JESSIA - I'm Not Pretty (Lyrics)

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JESSIA - I'm Not Pretty (Lyrics) TikTok
JESSIA - I'm Not Pretty 🎤
Maybe I'm not pretty, maybe I'm just fun
'Cause I got a belly and I got a bum
And I'm fucking jelly of all the other ones
With their itty bitty bellies and
Their rump ump ump ums
I know that I should love myself
But it's getting kinda hard when you're
Constantly feeling like garbage
Know I shouldn't hurt myself
But I can't find a way to lose weight
Without literally starving
Every other song says I'm beautiful
But what if I don't feel like I'm beautiful?
I wish my body image didn't say
That I should be another kinda way
[Chorus 2]
Maybe I'm not pretty
Maybe I'm just fun
'Cause I got a belly and I got a bum
But I can't be jelly of all the other ones
So I'm falling in lovе with my
Rum bum bum bum
I'm not gonna ask for help
'Cause all you're gonna say is
"You'rе perfect and oh you're so worth it"
But sometimes I hate myself
I get inside my head and I think that
I somehow deserve this
Every other song says I'm beautiful
But what if I don't feel like I'm beautiful?
I wish my body image didn't say
That I should be another kinda way
[Chorus 2] x 2
Maybe I'm not pretty
Maybe I'm just fun
'Cause I got a belly and I got a bum
But I can't be jelly of all the other ones
So I'm falling in love with my
Rum bum bum bum
#jessia #imnotpretty #newmelody
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NewMelody 13 napja
*Remember to love yourself* ❤️
Ѕαηια Кιм7⟬⟭⟭⟬
Ѕαηια Кιм7⟬⟭⟭⟬ 3 napja
Aida Djili
Aida Djili 3 napja
Lazycandy 3 napja
Awwww thank you🥺❤️ I can only say the same thing back to you ❣️
Incognito Bread
Incognito Bread 4 napja
So gay
Angeline Bucar
Angeline Bucar 4 napja
Thank you i super love the song😀
Amber Wallace
Amber Wallace 4 órája
If anyone wants this song as a ringtone they have it on Zedge
Atqraxiia 5 órája
This is gonna be my new favorite song❤️.
Jezel Foster
Jezel Foster 8 órája
It just beautiful in yourself and not what society defines beauty that's the essences
Faith Page
Faith Page 8 órája
The part where it says i "I can lose weight without litterly starving myself " I can definitely relate to
Clara Catlady
Clara Catlady 9 órája
This is sooooo true. Thank you 🙏🏻 I finally feel understood
Paige Fodor
Paige Fodor 9 órája
Omg this song is so awesome and so true
Maryann Solano
Maryann Solano 10 órája
i just decided to listen to this song right now think its my new fav song
Heidi Zambuto
Heidi Zambuto 10 órája
Im ugly in and out
Mii ssy
Mii ssy 12 órája
Jaaaa endlich 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
D. A.
D. A. 14 órája
I feel myself pretty but this song is such a ✨masterpiece✨
Soorya A S
Soorya A S 15 órája
Literally cool😁
Ayman Abantas
Ayman Abantas 15 órája
The message is good but it sounds like Buy u a Drank by T - Pain so sad to say I'm not that amazed
Syafiqah Msja
Syafiqah Msja 16 órája
it so suitable for workout music 💪💪
The Majestic Manatee
The Majestic Manatee 16 órája
Maybe being/feeling beautiful as a womans should just matter less, and we should focus on how fun, intelligent, witty, powerful and interesting we are
Zolina original
Zolina original 3 órája
I agree where to sign up
Apple_chxrry 18 órája
i told my friend "Pretty faces always wins." He said.. "Your pretty just the way you are." "There are just judgemental ppl's" "Please love your self"❤
Zehel voidipus
Zehel voidipus 19 órája
This is just so beautiful 🥺 I'm always so very insecure of myself T_T
exkyujimiii 20 órája
Tiktok changed her life after she posted this song ❤️✨
exkyujimiii 20 órája
Tiktok changed her life after she posted this song ❤️✨
jelly puddin
jelly puddin 20 órája
I hate myself... I'm so ugly my back is full of scars because of body acne. No matter what people tell me to love myself it's just hard.
Amanda Colon
Amanda Colon 20 órája
I love this song ❤
This is my favourite song now like really this is beautiful😍
POV:Your here because u heard this on tiktok❤
ManhwaAddict 22 órája
"But i can't find a way to lose weight without literally starving"
KurapikasLeftBall 23 órája
wait shitt that's the girl in the car from tiktok
Sanyu Kumaran
Sanyu Kumaran Napja
im not a girl. this song just sounds good lmao
jorge buastamante
jorge buastamante Napja
Foo Fighters
Kezeiah Guiao
Kezeiah Guiao Napja
Tiktok brings me here 😅 btw, i am now starting to love this song ❤️
Ronisha rana
Ronisha rana Napja
Why does this song is so related ??
