Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”:​​
'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:​​
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A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

ryans 49 perccel
I remember when drugs and alcohol called to me and I told them, "NO!" If you need to relax, go to sleep or go for a run. I do intermittent fasting and that helps too. If need be, I take Tryptophan and/or Tyrosine with a b-vitamin complex you can take on an empty stomach. These things work! I had to learn through trial and error that these things really work.
Katrina 52 perccel
Kudos to her for making it through. She’s an example of what can literally happen to anyone. Used to watch her way back when camp rock was released.
Oso Live
Oso Live 53 perccel
Demi Lovato this is for you. 🫀 From me to you. 🚶🏾‍♂️
yasmengiron 55 perccel
this deserves more views
Julia Chapman
Julia Chapman 56 perccel
I think she is so powerful and strong. No matter what happens she is a fighter. Everything that has happened to her and that she has been through and she still comes back. Both in life but also in her career. Strength and power.
dog mom
dog mom Órája
Using her platform to show everyone is human. May anyone out there struggling with addictions find solstice and sobriety. 💕 You're worth it!
Kaprece M
Kaprece M Órája
This must’ve been so triggering for her
dog mom
dog mom Órája
"almost made it to heaven"
Leona Boudreaux
Leona Boudreaux Órája
I wish my mom was alive to listen to this. Killed herself drunk driving. It's been 5 years and I think of her everyday.
Andrea Ellerbee
Andrea Ellerbee Órája
Let it out girl!
Devin Wagner
Devin Wagner Órája
As an OD survivor the portrayal in the music video just... Doesn't sit right. Like. The message is powerful and the song is solid but its just a little bit too literal for my taste. Brings back bad memories in a way that doesn't really help. Just puts me in an awkward spot emotionally. I think a video of her dancing with the devil. Or drowning. Or sinking in quicksand. Name something. It would be a lot more impactful and would have hit home a lot more. Just. Odd. Idk
Itsyogirldawn 123
Itsyogirldawn 123 Órája
This is an amazing piece that she has created and by opening up and sharing her story will help ppl to know that celebrities go through struggles to and if she can over come this so can others
Alia Kalfin
Alia Kalfin Órája
i felt her pain through this song
LadyJ veganestia
LadyJ veganestia Órája
thank you
69Fabulosity Órája
Demi is an amazing song written & singer. She definitely knows how to turn any negative into a positive & deplict her story into song 🎵. Now what do u do when ur drug of choice is a person & they become ur drug..they become the venom & the cure 😔hard 2say No⁉️
Corey Sturgeon
Corey Sturgeon Órája
I don’t get why people dislike videos. Like just leave. Stop hating
Ariana Perez
Ariana Perez Órája
Season's🙏tittle: Dancing with the 🔥👺🔥
Jéssica Silva
Jéssica Silva Órája
Aaah eu ñ sei mas eu nunca vou te abandonar mesmo que vc nunca tenha me visto sempre vou torcer por vc ❤❤💋💋💋🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷EU TE AMO DEMI ☺☺
angela perez
angela perez Órája
Dios te ha dado fortaleza, hiciste un gran trabajo mostrando tu historia, te admiro💟
Rodrigo Parotti
Rodrigo Parotti Órája
Stream en Spotify y Audiomack con vpn Lovatics
anto floyd
anto floyd Órája
the fact that she even recreated a scene where the sexual abuse is implied... gaves me chills. It takes a whole lotta strength to make that. To even talk about it. That sh** stays in your mind forever
Kendra Edwin
Kendra Edwin Órája
Demi Thank you that you are alive
N I Q O L E 2 órája
I'm so thankful you're still here!
alistseafood 2 órája
I almost cried this is so sad . I'm glad shes doing better now
Cami Verruno
Cami Verruno 2 órája
la campera verde es la del dia de la sobredosis
José Wanderson
José Wanderson 2 órája
You what that you love.
