My 2022 Formula 1 Driver Predictions

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Here we go, it's Driver Predictions time yet again. Who's going to take to the grid in 2022, and at which teams? Here's what I think.
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Tommo Hónapja
Well done if you clocked the 11/10 easter egg btw. If you get it, you get it. 😅👏 Go give the mystery F1 HUpostr link a smash will ya, spread the love. 🙌 And thank you for highlighting I forgot to update the graphics from 2021 to 2022. Your comments help the algorithm. 😉
Aaron Carson Rogerson
Aaron Carson Rogerson 7 napja
Alfa Romeo partnership ends soon, i was reading that Antonio Govinazzi seat something todo with wanting Italian drivee
Stick 2
Stick 2 Hónapja
Renault will get rid of Ocon. Bottas and Ocon will go to Williams because they wont need the money if their gonna become the mercedes Bteam. also Giovinazzi and Illott at Alfaromeo
KieferClarkF1 Hónapja
Tommo, mate the reason Renault brought Fernando back was specifically for the new cars/regulations. And no mention of Ilott or Schwartzman? I see one of them at Alfa Romeo instead of Nico. And regardless of the money, Mazepin will not be in that seat for 2022. I think he will underperform. And I see Bottas/Russell at Mercedes in 2022.
RajveerGaming Hónapja
the title says 2022 driver Predictions but the video says 2021 driver Predictions
Silent Wolf Streaming
Silent Wolf Streaming 4 órája
I’d personally put Aitken in Williams and Bottas is just out of F1. Maybe rallying in Finland or something.
Child2.0 13 órája
No rookie drivers? Wierd
f. zrk
f. zrk 21 órája
I could see nyck de vries getting a f1 seat if his F E season continues this well
Attal Ibrahimi
Attal Ibrahimi 2 napja
I just wasted 12 minutes watching this annoying video. It is not "BoooAsss" it is "Bottas"
Bostoner 3 napja
Love the lineups, but there is no chance Alonso is not with Alpine in 2022. He even told them to focus on 2022, like you obviously know. That's the entire reason he signed. Barring some massive, dramatic, unforseen circumstance it's just not gonna happen.
TSA Brawl Stars
TSA Brawl Stars 3 napja
Kimi won't fell cool 2022 car speed drive😥😥😥😥😥😥 Corona maked its not gona be now but in 2022 when he will retire😥😥😥😥
Greavsey 3333
Greavsey 3333 5 napja
This is an under rated prediction but I think Ocon will be in Mercedes in 2022
Idrafel 5 napja
Alpha will be Callum illot and Antonio
Dunny Rat
Dunny Rat 5 napja
I agreed with most comments but the one comment about Ocon being in the same league as Ricciardo. No way, that race that Ocon got second was the team and possibly Ricciardo making the wrong call at pitstop. But having said that I do believe that Ocon is a talent, but I don't see Alonso not running out his 2 years. The problem Gasly has is he needs to prove consistently that he is a good driver because of what happened at Red Bull. The talent that is in F1 you need to prove consistently you are worthy of a good seat or a good number 2 like Bottas, Sainz or Perez
Łukasz Kalmus
Łukasz Kalmus 5 napja
but Ocon hates Gasly, they dont like each other. They used to be best friends in theirs teenage years, but it went wrong while competing at one point. This is one of most negative relations in current f1 I guess.
muhdfuad 24
muhdfuad 24 6 napja
Ocon and Gasly? Pffffttttttt
Team_Hunter 6 napja
I just know lewis hamilton will quit after the 2021 season
George 6 napja
My predictions Mercedes: Verstappen and Russel RedBull: Perez and Hulkenberg Mclaren: Norris and Ricciardo Aston Martin: Vettel and Stroll Alpine: Ocon and Gasly Alpha Tauri: Tsunoda and Daruvala Alfa Romeo: Giovinazzi and Illot Haas: Schumacher and Mazepin Williams: Latifi and Bottas/Aitkin/Chadwick
Thinuka Wijerathne
Thinuka Wijerathne 6 napja
Ferrari will dominate 2022
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief 7 napja
You're an Albon fanboy mate. Pierre is a Grand Prix winner now.
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief 7 napja
I predict leclerc making some two-moves on Sainz haha. Seriously though, ever since Austria 2019 he defends so aggressively. Perhaps too aggressive. Could cost him a penalty or a DNF in 2021.
