17 New Updates Everyone Wants in 1.17 Cave Update

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17 New Updates Everyone Wants in Minecraft 1.17 Cave Update! Minecraft's new Caves and Cliffs Update brings a bunch of new features to the 1.17 update, but looking at fan feedback and suggestions, there are still plenty that could be added. So today, Skip the Tutorial is looking at features everyone wants that are still missing in the Minecraft 1.17 version, but could still be added in with 1.17 snapshots. From hatching the ender dragon egg to colored lights, these are some of the most popular features that could be in the next Minecraft update!
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▪Character done by ChickenWithTie ▶goo.gl/wJ7879
Co-researched and map built by Jonah Walters
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Texture Pack for Dogs: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/better-dogs
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at hupost.info
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms (www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/en/index.html?n). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2020, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
Other Credits:
Auto-Crafting Dropper [Minecraft 1.15/1.14 mod]
What if Minecraft had Auto Crafting?
Minecraft Live: The Mob Vote
Minecraft Live: Mountains and Goats
Minecraft Live: Caves & Cliffs - First Look
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Minecraft Live: Vote for the Next New Mob!
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KillerKitten CZ
KillerKitten CZ 3 napja
2:00-2:30 I NEED IT
Eliah Urschel
Eliah Urschel 5 napja
Skip:if mincraft added a rotation tool so many people would be happy Debug stick:am I a joke to you? Skip:yes
Kim 6 napja
Toxic Arctic Creations
Toxic Arctic Creations 8 napja
It is now 2021 my dude.
Iron plasma studios
Iron plasma studios 9 napja
@Meen Craft me tooooooooooo
Preston JacksonYT
Preston JacksonYT Órája
4:18 when I’m doing projects with concrete and like I want concrete slabs in stairs so I can do windows Way better
i like trains è
i like trains è 2 órája
for 9 we actually have a debug stick witch can do the the same thing
Yashwant Singh
Yashwant Singh 2 órája
i honestly dont want most of them
Aidan Chan
Aidan Chan 3 órája
James Durandt
James Durandt 5 órája
mojang watching this like : KOWALSKI ! TAKE NOTES !
Rafi Augul
Rafi Augul 6 órája
2:18 I dont know how about you but i would like how it is now, it is a shame to get rid of wolfs and just replace them with dogs. :(
Christopher kyle Sedaya
Christopher kyle Sedaya 8 órája
built in shaders how about the people with crappy computers they are not gonna be able to run minecraft
Abacaxi Gostosin
Abacaxi Gostosin 9 órája
Just be patient and wait, im pretty sure they are already planning those things U guys are going to overwork this guys
Anna The idiot
Anna The idiot 10 órája
3:52 That person owns the same two birds as me.
kirby molina
kirby molina 11 órája
In pe edition, we can move chests so sux 2 be u
Kareem Khan
Kareem Khan 16 órája
8:30 kinda sus tho
Cool Guy 99
Cool Guy 99 19 órája
It would be cool if minecraft could bring more transportation than just riding minecarts, boats, pigs, and horses.
Communist Canada
Communist Canada 20 órája
They are wolfs and not dogs but it would be cool if they added real dogs
Diego Burgos
Diego Burgos 21 órája
Ahhh shaders , that’s I like :( one time i download one but it has virus :(
StarchySleet 341
StarchySleet 341 22 órája
“Everyone” more like “what I want”
StarchySleet 341
StarchySleet 341 22 órája
Mojang: We are going to do a cave and cliffs update. Hope you are happy and satisfied. Skip: how about in game shaders, retextured dogs, concerts slaps and stair, Backpacks, shulkers respawn, and everything else mentioned in this video..
{-Howling Heart-}
{-Howling Heart-} 23 órája
Tbh, it’s called *CAVES* & *CLIFFS* update FOR A REASON-
J.trilochan 23 órája
He telling chest and furnace should be moveble with piston Bedrockedtion:well Ive got u there sir
Wiktor Żurek
Wiktor Żurek Napja
5:18 just use debug stick
Yuchen Wang
Yuchen Wang Napja
I hate that everything is in blocks and the only way to change that is mods.
The sigh Animations
The sigh Animations Napja
I am still proud of modmakers who make our dreams come true
Explunky Napja
That wolf in the thumbnail is horrendous
Seyas Napja
craftable saddles
gQoust Napja
Leave the doggo alone
jessica parramore
jessica parramore Napja
rideable zombie and skeleton horses
Drix Cortez
Drix Cortez Napja
How are most of these even related to the cave update?
