Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreos

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Oreos are one of the most beloved snacks out there but did you know that they have a DARK history? Theorists, let's talk about Hydrox cookies. Oh, you don't know what those are? They were Oreos BEFORE Oreos. That's right! That classic sandwich cookie taste you love so much did NOT start with Oreos! What happened? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Emily Shwake, and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Drooper Booper
Drooper Booper 40 perccel
So are you going to start buying hydrox now
Watty25 Órája
Shloyo Miller
Shloyo Miller 2 órája
"Shalom internet!" My life is complete
Angelica Medina
Angelica Medina 4 órája
C. Eat a cookie, then the filling, then the last cookie. Or E. Hear me out! Crush them in the milk. Eat like cereal. This has been a debate at work for a while!
Jonathan Gu
Jonathan Gu 4 órája
Eduwiges Melchor
Eduwiges Melchor 4 órája
Sydney Kelly
Sydney Kelly 5 órája
I eat my cookie is dunk it in milk & nibble away the soggy portion of the cookie
Travis Sam
Travis Sam 5 órája
Ruslanas Zajac
Ruslanas Zajac 8 órája
Death Grim
Death Grim 8 órája
D is what i am
mandaloves1 8 órája
Chris S
Chris S 8 órája
I remember one time on a Saturday morning I woke up went to the kitchen, ate an Oreo cookie that I left on the kitchen counter and got a nose bleed as soon I took a bite. I will never forget that.
LPS Foxstar
LPS Foxstar 8 órája
#boycottoreo hydrox 4 lyfe.....thoooo in my country we have a similar cookie but different colour called Domino i vastly prefer.....soo #dominoclub
MrPantherGaming23 10 órája
I love Oreos even more now
Asher Costanza
Asher Costanza 10 órája
David Chen
David Chen 11 órája
i can never trust oreos ever again
Tshitso Monareng
Tshitso Monareng 12 órája
dakter 475
dakter 475 12 órája
D for sure
Brad Makula
Brad Makula 13 órája
Can they remake that flashing commercial and have John C Reilly star in it? I feel like he's made for that role... This may bring Hydrox to the top of everyone's list. You're welcome.
MrPringle48 13 órája
If I try hydrox and they taste similar to or better than Oreos I will buy them exclusively in spite of oreo
Vinícius de A Batista
Vinícius de A Batista 14 órája
B, the answer is B
Willa Afton
Willa Afton 14 órája
Granola Raspberry
Granola Raspberry 17 órája
הא הא קשרות לול זה לא kashruth
darth sidious
darth sidious 19 órája
about kosher wouldnt the same thing apply to muslims as it is forbiden to eat pork in islam so if oreos become kosherized they would be halal and kosher increasing their market to 2 other religions and the size of islam is pretty massive and rapidly increasing
Rinchen Dorjee
Rinchen Dorjee 21 órája
Haider Ahmed
Haider Ahmed 22 órája
Bro muslims cant eat any kind of pig stuff so put that in mind 1.4 billion new customers dude
Kasheem Glenn
Kasheem Glenn 22 órája
Honestly I just eat my oreos whole like a Tarkatan from Mortal Kombat, FATALITY!
BringMeThe BaconCat
BringMeThe BaconCat 22 órája
mainly B, then A where I eat some of the Oreo then drink some milk, and also C when I’m almost done with the milk.
holly Napja
i mean it also made them vegan which is a growing trend
Viktor Napja
dip 70% of the oreo into milk then eat the whole thing, Soggy with a little crunch
SmokyAce Garage
SmokyAce Garage Napja
I mean I feel that they are about to sell at least 3 million packages now because of this video 😂
Eli Vincent
Eli Vincent Napja
d my answer is d
Nick VanRegenmorer
Nick VanRegenmorer Napja
Pop quiz..... uh..... D
Karen Tormon
Karen Tormon Napja
I'm d
Justin Rishmawi
Justin Rishmawi Napja
John Ornstein
John Ornstein Napja
I’m Jewish
TTM 1895
TTM 1895 Napja
A. Primarily, but sometimes D.
SUM41Y4 NA24M Napja
Wait. When you see real knock off oreos, they are a knock off of oreos, Oreos are a knock off of Hydrox. So aren’t the ‘Oreo knock offs’ hydrox knock offs? Including Oreos?
Team Bass
Team Bass Napja
Wait, if hydrox is still alive, I'll get some on my next store trip
Vincent Elizondo
Vincent Elizondo Napja
ToastAnimations Napja
if do “d.”
Henry Schnelle
Henry Schnelle Napja
All of the above...
King Lionex
King Lionex Napja
Sip the milk and then bite the Oreo. Milky and crunchy at the same time. Perfection.
victoria machado
victoria machado Napja
Next time I go to the store I’m looking for hydrox!
Thoughts Word Action BETA
Thoughts Word Action BETA Napja
Hail Hydrox
Capitan Rimarimus
Capitan Rimarimus Napja
Legitimate Person
Legitimate Person Napja
Anyone who said c is dead to me
Vince Flores
Vince Flores Napja
When I saw him on the floor I was like wth is he doing
Robert Staley
Robert Staley Napja
Bo Knows
Bo Knows Napja
E by the fist full
Alexander Baggett
Alexander Baggett Napja
werty coulog
werty coulog Napja
at 3am d but nomally b
Chrono Bretz
Chrono Bretz Napja
I eat mine with milk always milk dipped oreos just hit different
Sho Napja
i dont even eat oreos but ill buy hydrox just to spite them, also when i am at the grocery store ill push all the oreos to the back of the shelves and put hydrox at eye level. youre welcome hydrox!