Avilio Bruno
Avilio Bruno 8 napja
Hey tommy I would say Illiot and Hulkenberg in Alpha rather than Gionazzi
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar 10 napja
Squarespace? Go to hell you bloody liar tommo. Alexander The Great Albon sponsored this. Don't lie to us Tommo.😜😂 But we love you too so please love us more than you love alex 😂😂😂😂
Justin Chung
Justin Chung 11 napja
Finally, someone who believes Gasly and Ocon in Alpine.
Shivalingaraj K Lingaiah
Shivalingaraj K Lingaiah 11 napja
tommo on his deathbed - " kimi will retire......"
Sandra Rago
Sandra Rago 13 napja
Not as sure about Hulkenberg back to F1 as you. Too much F2 talent on the way up..... and I thought Alanso had a 2 year contract, could be mistaken. And it’s a fair bet if Alonso is running, Kimi will run. Lastly - if you replace Bottas with Russell, who goes in when Hamilton retires from driving? Bottas is a great wingman. They may wait one more year if Sir Lewis stays- let George prove he can lead a team on the rise, then promote him to the top spot.
Terrapog 13 napja
Only real problem i have with this is the lack of rookies i could see shwartzman,vips or ticktum step up
MARKI 14 napja
Alonso tiene contrato de 3 temporadas Ns porque teneis tanto asco
Krabislaw 16 napja
Hulkenberg and giovinacci?? No, It must be Robert's from F2 seat
Emilio Karam
Emilio Karam 16 napja
Where are the new promoted drivers for this year??
Yes, we have no bananas today
Yes, we have no bananas today 20 napja
Tommo makes a decent case for each of his predictions... and he could very well be right on all of them. The only ones I have serious doubts about are Alpine and Alpha Romeo. The match up of Gasly and Ocon would be a good one I think, and it would make sense in a lot of ways... except for 1 big stumbling block - you guessed it; one Mr. Fernando Alonso Diaz. It's not that I think that Fred is going to set the world on fire at Alpine, challenge for wins and reclaim his old glory. It's that he's such a massive persona and it was with such hype that they brought him back, that I just can't see them parting with him after just one year. That would be a big blow to Fred and his ego and something of an admission of a mistake by the team. As for Alfa Romeo, I agree; Kimi will surely retire (where have I heard/said that before) but if he does, there are a couple of hot shoes waiting in the Ferrari stable to step in. I've always liked Hulk but I wish, for his sake, he'd just go away and find himself something else to do. Indy, DTM, IMSA, whatever. Anything where he can go and be successful instead of doing what he's already wasted far too many of his productive years doing.... riding around aimlessly in dead end, back marker F1 cars with little to hope for besides maybe, possibly, grabbing that elusive P10 spot for a single point. It's embarrassing! I get it, F1 is special and it's where you want to be but Hulk has got "yesterday" written all over him. He's been around now for well over 10 years and no big name team has come calling so it's safe to assume that none will be now. He gave it his best shot and good on him but it didn't happen so it's time to accept reality and move on.
Tóth Benedek
Tóth Benedek 21 napja
*My 2022 driver prediction:* *Mercedes: *Russell & Bottas* *Red Bull: Verstappen & Pérez* *Ferrari: Leclerc & Sainz* *McLaren: Ricciardo & Norris* *Aston Martin: Vettel & Stroll* *Alpine: Alonso & Ocon* *Alpha Tauri: Tsunoda & Gasly* *Alfa Romeo: Giovinazzi & Ilott* *Haas: Schumacher & Mazepin* *Williams: Latifi & Aitken*
JLvatron 21 napja
Interesting Vid-jo! I don't see Alonso leaving Renault so soon, nor do I see Bottas settling for Williams nor the huge pay cut it'll mean. I think Valterri would go to Alfa Romeo; sorry, Hollywoodberg. Ocon to Williams, loaned by Renault, to replace Alonso in 2023. Giovinazzi will be replaced at Alfa by the next Ferrari Academy driver. As for Mazepin, you said money talks, and I agree. So Haas will replace him with another pay driver.
Anatoli_RUS 21 napja
You got Albon wrong, he's been a clown long enough. If Gasly somehow leaves for Alpine, Kvyat will probably take his spot. For Alfa Romeo, I think Shwartsman or Ilott will take Kimi's/Antonio's spot. Bottas going to Williams is... just no. He knows better than going to a sub-par team like that and will probably go rallying full-time. Replacing him might be (once again in my list) Daniil Kvyat. He wanted to do that once in 2018 but Sirotkin bought the seat, so I suppose he might try that again if an AT spot doesn't free up.
