How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "No Escape"

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This movie is also known as "Follow Me".
You and your friends are trapped in a prison, and forced to play the world’s most dangerous escape room. You’ll have to solve every puzzle, survive being tormented by gangsters, and risk your life to escape before the time runs out. What do you do?
Thank you for watching No Escape and Follow Me explained and review of how to beat.
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rockman124 Hónapja
have a damn good day
Eugeo 2 napja
I saw your comment the EXACT second he says "have a Damn good day" in the video
Mayra Pacheco
Mayra Pacheco 4 napja
@Cinema Summary you too
That24hourguy 5 napja
@Cinema Summary wow
Lance Jumola
Lance Jumola 6 napja
Have a damn good day
Xaviplayz 8 napja
@Cinema Summary you too
Oliver Saunders
Oliver Saunders Órája
I wonder if Cole would go to prison for this as he thought it was self defence.
ItsMeDylan2 4 órája
Ngl this is Saw Battle Royale xD
callum J the killer in the mirror
callum J the killer in the mirror 5 órája
Fuckinggg helllll dawg😭😂 how would any sane person think "oh, imm prank my friend" and then come up with this😭😂
Bill Nyes Secret Robot Son Model TR-427
Bill Nyes Secret Robot Son Model TR-427 6 órája
ItS JusT A PRanK BrO
Wreck Yell
Wreck Yell 6 órája
Why did he go back I would just call the cops and use a translator
Turtle !
Turtle ! 6 órája
am i the only one that thinks one of them looks like pewdiepie
David Brose Jr
David Brose Jr 6 órája
Now how is everyone in the room watching and no one is stopping the beat down while it’s happening.???? How does that work??
Frida schleg
Frida schleg 8 órája
moral of the story don't have stupid friends :)
EmotionalChild 11 órája
Yo the ending got me so mad I feel like crying out of anger and frustration...what type of friends do that like come on! Those are some awful ass friends-
Zunny 13 órája
Its just a prank bro 😩🎉
ray wang
ray wang 13 órája
Rusha prank go to far
Imelda Lopez
Imelda Lopez 14 órája
bloody legend 👌
Prime Rose Arce
Prime Rose Arce 14 órája
When he said you dont pull prank prank pull you in russian lunguage i laugh so much
Game Hive
Game Hive 16 órája
Bro that prank at the end would be messed up even for jake paul.
dogs&drawings !
dogs&drawings ! 16 órája
This looks like 'escape room', 'hostel' and 'Saw' had a baby
Carley Smith
Carley Smith 17 órája
but what abut when he sawd that naked guy????
m4tt1 21 órája
love your vids but i have a question here. On the 4 L Water trap wouldnt there be other ways toeasure the water and when its more than that it would speed up the trap? just a idea why i woudlbt pour more than 4L but the idea with the rigedts is good.
Joshua Billingsley
Joshua Billingsley 21 órája
This movie is why I hate OTT pranks
Rosealie Lycan
Rosealie Lycan Napja
Me up until Cole turned around: this is the smartest horror person I've ever seen He turns around: 😭 you had so much potential
Blue Gato
Blue Gato Napja
It's just a prank, bro!
CoGamer103 Napja
It’s just a prank bro calm down!
No A
No A Napja
When I saw the ending where it was all a prank, my actual response was “wtf, wtf.” Like bruh what kinda prank is that. Those are the worst friends ever.
Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa Napja
in russia you dont pull prank Prank pull you
Snooty Napja
I hate how the person in the ending is the victim and they are acting like its his fault
GOD Napja
Fake friends
Mia Brown
Mia Brown Napja
Ok, I’m speechless...he should’ve not been arrested bc it was self defense even if it was a joke they acted like all his friends and gf died ofc anyone would have done that !!!