Abyss The Knight
Abyss The Knight Napja
1:09 pretty sure that's already in Minecraft. (I play on Minecraft bedrock edition so I'm not sure.)
Mr. Green
Mr. Green Napja
What about intead of having some conduit thing.. How about the prince... Yeah, a baby ender dragon. Wouldn't that be cool?
Landon Pedro
Landon Pedro Napja
They better be taking notes
Kakashi Napja
You can push furnace and chest with pistons in bedrock. Bedrock also matters not just java.
Nuria Martinez Chavez
Nuria Martinez Chavez Napja
Can people just be grateful for stuff that is actually gonna get added but they should update dogs
Steve Napja
The backpack thing is a mod
Korey Brewster
Korey Brewster Napja
I like normal dog:/
TheWormProtector Napja
why would anyone want to change wolf.........
9: Technically, if you do /give @s minecraft:debug_stick You can use it and change the rotation of stairs and more.
kai Napja
Why does java have more amazing things the bedrock I mean you have shaders and more. I have a question for who ever has java do you get your mods for free ? Have a wonderful day
Sophie Udo
Sophie Udo Napja
I think that the cliffs and caves updatd are garbage really trash...
EyepatchBacksoon Napja
I don't want a new dog
Raviolithebest Napja
If you throw 6 planks at an automatic crafting table, would that make doors or stairs ? (This actually is why the automatic crafting table is bad)
LordPoptart Napja
Shulker box + chestplate = Minecraft style backpack
The Void
The Void Napja
Minecraft right now 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯
Piez Napja
I dont really think the new wolves or backpacks would fit into the blocky world of Minecraft
LorDruda! Napja
I want older mobs to get updates. Like wolves have dens they will come back at. If you get near the pups the wolves will get aggressive. Wolves can carry around meat, sticks and bones and wolves stick together. Maybe also more colours of wolves like black and blonde ones aswell. Maybe there could be diffrent wolf packs that attack each other And what if wolves made more noises?! Howling, snarling, growling etc! And maybe rabbits get updates aswell. Imagine if rabbits could stand on their back legs and could dig! That would be awsome!
Amalee Crandall
Amalee Crandall 2 napja
Hopefully mojang sees this
Beta gaming
Beta gaming 2 napja
I would really like to get a goldenretriver
Ace AIRSPD 2 napja
WhenI first saw the bundle I thought it was a frag
TockanSpelar 2 napja
Im from Sweden so i grew up with Minecraft XD
Marissa !
Marissa ! 2 napja
No no he has a point-
Jessie Nielsen
Jessie Nielsen 2 napja
Frisk Dreemur
Frisk Dreemur 2 napja
Skip the tutorial: it would be cool if there was rotation tool to fix our mistakes. Debug Stick: Am i a joke to you?
Dillan Franklin
Dillan Franklin 2 napja
We should be a uhhhh just built in shaders but u need to turn it on
Flash op herox
Flash op herox 2 napja
I just want the backpack officialy in update plz minecraft give us backpack 😢😭😢
Flash op herox
Flash op herox 2 napja
Who want backpack in minecraft like 😊😊
decouvaras 3 napja
Dog which is tamable and wolf not
Ashmit Rai
Ashmit Rai 3 napja
Why can't we make shield and bed with banner design in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
Angel Bern
Angel Bern 3 napja
#real karthikshaji
#real karthikshaji 3 napja
Especially not seeing my friends having cats i love dogs
#real karthikshaji
#real karthikshaji 3 napja
I neeed all of this will be fun
Yinx is bad
Yinx is bad 3 napja
Well they added tinted window frames so that could work..
OklahoMan 3 napja
We like the dog how he is.
d o w n s i d e
d o w n s i d e 3 napja
that second idea about moving container blocks is good but it would ruin a whole lot of red stone builds
*-K o d a k i-*
*-K o d a k i-* 3 napja
I.NEED.THE MINI MAP. I always loose my home because of exploring! The mini map would really help!
Thunder Muffin
Thunder Muffin 3 napja
well, with the dog update, it should be like the cat one, because we want a DOG update, but really they are tamed wolves, so keep wolves, then have dogs like cats
Kinggamer101 3 napja
Skip: it would be awesome if we could have a rotation tool Debug stick: 😑
jappiegamesNL !
jappiegamesNL ! 3 napja
Debug stick?????????