Terrapog 13 napja
Kvyat isn't gonna go back to alpha tauri again Vips or Lawson are more likely to get the drive but i agree it's unlikely Albon is coming back either
Keira Harris_20
Keira Harris_20 21 napja
People are saying lewis signed a 1 year contract with merc
Rugby Crave
Rugby Crave 21 napja
Russel won’t sign for Mercedes if Hamilton is still there he said in his contract to not have Russel sign if he is at the team my line up would be bottas and Russel
Erlik Quadros
Erlik Quadros 22 napja
My predictions: McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Red Bull and Alpha Tauri stay the same I bet Nikita is gonna screw up so bad that no money in the world would be able to secure him a seat, so I want to believe it's gonna be Schumacher and Ilott. (Unless papa Dimitriy buys the team) I'll play a wild card here and say that Hamilton leaves Mercedes to give way to Russell, and he'll be paired with Valtteri. The Finn is the dream driver for Mercedes to drive alongside an insanely talented man like Hamilton or Russell. George is still evolving but he showed us all at Sakhir what he is capable of, so if the 2016 season taught any lesson to Mercedes is that they MUST NOT HAVE IN ANY HYPOTHESIS two superdrivers. Valtteri is not good enough to challenge for the WDC title but he is good enough to secure the Constructors title and keep Red Bull at bay. At Williams, Latifi and Aitken would be the most conservative bet. And if Lewis is not fed up with F1 altogether, I think he would be offered a seat at Alpine to pair with Ocon. I don't care what happens to Alfa Romeo! lol
Li 22 napja
Alonso 2012 > Alonso 05/06
George 22 napja
Norris will join Mercedes alongside George Russell for 2022 and albon will not return
john jones
john jones 22 napja
Alonso has a 2 year, we have no idea what kind of contract Gasly has with Red Bull (the organization, not the team), and Hamilton and Perez's one year deals speak volumes to how big a shake up is being anticipated from the 2022 cars.
FellianTheDragon 23 napja
My Predictions: McLaren: Ricciardo & Norris Aston Martin: Vettel & Stroll Ferrari: Leclerc & Sainz Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen & Giovinazzi Haas: Schumacher & Perez Red Bull: Verstappen & Hulkenburg Alpha Tauri: Albon & Tsunoda Alpine: Alonso & Gasly Mercedes: Russell & Ocon Williams: Hamilton & Latifi (bit of a stretch I know) Panthera (Yep, potentially a new team next year): Bottas & Magnussen
Joseph CALLERY 23 napja
was just watching this back and i'm ashamed i didn't pick up on the 69 retweet and 420 likes lmao
Lewis Dyson
Lewis Dyson 25 napja
2 adverts in 3 minutes is taking the piss
Sebon F1
Sebon F1 26 napja
Surely Illot or Schwartzmann would be preferred over HUlk or Gio?
Sebon F1
Sebon F1 26 napja
Bottas waiting it out Williams could work, as Lewis could retire soon and free up a spot for Bottas again.
Meeds 26 napja
at 5:30 your graphic says 'Red Bull' when it should say 'Mercedes' btw!
Stan 27 napja
I dont think Hamilton will allow Mercedes to sign Russel to be his teammate.
ok ok
ok ok 27 napja
wel this can go out the window with lewis is special contract
Aida Đulović
Aida Đulović 27 napja
Honestly, I've been into Formula 1 since 2004 and I can firmly say, (and this is not just because I'm huge Alonso fan), Alonso did not return in F1 just to be in it for 1 season. He got that 2 season contract in Alpine and he said it in interview himself 2021 is like a test season and that them all as a team expect some real results in 2022. So he ain't going anywhere for at least 2 yrs.
SCM_Raikkonen7 28 napja
Mercedes Bottas (Retire after 2022) Russell RedBull Verstappen Perez McLaren Norris Ricciardo Aston Martin Vettel (Retire after 2022) Stroll Alpine Alonso (Retire after 2022) Gasly Ferrari Sainz Leclerc Alpha Tauri Tsunoda Vips Alfa Romeo Hülkenberg Shwartzman Haas Schumacher Williams Latifi Nissany
navy ash
navy ash 29 napja
I can agree with this honestly, I am not a big gio fan tho so I wouldn't mind if in 2022 season had two new drivers there, I think that maybe a new bee and Nico would be a good fit but further I can totally agree with this altho I do have to be honest about that I looking forward to the year that Nyck joins cuz he was worldchamp for a reason in 2019 in the F2 so I hope that he finds his way to F1 in the next few years but also, their are so much young talented drivers atm that sadly don't make it to F1 but I really really do hope that Nyck joins soon
Online Ghost
Online Ghost 29 napja
I don't like you.
