Footballers audition to become Sergio Aguero's replacement at Man City!

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It's 442oons time! Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero has announced he is leaving Man City at the end of this season! The striker, who is the record foreign goalscorer in the Premier League, will end his Man City career in the summer and the hunt for Aguero's replacement is on! But which footballer will Pep Guardiola choose to be Sergio Aguero's replacement at The Aguero Factor?
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English Hónapja
Which of these footballers would be perfect to replace Sergio Aguero at Man City next season???
Manchester city FC Fan
Manchester city FC Fan 15 órája
@Redevilsforlife1 Neil Maupay. Not Glenn.The French man.
Manchester city FC Fan
Manchester city FC Fan 15 órája
Harry Kane
Christian Gerardo
Christian Gerardo 7 napja
@ Definitely, I have been using flixzone for since december myself :)
Aden Uriah
Aden Uriah 7 napja
A tip : you can watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.
Kevin De Bruyne The Scottish Footballer
Kevin De Bruyne The Scottish Footballer 8 napja
Manchester city FC Fan
Manchester city FC Fan 15 órája
Harry Kane has experience. He can both score goals and assist a goal.
Manchester city FC Fan
Manchester city FC Fan 15 órája
May be Harry Kane
Ezorelle 3 napja
When Muller said which will be the exact opposite when we play you .. It was at this moment that he knew he f*****d up
R J 7 napja
This aged well 0:43
The Grogu
The Grogu 7 napja
ngl Kane might going to ended up in City this summer
Lizeth G
Lizeth G 8 napja
Muller can stop lying
Kidfury Gaming skylanders & fortnite
Kidfury Gaming skylanders & fortnite 11 napja
Tomas müller was wrong
Isaiah Nyikosa
Isaiah Nyikosa 13 napja
0:42 this didn't age well
Football Life Ewan Munro
Football Life Ewan Munro 13 napja
Captain Roger
Captain Roger 13 napja
Firmino all like : let me talk!!!
Keanu Bezuidenhoudt
Keanu Bezuidenhoudt 15 napja
The kane scene had me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Caro Rikhotso
Caro Rikhotso 16 napja
Messi🇦🇷 or Origi🇧🇪 who do you think will play for Manchester city me is messi🇦🇷
Colin McDonald
Colin McDonald 18 napja
No Pep I just need some of that sweet oil money a couple of contestants later Noooo what have I done
Cooker List
Cooker List 19 napja
0:42 this aged well
Mistri Idk
Mistri Idk 15 napja
Evaidfishy 19 napja
0:40 that aged well
CAUT1ON SL4Y3R 19 napja
Wait A Few Weeks Thomas Muller
Rajib Islam
Rajib Islam 19 napja
Also they can buy Louis suarez
FIFArdo game
FIFArdo game 20 napja
0:42 well this aged well
ghostZkull 20 napja
no one can replace him
Insert good name here
Insert good name here 20 napja
0:40 Well this aged well
Cheryl Wittenburg
Cheryl Wittenburg 21 napja
0:42 that aged well
Nicolas Aristizabal-Rodriguez
Nicolas Aristizabal-Rodriguez 22 napja
0:43 that aged well
Nabil Tadres
Nabil Tadres 22 napja
Bayern 2020 is better than bayern 2021
Rushin Bhatt
Rushin Bhatt 22 napja
0:40 this aged well init
Rajib Islam
Rajib Islam 22 napja
They should buy Calvert-lewin because he is a great player
Chrystian Torrenegra
Chrystian Torrenegra 22 napja
Aarav the Punj
Aarav the Punj 22 napja
Bayern is quite cocky PSG went through
OfficialDevHishamTowerOfHell 22 napja
0:39 The tables have turned 3-3 Paris winning from away goals. #revengefor2020
Beef Ting
Beef Ting 23 napja
0:42 didn’t age well
Hasnat Hussain
Hasnat Hussain 23 napja
That Bayern joke timed well 🤣
Roaa aldolymi
Roaa aldolymi 23 napja
that backfired for muller 3-2 the 2nd leg
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 23 napja
Loving the Christiano part😂😂😭😭
miko foin
miko foin 23 napja
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 24 napja
miko foin
miko foin 23 napja
Why Mbappe but not Haaland? 🤔
miko foin
miko foin 25 napja
Lewandowski, Goretzka, Sane and Sule are all out for the first PSG vs Bayern game. So Kylian mbappe is going to the next round. Thomasshole muller is wrong here
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 23 napja
Messi o man City
Ruben Chan
Ruben Chan 26 napja
Reason, for kicking haaland out, reason, he dosent want another pogba.