Chandragupt Singh
Chandragupt Singh Napja
"In Soviet Russia, you don't pull pranks, pranks pull you"🤣
TheatreNerd2.0 Napja
Nobody: Me: IsN't ThaT ToBy WaN KaNovY fRoM pLl?
ruby’s gacha
ruby’s gacha Napja
i love your videos they are so cool 😎
Chimony Salazar
Chimony Salazar Napja
Did they just watch the guy beaten to death before they show up lol
Thackery Binx
Thackery Binx Napja
His “OHkay” is music to my ears
Mistica M
Mistica M Napja
Megh Daniel Lama
Megh Daniel Lama Napja
Just a prank bro
moron Napja
Most fucked up prank i ever saw
Kev Kotthaufen
Kev Kotthaufen Napja
How to escape "no escape" just make the no away
WillMarcC Napja
Just a prank bro
LoL It's Not Even Real I Watched It In The End But........ It Is Just A Prank.. The Group Prank The Main Character Then The Thing Just Got Real The Main Character Just Killed His Friend Then... All Of The Members Saw A Dead Body That The Main Character Just Killed
Krab Napja
"Fuck Russia" 2:27
Evan Andrews
Evan Andrews 2 napja
I haven’t seen this movie but it seems like The Game with Michael Douglas
Kiana Khoshaba
Kiana Khoshaba 2 napja
His friends:omg that was scary Him:hmmmm is wonder if I caught it on camera ? His friends: 👁👄👁
Kiana Khoshaba
Kiana Khoshaba 2 napja
Omar Aktar
Omar Aktar 2 napja
If u was pranked like taht I would gun king murder
Raptor 2 napja
Why does he look like Logan paul
Elizabeth Brogan
Elizabeth Brogan 2 napja
Is that where the movie ended? Did anyone face legal repercussions?
Elizabeth Brogan
Elizabeth Brogan 2 napja
Silly Lydia. Should've used her banshee scream to break the glass.
Septhicc 2 napja
How are u supposed to escape if it’s called...... No escape 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmmmmmmmmm... HMMMMMMMMMMM
Ott Prott
Ott Prott 2 napja
that's not a prank, that's pure evil
Maximilian Poole
Maximilian Poole 2 napja
its always Moscow lmao
General Del
General Del 2 napja
1:51 Ironic. He could save others from the corruption, but not himself.
Oberlurch - Handimations
Oberlurch - Handimations 2 napja
Ha, got'em
Brandrex 2 napja
dumbest ending ever
Uranium 2 napja
You talk like you are not scared of anything and you think you can always stay calm.
• AprilSxnny •
• AprilSxnny • 2 napja
And I thought my toxic friend was bad O_O
Katie Madison
Katie Madison 2 napja
cut the cameras. D E A D A S S. 😐
Oԃԃყ 2 napja
If i were the protagonist when i discovered that everything was fake, knowing myself, i would go full *Hank Wimbleton* mode
Carlos tnt 70000
Carlos tnt 70000 3 napja
"its just an f_cking prank bro"
Ben Vlogz
Ben Vlogz 3 napja
If Cinema Summary is my friend i feel safe lmao
Skinny White Boy
Skinny White Boy 3 napja
Actually your wrong on the vent one. Due to how the whole vent reverberates with a deep echoing sound and how high pitched a power saw is, sound masking wouldn't work and then they have the tool for the job to get you out of there ready to go
Scribble Dip
Scribble Dip 3 napja
It's just a prank bro
SilentPanda78 3 napja
R.I.P Alexei Form Stranger Things
Bruh 3 napja
Me doing homework: Notification: how to beat escape room Me: yup
Matt 160
Matt 160 3 napja
20:35 This facial expressions of the girlfriend really infuriates me. It doesn't look like guilt for what she has done to her boyfriend. It looks disgusted because the actions of her boyfriend. This is so f*cked up. I hope for sequel in which he gets revenge.
Francheska 3 napja
I think this film is a masterpiece in explaining Hollywood/fame phenomenon. Cole was a regular jerky star with wealth and his friends were desensitized to so many things like our generation. They thought it would have been funny because so many online pranks are inherently malicious and cruel but the audience thinks it’s fine. The torture prank is taking that one step further. They assumed he would be cool with the prank without understand basic human emotions, and they didn’t know Coles tenacity and willpower were so strong. He killed the actor because he had nothing to live for and yet wanted to live. They think it’s appalling bc they view it as having done nothing wrong.
