Ruination | Season 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends

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A king returns. All he touches turns to ruin.
Video created in partnership with Digic Pictures.
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Graf Kater
Graf Kater 17 perccel
3:41 i get here hard Lichking vibes from WoW
Yuri Daisuki
Yuri Daisuki 41 perce
I just notice doesn't viego look like v from dmc5
Alvia The Ginger
Alvia The Ginger 49 perccel
Does anyone know the name of the music used in the cinematic?
Penn Jalandoni
Penn Jalandoni Órája
This has a better lovestory than twilight
Mexican JoJo
Mexican JoJo Órája
Yorick is trembling right now
Bea Órája
biggest simp in history
SmileSama Órája
Bruh just make a movie already 🙃
ImuG 2 órája
I want to see mordekaiser bonk viego in cinematic
Conor Keith
Conor Keith 2 órája
Dying for a ruined karma for legends of runterra
Ha Vitins
Ha Vitins 3 órája
This guy came from Maldraxxus
Dirgama Muya Permana
Dirgama Muya Permana 3 órája
Me as jungler: Hey botlane i need help to take a dragon Duo Bot: 0:09
2Chef 3 órája
This isn't 60 fps is it ?
Raffyjeano Pascual
Raffyjeano Pascual 4 órája
LoL Endgame
Alex Ovidiu
Alex Ovidiu 4 órája
So this is the king of shadow isles? Did anyone noticed that his crown looks like the one that morde has after he kills in his ult?
gomer delatore
gomer delatore 4 órája
Dabest cinematic
jason11279 6 órája
I want to see a cinematic fight between the Ruined King and Sylas
Jamaal 7 órája
Leblanc: see's the ruination Leblanc: shitshitshitshitshit where's rell
John Thomas
John Thomas 5 órája
Underrated comment
Kanna Kamui
Kanna Kamui 7 órája
Imagine poppy accidentally bashing vayne's head
ImuG 2 órája
I'd love to see that
raymond golan
raymond golan 7 órája
Why do all new league champions have to be fan service...
Mitz Comiso
Mitz Comiso 7 órája
Good to know Darius is getting all this recognition and spotlights
Will F.M Beats
Will F.M Beats 7 órája
Shoutout to poppy for ulting those creeps
NuclearNuke41 7 órája
A Democian, a Noxian and a Freljordian all walk into a bar.
Russell Gamer
Russell Gamer 8 órája
Why arent they making a movie again?
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 8 órája
XjoelX 8 órája
Que buen trailer no puedo esperar a que salga en el cine
Will 8 órája
Why does he look like Jankos @ 3:45
Carl Buron
Carl Buron 8 órája
lol they cant even defeat a simp...
Will Harrison
Will Harrison 8 órája
"We can't defeat him alone", "We just need to give Jax a real weapon!"
Der Super Homie
Der Super Homie 8 órája
man its just the lich king from wordl of warcraft
DexTaCy 8 órája
Is it just me or does Samira just look kind of off? Like she got a kind of oval-shaped face in her splash but here she got a rectangular one
Milo Cat
Milo Cat 9 órája
I need the theme for this cinematic RIGHT NOW
Justin Chen
Justin Chen 9 órája
dude i would totally watch a league movie
Belinda Eisert
Belinda Eisert 9 órája
Meannwhile Ixaocan minding their own business
Benadryl Curdlesnoot
Benadryl Curdlesnoot 9 órája
Viego taking on the entire world at once *Meanwhile in Shurima* Xerath and Azir locked into a thousand year battle "ya'll hear summin?"
Hakan 10 órája
Inspired Rengar
Inspired Rengar 10 órája
My botlane when I'm pinging them to help me on crab: 0:09
TreyNitrotoluene 11 órája
How many are betting his queen is Lissadra?
Dyson Bocharati
Dyson Bocharati 11 órája
uh OH! League of avengers coming soon!!
최이준 11 órája
Plz Jinx buf
Verlisify 11 órája
New Champ can mind virus the entire champion pool from pad Riot: Could probably use a buff
Andrew Triforce
Andrew Triforce 12 órája
too bad this game is pure aids
Timmy NoStress
Timmy NoStress 12 órája
its like a trailer for a moovie
NasusDKing xd
NasusDKing xd 12 órája
balance all other champs b4 bringing out new opsht every week
Piotr G
Piotr G 12 órája
hmm Vergil?
valorel1982 12 órája
Que buen comienzo de temporada con la historia!! BRUTAL!!!
Daniel Galvão
Daniel Galvão 13 órája
Celestial dragons, world runes, aliens and eldritch gods from the void but in the end the Black Mist was always the greatest threat
Yalım Production
Yalım Production 13 órája
whats the soundtrack
Arvistis 13 órája
Just summon our ol pal morde to deal with this new bug
Mighty_ Bruit69
Mighty_ Bruit69 15 órája
Viego was like thanos and guess who's thor It's darius🤣
Sơn Đinh
Sơn Đinh 15 órája
Go back for her? New female champion is coming soon..
phạm Hải Hà
phạm Hải Hà 16 órája
Game có quan tâm game thủ ko thế. Tạo ra một tự game (lmht: tc) thì tí nhất cũng phải nghĩ chứ, tạo ra game thì toàn lỗi đăng nhập ko được, bất đồng về ngôn ngữ. Thế thì ai còn muốn chơi nữa. Sự kiện nhiều mà ko chơi được game, thế thì khác j có tiền mà ko được tiêu chứ
Leeh Silva
Leeh Silva 16 órája
Lothar Matthaus
Lothar Matthaus 17 órája
Cinematics from previous years were better
Mr.Crepse 17 órája
Was I the only one who thought Mordekaiser is gonna get into the Mortal Realm again the moment the Noxus Bastion started showing Up ? Nope ? Just me ? Okay
Unay the Dreamer
Unay the Dreamer 13 órája
I think that he is going to appear at the momment that they are about to defeat Viego. I imagine this: While Viego is frustrated by his defeat, he says something like: "THE BLACK MIST BELONGS TO ME" or "THIS CANT BE" something cliché, and then, the ground begins to break, while Morde appears suddenly from the rift and says: "No, there can only be one king..." And after that, Morde takes the control of the mist, an becomes a more dangerous threat than Viego.
