Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330

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isak 3 órája
To one who saw this comment we dont have much time. World is gonna invaded by imperial galactic empire dig under your basement. They are going to invade whole earth in seven days. Save your life. GO.
TheExplodingPie 3 órája
Bottle flip 101
meh 3 órája
To :me in the future If you ran out of money Go look under your fridge
Bluer than Xephos
Bluer than Xephos 4 órája
If he dabbed afterwards the ritual would've been completed and we would be back in 2016 lmao
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj 4 órája
Hello future ppls who will get this recommendation after 4 yrs
Jemimah E. Olive
Jemimah E. Olive 4 órája
This is what the internet is for 😂
Anika Richie
Anika Richie 4 órája
No one: HUpost recommendation in 2030:
Stay Chinguya
Stay Chinguya 4 órája
It's a whoah
OsPreY MediA
OsPreY MediA 4 órája
What is up with dudes and Christmas trees out of windows
SN J 4 órája
Nature finds it's way
JimmyFoxhound 4 órája
Guy: Christmas is over! Christmas Tree: I don’t think so! 🎄
Evolving_aspirant 4 órája
Experiment no 999.... Yes we got it.
Artem Katelnytskyi
Artem Katelnytskyi 4 órája
Lol. Ours is staying till March.
Killah2469 5 órája
Hello see u in 2030
bhawani singh
bhawani singh 5 órája
This is soon gonna be *TRENDING* !!!
hawli ördek
hawli ördek 5 órája
See you all in 5 years later
LexSus KR
LexSus KR 5 órája
Iñaki Zabala
Iñaki Zabala 5 órája
I am glad that I will be one of those epic old comments. Immortalize me people.
Top 10 Archive
Top 10 Archive 5 órája
RIP Bottle Flip Challenge (2016-2020). 2021 brings us the Tree Flip challenge.
R4mex 5 órája
Ludwig Vonn
Ludwig Vonn 5 órája
Hi there friend from another planet who came to live on Earth in the year 3078. This was internet in 2021.
cxiti_ 5 órája
I’m wondering why I click on everything in my recommendations
Muhammad Yusuf
Muhammad Yusuf 5 órája
Welcome to dude perfect trick shot
Ahmad Acai
Ahmad Acai 6 órája
i have already watched this now and please dont recommend this video to me after 10 years youtube!!
ㄨ_ㄨ 6 órája
Side 6 órája
it's the 14th of March 2023 how's things?
Arakasi Acoma
Arakasi Acoma 6 órája
He should have thrown it into the branches of that tree nearby so it would be there til next year.
Pradip Khant
Pradip Khant 6 órája
That day you were preparing for the test. . . . . . . .in case of recommendation after 15 years)
Anonymous ak!
Anonymous ak! 6 órája
Centre of mass and centre of gravity. Nothing fancy
Марія Крымовская
Марія Крымовская 6 órája
Ну здравствуй, "традиция" из детства(...
Rina 6 órája
Wow for once a random video that’s recommended that ISN’T from at least 6 years ago
Shumaila Salman
Shumaila Salman 6 órája
Minekidd :D
Minekidd :D 6 órája
Tree flip challenge!!!!11!!!!one!!!
Ari L
Ari L 7 órája
and twelve minutes later bitches on nextdoor were talking about “did anyone hear loud boom? sounded like gunshots?”
AC Life
AC Life 7 órája
Video of a falling christmas tree 3.4 million people: Hmm interesting...
Zestor plays
Zestor plays 7 órája
HUpost has got married It has changed itself It started recommending at the time of release of a video
Anonymous 7 órája
Grinch and his dog at 3: 00 In the morning before Christmas:
Ursula baddy Minecraft
Ursula baddy Minecraft 7 órája
ANNJEO 7 órája
See y'all here after 12 years here 😆😅
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 7 órája
“ 3 days ago” see you guys in 12 years when this is randomly recommended to us 😂
Aqwadora W
Aqwadora W 7 órája
Жалко столько ёлок выкидываетя
Łøvęr Bøÿ Dę Rÿdęr
Łøvęr Bøÿ Dę Rÿdęr 7 órája
Nawwaf Sudi
Nawwaf Sudi 7 órája
Oh god. Dont let this be the next bottle flip.
Vishvanth v
Vishvanth v 7 órája
Guy:throws christmas tree off 1st floor and it lands on its stump Meme makers:thats called a Christmas flip
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 7 órája
Gonna leave my comment here for years later recommendation
___aaron.m 7 órája
i’ll be back in 2032
Herlene Xyleena Adovas
Herlene Xyleena Adovas 7 órája
If you are watching this, you're a freaking legend.
hie 2030 im currently eating a cookie at 11:17pm
Bill Latibay
Bill Latibay 8 órája
Jan. 16, 2022 😉
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 8 órája
Jesus saved his tree.🙏🙏
Synthesized 8 órája
I love that soundwave
Gavin Powell
Gavin Powell 8 órája
Yeah! :D
Yshii stans Talent
Yshii stans Talent 8 órája
Idk why this is recommended to me but Stream Life Goes On
AYAN 8 órája
This tree is a better aerobatic than the lazy kids like us😔...
Blake Kruger
Blake Kruger 8 órája
In 8-12 years this is going to be one of the short recommended videos our generation gets. This comment is to leave a mark in history. Hello future people.
