10 MIN R&B DANCE WORKOUT - a little sexy, a little gangster & for sure SWEATY! / Pamela Reif

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Pamela Reif

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the COOLEST Dance Workout so far ♥︎ with a really sweaty, high energy end! / Werbung
a new DANCE WORKOUT to R&B music! I know I say this every time, but I think this might be the most fun out of all my dance workouts :D
I can even imagine doing this after any kind of workout session, just to have a sweaty end!
▸ a mix between sexy & cool
(Barbie meets Gangster haha)
▸ dance moves are a bit more advanced
▸ you gotta learn the choreography for "Low" (3rd Song). I did an Instagram voting and 85% said they can nail this, if they watch it a couple of times haha!! I believe in you guys.
▸ the end is sooooooo sweaty. Might be my favorite part! Similar to "Hey Mama" of our Happy Dance Workout :)
▸ ... get ready to shake those hiiiiips ♥︎
▸ Ciara, Flo Rida and some beautiful Oldies.. they really brighten up my mood!

Don't worry if you can't follow everything perfectly in the beginning. You'll get the hang out of it after doing it once or twice - I'm sure!! :)
PS: we had to film this 4 times until I finally nailed it haha. Dennis was ... not amused.
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▸ I update my workout playlist weekly & it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎
1. Faith Evans - Love Like This 0:00 - 3:34
2. Lil' Kim - Lighters Up 3:35 - 6:09
3. Flo Rida feat. T-Pain - Low 6:10 - 7:54
4. Ciara - Level Up 7:55 - 10:59
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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

Nina Mizuki
Nina Mizuki 13 órája
How many calories?
SodaAvenue 23 órája
Really love some of the dance steps! can someone please shed some light on which type of dance style this is please? esp some moves from 1st song. (or maybe suggest which sub dance genre i can try for a novice) tia!
3DHDprod Napja
It’s the hard R for me.
J. Feld
J. Feld Napja
Did the HIIT intensity burn a lot of a calories workout before and now I did that. Am I a hero now?
Kylie 2 napja
feeling really out of it and tired today because uni started today, but I felt so much better and less stressed out after doing pam's workouts, always thankful for her
Chelsea Tuffin
Chelsea Tuffin 2 napja
How many calories do you burn? X
Appo Lonia
Appo Lonia 4 napja
"Happy because of food" " Food is ready, dance" 😭😭 I found my soulmate hahaha
Anna Katharina
Anna Katharina 4 napja
Hi! How many calories did you burn roughly? Would be nice to know :)
dumdum ae
dumdum ae 5 napja
Love it 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Chantal Pytlik
Chantal Pytlik 6 napja
"Food is ready dance" 👍❤️always
Lorenaa 20
Lorenaa 20 6 napja
Omg! This is a real cardio....i like it but it kills me
Susi Don Cabose
Susi Don Cabose 6 napja
Niiice , das mache ich gleich Mal nach , freue mich schon sooo sehr !!
TikTok Daily Compilations
TikTok Daily Compilations 7 napja
Hey, please marry me
Tara N
Tara N 8 napja
I honestly cannot believe I would actually say and believe myself when I say I enjoy working out each day because of Pamela! If you told me to do high knees for HIIT I would tell you to get lost. Level up? GET THOSE KNEES UP, UP, UP!
Sophie C
Sophie C 8 napja
Starting a new day with good vibes as usual ! 🎉🎶🎶🎶
Sen Raj
Sen Raj 9 napja
Nice T
Pamela Arellano
Pamela Arellano 9 napja
I really loved this! Thank u! xo
Olivia Suhendra
Olivia Suhendra 9 napja
Pam went I finish during R&B WORKOUT MY BOOTY IS BURNING
Nicole Borneuf - Callan
Nicole Borneuf - Callan 9 napja
Such a good find. As an oldie trying to lose a bit of weight this is so cool and fun to do
Maxi Gröber
Maxi Gröber 9 napja
16 Jahre hartes schwimmtraining hat mir nicht solche Oberschenkelmuskulatur gebracht wie dieses workout
Elif Başcıl
Elif Başcıl 10 napja
this one is my faaav dance workout !!! I don't understand 10 min how was end!
Wyspycremes 11 napja
“gangster squat” lol 😂
Chanel Risse
Chanel Risse 11 napja
Wer macht auch immer diese „Endstellung“? 😂
Isabel Adison
Isabel Adison 11 napja
I'm in love with this workout, so fun!!!
Anant Narayan Dwivedi
Anant Narayan Dwivedi 11 napja
I did pam's HIIT workout , abs and yoga workout, Jason Derulo workout chloe's HIIT workout. Still motivated thought of doing this optional workout for Saturday... Little did I know I would end up getting cramps in my stomach 🙂
iam azalea
iam azalea 11 napja
Super love this dance workout!! One of my fave among pam's dance workout now. 💯✨💓
malu 12 napja
who is here after the booty workout?? 🥵
yy l123
yy l123 12 napja
so hyper when I saw the word FOOD. Need to include this technique in other videos Pam!
