Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Cyberpunk 2077

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In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
Pre-order now:
About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
Learn more:
Title: Come Close
Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
Title: Suicide
Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
Title: Makes Me Feel Better
Created by: Kevin Hastings

TEN NO SHiN'EN ZARA 5 perccel
This looks genius, they made Witcher1,2,3 screw it im trusting them 100%, few days left people
Gaming Bravo
Gaming Bravo 6 perccel
Mathieu Morin
Mathieu Morin 26 perccel
All the hype for only 2077 mins of game play.
tilon 32 perccel
i saw leaked gameplay on console, it sucks
Ryan _
Ryan _ 34 perccel
So hyped! Have watched this trailer so many times.
Koby will
Koby will 36 perccel
77th time watching this, it’s actually about to come out, I don’t remember the last time I counted the days for a game
FutureSpaceGamer 44 perccel
Cyberpunk 2077 is a futuristic GTA game 🙂
Levi Ackermann
Levi Ackermann 56 perccel
wait isnt this narrator voice from Hitman?
J Law
J Law Órája
I came here to watch this trailer everyday until launch date....damn it I need to see a RipperDoc🤦🏻
PsKolly Órája
_OverlorD98_ Órája
8 days left.........
KaanTML34 Órája
Its going to be the first game that ı will get without any discount.
Pracool VALVE
Pracool VALVE 2 órája
This will complete in year 2077
Brian 2 órája
Looks awesome. But main thing that bugs me is then saying it’s the “next gen” of open world games. Sorry, but I saw the same gunplay, skill trees, perks, and ability oriented fps rpg elements that have existed since the dawn of fps rpgs. What exactly is new here besides the setting and quality? Just because it’s high quality doesn’t mean the game is “next gen”. It’s not bringing anything NEW to the table. Just really high quality versions of things that are part of literally EVERY rpg these days. So tired of skill trees man. Give me something FRESH!
Freak4Leeks 21 perce
i mean depends, they are technically right because its on the next gen console therefor it is next gen... welcome to the world of advertising my man, where words are very specifically chosen and used for another context that is not considered.
Jan Randy Alajar
Jan Randy Alajar 2 órája
They stole that motorcycle from akira
Deepayon Das
Deepayon Das 2 órája
When you realise that the name of this game is 2077 because it will be actually launched at 2077 because they want to turn the future into history...
PeopleAre Crazy
PeopleAre Crazy 2 órája
i want that samurai jacket now
theworkingpanda 2 órája
It would be interesting if I actually finish the game in 2077 as retro game lol
Mike Discombe
Mike Discombe 2 órája
Hands down the best trailer ive come across ... what a way to capture a gamers imagination, the story and graphics look immense.
Mason Simon
Mason Simon 2 órája
Rage 3 leaked gameplay footage
Varsha rahane
Varsha rahane 2 órája
Asaf Hanoch
Asaf Hanoch 2 órája
I smell Bust
Lucas Abear
Lucas Abear 3 órája
8 days!!!!!!
RedBeast 3 órája
Cyberpunk 2077 first trailer was released 7 years ago. Rest in peace all gamers that were waiting for this game and then died
DZL 3 órája
Made the graphics crappier to keep the consoles happy and to not offend that precious SJW money (pro tip, they have none)you edited the story. Looks like a reskinned GTA in first person view without the humor. Here's a Borat joke. Sure sad I cancelled my preorder.......NOT!
Freak4Leeks 19 perccel
yikes... for a game you don't care about cancelling your preorder for, you sure do put alot of effort into complaining about it.
Telgani Bijay
Telgani Bijay 3 órája
Seems to be based on Alita Battle movie....
ashwin chandra
ashwin chandra 3 órája
That Akira reference was dope man! Waiting to see other people play it!
Josip Horvat
Josip Horvat 3 órája
If this game becomes death stranding...
Gumdarwin 3 órája
is there any online mode or will it come ??
Freak4Leeks 18 perccel
it will come later
Soleo sohan
Soleo sohan 3 órája
Who got the chills seeing this? Then....imagine when we play it? WHO ELSE IS EXITED!
GQ lizer
GQ lizer 3 órája
2:21Well thats creepy
Broccoli_32 4 órája
I watch this every day, 8 more days...
Ev1L〆 Nikki BRO
Ev1L〆 Nikki BRO 4 órája
Jose Mesa
Jose Mesa 4 órája
These trailers are so good. Let’s hope the game is just as good
Rohan Choudhury
Rohan Choudhury 4 órája
This Is Future .
