Donald Trump’s Reign of Terrible is Finally Coming to an End

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Jimmy remembers the life and legacy of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, and talks about the exceptionally ironic moments from the attacks on the Capitol, the final two days of Donald Trump’s presidency and his incredibly low approval rating, the flurry of characters coming in and out of the White House this weekend, Rudy Giuliani not having a role on Trump’s impeachment team, Lindsey Graham’s desire to dismiss the article of impeachment once it reaches the Senate, Trump’s insistence that he is making history every time he does something, a farewell message from Melania, Trump’s ridiculous hair, a MAGA hat clearance sale, and all the pardons Trump is expected to make on his final day in office.
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ItsMe 4Tea
ItsMe 4Tea Napja
So Trump thinks he stood up to China more than any other president.....does he forget that the USA had presidents throughout WW2 ?!..... unbelievable.
Austin DAVIS
Austin DAVIS 4 napja
Well the Americans elected trump despite his vicious nasty campaign. What does that say about the americans??>>?>
Elia Gorayeb
Elia Gorayeb 4 napja
Trump s claim to fame was pardoning that turkey (on Thanksgiving). Which means that there were 2 pardoned turkeys in the White House!
Kelly Burket
Kelly Burket 6 napja
Thank you Jimmy!!!
NitroWolf jk
NitroWolf jk 7 napja
Im done with kimmel. Ur thinking as a minority of people not majority
Shannon Webb
Shannon Webb 9 napja
The very first time I heard Trump refer to himself in the 3rd person, I knew he was a narcissistic sociopath. Now, after 4 agonizingly long years, he's still making headlines in the news. At some point, society has to admit "yeah, we really messed up in 2016". What else is there to say? He, his family, his followers, are intellectually challenged. Having said that, I'm not a fan of Biden either. It's probable, I will never see leadership in a POTUS in my lifetime.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 18 napja
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WOW that kind of privilege n confidence has never been extended to others. That kind of power is intoxicating. 🤘😤
Mr T
Mr T 19 napja
Enjoy joe bidens america everybody......You deserve it!
Oceanic's Channel
Oceanic's Channel Napja
What did i do thats horrible enough to deserve joe bidens america?
cooliverson allen
cooliverson allen 20 napja
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Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien 20 napja
Great minds this young republican crew . Very Mobil .
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones 22 napja
Your part of the 😈👹 club! Just like Carlin warned!
Mary RNBSN 22 napja
Personal attacks is not funny. You all and Kimmel are sickos
Tony Richard
Tony Richard 26 napja
The earthy weapon biologically borrow because brandy consistently whine inside a workable thrill. outgoing, scintillating xylophone
Fred Adams
Fred Adams 28 napja
That has got to be the coolest hair hat I've ever seen in my life who does he think he's fooling with that little weave
Fred Adams
Fred Adams 28 napja
Hey Jimmy I'm wondering why you're the only person who knows the difference between a lectern and a Podium I might dance on top of your podium
Ron Wilsontringue
Ron Wilsontringue Hónapja
Whatever President Trumps' ratings are they could never be as low as yours are essentially because yours are based on your negative IQ !!!!
patricia sherman
patricia sherman Hónapja
no other president has ever been such a serious detriment to the usa.
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
You're absolutely right, don is terrible!
Mr T
Mr T 19 napja
You're absolutely right, joe is terrible!
david mcdonald
david mcdonald Hónapja
Thank you America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I love you America 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤❤ Let's move forward with love respect and understanding so our USA citizens Can love our country again 🇺🇸❤❤❤
Hongwen Li
Hongwen Li Hónapja
You need to learn a lot of things
mj mclaugh
mj mclaugh Hónapja
You're not news Jimmy, give up
Benz Care Auto
Benz Care Auto Hónapja
Benz Care Auto
Benz Care Auto Hónapja
$15 minimum wage just cuts in on billionaires record profits! NOT the price of a burger FGS! .. Printing money for billionaires is doing that! We must get money OUT of politics!
His hair looks fuckin gross
Mr T
Mr T 18 napja
@Mr T I don't have a face so ha.
Mr T
Mr T 19 napja
Just like your face
joyce Loesch
joyce Loesch Hónapja
Thousands of hypocrites. Crazy, hypocrites. They didnt file in order to enter the Capitol building. Oh, yeah, they're a disorderly mob.
canuck Hónapja
Doesn't Trump know that bald is in? He should shave his head.
robin becker
robin becker 17 napja
How about with his "enormous wealth" he got a hair transplant or even a good wig?