Weronika 12 napja
THIS IS THE FAV ONE!! Pam, please do the R&B Dance Workout part2 or maybe something LATINO's? :)
Dying on the inside and out
Dying on the inside and out 12 napja
I didn’t realise how little rhythm I had till I started doing these dance workouts
Rafaela Perdigão
Rafaela Perdigão 12 napja
I loved the Level up part so much, it just gave me the energy for the rest of the year I needed 🤩
Nicolette Waight
Nicolette Waight 13 napja
Omgggggg the level up omgggg i loved it
Insha Khan
Insha Khan 13 napja
I am.your biggest fan wanna meet you
Adel 2404
Adel 2404 14 napja
I love the Level up part
saphrodite 14 napja
Pendime Mackey
Pendime Mackey 15 napja
That was so fun!
Dionne Ortega
Dionne Ortega 15 napja
I feel Amazing now Pamela! Thank you .... so enjoying your workouts 🎀
Demi Georgia Taylor
Demi Georgia Taylor 15 napja
Did anyone sweat? Or did I just become a fitness guru 👟👟
S Ik
S Ik 16 napja
How many calories we burn with this workout? ❤️
S Ik
S Ik 15 napja
@Elhyn thank you so much❣️
Elhyn 15 napja
hi, my apple watch says I burned about 90 calories with it. I hope this has helped you !
starlie Blocker
starlie Blocker 17 napja
This was probably one of my favorites :)
Josefina Tapia
Josefina Tapia 17 napja
Omg i loved the last part
Crystal Lam
Crystal Lam 19 napja
Favourite wind down sequence for every day’s workout!!!
snow duck
snow duck 20 napja
I loved this dance workout. I had so much fun! 😁💜
Valeria Arroyo
Valeria Arroyo 20 napja
i loved this dance workout so much
natalie 20 napja
i love the level up
Rea Anthi
Rea Anthi 20 napja
Pamela, I really have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do and the effort you put wholeheartedly in every single video. I am a person who never dances, has many insecurities, and always try to put myself down. I'm following your workout plans for almost a year now and even though I've seen so much change in my body, I'm even happier that I can see it in my mindset and overall mental health also. Every day I feel stronger and more confident with who I am and who I'm becoming. I also have come to a point where I love my body exactly the way it is, and through your HIIT and Dance videos, I feel the urge to embrace my bloated belly, muscular but kinda flabby arms and fatty inner Thighs. I love all of me and I genuinely don't know how this happened. I'm pretty sure endorphin has something to do with it lol. I always skipped this R&B combo bc I was embarrassed of seeing myself in the mirror and today I decided that I don't need to hide from myself. I did this for 30 mins straight, with a ridiculously huge smile on my face. I'm so grateful. Thank You! Guys, we are all together in this. We can do it!!!
Mariana Oliveira
Mariana Oliveira 20 napja
All is fun and games until gurl starts squatting. That aside, great little dance and warm up!
Carolin Streif
Carolin Streif 20 napja
So i haven't done this workout yet because the two first songs are so boring (my opionion sorry)... but today i have done it and I love the last song sooo much. May you please create a dance workout only with such power songs like the last one? pleeeaaasseee
Vanina Duchène
Vanina Duchène 20 napja
Ce finisher 🥵🥰
Elena Zoom
Elena Zoom 21 napja
I know exactly how I’m gonna shake my body once parties are allowed and Low by Flo rida is on
Sweet_Verry 21 napja
I just wanna say I love your workouts, you are so full of energy and you are the first you tuber I workout with and feel happy ^^
fuscia 21 napja
Can you list your shoes along with the music? I’m always like, which Pumas are those 😍
teona mtiulishvili
teona mtiulishvili 21 napja
I loooooove this one💙💙💙💙💙✨✨✨
Melissa M.
Melissa M. 21 napja
Love your dance Workouts! Can you do a Reggaeton or Zumba Dance for some latino vibes pleeaseee 🔥
Iulia Iordache
Iulia Iordache 21 napja
made my day !
Crystal Lam
Crystal Lam 21 napja
BEST dance vid ever!!! Love the happy energy 💗💞😍
Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup]
Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup] 21 napja
I always forget how munch cardio this has
daria 21 napja
pls do a dance workout with Beyoncé’s songs!! It would be fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aylin Himmet
Aylin Himmet 21 napja
That was soooo much fun u need to include this more often in the workout schedules!
Maha Imran
Maha Imran 22 napja
I was feeling so down and low but I forced myself to complete today’s workout, and the entire time I was just HAPPYYY. THANK YOU PAM!!!
Sapfó 22 napja
This was so much fun! Thank you
ghizlaine soufiane
ghizlaine soufiane 22 napja
amazing ! that gave me a boost for the day ! Thanks a lot ! Gigi from Paris
Ayesha Imran
Ayesha Imran 22 napja
oh god!! this is killing and hard but that happy and inspiring face of yours makes me do it EASILY!!