Daniel Medveczky
Daniel Medveczky 29 napja
And what about Callum Ilott. I think he well be in F1 for 2022
Brett Zimmerman
Brett Zimmerman Hónapja
“They love the French in France” LMAOOO
Davide De Lorenzo
Davide De Lorenzo Hónapja
I think alfa romeo will be giovinazzi ilott
Davide De Lorenzo
Davide De Lorenzo 28 napja
@SCM_Raikkonen7 maybe, but i thing that mazepin will be fired and shwartzman will go to haas
SCM_Raikkonen7 28 napja
Shwartzman is more likely
Throstur Thorvaldsson
Throstur Thorvaldsson Hónapja
Happy to see Hulkenberg. he is won of them best.
alexious mloza
alexious mloza Hónapja
Put back vattrit bottas to mercedes
felipe gutierrez morillo
felipe gutierrez morillo Hónapja
Alonso has been hired with a view to 2022, not 2021. Also, there is not way Hamilton's management will allow Russell alongside their man. The boy is too good...
SCM_Raikkonen7 28 napja
Bottas Russell are driving for Mercedes in 2022 i believe
Kimi isn't even 50! Retirement? Dude you're trippin'..
Genkku Hónapja
Bottas has to win the WDC or be less than 50 points behind Lewis. He may get one more chance with Merc, since the cars are changing a lot in 2022, and the development has been going on for a while. Giovinazzi swaps with Ilott or Swartzman. Kimi will retire if the car underperforms again. But don't see Hulkenberg coming back to F1 anymore, unless someone gets hit by covid again and he manages to impress with top 5 finishes or something. Bottas and Ocon are better choices. If Russel replaces Bottas and Alfa outperforms Williams again, Bottas goes to Alfa. (Finn replacing a Finn, like Kimi and Hakkinen) Gasly to Alpine and Albon to Tauri seems plausible.
Ayu.web Hónapja
valtteri will retire after this season
Ethan Scroggins
Ethan Scroggins Hónapja
would haas ever go for an american pay driver (Logan Sargeant) down the line?
charm ander
charm ander Hónapja
I d rather believe in Alonso with Gasly or Zhou or Lungard rather than Gasly with Ocon
Florent Abadie
Florent Abadie Hónapja
But what am I gonna do without my Kimi?
Chris Fortune
Chris Fortune Hónapja
The only one I disagree with is Alpine as they are going through a management upheaval at the moment so I doubt they will want to repeat with a driver reset next year. That said this is assuming Alonso performs to a decent level, I think the combination of recently changed management, Alonso on a 2 year contract (I think) and the rules changing will see Gastly as test/back up driver till Alonso's contract ends
Thor Agust
Thor Agust Hónapja
come on, there is only one reason Bottas is still driving for mercedes, Lewis Hamilton really likes winning
Barney McCreery
Barney McCreery Hónapja
9:01 I don’t think u mean cyril lol
Esteban Gutierrez
Esteban Gutierrez Hónapja
Nobody This guy: _Barly_ Bottas
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron Hónapja
*MERCEDES - George Russell & Valtteri Bottas/Esteban Ocon* Yep, a controversial decision to start with. After Lewis Hamilton wins his 8th F1 world championship in 2021, the 36 year old British motor-racing legend will retire from Formula 1 leaving his seat vacant for the next British protégé George Russell after another stunning season with Williams, seeing him outscore both Haas drivers and teammate Nicholas Latifi's total... combined. The second seat is harder to predict in my eyes; Mercedes can either play it safe by keeping hold of their current second driver Valtteri Bottas, or they can do what they originally wanted to in 2019, and replace Bottas with Esteban Ocon. *RED BULL - Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez* Verstappen is on contract for 2022. After good signs of development in 2021, both in terms of car feedback and driving ability, Red Bull play it safe in 2022 and keep Sergio Perez in their second seat. *MCLAREN - Daniel Ricciardo & Lando Norris* Both drivers are on contract for 2022. *FERRARI - Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz Jr* Both drivers are on contract for 2022. *ASTON MARTIN - Sebastian Vettel & Lance Stroll* Vettel is on contract for 2022, alongside the owner's son. Need I continue? *ALPINE - Fernando Alonso & Pierre Gasly* Alonso is on contract for 2022. Meanwhile, despite an improved 2021 by Ocon, there is speculation over his drive for next year with French rival Pierre Gasly who is looking elsewhere for a drive higher in the rankings. With everywhere else seemingly filled or, in Red Bull's case, he's already been there and it didn't work, the only option he has left is with Alpine. *ALPHA TAURI - Alexander Albon & Yuki Tsunoda* Yuki Tsunoda shows signs of a star in the making throughout 2021, thus keeping his seat at Alpha Tauri heading into next year. With Pierre Gasly heading to Alpine, the Frenchman is replaced by Red Bull's 2021 reserve driver Alexander Albon who, lest we forget, did impress with the team in 2019. *ALFA ROMEO - Antonio Giovinazzi & Callum Ilott* After a good showing throughout 2021, even outscoring his teammate, Antonio Giovinazzi is resigned with Alfa Romeo heading into 2022. Meanwhile 2021 will be the 41 year old Kimi Raikkonen's final year as a Formula 1 race driver. In his place will be the young and exciting British potential Callum Ilott. Side note, should Alfa still need him, I see no harm in signing Kimi to a test role for 2022 (note how I said final year as a *race* driver in 2021). *WILLIAMS - Nicholas Latifi & Jack Aitken* Nicholas Latifi is already on contract heading into 2022 thanks in large part to his financial backing. With George Russell departing ways with the Oxfordshire based team, Jack Aitken is called to replace him after a quiet but solid debut race at the Sakhir Grand Prix in 2020. *HAAS - Mick Schumacher & Nikita Mazepin* Both drivers are on contract for 2022.
Kuulakanava Hónapja
hulkenberg to alfa? bottas to williams? please dont make me laugh.
C Hónapja
Don’t you do this to Kimi! He’ll last until 2025 atleast.
Leon Curtis
Leon Curtis Hónapja
Cyril Gonna bang there heads together and say sort it out lads: that aged well
Big Pete
Big Pete Hónapja
9.01 Cyril? This didn't age well
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
Sofian Hassaine Year 9 Hónapja
Sorry mate, it looks like you forgot what F2 was. Hulk is the same age as Lewis or Seb. No chance he'll get into Alfa Romeo for me, I think Schwartzman or Ilott alongside Antonio is a better lineup, maybe even bringing back Wehrlein or Ericsson into the sport would be a better move. Hulk is still without a podium, it's time he got one, not time he drove in the midfield. Also, I don't think Hamilton will sign. Maybe he will. If he doesn't, Bottas will keep his seat, and Aitken will go to Williams.
Core_rossi Hónapja
We all no Kimi wont retire
Sam Tompkins
Sam Tompkins Hónapja
I hope Hamilton retires. I love the guy, but he's done his bit, and he should retire at the top of his game. BUT he probably wants to prove he can win in the new cars too so you're probably right. But if he stays for 2022, when does he retire then?
Mark Shueard
Mark Shueard Hónapja
everyone overrates Hulkenberg . Super Super Talented you say? How many podiums ? How many excuses?
dev ravi
dev ravi Hónapja
the new dude at alpine watching: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN
dev ravi
dev ravi Hónapja
WHY HAVENT I WATCHED THIS YET. also yes hulk needs to come back. please.
arfived4 Hónapja
Vettel and Alonso will both retain their seats, barring disasters, owing to the 'value added' they provide as former world champions. Kimi will retire when he dies. Mercedes will keep the same drivers, unless Hamilton retires - there's no point hiring another driver to do what Bottas does when you already have Bottas doing it. I can see Red Bull paying a pretty penny to get Russell in to replace Perez, as he fits their 'hot young talent' driver archetype. Contracts can be bought out, forced or broken. Albon is going to sports cars or formula e permanently. He may have the Thai connection, but that side of the company is basically the McDonald Brothers of Red Bull
Simon Caplet
Simon Caplet Hónapja
Mercedes drop Hamilton
CyanDepot Hónapja
I think for Alfa Romeo instead of Nico, I believe they'd take on Callum Ilott considering just how good he is as a driver.