Rhonda sisson
Rhonda sisson 22 napja
Nasty hair bad hairdresser toilet paper on his shoe was the best
Stephen Colbertenerd
Stephen Colbertenerd Hónapja
you conformist, are enjoying communism
Lucyloo Jones
Lucyloo Jones Hónapja
Please let us know when it ends please!
Sunil Sahu
Sunil Sahu Hónapja
Odisha public mission for turmp life time I love you new power supply unit all county's gov of international bjs
Sunil Sahu
Sunil Sahu 14 napja
@DonaldJerkoffTrump Odisha public mission for world gov of international BJ's Dal big lavel entry Gujarat to Mumbai to Delhi to Odisha all green house meeting
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
bj's ??
patricia sherman
patricia sherman Hónapja
urine and feces...really?!? what possible good come that accomplish?
Hilde Haerynck
Hilde Haerynck Hónapja
Malaria. 😂😂😂😂
William Jones
William Jones Hónapja
Why didn't they just take Cruz's notebook?
MumboJumboZXC Hónapja
Democrats are still seething.
june dolson
june dolson Hónapja
Glad we don’t have to look at Trump’s face & ugly hair on TV anymore!
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
Mr T
Mr T 19 napja
Now you can enjoy mumbling joe and his dementia instead. Good job!
Bo Peep
Bo Peep Hónapja
Trump the Terrible
Paul Halfpenny
Paul Halfpenny Hónapja
"No other President...". Jesus. The triumph of the performance over reality.
Airroll Tangeeon
Airroll Tangeeon Hónapja
the second farse trial no witnesses, and a vote for how they will vote later,and who ever heard of Managers during a trial this horrible excuse for American trial is as badf as the first one and exactly what i expected ,,,,AMERICA LETS ALL CALL OUR LEADERS AND INSIST ON A REAL TRIAL! this is allowed in our constitution they have to have a neutral judge and jury made of trumps peers ,a lawfully made trial by people who have no conflict of interest in those on the stage at the instigators ralley
MumboJumboZXC Hónapja
He wasn’t guilty bro. Cope
Rick Huis
Rick Huis 2 hónapja
Those that are yelling this is war are acting in a treasonous manner. Why are they not being charged with treason?
plumb loko
plumb loko 2 hónapja
That's because he just plain stupid. Ignorance is no excuse.
LEO M 2 hónapja
The whispering relative orally lock because leopard acly behave midst a powerful quiver. faint fair, comfortable handle
Guy North
Guy North 2 hónapja
I first read this as trump's reign of terror, it was an unsettling hellish nightmare, but thanks to these late night guys we got a little escape.
Stephen Colbertenerd
Stephen Colbertenerd Hónapja
the comedy shows are terrible, just like their ratings!
Hedda Acosta
Hedda Acosta 2 hónapja
I didn't think I would ever see an aberration like Trump be president of this country that I love.
Joyce Duncan
Joyce Duncan 2 hónapja
29% approval rating. 2-4: 61% approval rating for Joe. How would Kayleigh spin that?
Dorethea Ewell
Dorethea Ewell 2 hónapja
I was comfortable for years in our country, up until the last for years. They will not take our Democracy away nor destroy our Constitution. We are going to be United. Right now the Republicans are very much separated from the Democrats, but With President Biden and Vice President Harris we will make it.
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
Bri C
Bri C Hónapja
Wow. What's it like living in the enchanted kingdom? Yeah, we'll make it where? Tell the F'n unicorn we said hello.
Janice Tribble
Janice Tribble 2 hónapja
God bless us all
Richard Dangles
Richard Dangles 2 hónapja
Screw Hollywood.
george lim
george lim 2 hónapja
Chump got nasty creepy hair, I don’t see other old men in government wear a combover comb forward like him. He too lazy to color his entire head, he leaves underneath white. Yuck! He doesn’t have bronzer on his eyes, ears, neck and hands
Bird V.
