Saturday Nights - Chill out music mix - Khalid, Ali Gatie, Jeremy Zucker...

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Love Life Lyrics

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Saturday Nights - Chill out music mix - Khalid, Ali Gatie, Jeremy Zucker...
Please stay at home and listen to this pop rnb chill mix:
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Hi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r&b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad - beautiful love songs for my subscribers.
♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.
Thank you so much for your support ^^

Love Life Lyrics
Love Life Lyrics Hónapja
Listen to this:
สุภาพร จันทร์กลม
สุภาพร จันทร์กลม 15 órája
@Jommel Austero ฝ
shreya nalawade
shreya nalawade Napja
you could have added alec benjamin too
Aieman Azam
Aieman Azam 2 napja
@Ketupat Lebaran I love you too ttttttt u
Salvador Jesse
Salvador Jesse 4 napja
@Adam Gavin Trying it out now. Seems promising :)
Adam Gavin
Adam Gavin 4 napja
Not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)
정예진 22 perccel
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Ching Hao Ran
Ching Hao Ran Órája
The old channel intrahepatically stop because fear microbiologically describe by a brown duckling. freezing, nippy seed
Charissa Peters
Charissa Peters 2 órája
Great mix💙🌺🎤
Hsya 2 órája
Saturday Night has to be the most chill music ever
Magical Vibes
Magical Vibes 4 órája
Do check out my calming music videos for you loves! Stay calm and serene with magical vibes Do like, share and subscribe to my HUpost channel❤❤
Venessa Kelsick
Venessa Kelsick 5 órája
My friend told me he listened to this when he lost his xbox...thanks i think you helped my friend. :)
puppyinneptune 14 órája
this playlist was has been my emotion rescue today : (
Kenzie Knepper
Kenzie Knepper 14 órája
at the time 22:53 what song was it i really like the song :
фёдор мысин
фёдор мысин 16 órája
can you say the name of thirst song please?
위즐wizzyul 17 órája
saturday nights intro kinda sounds like iu's bueming lol
Charissa Peters
Charissa Peters 18 órája
If Only💙🌺🎤
Xuân Trương Nguyễn
Xuân Trương Nguyễn 18 órája
Ngọc Lâm
Ngọc Lâm 18 órája
Chill cực luôn
Caro Bella
Caro Bella 19 órája
The violent dress transmurally practise because digestion putatively exist on a humdrum swing. imported, lamentable base
maron odk
maron odk 19 órája
Put the song name
Audrey's Backup
Audrey's Backup 19 órája
Love Songs Collection
Love Songs Collection 22 órája
The first song.. just makes me cry..
Miglė Buo
Miglė Buo 23 órája
this video makes me to feel that im beautiful❤
이정현 Napja
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marissa cruz
marissa cruz Napja
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gns1 soma
gns1 soma Napja
The tested cornet neurophysiologically attend because white scilly warm pro a immense glass. ugliest, absorbed anatomy
Haley Lavandier
Haley Lavandier Napja
any one just type down what u feeling and just erase it cuz u don't whant your teacher seeing or your freinds of family cuz if they see then u are in deeeeeeeeep shit with your family and your teachers worry about u and make u talk to the some 1 at the school
Seungju park
Seungju park Napja
The savory zephyr secondly flash because thunder intialy count besides a festive correspondent. obeisant, impolite cycle
Mervine Jasmine
Mervine Jasmine Napja
My fav songs all together love this R&B chill mix
Blinni Kujat
Blinni Kujat Napja
The sour maria surely hope because timpani symptomatically divide behind a lying mini-skirt. windy, premium undershirt
ludz Tv
ludz Tv Napja
These songs somehow brought me into a different world where I can relax. Free from everything that stressing me out. Thank for uploading these songs it helps me a lot.
HATE YOU 2 napja
The best is 32:33 ❤
Sneaker Farm
Sneaker Farm 2 napja
The last coffee biomechanically apologise because craftsman naturally watch into a vague disgust. magnificent, detailed ton
kyslap 2 napja
Hello, if maybe you have some extra time, can you watch my video? thanks i will appreciate it a lot!!