SHOK-GAME_YT 3 napja
Oh if you want a telescope just put your fov at 0 🤣
Toasted 3 napja
So I play on console and we can move chests all the time
Gacha Wierdo
Gacha Wierdo 3 napja
Skip: Be quiet Me: HELLO 👋
Lucky Donnito
Lucky Donnito 3 napja
What about De-crafting just in case you craft something by mistake or you don’t need it anymore
pes3go_official 4 napja
i dont like some of this ideas, but everyone can have their own ideas! :D
Loyal Wolf
Loyal Wolf 4 napja
The wolf and last one is my fav
Mr. Birb Man
Mr. Birb Man 4 napja
I love most of these but really I would prefer the basic dog
SailanyGaming YT
SailanyGaming YT 4 napja
In beta?
Zachydoos090 4 napja
How Many Subs can i Get of this Comment? Current :6
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 4 napja
The magenta dorothy ethnopharmacologically grate because unshielded immunocytochemically stir throughout a eatable copper. quaint, lumpy ping
Ralph Piolo Evaristo
Ralph Piolo Evaristo 4 napja
Mojang pls comment
4KStarGaming 4 napja
I think zombie horses are here in mcpe before
Florens Hemmen
Florens Hemmen 4 napja
5.04 hmm debug stick?
Megan 4 napja
I just want sideways slabs... please... and sideways stairs... but mostly the slabs...
Mady’s World
Mady’s World 4 napja
Wht if there was a slab of dirt?? 😅🤔
Lammy bacon
Lammy bacon 4 napja
i think dog thingy is better dogs resource pack or texture
Lammy bacon
Lammy bacon 4 napja
bro i dint watch the video he has it on resource pack srry
Marc Denhilz De Guzman
Marc Denhilz De Guzman 4 napja
Makes a piston pushing chest and storage things Java players:he uses a mod Mc Bedrock players:wawow its cool defenitly dint have the feature inthe version haha iits cool and he used a a bedrock uhhh pushing thing stuff
Jerlie Gutierrez
Jerlie Gutierrez 4 napja
0:57 you can move every container in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Edit: I love that I play Minecraft Bedrock
Zaylee_Moon 4 napja
Bruh those are WOLVES NOT DOGS wolves can be found in the wild while the dogs can be found in a city or something like that can you not see the difference =_= no hate,
Pramod Gupta
Pramod Gupta 4 napja
They are not dogs they are Wolf's 2:01
van frederick
van frederick 4 napja
Srdes 4444
Srdes 4444 4 napja
a new ridable animal that you can tame. And it does damage
Brooklyn - Bridge09
Brooklyn - Bridge09 4 napja
Rotation station sounds like something the octo expansion would have
Da Peoplz
Da Peoplz 4 napja
2:23 they better keep the old wolf
killergirl9274 roblox
killergirl9274 roblox 4 napja
1.17 doesn't even exit
Just think of a pink rubber duckie
Just think of a pink rubber duckie 3 napja
@killergirl9274 roblox All you had to do is wait,i think?
killergirl9274 roblox
killergirl9274 roblox 3 napja
@Just think of a pink rubber duckie it doesn't on mobile
Just think of a pink rubber duckie
Just think of a pink rubber duckie 4 napja
Have you been living under a rock?
Phoenix King
Phoenix King 4 napja
dawg there's literary a tool called a debug stick that is literary a rotation tool bruh.(lol)
Rudra Bokhare
Rudra Bokhare 4 napja
Warden can come when we make sound so dont press the bell icon cause bella Make sound
don't change wolves pls they look cute already
Igor Krzysztofiak
Igor Krzysztofiak 5 napja
5:26 tool to switching sides is in the game you have to write command /give minecraft:debug_stick
Little Cupcake's Shenanigans
Little Cupcake's Shenanigans 5 napja
The dogs are cute
Regina Ubbens
Regina Ubbens 5 napja
thair should be a zebra so we can breed them with donkeys and than we have a zonky (is a real animal)
izuku midoriya adult
izuku midoriya adult 5 napja
Nah frik dogs bahaaha
hedgehogo 5 napja
Hopefully minecraft sees this vid cuz its good
Anil Shaw
Anil Shaw 5 napja
Fun fact number 4 there was not dog this are wolf
Ragib Nihal Tonmoy
Ragib Nihal Tonmoy 5 napja
also snow on the stair
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