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Here’s one hour of Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters: The Complete Collection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #DonaldTrump
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Cory Houde
Cory Houde 4 órája
I didn't know that I was looking for this kind of entertainment until it found me.
Anna Krol
Anna Krol 4 órája
That moment when I realized that some of these people are from Wisconsin... 🤦‍♀️
mizkoms sanchez
mizkoms sanchez 9 órája
thank u ... pls dont hate muslims!
Super Max
Super Max 12 órája
Part of the video is from back in 2016(where there were no masks/no calamities)...I miss those times if it weren't for the election of that man
Super Max
Super Max 12 órája
There are two types of people in this video, the educated and the foolishly educated
MyKrokant 17 órája
I see stupid people! 😁🤦
Xose H Rivera
Xose H Rivera 22 órája
These people are all related
Eshaam Bhattad
Eshaam Bhattad 23 órája
"The Democrats are working with the communist Chinese to put Biden in because China has blackmail on Joe Biden. That is a fact." - Guy with Yee-Yee ass hair cut, 2020
JefbutmynameisnotJef Napja
I hate to see people change their opinion just because somebody they support doesn’t agree with them, it’s okay to have differing opinions with people you support
Peggy Moylan
Peggy Moylan Napja
LOL, China will be paying for the wall...
globglogabgalab Glibbleglashglab
globglogabgalab Glibbleglashglab Napja
The lady at 12:10 makes my brain hurt beyond believe
Jasper Low
Jasper Low Napja
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Jarin Schnierl
Jarin Schnierl Napja
13:54 We dont see any african american: 2 black guys standing behind him. Comedy Gold
Jarin Schnierl
Jarin Schnierl Napja
13:09 this guy actually had a good point with the wedding ring (if he said the truth) He doesnt belong here with the others
Jasper Low
Jasper Low Napja
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molly Napja
Really makes you wonder how many of the people, especially in the last segment, were at the capitol...
FbDb Napja
This isn't funny. If your a republican.
ZL1 aftermath
ZL1 aftermath Napja
America runs on racist big deal. Let’s move forward. Let’s go eat tacos
ZL1 aftermath
ZL1 aftermath Napja
I love trump🐥
Bill Kerr
Bill Kerr Napja
Let's see you even talk to Crowder chumps
Hunter Guthrie
Hunter Guthrie 2 napja
Most of the video is cut and moved lmao
Lander Van Bets
Lander Van Bets 2 napja
The face of the reportor 6:23
Wyatt the wallaby
Wyatt the wallaby 2 napja
Their is no hope for America let’s just nuke it and start over
Banking Bread
Banking Bread 2 napja
Very serious question, responding to this woman’s remark at 52:13: isn’t the color of the Republican Party red? Since the party hates communism and socialism in general, shouldn’t they change the color - by that logic?
Black and Gold
Black and Gold 2 napja
35:58... SANTA??????
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 2 napja
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Susan S
Susan S 2 napja
This is so fcking depressing.
Drew Alanes
Drew Alanes 2 napja
This is why inbreeding is bad tbh!
corky thehippoman
corky thehippoman 2 napja
This is the reason europeans think we are stupid
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 3 napja
16:35 blow you're nose
ThePotatoMan 2495
ThePotatoMan 2495 3 napja
34:50 plot twist they did
AlayahYeah 3 napja
Can someone please reassure me that this is fake so I don’t think all faith is lost in humanity....PLEASE!
mato fritz
mato fritz 3 napja
looks like ordinary US citizen sample to me...
super 8
super 8 3 napja
I tought I saw plenty stupid people in my life already until I watched this one..they're soooo stupid and they dont even realize it..sad.
Black and Gold
Black and Gold 3 napja
"Hillary Clinton has AIDS, she got it from Bill and he got AIDS, probably by messing around with Magic Johnson." OK, I think, that's the edge of the universe, time to turn around and come back...