Bird V. 2 hónapja
What I dont get is these MENSOS say we are patriotic while they are destroying stuff
WhatIfSchrodinger’sBoxWasACoffin? 2 hónapja
WhatIfSchrodinger’sBoxWasACoffin? 2 hónapja
Let’s face it, if Trump had left Biden a letter, it probably would have been a vowel. Run Vanna, run! 🏃‍♀️
Esha Bhandari
Esha Bhandari 2 hónapja
The political armchair beautifully disapprove because inch preauricularly smell beneath a flimsy soccer. obese, nippy cable
Monique Ruriha
Monique Ruriha 2 hónapja
This is the World Wide demostración of election Fraud and government and media corruption without shame without hidden anything the powerful elite showed to the world that the vote of 80 millions Trump’s Patrios don’t count, their money of this Pedophilos evil people witch are ruling us meaning that they can purchase judges, vote machines, Congress people, news media, etc etc the worst is that they divided us and we blame in each other, but the TRUE IS THAT WE ARE THEIR SLAVES, WE ARE THE DOOMS IDIOTS with the covered mouth. what a shame of human beings, the only one with BIG Strong carácter is Donald Trump and 4 years 24/7 they are trying to destroy him, people we are more that this evil people! Start with no division between the us the MEDIA IS MANIPULATING US
Marko Ivanovic
Marko Ivanovic 2 hónapja
That comment about lil wayne was so untasteful
Marko Ivanovic
Marko Ivanovic 2 hónapja
Trump is pushing people out of their comfort zone. You just don't understand how deeply he manipulates the crowds to create the greatest america. Hah!
Duane Ashley
Duane Ashley 2 hónapja
Some have hair, the rest have brains
Wendell Marthetrs
Wendell Marthetrs 2 hónapja
They know that people forget easily and I think they depend on it because I have seen simular crap with other tragedies like the school shootings "you can't talk about the shootings because"it is only right to allow the families to grieve? Then they never bring it back up
Chengfu Saechao
Chengfu Saechao 2 hónapja
ronald kropilak
ronald kropilak 2 hónapja
It’s a shame the Democrats are boycotting his pillows he only spoke the truth and they’re just trying to erase every one that spoke the truth about this corrupt election
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
ronald kropilak
ronald kropilak 2 hónapja
But his approval rating went up to 45/50% after the riots
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter 2 hónapja
Why don't we ask those pipeline workers who lost their jobs because of Sleepy Joe's executive order if they agree with you.
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
Noreen Knight
Noreen Knight 2 hónapja
Your with satan. Lie lie lie. Military os protecting the people fighting the evil u love . God is great he wins all the time
Kevin Weakley
Kevin Weakley 2 hónapja
Say it Jimmy, say it louder pussy !
Liala Liala
Liala Liala 2 hónapja
President Trump ❤️✌️ is the president of the people,
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
MilBras 2 hónapja
Orange Capone. Worst ever!
Joyce Boyd
Joyce Boyd 2 hónapja
Trump had people that loved him because he loved them. Nation that respected him because he man of honor. Stamina to stand up to dishonesty, against evilness. But you see the truth it wasn’t the people that didn’t brand him. Let me put their way his life before millions of hard working tax payers voted in to being President. It’s was church and ones that thought he just wasn’t President material. Mainly for the very things they had been in there pass. But for some reason they just couldn’t let go of their opinions what Donald wasn’t so chose, not to go with his platform, so just decided not to vote. Even those that just couldn’t accept God put in office. They thought we the people were putting up next to God. When never about Trump but as been said Gods plan and Gods man. I guess he always had to overcome church and God. This I have hard time with, if God picked and anointed him why then We people think it was about Trump. Just caused a lot to get hung up on this thinking. Just remember what he he did take from evil mean and those just couldn’t accept God had bless us to lead our nation, but see he wasn’t one of the elect. No one hasn’t taken President Trump he still given you ones that think that, a lot sleepless nights and days. His game not over yet, wait and sees who ends up with the ball.
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
James Briggs
James Briggs 2 hónapja
Yeah Jimmy, the greatest economy our country has ever seen that was built by Trump was so horrible. I really think elites like yourself didn’t like seeing ordinary people including people of color doing well and prospering.
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
donny killed the economy
Kristine Markle
Kristine Markle 2 hónapja
Haven't watch you in four years...that will not change !
Marsha Smith
Marsha Smith 2 hónapja
No one gets absurd backbitters except those assigned by god
The Notorious
The Notorious 2 hónapja
I’m surprised Jimmy boi didn’t cry. Ironic title given Jimmy’s hair line gives him a sevenhead.
susan vojin
susan vojin 2 hónapja
Find new material I think you made enough money from Trump .
Baz Out Of Hell
Baz Out Of Hell 2 hónapja
Hey Jimmy wait till people start turning on Biden when there bills start rising and prices keep going up as they lose there jobs and have to compete with illegals coming in, are you still gonna blame Trump? Oh and no mention of those ever so peaceful riots in Portland with all that burning and looting in the background
bbsy1 2 hónapja
I don’t feel bad for the morons that died. That is how evolution works. I feel bad for the innocent people trying to stop them that died.