Black Beauty
Black Beauty Napja
Wow! Yup, I feel this song
Summer Leondele
Summer Leondele Napja
No matter how compliment we get we can't help but feel insecure over and over again.
Peaches and cream
Peaches and cream Napja
the fact that I accidently click this video and im not regret it
Cristy Tandingan
Cristy Tandingan Napja
Why do I see my fellow armys in the comments?
Kar Napja
I am about to be 50. And I feel this way too sometimes. Hang in there to all you young ones. Just make you important to you! Don't fret on these things. One day you will realize it doesn't matter! There is so much other there that is FAR more important.
Lacey Jaey
Lacey Jaey Napja
I absolutely love this song and the tiktok tag that you and Elijah Wood played brought me to your HUpost page which led me to adding some of your other tunes.. I think you should plug his name in here somewhere for helping Produce it.
Sanjida Khan Tuhin
Sanjida Khan Tuhin Napja
These is the inner voice of mine Tnx for such a lovely song ❤️❤️❤️
Sneakey Kayle GG
Sneakey Kayle GG Napja
All my thoughts in a song.. im.. breathtaken.
Dreala Vue
Dreala Vue Napja
i love this song.....❤️
Warda Drm
Warda Drm Napja
Team tiktok 😆
K. T.
K. T. Napja
this is just to say and to take into account that even the 'most beautiful' people have insecurities and that they're human beings. You just really have to think about that
BrownieHunt Napja
-Addicted to Happiness be like I'm BOOTIFULL AND ITS TRUE I'm Funny I'm Kind I'm Strong I'm Supportive I'm a awesome Actress I'M AWSOME I'M BOOTIFULL I'M KAWAIII I'M UWUWUWA I'M FANTASTICOOO EVERYONE IS BOOTIFULL I SMILE ALOT I MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY I LOVE EVERYONE UWA THE WORLD IS BOOTIFULL THE WORLD IS STRONG - this is what i say to myself every day thats why I'm Addicted to happiness LMAOOO
Lena Ailenei
Lena Ailenei Napja
Kacey Brooke
Kacey Brooke Napja
Bianca Popa
Bianca Popa Napja
This song makes me more confident with my body, and makes me feel better every moment
jayann canada
jayann canada Napja
Very meeeeee 😩😶💕
Mathos Pepitos
Mathos Pepitos Napja
Je... Quiffe cette chanson
Tasnia Mahek
Tasnia Mahek Napja
'No one is ugly,we just live in a judgemental society' -Kim namjoon
Hannah Anis
Hannah Anis Napja
So this Is my story. I Got in Incident which my chin broke then it recover but somehow it Make my Face like 🌜. I dont know how to Fix or get rid of it. I'm become very insecure about it and sometime it Got lead to my stress. Hah.. I gonna live with this Face Till I die since I broke to get surgery. It really Bother me also it bother my pronounciation. 😭😭 I Got really scared when people stare at my chin. Oh. Also it Make my Face look older than my real age.
Assyla Naca
Assyla Naca Napja
Shet why im thhis late this is so goooooooooooD thanks youtube for recommending me this the song i can relate too
Mary Dresel
Mary Dresel Napja
Why isn’t the actual artist on the thumbnail?
georgia Napja
Finally a song i can really say it describe my situation
Kardos Csenge
Kardos Csenge Napja
The fact that this song literally was made in a car front seat is so good
Zolina original
Zolina original 3 órája
Isn't that cool once ur in a mood it will also be done in toliet,roof top,in crowd som where😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏I love this songgggggggggggg😍
Arinie Siti
Arinie Siti Napja
The Lyric i Heard : Maybe I'm not pretty, maybe I'm just fine ...
cheezy Napja
I love it
Jules dpx
Jules dpx Napja
C'est chanson a littéralement était écrite pour ma personne !! OMG :0 i love it
Uma Yanganee
Uma Yanganee 2 napja
Celeste Tellez
Celeste Tellez 2 napja
No one is ugly, we just live in a judgmental society. - Kim Namjoon Bts
Kim Tiara
Kim Tiara Órája
FluffyUnicorn 2 napja
I want a song to sing about it's okay to be ugly
Ruzay Nish
Ruzay Nish 2 napja
Fuck , this song is in my head since I heard the duet from tiktok . I was looking for that and it’s finally pop out in my YT.
Liam Quelaudren
Liam Quelaudren 2 napja
Whoever feels the lyrics touch their heart directly, clap your hands👏👏👏
Venusiq _
Venusiq _ 2 napja
I'll be back in 2 years. see you in two years! 👋
B O 2 napja
I saw this on TikTok a while back but this full version is fucking awesome
X D 2 napja
OMG That Song Just say what my brain thinks about... I was Waiting for this.