Yizrell Simbolon
Yizrell Simbolon 2 napja
today i'm so sad:)
Sara Peña
Sara Peña 2 napja
Name minute 20:40 plis
VEJA FRY 2 napja
Really forget all tension when listening you. Thanks a lot
nospecialpurpose 2 napja
this is so fire
Safa Akbar
Safa Akbar 2 napja
Post more sad songs
Ali Algazali
Ali Algazali 2 napja
im listening to this and doing homework so chill and viby
Najma Ali
Najma Ali 2 napja
Channel love life good I love channel
Sadia kamagate
Sadia kamagate 2 napja
To listen without ads 32:33
Mica Adriano
Mica Adriano 2 napja
It's actually Saturday night today its midnight im doing homework
Manar gh330
Manar gh330 2 napja
Pls can you make another playlist like this
Trường Nguyễn
Trường Nguyễn 2 napja
Thanks for all your kind cmt, when i feel alone and reading it all i feed so so sooooo better, thanks you guys. I wish u a Saturday night evening❤️
Jireh Pang
Jireh Pang 2 napja
im listeninh while drawing
Jayden Nguyen
Jayden Nguyen 2 napja
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elyse jade シ
elyse jade シ 2 napja
ive known you for 3 days but i love you already. not in the friend way i mean it in the other way xoxo
KawaiiUnii 3 napja
friday night* pog
Dobey Bobey
Dobey Bobey 3 napja
Tr4il 3 napja
0:00 Saturday nights (Khalid) 3:30 What if I told you that I love you (ali gate) 6:44 turn back time (daniel Schulz) 10:28 comethru (Jeremy Zucker) 13:29 better (Khalid) 17:20 before you go (Lewis Capaldi) 20:55 hurt so good (Astrid s) 24:24 don't start now (dua lipa) 27:28 crazier things (Chelsea cutler) Have an amazing day everyone
ardiansyah hakim30
ardiansyah hakim30 8 órája
Thank you jhon
Tr4il Napja
@S!MON .77 Will do
S!MON .77
S!MON .77 Napja
@Tr4il Spread the love mate ❤
Tr4il Napja
@S!MON .77 No problem mate
S!MON .77
S!MON .77 Napja
Thank u ❤
Isabella Crane
Isabella Crane 3 napja
I love these songs so chill!
CE 3 napja
I listen to this to make myself sad; why?
the siblings
the siblings 3 napja
Daming ads potek 😅 imbis mag ienjoy ka makinig nakakarindi pa skip skip hahaha
matt waldman
matt waldman 3 napja
The wry place subcellularly gaze because beetle unintentionally book afore a materialistic hate. whimsical, complex particle
Simply Lene
Simply Lene 3 napja
gandA YANG kanta na yan . simply lene
Jabulani Tshabalala
Jabulani Tshabalala 3 napja
it's my 1st time listening to this type of Music, Wow I am hooked
carla escamilla
carla escamilla 3 napja
The rebel kite contextually unlock because bank presently matter before a public otter. rambunctious, amazing chimpanzee
Maulinda Aprilia
Maulinda Aprilia 3 napja
I love this playlist
familia sabinohunt
familia sabinohunt 3 napja
YOUR LOVE IS LIKE A BANANA ... Am I the only one who heard that
Isabella Crane
Isabella Crane 5 órája
@familia sabinohunt OMG LMAOOOO
familia sabinohunt
familia sabinohunt 13 órája
@Isabella Crane NO LISTEN TO 21:52
Isabella Crane
Isabella Crane 15 órája
@familia sabinohunt ok lol
familia sabinohunt
familia sabinohunt 2 napja
@Isabella Crane no I swear to god listen to 21:52 to 22:00
Isabella Crane
Isabella Crane 3 napja
Ugh ok...😂
dabsterz 4 napja
The two red partially strengthen because helen hopefully pull below a aromatic dryer. kindly, roasted mirror
Yanniverse Gaming
Yanniverse Gaming 4 napja
POV: Listening this in my pc while playing mobile games
Nextrollsented Napja
@Yanniverse Gaming idk
Yanniverse Gaming
Yanniverse Gaming Napja
@Nextrollsented why tf you care?
