republican party. The phone call with Kevin mccarthy and trump only proves that. When trump says your dumb you must be dumb. They believe whatever dumb stuff comes out of his mouth.
Buzz A
Buzz A 19 napja
Well you can the same for a lot of the democrats over the last four years.
Carol Pitcher
Carol Pitcher 25 napja
I want to know why police were not at capital and it took several hours before they arrived That is wrong
Ant Bee
Ant Bee 25 napja
Gitmo is ready for the red hats
Ihave Noname
Ihave Noname 25 napja
"Give me 4 years and you won't recognize Germany" - Adolf Hitler. Trump reciprocated that. The pathetic part is, we will never be as hard on the Trumptards as Germany is on the same kind of people today.
Bryon Miller
Bryon Miller 25 napja
I used to love Colbert before all this political bullshit, now I find him insufferable, he can not do anything that doesn't involve trump anymore. Identity politics is cancer to a society, let me guess Colbert. All republicans are responsible for the incident because you actually believe everyone that supported him, half the damn country, would have done what happened. This is now where we start to lose our liberties under the guise of protection. I believe both sides spewed rhetoric, but nope, it's all "Mostly peacful protests" and that garbage. Meanwhile the news won't report a BLM supporter beating her white adopted daughter to death... The focus being so much on Trump has distracted from the fact that nothing gets reported unless it supports a narrative.
Tshyne 25 napja
Freakin hooligans!
Angie Black
Angie Black 25 napja
Whatever happened to "We don't make deals with domestic terrorists?". If Republicans don't do the right thing now, they and their families will live in fear for the rest of their lives. ...not to mention that Republicans will live in fear of their own party members..
Peace Monger
Peace Monger 23 napja
I believe the scripture reference, "You reap what you sow." fits in really nice here.
Dana Anderson
Dana Anderson 25 napja
The legitimate president of the United States is in exile... The Socialist Democrat Regime has fraudulently seized power. This is proven by their refusal to allow forensic audits of the elections. Why would they do that unless they have something to hide? Can you answer that? No, you can't... TRUTH
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 25 napja
Seriously get off the meth
JohnWinchester3567 26 napja
More then 1. 2 cops beaten to death with flagpoles with the American flag, 3 died from medical emergencies, a woman shot by cops, another cop committed suicide because of what he saw on Jan 6th and a Trump supporter waving a Don't tread on me flag trampled. The law says any death regardless of cause happening during a crime is felony murder 1st degree. Rioting is a felony. The repukelicans are denying AOC;'s account of Jan 6th claiming she wasn't in the building on the day but Senator Katie Porter is on video stating AOC was there and she provided AOC with a pair of staffers sneakers so they could run as AOC was wearing heels.
Crazy HGamer
Crazy HGamer 26 napja
Who’s followers killed many? Democracy/Liberals BLM
Pennsylvania History Buff
Pennsylvania History Buff 26 napja
Parler was founded by Rebekah Mercer, a Jewish woman. I wonder how white supremacists that use the site feel about that. And Brietbart being started by two Jewish guys as well.
Kaizer Snehashis
Kaizer Snehashis 26 napja
John Jensen
John Jensen 27 napja
In the first 7 seconds you can see how disgusted and upset he was at the events of the day. I think all real Americans felt that way.
Jason Andolina
Jason Andolina 13 napja
Yeah exactly.
AngeliqueKaga 27 napja
It's time to get rid of those GOPUKE Senators who is a Trump lover...THE GOPUKE S SCUM!
Jason Andolina
Jason Andolina 13 napja
Yeah exactly like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.
Charge0Complete 27 napja
1:17 wait what??? The most shocking and least surprising??? I think that's just impossible.
Dopplegänger 27 napja
The only thing wrong with this is treating the traitors death as a part of the tragedy.
hallerd 25 napja
Zombies brainwashed by Trump so it's tragic
Colleen benDan
Colleen benDan 27 napja
Hey Stephen, American isn't great again. That's what you wanted, right? The big question here is "Why haven't you ever been great?"
Karen Greene
Karen Greene 28 napja
go home and we love you bullshit
UMLOOAD 29 napja
S Allen
S Allen 29 napja
Trump didn't walk down with them. Says a lot.
Peace Monger
Peace Monger 23 napja
He would have - if not for those damn bone spurs...on the left foot (or was it the right foot?)......
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