Livso 17 órája
Can someone shortly explain to me whats up between vayne and poppy ?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 15 órája
còn muốn chơi nữa. Sự kiện nhiều mà ko chơi được game, thế thì khác j có tiền mà ko được tiêu chứ
Gilga mesh
Gilga mesh 17 órája
Samira looks like a Trav
Njam 5055
Njam 5055 19 órája
mya bailey
mya bailey 19 órája
mya bailey
mya bailey 19 órája
THIS. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suliaodai 20 órája
When can have the movie😭😭😭😭
ᄌᄆᄇ 20 órája
미드중앙 바닥에 Faker 5글자만 써줘라!!! 얼굴?동상?? 다필로 없고 그거면 될거같다 Write only 5 letters of Faker on the bottom of the mid-centre!!! Face? statue?? I don't have everything, and I think that's fine.
The Nemezis
The Nemezis 20 órája
2:36 Did Samira just use Quinn's E?
Ang Typ
Ang Typ 17 órája
Is her E
delaray staffen
delaray staffen 20 órája
They must make movies about every season it would be amazing 😢
Muhammad Rizky
Muhammad Rizky 20 órája
Please sub Indonesia
kardrasa 21 órája
Ok edgelord Arthras
왁싱맨 22 órája
1:54 섹시 다리우스
Casual ShOx
Casual ShOx Napja
Dude honestly i hate LoL but these cinematics are awsome!!
LanceDerp Napja
is viego the owner of the blade of the ruined king?
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 11 órája
I mean he *is* the ruined king so Yeah
xD 20 órája
Gianluigi Pistacchio
Gianluigi Pistacchio Napja
BZ Skylock
BZ Skylock Napja
Riot plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Make the MOVIE or SERiES about this Story !!!
Emmanuel Julius Czar Puringue
Emmanuel Julius Czar Puringue Napja
wayt is this mom and dad of brody in ml right
dani tecno
dani tecno Napja
What day do they release league of legend for android ???
Lunar 13 órája
@dani tecno it's already out
dani tecno
dani tecno Napja
Que día sacan legue of leyend para android??
Pajeet Singh
Pajeet Singh Napja
Karma lmao.
Pajeet Singh
Pajeet Singh Napja
Is that Lenny or Charles from RD2?
Earlymation Napja
I feel like this is the scene from the avengers infinity war
Red eye Loner new life
Red eye Loner new life Napja
He looks just like Dyroth in ML. I'm amazed
Alex Napja
We are sleeping on Karma sis really did that all by herself. She built CDR 👌
William Belk
William Belk Napja
Anyone else think viego looks like an awoken from destiny lol
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 11 órája
He looks like a lot of things
LordFireFist Napja
Such a shame you ruined the cinematic by putting Vayne in it
John Smith
John Smith Napja
Arthas is that you?
Stevenson Berndt
Stevenson Berndt Napja
That was filthy
Mateusz Napja
New Dawn Darius armor was better and make a feature film btw.
aaronn Napja
acaso no nos preguntamos todos: Donde esta Yi?
Tatzuki Delima
Tatzuki Delima Napja
Dante is now on league ✌
Javiercito 1984
Javiercito 1984 Napja
rey arruinado como se parece al principe encantador de shreck jajajaja.
ww brw
ww brw Napja
What’s the figure at the end of the video.
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 11 órája
It’s the symbol of the sentinels, probably a tomb.
MadHatter Zombie Edition
MadHatter Zombie Edition Napja
I quit this game 4 years ago, is fizz still good? Or they ruined him?
Berat Çimen
Berat Çimen 12 órája
Pretty much every character is viable tbh, you can look the winrates for how they're doing. Without a few exceptions (like Samira) there is not a champ in a pretty bad or pretty good situation. You can literally play every champ nowadays
Stuka Blyat
Stuka Blyat Napja
Paul Valencia
Paul Valencia Napja
A full length 2 hour movie will come true, someday.
Yeah Boi
Yeah Boi Napja
Viego : Save Isolde!!! Udyr: Why did you say that name!!!!
Raphael Angeles
Raphael Angeles Napja
We can't let ml copy this masterpiece
Mateus Sousa
Mateus Sousa Napja
Does some1 knows what that icon at the end is?
wongwiwat khwannaen
wongwiwat khwannaen Napja
เมื่อไหร่จะเปลี่ยนโมเดล Amumu กับ Corki
Joseph Napja
are they not planning to make a movie about league of legends??
Mister K
Mister K Napja
L o l
Azur Napja
"We don't run from darkness" 3:34
Black Wuel
Black Wuel Napja
Riot Cinematics vs Gameplay
Amirash Rios
Amirash Rios 2 napja
1:38 i just realise isolde was saying "Senna" lmao
Kimy San Gabriel
Kimy San Gabriel 2 napja
So Viego can kill even a soul
TIPSYPH TV 2 napja
Tagalog dub..
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