Matthew Serbia
Matthew Serbia 3 napja
watching a movie with this guy would be so annoying
Ana C.R
Ana C.R 3 napja
“It’s a prank bro” h-huh?
Roko Berakovic
Roko Berakovic 3 napja
Yo is that Logan pauls friend George
Rambo 3 napja
18:16 DUDE! ITS RUSSIA! didten yourself say that it was the most corrupt land?! Fuck the police this is russia, no cop would fuck with the Mafia unless they have nothing to lose
Avi X
Avi X 3 napja
How to escape “No Escape”.
Sneaky Taze
Sneaky Taze 3 napja
"Chill! It was just a prank bro!"
Oliver O'Neill
Oliver O'Neill 3 napja
I'm just saying, you say ok a lot but its ok cause I say wait slot too no joke I actually do ha ha
JT 3 napja
Wha- what the fuck were they THINKING?! I'm genuinely seething with rage and disbelief at the situation. A PRANK? SERIOUSLY?!
Oliver 3 napja
Wow, he probably should just kill all his friends after that
FaZe Karen
FaZe Karen 3 napja
this video is 21 minutes of "omg how did i not think of that"
Very Good
Very Good 3 napja
This is just Logan Paul’s suicide forest vlog on steroids
Leaper Gaming
Leaper Gaming 3 napja
Loook at his subs
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan 3 napja
20:30 da cyka nahui blyat was the audience expecting trauma is serious in any form
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan 3 napja
i may love pranks but this is too far and anyone who experiences this should have 30 years of therapy even soldiers of Vietnam would say "you've gone through a lot of harsh times boy"
Shikaschima 3 napja
"Everyone was in on the prank." Does that matter if the prank was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING TERRIBLE?!?
ELITE zSN1PER 3 napja
"In soviet russia you dont pull prank." "Prank pull you." Another one he said in this vid: "In soviet russia you dont beat puzzle." "Puzzle beat you."
Blake Christopherson
Blake Christopherson 3 napja
It was a wtf ending for me, Cole did everything right in the end. Those were shitty friends
supergeorgia32 3 napja
Was this film only called "Follow me" in Australia then?
Definitely not Faith
Definitely not Faith 3 napja
If I was that guy I'll be like: FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT
sboy1024 4 napja
That guard was a fucking terrible shot but a great tackler, real shame about that elevator shaft
It’s just Kendall
It’s just Kendall 4 napja
How to win: don’t be a good person
Barry Berkman
Barry Berkman 4 napja
It’s was just a prank Han
Sm Sway
Sm Sway 4 napja
dash is logan pauls friend
Unknxwn-Hxte_ 4 napja
This just giving me saw vibes
Inevitable Oogway
Inevitable Oogway 4 napja
That ending is an exact copy of “The Game” with Michael Douglas.
DanDCool 4 napja
29 second ad what 3 ok also last second face e lol a
DanDCool 4 napja
20:45 i called it but e a
DanDCool 4 napja
Wow 4 l litter um 2 4L 2.5 Billion rollars dollars no e a So yeah 4 just 5 minus 3 so 2 and um idk lol ok bye then another 5 and minus um... 3 so 4 ? Idk yeah e a easy lol a jot ther the other way a
DanDCool 4 napja
2:11 2:12 this game is um pain or something a paine new idk e a a so yeah quote e a " " also -_ dad mobile chqir behind pc computer personal chair mobile dude speaking e a a
DanDCool 4 napja
0:2 e not pocture picture in pictuee ugh eating banana wah banana like ! Um terrorist attack like um emergencies e a And yeah 0:24 but like 23 or 22 from before e a idk 22 a
Leo Lara
Leo Lara 4 napja
You don’t beat puzzle puzzle beats you
Halfevil_2002Q 4 napja
I just found this channel and now I'm hooked. I'm watching these how to beat videos about movies I haven't even seen and I love it.
kwame oliver
kwame oliver 4 napja
I'm not going to lie movies like this maybe not really want to go to different countries let alone different states
Arrgon Maxi
Arrgon Maxi 4 napja
Me: How to escape no escape? My friend: no How to beat no escape Me: but it’s no escape NO ESCAPE
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