Jasminaa 1
Jasminaa 1 2 órája
I really can't understand these people who dislike this song!
anto floyd
anto floyd 2 órája
demi i'm not a fan of yours, but it's a new fresh start baby, your life is yours and only yours. Keep the love up!
Mira princess
Mira princess 2 órája
just wow
LKG 2 órája
The fact she wore the same outfit she wore that night is insane to me. She literally relived the entire thing making this video
Jess Pages
Jess Pages 2 órája
Ebrar Çiçek
Ebrar Çiçek 2 órája
tam bi lucifer sarkısı
Bongi Maseko
Bongi Maseko 2 órája
Demis' voice is so Godly.
Rae Bae
Rae Bae 2 órája
So unbelievably powerful and raw ! 🖤
Jasmin B
Jasmin B 2 órája
The way she expresses her emotions and screams her truth... That's some real courage. I'm fascinated by this human being. So inspiring 😳❤️🙏
João Vitor
João Vitor 2 órája
DETECTIVE, detective?, DetEcTIve
DETECTIVE, detective?, DetEcTIve 2 órája
Wait was she actually in hospital while recording some of this cos it looks so real
Donna Sheppard
Donna Sheppard 2 órája
WOW God's plans always outrides the devil's !!!!!! Hallelujah
Sthe 2 órája
0:44 ela está vestida como na noite de 24 de julho 2018 0:44 she is dressed like the night of 24th july 2018
Jose Luis Almonacid Moraga
Jose Luis Almonacid Moraga 2 órája
CG Bling
CG Bling 2 órája
We all love Demi and we all support you 😭
Vitalie Vataman
Vitalie Vataman 2 órája
Micah Caron
Micah Caron 2 órája
Praise God.
A Na
A Na 2 órája
Polyana Mendes
Polyana Mendes 2 órája
I fucking love her
Vivienn Kiss
Vivienn Kiss 3 órája
Wow Demi,... I saw / listening this song only right now, bye the end.. Well.. Idk what to say.. It is so true so real, I had tears and don't know what to say... So many silly young girls have to listen ' n' take this seriously... Thank you these feelings and all... Damn girl, respect from Europe / Hungary 🇭🇺 👏🏽❤️💯💯
Jada 3 órája
A true ICON. Thank you for sharing your story with us Demi. ❤️
zara K
zara K 3 órája
Demi is definitely one of the few former disney actors who deserve a music career.
Yusra Naeem
Yusra Naeem 3 órája
Anyone else can't stop thinking of Jane from Breaking Bad during 2:21? 😶
Marie Prodöhl
Marie Prodöhl 3 órája
Cristhian Beltrand
Cristhian Beltrand 3 órája
I love Demi ❤️but she should start love herself
Winston Mensah-Cooley
Winston Mensah-Cooley 3 órája
I have mad respect for Demi Lovato. She is the most honest singer I know. I just love her so much.
Adventure Girls
Adventure Girls 3 órája
That's a add
Davelle Barry
Davelle Barry 3 órája
Goosebumps and tears!!! This song hits a little harder for me than others because I've been that girl. That used because of that pain. I'm only here because I'm a chosen miracle. And I keep clean by breaking that f****** cycle once and for all off the chain of my family. When you've lived my life and buried a child and are raising two more children that are just like her which in fact are just like you then you can have something to say about how I should feel about my progress and what I should give up on others who haven't been so lucky as I... The emotional warfare that goes on inside my head and heart for compassion for others and I am so incredibly grateful for the position that I'm in now, is greater than any s*** anyone can ever begin talk about me and what I fight through and for every f****** day! What if Jesus gave up on me one day earlier...
Davelle Barry
Davelle Barry 3 órája
Kudos to all y'all involved in beating those fucking odds, and Demi.. excellent job that took big balls of steel!!!!
Adam Grate
Adam Grate 3 órája
I Love You, Demi
Robin V.