Aysia Norr
Aysia Norr 2 hónapja
Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez 2 hónapja
And the new fool in office look what the hell he's doing. Your all fools
Willie Snyder
Willie Snyder 2 hónapja
So well spoken!! Thank you!
kour ouma
kour ouma 2 hónapja
Petite poutre de Jimmy Kindel🦄🦄 Vraiment ces gens sont mort avant la honte... Jimmy !!!!Just hide Yourself💉
HALAKO KHAN 2 hónapja
Republican party should be banned, all Republicans are Terrorists.
Brad 2 hónapja
Combover man!! Combover!!!!
captdrewcafe 2 hónapja
"its not which party controls our government. It's that our government is controlled by the People" Donald J Trump And government with obamagate, MSM biased censoring, scream Impeach him at all costs even Americans lives and livelihoods!! What does that tell you? What does that pathetic 8month long relief bill tell you? While others countries people received hundreds a week. White House official HUpost channel getting destroyed by DISLIKES some cases 7to1. For the most popular man in the US he seems to have little to no support. Because it was rigged.
christopheles 2 hónapja
Can we really take Kimmel seriously?? 🤣🤣
Lilibeth Mihic
Lilibeth Mihic 2 hónapja
TRUMP best president ever
DonaldJerkoffTrump 14 napja
BIDEN best president ever
Bobby 2 hónapja
Hey Kimmel don't you have something to cry about. We know why you backed Biden because like him you try anything to get a girls hands in your pants.
Connie DeShazo
Connie DeShazo 2 hónapja
Poor 😆 Jimmy, you can’t seriously believe he’s gone and won’t be back. You don’t believe that. No one does
Brian Silcox
Brian Silcox 2 hónapja
Jimmie "S i m p l e ! "
James Spencer
James Spencer 2 hónapja
This man is not threw because hi is out of the Whitehouse he does not know how to quick.he has his cronies in the senate all he does is make a phone call .if you do not believe me just keep listen to the news.i hope history tell it like it is
Ben Beatz
Ben Beatz 2 hónapja
Whats is so funny Jimmy will be crying soon he must haven't heard the RealNews i see he's still a sheep lol all that money and haven't educated himself lol
Big fun Don’t trip
Big fun Don’t trip 2 hónapja
Can’t let go of trump can you jimmy your a sad sad man
John Pettyjohn
John Pettyjohn 2 hónapja
jimmy is a demon sob
Tavern Times
Tavern Times 2 hónapja
Your in for the worst 4 years in the history of the presidency you clowns
Helen Hickman
Helen Hickman 2 hónapja
You are an ignorant man and believe me martin would have voted for trump
john K
john K 2 hónapja
January 6 th there was a riot because a presidential election was stolen. Jimmy your a loser
GET KRAKEN 2 hónapja
When is your reign of perpetual adolescent crap gonna end Jimmy?
fredee moon
fredee moon 2 hónapja
At least now hes out and free to haunt the golf course, he has more time to perfect his comb over....maybe even get a hair no a brain transplant I meant
Baz Out Of Hell
Baz Out Of Hell 2 hónapja
Do you mean the same surgeon who wired up Joe's brain?
L. Lockleer
L. Lockleer 2 hónapja
How, when most of the GOP are too stupid and scared to stand up, and take this opportunity for getting rid of this menace once & for all!
Jonathan Donnchadh
Jonathan Donnchadh 2 hónapja
" oh you remember the thing"
Jonathan Donnchadh
Jonathan Donnchadh 2 hónapja
HaahHAAA you traded it for a brain dead guy that cant put two words together... and that Kalmala Kamel toe who slept to the top idiots ... no one remebers her comming to a event with WIlle Brown as his Mistress while Willy's Wife was right there .. you guys are foolish
Joel Y
Joel Y 2 hónapja
Let's hope we can survive the next 4 years! I though america came first not last?
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 2 hónapja
He's not going anywhere by the way 😁
andrikoshellin 2 hónapja
Jimmy lover of weiner
Al Piston
Al Piston 2 hónapja
Pay some respect to the half of Americans voted for Donald Trump.
Al Piston
Al Piston 2 hónapja
What so terrible was in Trump’s reign?
Vegas stoker
Vegas stoker 2 hónapja
Thank God it's over. Time to heal.
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