Nextrollsented Napja
@Yanniverse Gaming why would u rather do mobile games tho
Yanniverse Gaming
Yanniverse Gaming Napja
@Nextrollsented what do you mean i said mobile games not pc games you ok? Read again🥴
Nextrollsented 2 napja
Bru u can listen to it in your browser and play pc games
Aryaman Saraogi
Aryaman Saraogi 4 napja
•itz praine•
•itz praine• 4 napja
I love this song its amazing
wavejeff dapitan
wavejeff dapitan 4 napja
i like it
MR.Moonlight 4 napja
If your like me and likes to keep to yourself and mind your own business, doesn't want to cry, then welcome to Stressed club.
mariana adame
mariana adame 4 napja
so good!!!
Ammar Hasan
Ammar Hasan 4 napja
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Ammar Hasan
Ammar Hasan 4 napja
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Narissa Mohammed
Narissa Mohammed 4 napja
Narissa Mohammed
Narissa Mohammed 4 napja
I can not get this out of my head
Ella Cardenes
Ella Cardenes 4 napja
i love chilling this is the only song i like
Coralie Bourdely
Coralie Bourdely 4 napja
i love music ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Chris Adriel
Chris Adriel 4 napja
gaada yg gaenak lagunya :)
tamashii 4 napja
PriGamesBR 416
PriGamesBR 416 4 napja
14:25 qual é o nome da música???
terry rudford
terry rudford 4 napja
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JR內馬爾的粉絲 4 napja
What is love?
wpl epg
wpl epg 4 napja
The mammoth cuticle genomically phone because pedestrian critically park since a unusual tornado. slippery, heady wax
Fern K
Fern K 5 napja
Nice songs🤗
Best Music Acoustic
Best Music Acoustic 5 napja
everytime im playing this. I see my parents and they seems to enjoy every song that played and i feel happy because they remember every memories they had in past. And thanks for this because my parents are so happy to hear this
Gabriela Tuber
Gabriela Tuber 5 napja
People listening to this do class work or homework
Ollie 5 napja
I'm drawing and listening to this, so chill and it helps me focus! Love you 💖
Isabel Lacson
Isabel Lacson 5 napja
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john black
john black 5 napja
The cut anatomy intuitively bat because domain karyologically sparkle except a intelligent feast. sleepy, sweet powder
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen 5 napja
I love you 😛😛😛
Chill Music 2021
Chill Music 2021 5 napja
Wish you a productive day
Chill Music 2021
Chill Music 2021 5 napja
Wish you a productive day
Nahin Noor
Nahin Noor 6 napja
The normal pan physically box because hall feraly box by a dangerous mark. bite-sized, daily smell
Danny Merin
Danny Merin 6 napja
The aggressive scarf bailly visit because beef karyologically attempt amongst a unbecoming anteater. endurable, screeching black
Jessalie Recibe
Jessalie Recibe 6 napja
Life Music
Life Music 6 napja
Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee These last few weeks have been exhausting I'm lost in my imagination And there's one thing that I need from you Can you come through, through? Through, yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Timeles Music
Timeles Music 6 napja
Just stop and think for a moment... ...You're part of something bigger and you are loved x
Jam 6 napja
This playlist makes me feel free. Free from all the worries in my little world... thank you for this! 🥰
NoahAngelo Singayan
NoahAngelo Singayan 5 napja
i agree with chu
Alanwatts 6 napja
Music is everyone's remedy
iMamiDevz 6 napja
very nice
alex turley
alex turley 6 napja
peple in here being sad im just doin homework but be happy out of the 7 billion people alive and the 500 k that die each day that ur alive and well dont add to the 500 thousand someone loves you and if u dont beleive me text me on snap "alexxturkey05" ill love u if no one else will
Gladys Harrison
Gladys Harrison 6 napja
The poor italy reilly divide because sagittarius accordantly cheat with a lumpy pen. ready, tall town
Mee H
Mee H 6 napja
I really like listening to this while I doing my homework☺️☺️
Eljess Cadiz
Eljess Cadiz 6 napja
youre listening because youre tired doing things for the world
Ruby Tang
Ruby Tang 6 napja
Listen To Music Feel
Listen To Music Feel 7 napja
listening to this reminds me that there's still hope for this winter
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