Robin V. 3 órája
Thank you Demi. For all your honest and for making music about what is important. You are stronger than ever and I believe in you. Even when we don't know each other I understand your pain. There are days when you think no-one else understand you. But at the end of the day the most important opinion about yourself is your own. You are strong also a fighter. We don't forget that you are human too. So you will have our support. And when you feel down, reach out to us. There is so much people in your fandom who been thru similar situations as you. Stay strong we got your back. Again, thank you for your honesty. It's really appreciated in the world where everyone wears their persona and sometimes forget who they really are. We love you. ❤️
The Dutchess
The Dutchess 3 órája
This is the most powerful music video I have ever seen! It's a piece of art!
Linda Honey
Linda Honey 3 órája
The Video is kinda sad not gonna lie >:
Kauan David
Kauan David 3 órája
because the name of the song is this I didn't understand the song or the clip
heidi raise
heidi raise 3 órája
my world. my angel. my light. this hits like “sober” did.
Krystle D
Krystle D 3 órája
As someone who has been through sexual trauma. The fact that she made the decision to put this out there, the whole story. To be seen. That's so powerful and touching. Wishing lots of love for Demi
Ermahgerd ROACH 09
Ermahgerd ROACH 09 3 órája
Connor Frame
Connor Frame 3 órája
Feel like her voice keeps getting better and better throughout the years :)
TalihaPeeps 3 órája
Just when I think Demi has reached her peak of inspiring me she comes out with something new that in one way or another aligns with the stuff I’m going through. Once again Demi, you have moved and reassured me that there is always a way out of the darkness if we keep fighting for it. You also reminded me and truly were one of the first to teach me that it’s okay to be vulnerable even if we may get hate or backlash for it. It’s human to be vulnerable. And seeing you own your vulnerable moments in life has helped me do the same over the years. Thank you thank you thank you. I hope to meet you and your beautifully colored spirit one day 🤧
Ren_Ale 3 órája
I love this song, it is so poweful!. I hope she overcomes this obstacle because any kind of addiction is madly difficult to confront and get out of it.
Delika Richardson
Delika Richardson 3 órája
She will never lose her angelic voice one of a kind ❤
Justice Valentine
Justice Valentine 3 órája
I got chills. She really put her whole soul in this track.
Angelika Michalak
Angelika Michalak 3 órája
Wow wow wow Hab den Song gerade zum erste Mal gehört und musste gleich weinen 😢😢 Er ist so traurig und emotional Du erzählst Deine Geschichte Und finde Dich dafür echt mutig
Luiza Borba
Luiza Borba 3 órája
this is so strong. Demi, you're a warrior. ❤
simply zara
simply zara 3 órája
This is incredible.
Hugo Hamilton
Hugo Hamilton 3 órája
Demi i'm in love with your voice to not say with you ♥ You have such a powerfull and beautiful voice... Don't waste it and stay alive until you die of old age, not because of drugs, it would be a mess Keep going ! All my support to you
Keilly Rosello
Keilly Rosello 3 órája
Just art she is a survivor and a warrior i love her so much demi lovato
Arden Naomi
Arden Naomi 4 órája
Fucking incredible.
Kate F.
Kate F. 4 órája
She is such a talented singer and performer. I’m disheartened to learn that she is still drinking and using marijuana which I just learned is termed “California sober”. That is not sobriety. I’m concerned for those in recovery who will follow her lead.
Jason Wendigo
Jason Wendigo 4 órája
She's could've end up like DMX. So close💉
Conan lavaan
Conan lavaan 4 órája
she looks so much like debby ryan 😭😭😭😫😫
La Yes Girl
La Yes Girl 4 órája
Literally crying!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Te amo
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
I love you
Nadia Tanasescu
Nadia Tanasescu 4 órája
If people can't feel your pain and despair they surely are not human. So raw, so vulnerable.
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Juan Zambrano
Juan Zambrano 4 órája
Nojoda lovato. Ya aburres con la verguita de la adicción transfiereme esa fortuna para que veas que no vas a volver a decaer sin un centavo en el bolsillo.
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama ❤️
Ariana Cortes
Ariana Cortes 4 órája
Wish i could give this 50,000 likes.
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 4 órája
Brasil te ama
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