O Lovely
O Lovely 22 napja
Everyone: doing the workout Me: trying to figure out if that door is real or wallpaper
Slime Monster 379
Slime Monster 379 7 órája
omg wtf? IS IT?
catherine bala
catherine bala Napja
me toooo
Zuznana Brozovska
Zuznana Brozovska 21 napja
hahaha! its wallpaper :D
Chloé Jehl
Chloé Jehl 22 napja
It's all fun and games until you try this after 10min booty activation and 20min booty with weights and band lmao
Jennifer Wong
Jennifer Wong 22 napja
Creative! Loved it! My favorite was the last song
Danica Jacobi
Danica Jacobi 23 napja
I feel like someone videoed Pamela dancing without her knowing and I can't do this workout without feeling like I'm intruding :)
Ney Ive
Ney Ive 23 napja
Doing high knees on beat with Level up is so satisfying! My favorite part of the workout.
Tra Huy
Tra Huy 24 napja
Very nice….
nodajesz 24 napja
Ok but this is so hard that I can’t do this not because of bad condition but I just can’t dance and I don’t know wth is happening 😭😭😭
Lata de arvejitas
Lata de arvejitas 24 napja
Hi Pam! It would be great if you created a new 20 minute booty workout without weights, as we´ve been doing it for so long and there´s no other alternative for those who doesn´t have weights at home. I dont know if anyone agrees with me, let me know :) Thanks Pam for everything you do for us!!!!
LashaiJanai 24 napja
I did your warm up video, and ab video first & then I said a dance video ?! Let me try it! I’m SOOOOOO happy I did. This was so much fun ! I LOVED THIS . Thank you so much 🙏🏽💗
Megan Bosman
Megan Bosman 25 napja
Low by Flo Rida always gets me hyped😁 this workout is definitely going on my Pam App plan👌
Kim Perada
Kim Perada 26 napja
Probably my favorite dance workout to date 😍
Parsheeta Roy
Parsheeta Roy 26 napja
me: this one is too good (easy) to be true Pam: high knees me: nvm
Nigar Mirzaqayeva
Nigar Mirzaqayeva 26 napja
I LOVE this workout💥
Patricia Leduc
Patricia Leduc 27 napja
When you do this workout before dinner and you see "Food is ready" the timing *chef kiss* 👌🤣🤷‍♀️
Jin min
Jin min 27 napja
I've never seen such a woman's figure. 64.dq.to @@@@@
Bia Archer
Bia Archer 28 napja
today was rest day for me but I thought why not just do a little Pamela dance? and I feel so much better that I did!!
Paulina Solís
Paulina Solís 28 napja
I hate doing cardio but I love Pam's dances I just enjoy it and have a lot of fun!
Edits 28 napja
Greta BHMG
Greta BHMG 28 napja
nimda paluja
nimda paluja 29 napja
Pamela: Just learn the dance Me: Yes ma'am
grego Hónapja
bReal919 Hónapja
Damn your such a vibe!- Glad I found these workouts they're so fun :))
Paige Whites
Paige Whites Hónapja
Everything was fine until Level up Those high knee killed me
Emre mutlu
Emre mutlu Hónapja
tom 1
tom 1 Hónapja
Liebe Pamela ich heise Laura und bin 8. Jahre alt. Meine Mutter und ich machen öfter deine Videos. Mittlerweile turnen Mamas Arbeitskollegen und meine Tante Christine und meine Cousins mit. Wir alle finden deine Videos toll Lg Laura aus Traunstein.
MadBox Dahila
MadBox Dahila Hónapja
Lucia Gažiová
Lucia Gažiová Hónapja
Callories died?
Lucie Sedláčková
Lucie Sedláčková Hónapja
Me just can’t breathe bcs I have to sing the level up
DraXas Hónapja
I did the other two happy cardios, which would be sufficient since i only do the 30 min workout plans but i felt dizzy doing them, took a few breaks so I decided its a good time to destroy myself more and do these extra 10mins (which happen to be my fav workout lol)
Haliuka Aqua
Haliuka Aqua Hónapja
Gosh I can somewhat do the dance workouts now!! 😭😭 before I was too self-conscious and insecure that I was so disoriented and couldn't do some moves. It's so satisfying to notice improvements in myself. Thank you, Pam! 😭💗💕
Biti Saved
Biti Saved Hónapja
I love that "Level Up"-Part so much. The first time it killed me, but now it makes me really happy.
Jhandu Laal
Jhandu Laal Hónapja
Best best best workout 👍
Elizabeta Petrova
Elizabeta Petrova Hónapja
the best dance workout!!!
Mark Noonan
Mark Noonan Hónapja
It's quiet impressive how these are all done in one shot all the time!!
Mariola Sbca
Mariola Sbca Hónapja
Pam this is so far my favourite dance work out! The music is so so good I even downloaded Ciara's song to listen to on daily basis❤
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