Sâ sa
Sâ sa 2 napja
I'm feeling the same🥺the others keep telling me that I'm pretty, but inside of me I feel the opposite, I don't know why. F#ck💔
Gracelynn Fountain
Gracelynn Fountain 2 napja
Honestly i could sing dis :< my apperince: kinda chunky,so many allergies (gluten dairey),red hair :P
Sergeja Reberšak
Sergeja Reberšak 2 napja
I'm obsessed with this song👌
Elzebieta xm
Elzebieta xm 2 napja
Kochaaam to
i love what you hate exo
i love what you hate exo 2 napja
lmao yeah i'm ugly
Irwen John Matullano 9SPA
Irwen John Matullano 9SPA 2 napja
haha same
megan Johnson
megan Johnson 2 napja
Listening to this on repeat in my way to work. It’s one of those songs that are so good that when it ends you’re like fuck that wasn’t long enough, so you play it again 🥰
ivan ho
ivan ho 2 napja
I am not pretty because I am not handsome. Like this if you get it.
Cris Tyl
Cris Tyl 2 napja
I fell inlove with this song after watching tiktok ❤️
jaycie picou
jaycie picou 2 napja
Anni KD
Anni KD 2 napja
Imagine how many people are listening with you right now ;)
Maroua Lemnadjlia
Maroua Lemnadjlia 2 napja
But i can't find way to lose weight without literally starving I feel this
Corine Tenkeu
Corine Tenkeu 2 napja
Literally singing *i’m not pretty , i’m just fine*
Sultan Temel
Sultan Temel 2 napja
Listen at 1.5 speed
Alan Rfy
Alan Rfy 2 napja
Always or Fucking. Chose Girl, Fucking it's better in the song
sami sami
sami sami 2 napja
Charlyn Bachini
Charlyn Bachini 2 napja
Abi Boulding
Abi Boulding 2 napja
I feel this but I’m the opposite I feel I’m not pretty cos I’m like a stick I can’t gain weight or have woman curves 😒 I will forever look like I have a child’s body and it’s horrible
Tereza Heřmanová
Tereza Heřmanová 2 napja
Totally love this song!!!
Bare Bears
Bare Bears 2 napja
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 napja
Very nice video...Great :)?
Ma. Gillian Managaysay
Ma. Gillian Managaysay 3 napja
Ik this song from tiktok girl
Nur Qaseh
Nur Qaseh 3 napja
Love it! It's so catchy!
Writocified 3 napja
this is the corniest shit i ever heard
I.T_Dreamer 3 napja
I'm Waiting to the one who make a dance moves in this song particularly in the chorus 💓💓💓 and upload it in tiktok cause it's so lit that "rup pum pum pum" 😅
Jazzy W
Jazzy W 3 napja
Fun fact in the past the people we see as chubby where more attractive people that meant that they had money everybody that was skinny was probably not eating enough food and couldn’t afford it
Daphne Hu
Daphne Hu 3 napja
I’ve lost 10 kilograms since last winter after I get myself out of some personal mental issues. And just a few days ago, some relatives I haven't seen in a long time touched my arms and said, “We thought there's no hope.”... Then for once, they say I look good without those teasing in their eyes. I was feeling good at first when I find out I get back my health, but after that day, I start to be afraid of getting the weight back. I run to stand on the scales every time I finish my meal. Then I begin to hope I can get thinner, just a little more, than a little more, more and more and more. Because for seventeen years long, that was the first time I realized the reason why people think it's ok to treat me like a joke is because of my body shape.
Dalal Mazloum
Dalal Mazloum 20 órája
I understand your pain. I’ve been fat shamed these past two years more than ever by my family (excluding my mom and siblings) and some “friends”.They said very hurtful things along the lines of “you need to lose weight because you look like a balloon” or “ you’ll look prettier if you lose that weight”. Now my self esteem is so bad that i sometimes hate going out and feel ashamed of my body. Im not even that overweight bruh. If i lose like 20kg I’ll have a model’s body lmao. I really want to lose weight to be more healthy and also prove them wrong or something but its really hard to find that motivation to do so. When i start eating healthy and go to the gym, i either stop the next week or binge eat due to stress/depression. How can someone stop eating unhealthy food if the others in the home are always buying and making them. Sorry for the rant, i just dont have anyone who truly understands my situation so i decided to talk to a complete stranger on youtube lol.
Drea Rein
Drea Rein 3 napja
😟 a bop tho
Anna Rubies
Anna Rubies 3 napja
Baguslah lagu mcm ni keluar huhu . Memahami gitu 😍
Dielle Felicity Gonzales
Dielle Felicity Gonzales 3 napja
I can boost ppls self esteem but I can't do it to myself
nezuko fangirl army
nezuko fangirl army 3 napja
WHO search this bcz of this famous song on tiktok👇😊😄
Erica Shackleford
Erica Shackleford 3 napja
no one is not ugly
Erica Shackleford
Erica Shackleford 3 napja
all she it true
Kyla Johnson
Kyla Johnson 3 napja
It hurts the most when you can relate to the song
Style Jinny
Style Jinny 3 napja
It's such a nice song. Love this 💖
Navayla Odeh
Navayla Odeh 3 napja
Why is this song like what I think about my self...?
taisha darcelin
taisha darcelin 3 napja
i always think i ugly and fat
I really miss you... Chill vibes
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