Wes Caldwell
Wes Caldwell 3 napja
TRUMP supportes are a super wide diversity and they have one thing in common they love America and it's constitution unlike the democrats. 🤔Love don't hate 😊🎩🇺🇸🇺🇸
Wes Caldwell
Wes Caldwell 3 napja
TRUMP supportes are a super wide diversity and they have one thing in common they love America and it's constitution unlike the democrats. 🤔Love don't hate 😊🎩🇺🇸🇺🇸
Dustin C Mills
Dustin C Mills 3 napja
44:49 John 10:14 and 1 Peter 5:8 ; Has Trump asked God for forgiveness?
Maximillian Arturo
Maximillian Arturo 3 napja
Nice to see Klepper without his stupid little mask on.
yun cohi
yun cohi 3 napja
Trump is the president of all Karens and Kens, im amazed at the amount of Karens and Kens in America
Just Mi
Just Mi 3 napja
I doubt they even knew what "drain the swamp" even means.
D Kompres
D Kompres 3 napja
Fekkin hilarious! Do these trump voters know their ass from a hole in their heads?
TheAnnArnold 3 napja
Such absolute IDIOTS!
John Obrien
John Obrien 4 napja
I wonder why these people were so easily manipulated by trump?
Maya Hadad
Maya Hadad 4 napja
We’ll be together In hell 😂
Raja Airlangga
Raja Airlangga 4 napja
this people is so dumb
Danny Doubus
Danny Doubus 3 napja
@liav hanegbi lava hangbird leave hanger leva hinge
liav hanegbi
liav hanegbi 4 napja
These* Are*
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loSlicKol Maaan
loSlicKol Maaan 4 napja
holy moley, i facepalmed myself so often when watching this vid, i think i reached the back of my skull.. :/
rexxt80 4 napja
A Fool leading a bunch of Fools ....
JōKkå 444
JōKkå 444 4 napja
Lol one dude said and the “Indian thing” yeah you just completely wiped out an entire race of people that was willing to share with you because they said it’s a free land that belongs to all of us lol you guys can’t even get your own ideas let alone follow them 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ a circle or stupidity
The Shredder
The Shredder 4 napja
I lived for these during his presidency.
JōKkå 444
JōKkå 444 4 napja
Trump supporters- a bunch of dumb and or racists people that get together and want to feel apart of something. super contradicting kind of people. Not all are racist but the vast majority as you can see.. are.
James Hamilton
James Hamilton 4 napja
reality is giving the scifi movie genre a run for its money
Zuhon 4 napja
Sometimes I like to scroll the comments and annoy the blue haired liberals
liav hanegbi
liav hanegbi 4 napja
This video is enough
Brian Foley
Brian Foley 4 napja
So you know what's just as stupid as some of the people in this video.... making this fucking video. You're just feeding the fire here, why?
Jeremiah Martinez
Jeremiah Martinez 4 napja
Justin Wong
Justin Wong 4 napja
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adam's_chong 4 napja
He never finished the wall
Jennifer G.
Jennifer G. 4 napja
Third time watching this, and hearing how dumb these trumpsters are Never Gets Old!
MaeTricks 5 napja
I like to think Jordan actually got through to that kid in the suit
Ed Jonas
Ed Jonas 5 napja
I love to see triggered Donald fans, I'm not even from north or south America "me, America first, me, I, my job, my country, me, I am an American" It's a comedy. But then you understand that those clueless ppl actually vote for what used to be the superpower. Scary ahah
Carie Evans
Carie Evans 5 napja
LOL, not at all siding with the guy at around 27:35 but he was kind of right. He set it up wrong on his shirt, but what I think he meant was that was the year each of them would run and win. But its set up like he means they would have one 4 year term each. But then leaves 4 unattributed years after each one 🤣
Arely perez
Arely perez 5 napja
"Don't try to twist me baby" me: you're twisting yourself with your double standards
Leona Love
Leona Love 5 napja
Amazing stupidity and hatred. So embarrassing for the U.S.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 5 napja
This never gets old
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 3 napja
@Danny Doubus i watch this everyday m8 and ive watched the full thing atleast 20 times. (1 hour long)
Danny Doubus
Danny Doubus 3 napja
how honest are you?