Mystic Slayzz
Mystic Slayzz 4 órája
10 December 2020 is the final release date Audience : 1:26 CDPR Dev's : 1:29
Bradford Chadwell
Bradford Chadwell 4 órája
If the reputation bar doesn't go up when you're being evil in a city filled with corruption I'm going to be very let down because I already hate Judy Alvarez
William Giersdorf
William Giersdorf 4 órája
looks like I would have to upgrade my graphics card and cpu for this game...
Rahul Shetty
Rahul Shetty 4 órája
I dont have a PC to play this But I will definitely see the videos of gamers This game might be the best game on earth
Ashish Shaji
Ashish Shaji 4 órája
Others in Cyperpunk 2077:advanced warfare,armour,guns. John Wick:Lead pencil
a b d I D e p r e s t
a b d I D e p r e s t 4 órája
Hmm! This shitt is awesome 👏
Joan Diaz
Joan Diaz 4 órája
I am sow excited December 10 pre ordered my copie Xbox one 😍
D L 4 órája
Longest week I ever had 😢
user no longer available
user no longer available 4 órája
Question, does this have nudity?
Broccoli_32 4 órája
Yes, it can be toggle on or off.
Career Help Bd Official
Career Help Bd Official 4 órája
I can Upload My channel This Video My Channel Name: Battle Town
Aftab Ahmed
Aftab Ahmed 4 órája
Where is jhon wick
Ankit Anand
Ankit Anand 5 órája
Bring a mobile version of your game also.. That'll be a huge fan base in the mobile world..
Ankit Anand
Ankit Anand 4 órája
@Rui yeah that's right.. 😂😂
Rui 4 órája
That’s never going to happen, it’s almost to big for PS4 🤣
Ved Aryan
Ved Aryan 5 órája
"If you don't want to be betrayed, start doubting the person you trust the most." I hope I don't have to, CDPR
Everyday we stray further from reality.
phyo sone
phyo sone 5 órája
Very Good job
Holden Cross
Holden Cross 5 órája
Bugsnax: “Our battle will be legendary!”
Insane Cuckooman
Insane Cuckooman 5 órája
the game is not even released and i am already bored of it.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
Idiot troll found
Rui 4 órája
Bro what
echo 5 órája
Please of god please inv been WAITING SINCE THE FIRST REVEAL BACK IN 2013 or was it 2014 ANYWAY A LONG TIME.
Friendly F.B.I. Agent
Friendly F.B.I. Agent 5 órája
9 days bois
Broccoli_32 4 órája
7 days and 17 hours right now!
Yellow Tooth
Yellow Tooth 5 órája
If this game lives up to the hype imagine what the next CD game is gonna be like. These guys are really setting a whole new standard for the industry, this game is gonna get looked back on and we're all just get to reminisce that we were able to be there.
FrostLucky YT
FrostLucky YT 6 órája
Is there gon be an online
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
They said yes, but like he said, it's years off
Rui 4 órája
Maybe way later but no one knows yet
Epic GamerZ
Epic GamerZ 6 órája
You know what’s crazy? I have never bothered to look into the news of this game all these years. I heard about it and the delays but I never really cared. Now that so many people are talking about it as the release date approaches, I decided to check the trailer out and I was blown away from it and preordered it immediately. Gotta say, I’m mad lucky to only wait 9 more days for this. GG to all of you guys who waited about 7 years to play this. For the ones who passed before playing this, we’ll be playing this for you all as well. The day is getting closer and I can’t wait to get into this game! 🔥 Thanks CyberPunk.
AntiSpaceSkull 6 órája
This is by far my favorite trailer
MR Poppy Gaming
MR Poppy Gaming 6 órája
And it's already 2077 in Nepal
Mardrique Lewis
Mardrique Lewis 6 órája
Yep, I'm going to get this
Moses 6 órája
How's waiting for h20 delirious making a gameplay of cyberpunk?
Aim 6 órája
Will this be like GTA but in the future?
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
No, this is an RPG
Sangam Gurung
Sangam Gurung 6 órája
Like the comment if you are watching this but you don't have any pc and laptop for playing this game❤️😭😭
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh 6 órája
This is going to be heck of a game
Reyanni Alegre
Reyanni Alegre 6 órája
Just realized the narrator is the same voice actress as Diana Burnwood in Hitman 2016/18
Red Ops Supreme
Red Ops Supreme 6 órája
I just hope it doesn’t flop 🥺 such potential
FiddyMK 6 órája
My first walkthrough will be of this game and it will probably take 200+ parts to complete. 😂
Sticks And Games
Sticks And Games 7 órája
It would be cool if they put Elon musks controversial Tesla cyber truck in the game!