Just AGJR 26 napja
Video title: Replacing the best striker in the prem Video: Doesnt show a single clip of Aguero
miko foin
miko foin 25 napja
Gabriel Jesus Am I a joke to u
Lakey 123
Lakey 123 27 napja
I would take Kane
George the soccer guy
George the soccer guy 27 napja
Me: muller knock knock Muller: who is there Me:lewy Muller:lewy who Lewy is out of the psg game/games
Rajib Islam
Rajib Islam 28 napja
Man City shoot by Dominic calvert-lewin because he's a brilliant player
thunder bomb
thunder bomb 28 napja
For the first time ever
thunder bomb
thunder bomb 28 napja
Thomas made a great joke
Celtic 28 napja
Thomas: Is not going to next round PSG 3 : 2 Bayern Munich 123 neymar mbappe and mbappe again
Marlon Subuyú
Marlon Subuyú 28 napja
I didn't understand what animated Harry Kane said 😂😂😂
Ben 18
Ben 18 28 napja
0:45 seconds in, That aged badly
Starkers 1997
Starkers 1997 Hónapja
Anyone going to mention how funny the Danny Ings bit is? Nm, it made me laugh so hard! LOL
HamzaTheBoss Hónapja
"I will never join the second best team in Manchester" "So that's why you've come to audition" I've never seen anyone like that in 442oons defending their own club so that's proof that he's a city fan
Hashim abbasi Abbasi
Hashim abbasi Abbasi Hónapja
Why Mbappe but not Haaland? 🤔
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre Hónapja
Leart Aliu
Leart Aliu Hónapja
Messi o man City
Danish Mikael
Danish Mikael Hónapja
I love part origi
Fionn McDonnell
Fionn McDonnell Hónapja
Gabriel Jesus Am I a joke to u
Yeetme22 Hónapja
Barcelona Power
Barcelona Power Hónapja
Great video❤💙
Yaseen Hoque
Yaseen Hoque Hónapja
The only true replacement for Aguero is his new contract nothing less
Sergey Muzyka
Sergey Muzyka Hónapja
CITY till i DIE
M. Ihsan Nur Rahman
M. Ihsan Nur Rahman Hónapja
1:23 1:24 1:22 2:38
zaddy b
zaddy b Hónapja
No one Jurgen: I juSt NEeD sOme oF DaT swEEt OiL mONeeEy
Royck James
Royck James Hónapja
This should never be a vid
Amrit Bhasin
Amrit Bhasin Hónapja
0:59 1:00 1:01 1:20 1:23 1:22
PRanxter is Gaming
PRanxter is Gaming Hónapja
Lol, origi replacing Aguero 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill Hónapja
Where are the anti man city fans at
Kevin Manzi
Kevin Manzi Hónapja
Pep no I just need some of that sweet oil money Lol
Omar Arja
Omar Arja Hónapja
The whole time you wanted erling haaland
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 Hónapja
Nice video
Bit Frost
Bit Frost Hónapja
Liverpool want to sell his star players.
Bit Frost
Bit Frost Hónapja
Soon : The Search for Riyad Mahrez begins.
El-Yadah Hayfron
El-Yadah Hayfron Hónapja
If Kane actually wins an audition, the sun will fall😂😂😂😂
JLingz! Hónapja
aguero best for brighton
Jessica Uwagboe
Jessica Uwagboe Hónapja
Gabriel Karol Caruana
Gabriel Karol Caruana Hónapja
@One football English thanks for giving us news everyday for football news
may younis
may younis Hónapja
Barca Right now there just A bit better than Bayern right now but man city is cruising Bayern into peice after piece
Ela Speaks
Ela Speaks Hónapja
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Charles Leirman
Charles Leirman Hónapja
PixelStacker Hónapja
You can never truly replace Sergio Aguero aye
kadri erkal
kadri erkal Hónapja
Kerem ereal 2
Ералы Окашев
Ералы Окашев Hónapja
hahaha,Klopp was one of my favorite charapters,because "NOOOOOO! NOT ANOTHER INJURY" and voice
verlyn Bataanon
verlyn Bataanon Hónapja
We want fati
Fred Waller
Fred Waller Hónapja
Aguero was himself a goal getter poacher no one can replace him he was pure class but someone can try to match him a true city legend just like Colin bell
Royit P Rajan
Royit P Rajan Hónapja
I think Messi or haaland
Nathanael Marcello
Nathanael Marcello Hónapja
Coming Soon: aguero Iconic Moments
K B Hónapja
Klopp's voice getting more manic by the week - haaaaaa
ole Qwenga
ole Qwenga Hónapja
The team that gets aguero once he is fit they should be excited... heres why
excel.sior. Hónapja
😂😂😂😂 Why would anyone dislike this video😂💔
acoppercoin Hónapja
i wish pep would buy danny ings
Luddy Patra
Luddy Patra Hónapja
I respect u, Origi deserves more credits for Hall of Fame Champions League
VenomousSpyro Hónapja
I think Sergio Aguero would be a good replacement for Sergio Aguero.
SpeedyJail 1
SpeedyJail 1 Hónapja
can people like my comment im doing comment like race (pls dont call me weird im forced to lol)
Rui Reis
Rui Reis Hónapja
Here is Marega?
Matthew the Leeds united Fan
Matthew the Leeds united Fan Hónapja
He’s from Leeds???
Paul Gill
Paul Gill Hónapja
What the hell kane
Chiko's Gaming Hub
Chiko's Gaming Hub Hónapja
Sweet oil money 😂😂😂
Maphip 1001
Maphip 1001 Hónapja
0:50 who do you think we are Liverpool
connor irish
connor irish Hónapja
Anyone can replace the club level bum. Haaland would probably do better than the Argie.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hónapja
MESSI just needs to show up and he is qualified true
Off Hills
Off Hills Hónapja
Oil money
Julius 13 14
Julius 13 14 Hónapja
0:37 PIQUE😯
Niall Owens
Niall Owens Hónapja
feck sake stop being mean to liverpool
M. Ali Yaman
M. Ali Yaman Hónapja
Aguero >halland
MAP Square
MAP Square Hónapja
You can never truly replace Sergio Aguero
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