Agger Hónapja
this guy genuinely believes Ocon will beat Alonso solely because hes "much younger" LMFAOOOOO ask Vandoorne about that buddy. Ocon is the seat in danger, and please DO NOT let his Sakhir podium blind u from the truth: he was one of the most disappointing drivers last season and was far off the pace compared to Ricciardo if Alonso mops the floor with Ocon the way he did with Vandoorne, Ocon will definitely get the boot in Gasly's favor. in the worst of scenarios Alonso would just get outperformed but still be allowed to stay as many years as he want until retirement, similar to Schumacher at Mercedes. cuz u know, hes a legend, only driver to be champion with Renault. that alone secures his seat. if Damon Hill was allowed to keep his Jordan seat in 1999 and MSC was allowed to stay at Mercedes as much as he wanted despite underperforming (specially in Damons case), i dont see it being much different with Alonso. being a legend of the sport has its advantages also just the well known fact that Gasly & Ocon dont get along would prevent that pairing from happening. theres a reason Renault never went for Gasly (aside from the obvious main reason aka 2 time world champ f1 legend coming back)
Felix R
Felix R Hónapja
Alonso is this year in F1 for 2022 regulations, mate that is easy to know. And with 40 years he is beating ocon in 80% of the races
TheMrRomen Hónapja
Gastly and Ocon can't stand each other, so I do not believe this can happend.
hyperkenner Hónapja
I actually agree with almost all of your predicitons... But Bottas? Really?... Don't think that. He's got so many side projects at his hands. And he will would never switch from mercedes to Williams. I mean just because auf the money...
ze luis penha
ze luis penha Hónapja
No Rookies?
Juan Arenas Mateos
Juan Arenas Mateos Hónapja
Alonso will lead renault y they will sack ocon
Shop Store
Shop Store Hónapja
Sorry this predict has some errors for sure you will have some F2 drivers coming to F1. For instance Hulk is not coming back to F1 :( his time in F1 belongs to the past now.
Bierlein Hónapja
I think Alfa Romeo will have two new drivers for 2022. Hülkenberg as a Kimi-replacement is good guess but, I don't see why Ferrari would keep Giovinazzi for another year when they could give that seat to someone like Ilott.
Big Woop
Big Woop Hónapja
Alonso literally rejoined for the new regulations, before they got put back, I don't see him leaving after a year
Hhutuber Hónapja
Lewis doesn't want an ambitious young talent next to him who could potentially outclass him. I don't think that he and Russel will be team colleagues. I believe Merc will have two new drivers in 2022 including Russel.
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar Hónapja
im pretty sure alonso has a 3 year deal
Kyle H
Kyle H Hónapja
well done mate!
John Thompson
John Thompson Hónapja
Why do you keep saying the haas is the worst car? A simple check of the constructor points answers that question
BefF1 Hónapja
ugh sorry Tommo but the Alfa Romeo seats are you TAPPED I've had enough 🤣
Bill eib
Bill eib Hónapja
2021 Hamilton wins his 8th then retires. Max V. takes Lewis' seat, George Russell replaces Bottas. Bottas will stay and take another seat if available, Gasly replaces Max at Red Bull, Alex Albon replaces Gasly at Alpha Tauri driving with Tsunoda.
Yannick Woolley
Yannick Woolley Hónapja
Wait, am I the only one that realised that tommo put red bull instead of mercedes at 5:22
LudwigBeefoven Hónapja
In hindsight, maybe Raikonnen will join Bottas in WRC and challenge him to the title of fastest Finn on ice.
LudwigBeefoven Hónapja
We are all spit balling here but I think that it is more likely that Bottas ends up in WRC in 2022. He would then become the fastest Finn on ice!
KYS Racing
KYS Racing Hónapja
Idk about Albon coming back that fast and gasly moving just as fast and Fernando but other then those 3 I’d say your right on the money
TheProfficer Hónapja
I think mazerpin isn’t going to last at haas
Christos Papaioannou
Christos Papaioannou Hónapja
Ocon and Gasly don't like each other at all, so I don't see this pair happening any time soon. Also Alonso is the boss, if they hint at getting rid of him, he will break them.
AJLS Hónapja
I wonder what the line-up for 2022 will be if Lewis doesn't sign for this year.
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma Hónapja
Ocon is nowhere near Ricciardo level. He beat him only twice in qualifying which is an extremely poor record among teammates. I believe Ocon is the least deserving driver in the current grid. Really hope Alonso wipes his visor with him this season.
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