ASMR lil VezZy
ASMR lil VezZy 5 napja
The guy who was connecting jewelry to religion was so funny 😂😂
SMvale7 5 napja
"Like they say, no body made it to the top without breaking a few pieces of China." "That wasn't an insult by the way." No one says that. And he said it strait to his face LMAO
YulitzGaming 5 napja
Despite how annoying Trump supporters are, Klepper was actually wrong on the math lol 28:18 that shirt display the presidents being elected for that year and assuredly staying office for for years. So uh yeah, it's 8 years but screw that guy
ASMRyouVEGANyet? 5 napja
44:50 WOW how does he not see his own stupidity?
SirSCP aLot
SirSCP aLot 5 napja
It’s funny watching homophobic old people getting called out and stuff like that. Is really funni
TboyUltra 5 napja
Gosh I’m a conservative/ independent and this is embarrassing lol I just have to say that these are hardcore extremists trump supporters not all republicans are like this.
Jenny Vereschagin
Jenny Vereschagin 5 napja
Are you sure these aren’t actors pretending to be Trumpsters? Please say they are....
Jason Heffren
Jason Heffren 5 napja
Lmfao you NEVER see Klepper asking the Proud Boys any direct questions. Even with all of his body guards 🤣🤣🤣
Star gazer
Star gazer 6 napja
I feel bad for the circuses to be compared with Trump
Parker Nolan
Parker Nolan 6 napja
Wait, Obama was president during 911? My life has been a lie
xxastxrism. com
xxastxrism. com 6 napja
“We treat women with respect!” The shirt: oh we do now? We do?!
deathslyer1415 6 napja
I already miss trump, America was great
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 6 napja
23:20 That sign aged well
D T 6 napja
We’re doomed America, the government stupefied you and they’re doing a great job.
Dreama19 6 napja
These people.... Omg Omg Omg!!! This a shameful display of AMERICA 🇺🇸. But it is real as everything.
Rhoda Morgenstern
Rhoda Morgenstern 6 napja
I've never seen such a gigantic TRASH HEAP
Rhoda Morgenstern
Rhoda Morgenstern 6 napja
"Is that a jew watch?"
Victor Macias
Victor Macias 6 napja
I thougth the rest of the world was ignorant but this guyss OMG
Arika Lopez
Arika Lopez 6 napja
Wow these clown are real stupid
axakeikei _
axakeikei _ 6 napja
I love his knowledge, great!!
Betsy Garcia
Betsy Garcia 6 napja
veronica carmona
veronica carmona 6 napja
Stupidity at their fullest
John Doe
John Doe 6 napja
Is that a Jew watch
Cozinoda 6 napja
I didn't know starburns worked at a circus..
Byrd Allie
Byrd Allie 6 napja
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Byrd Allie
Byrd Allie 6 napja
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Carina Metschar
Carina Metschar 6 napja
"Why do we let you be a country?!" - Barney Stinson
Ed Luckenbill
Ed Luckenbill 6 napja
Lol 😂
Gregorio Mangisel ii
Gregorio Mangisel ii 6 napja
Trump supporters=Karens
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu 6 napja
The sneaky accordion routinely jump because vessel preclinically switch following a soggy nephew. military, woebegone swordfish
weatherthestorm 6 napja
Has he been on Time?
Finn D
Finn D 7 napja
You can’t fix stupid but the hats make it a whole lot easier to identify
Trisha King
Trisha King 7 napja
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Moore Darcy
Moore Darcy 6 napja
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Jake Butland
Jake Butland 6 napja
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Bitboy Crypto
Bitboy Crypto 6 napja
Come to think of it,why is nobody talking about cryptocurrency at the moment? It's going on a bull run and alot of people are going to miss out on that just like the last time.
KITCO NEWS 6 napja
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Trisha King
Trisha King 6 napja
@Margaret Yeah you're right 👍
Michael 7 napja
Good job on losing this conservative
Linda Martin
Linda Martin 7 napja
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