Loli X Donut
Loli X Donut Napja
“The fake is far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it's more real than the real thing.” - Kaiki Deshu. i see thats why oreo win
Jake James Bautista
Jake James Bautista Napja
Im a d guy
ocarbot666 Napja
Sir Pokemon
Sir Pokemon Napja
A Savage
A Savage 2 napja
The awnser is D
Jehu Edson Motta Neto
Jehu Edson Motta Neto 2 napja
I am a d type of guy,but only when my parents aren't home🙃
Jehu Edson Motta Neto
Jehu Edson Motta Neto 2 napja
And that is a fact😌
David Montalvo
David Montalvo 2 napja
Mira Osterman
Mira Osterman 2 napja
Thomas Brinker
Thomas Brinker 2 napja
The hydrox cookie looked bigger in the commercial, so I want that one
switch 2 napja
I'm option B
Belle Cinko
Belle Cinko 2 napja
Shane The pro
Shane The pro 2 napja
Amanda Spurlock
Amanda Spurlock 2 napja
What Oreos are Oreos are before
CRVN Blaze
CRVN Blaze 2 napja
b and c
Froggy Edits
Froggy Edits 2 napja
Milligan Paul
Milligan Paul 2 napja
OMG! Did you say food companies were putting chalk, sawdust, and sulfuric acid in foods? they still do that!? I'll bet they do, maybe your next food theory should be on gross stuff we didn't realize were in our foods.
Samuel Paulin
Samuel Paulin 2 napja
Is it sad I liked Hydrox's commercial better?
Hi Ho
Hi Ho 2 napja
I don't even like oreos that much, I don't think they taste that good. I still find other brands better and tastier.
Wakka Flocka
Wakka Flocka 2 napja
Jake Loose be like “I’m feeling Ill, better go to Europe to recover” Joe- “But there’s a hospital a mile...” Jake-“NO I HAVE TO GO TO EUROPE TO GET BETTER”
Cassy Roblox
Cassy Roblox 2 napja
Omg everyone here boycott the Oreos and buy the other one NOWW2
Josephine Griffin
Josephine Griffin 2 napja
d mostly d
Ognjen Kostic
Ognjen Kostic 2 napja
Guy without a name
Guy without a name 2 napja
Jerry Stauffer
Jerry Stauffer 2 napja
D. Definitely D
Challenger's Approach
Challenger's Approach 2 napja
D I take the top of eat it then eat the wight middle part then eat the bottom part.
YoungOasis 2 napja
HYDROX ACTUALLY TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE UNLIKE OREOS- i said it, hydrox taste better and is better priced. they sell it in my local store!
blue cool 10
blue cool 10 2 napja
2:26 get dunked on oh boy I wonder where I've heard that phrase megalovania starts playing
Apeksha 2 napja
Honestly,now that I know what oreo is up to I don't mind giving a chance to Hydrox.
Carlos Bunag
Carlos Bunag 2 napja
Now I want to get hyrdrox now lmao
Madcity Twerkers
Madcity Twerkers 2 napja
Fun fact Oreos is actually a copy of the original called hydrox
Claire Weatherston
Claire Weatherston 2 napja
i choose b.
Mark'O 2 napja
I believe those who eat Halal can also eat Kosher. Being certified Kosher could open a huge market in Islamic countries.
Rangazee 2 napja
Kosher-keeping Jewish dude here. Oreo’s Kosher certification, while legit, is actually misleading. The packaging says OU-D on them. This would mean that they are Kosher and Dairy. However, Oreos actually contain NO dairy! If you call Oreo, or the Orthodox Union, they’ll tell you that Oreos contain NO dairy ingredients. So why does it say OU-D? It’s because the EQUIPMENT that Oreo uses at their factories were used with dairy products. For all the Jews that don’t eat meat and dairy together, or within a certain time frame of each other, know that Oreos and many alternative flavors are totally fine to eat with meat! (Just not at the exact same time 😊)
Rangazee 2 napja
I didn’t wanna put this in the main comment, but there’s also a Kosher certification called OU-DE (Kosher - Dairy Equipment). I don’t know why Oreo chose to say that they’re dairy, even though they’re not. They could’ve chosen the OU-DE certification, but they chose otherwise. I think the reason is that while some Oreo flavors are NOT dairy, there ARE Oreo flavors that are. So instead of Oreo putting the correct certification on each individual packaging, they can save money by saying that they’re all dairy. It also protects Kosher keeping Jews who assume that if one flavor is not dairy, then they all must be not dairy. This keeps them from eating meat and dairy accidentally. At the same time, there ARE companies that do distinguish between flavors. Pringles is a great example. Their plain flavor is parve (not dairy or meat), while all their other flavors are dairy! Yes, even the BBQ flavor Pringles are dairy! Alright, enough ranting. Any questions, I’m happy to answer
scp 173
scp 173 2 napja
Shalom matpat
dancing sith
dancing sith 2 napja
C and d
Hive777 2 napja
The best cookies hustle there way to the top lol
Hive777 2 napja
The loose brothers were masons or a cooperating body
Hive777 2 napja
Both designs are sacred geometry.... I didnt know the original design was the most sacred geometry of all..... and I’m def not letting anyone know so don’t ask
Darki darK D.K.
Darki darK D.K. 2 napja
patricepratt 2 napja
Nantaidōbutsu 2 napja
Probably more of a B kind of guy.
CoolCold 2 napja
Hamsili Pilav
Hamsili Pilav 2 napja
Also we (muslims) dont eat pig and stuff made from pig
nruto is the fam Sosa
nruto is the fam Sosa 2 napja
Peter Griffen
Peter Griffen 2 napja
Hydrox is trash.....Oreo for life!!
Aly Dreamer
Aly Dreamer 2 napja
I can’t believe I never heard about this!!
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