Vamshi Bhat
Vamshi Bhat 7 órája
Expectation:Puma Reality:Upma
Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh 3 órája
Have u played it?
Simply Meeko
Simply Meeko 7 órája
that had slam was the best and grossest thing i have seen in a video game lol
Mr Robot
Mr Robot 7 órája
Holyshit this gonna create a new wave of pop culture but the combat (shooting) looked a bit basic tho maybe its the trailer
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
This isn't a shooter, it's an RPG. The action isn't the focus of the game, so it's okay if it isn't on the level of cod or doom.
Enzoking 7 órája
9 days to go.
FBI 7 órája
Release date 2077.
BanG 7 órája
How many save files can you have?
Vulgaren2012 7 órája
I hope there are some ARCH motorcycles in game!
hims220 7 órája
Anyone else want a 3rd person option?
Broccoli_32 3 órája
no, third person is overrated. First person is amazing when done correctly. This might be one of the few games that gets it right.
Rui 4 órája
Idk tho, they made the 1st person really immersive and good
John Smith
John Smith 7 órája
Looks like crap.
Rui 4 órája
Bro what, it looks dope as fuck
Chris Batacan
Chris Batacan 7 órája
Sweet I can make someone kill themselves
GRAMAstyle007 7 órája
is it me or what sort of map we can see at the end seems pretty small, well im a fan of big big big maps
Hask001 7 órája
Yooo 4:33 there is grillz 😍
Nick 7 órája
Looks amazing but this trailer has too many story spoilers.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
This is literally all prologue buddy
TheDailyDude2 8 órája
I thought this was coming out in november. Was it delayed or sumthin?
TheDailyDude2 5 órája
@ArcanePhysics gotcha. I’ve only been following this game passively.
ArcanePhysics 7 órája
Yeah, it was delayed to like December 10th a while ago.
MrUnFunny 8 órája
Eeee! 10 days!
MrUnFunny 8 órája
I already got this pre-ordered, baby! PS4/PS5 here I come!
rlbigfish 8 órája
The game looks incredible, but let's be upfront about the plot here and now. The only way to stabilize the damaged chip is to put it in your brain, and the chip has the digital ghost of Keanu Reeves in it.
Tyler Sanford
Tyler Sanford 8 órája
Everything degenerate about post modernism wrapped up in a 60 dollar's going to be great.
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
KAVU Soundcloud
KAVU Soundcloud 8 órája
Listen to Back 2 the days of past futures by KAVU on #SoundCloud
Muhammad 8 órája
Hope there’s a third person mode option
Rui 4 órája
There isn’t, but they made the 1st person mode feel really good, there is 3rd person in vehicles tho
Owen the game master
Owen the game master 8 órája
I would play but it says nudity
Mustafa 8 órája
As much as I want to preorder the game, I’m still feeling the burn from fallout 76.... think I’ll wait until a day or 2 after its released
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
Compare Bethesda, a company that consistently releases broken games, to one of the most respected and hailed devs of all time, who are objectively the most consumer friendly dev of all time....... Really?
CallMeZyx 8 órája
GTA but in the future
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
It really isnt
Will Egg
Will Egg 8 órája
Oh my fuck this is beautiful I’ve waited 6 years for this
Mike 8 órája
It's been pushed back till march 2021
jesse omollo
jesse omollo Órája
@Rui these people using these tired jokes, they are behind the times.
Rui 4 órája
No it hasn’t, stop trying to make something up to get clout
Kevin Vance
Kevin Vance 9 órája
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
No vr in existence is ready for a game of this depth, scale, and density yet
Mr Harry Murdoch
Mr Harry Murdoch 10 órája
Love it
Jason Mosher
Jason Mosher 10 órája
:31 - Yes, El Guapo. You have a plethora...
SticQeno 10 órája
Can't wait!
kakashi 123
kakashi 123 10 órája
Neuro Tank
Neuro Tank 10 órája
How about an actual RPG trailer, not this "GTA WHOA BANG BANG EXPLOSION" crap that's catering to the wrong crowd?
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 4 órája
So showing what the majority want to see is a bad thing? We already know it's totally an RPG, as has been shown before
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