Lydia Vilums
Lydia Vilums 8 órája
Jesus loves you repent Hes coming back so so soon
Megamuffin 8 órája
Dude perfect at home lol
STAIND12300 8 órája
This is everything it says it is. I like it
Jung Jung
Jung Jung 8 órája
Gonna leave my comment here for years later recommendation
CODM noobthom
CODM noobthom 8 órája
It's too early to pop into my recommendations 😹
50 shades of Micheals hair
50 shades of Micheals hair 8 órája
Dude I bottle flip for the first time yesterday ad it landed !!! Him: try doing it with a Christmas tree *
Top Corner
Top Corner 8 órája
This “guy” is undoubtedly the Grinch
1215011Jason Lim
1215011Jason Lim 8 órája
guy: imma gonna rage christmas tree: nah
Cameron 8 órája
Him: what are the odds Tree: IKR DID YOU SEE THAT
Nathan Hansen
Nathan Hansen 8 órája
He sticks the landing!
Nobody 8 órája
That was a calm reaction...
Hillary Sudeikis
Hillary Sudeikis 9 órája
Don’t idolize Celebrities dear people, please worship Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth! Lord Jesus Christ didn’t even look like this, Roman Catholicism is a lie from hell, don’t practice it and don’t adhere to anything that contradicts the Holy Bible. Exodus 20:4 says not to make images into the Lord and not to bow down to them! Lord Jesus Christ is coming back everyone don’t worship celebrities and music, focus on Him alone, I promise there’s more to life than money, partying, homosexuality and music. Hell is real, repent from sinning confess your sins and ask God to forgive you, I know He will if you’re sincere.Anyone who thinks the Name of Lord Jesus Christ is a joke and who boldly mocks and scorns Him and takes pleasure in people like this is in for a big unpleasant surprise on judgement day. Hell is very hot people repent! In the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ! Lord Jesus Christ is coming back everyone don’t worship celebrities and music, focus on Him alone, I promise there’s more to life than money, partying, sex, homosexuality, swearing, immodesty and music. Hell is real, repent from sinning confess your sins and ask God to forgive you, I know He will if you’re sincere. Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Santa Clausism, Confucianism, halloweenism and other religions that are outside Christianity lead to hell, don’t believe them, believe the Almighty God and Father of Lord Jesus Christ who begot Him, our God is mighty He doesn’t need a woman to beget a son, He is God. I choose to put my faith in a God who can do anything and everything, a God who has unlimited power to beget!
I am here before 17 jan 2021 Jk my future self
Yuki_ Chaos
Yuki_ Chaos 9 órája
When the grinch isnt there to steal a Christmas tree so you throw it away to make him come instead
Reverse 9 órája
Remember me when you are recommended this in many years to come
gsn 20
gsn 20 9 órája
Only took 4 days for me someone's reading this in 2026
Asmit Bhattacharya
Asmit Bhattacharya 9 órája
Should feature Christmas tree flips in dude perfect
PhoeNicks 9 órája
How to make an entrance: *Tree edition*
David Evans
David Evans 9 órája
*Well, I guess that's one way to fell a tree.*
Kushal Sai
Kushal Sai 9 órája
Selyn Selyn
Selyn Selyn 9 órája
Bottle flip: Christmas tree edition
Olivia Reed
Olivia Reed 9 órája
Flex: Before it gets popular
Jordon Larsen
Jordon Larsen 9 órája
That shit was clean.
Super fruity
Super fruity 9 órája
Bottleflip christmas edition
M F 10 órája
all his life's luck got used up for this one moment
post 30
post 30 10 órája
No because their reaction were so weirdly lame😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣but ima glad they caught this on camera n thankful they shared with us
Shantanu Kulkarni
Shantanu Kulkarni 10 órája
You see it's simply based on Newton's laws of motion, the center of mass was at the bottom and the inertia..--- "No NO it's a Christmas miracle!!!"
Archana Karna
Archana Karna 10 órája
hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet🙂
Kay The
Kay The 10 órája
Come on guys... Why is everyone acting like people don’t just throw Christmas trees out of their apartment window and it lands? Wow that was impressive by the way 😂
Ritik Agarwal
Ritik Agarwal 10 órája
The guy looks so satisfied that it looks like he has been practicing for this very day for his entire life
DashingChannel 11 órája
Only 16 sec is enough to attract legends watching this
sawal nuwa
sawal nuwa 11 órája
Welcome to another episode of youtube random recomandation videos
Skxtches 11 órája
That christmas tree is a paid actor
Lulu12 Lola
Lulu12 Lola 11 órája
Wowwi wata s landing..
My name is Jep
My name is Jep 11 órája
Barby Lee
Barby Lee 11 órája
Its a sign of where we are these days...thats what it is
ジェレmimi 11 órája
See y'all after 10 years
Chris Q
Chris Q 11 órája
Tiramisu 11 órája
So this is how we start 2021
Elysiqn Vintxge
Elysiqn Vintxge 11 órája
Tree flip.
Colby Carter
Colby Carter 11 órája
Stopped by the comment section to read all the foreign trolls commenting on America. MAGA
Eudaimonic Wannabe
Eudaimonic Wannabe 12 órája
Clearly, Its a sign of god
Tea Banana
Tea Banana 12 órája
That's magic
three bees
three bees 12 órája
at first i thought he dabbed
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa 12 órája
The video was recorded bacwards 🤣
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