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SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation


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SSCP-2030 is an anomalous phenomenon that manifests as a television series. The show is a hidden camera comedy series, showcasing the candid responses of various people to bizarre, disturbing, and often anomalous situations...
Original Authors:
►"Laugh is Fun" based upon “SCP-2030” written by: PeppersGhost
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SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation
SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation Hónapja
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!
Izaiah Smart
Izaiah Smart 8 napja
@LolWhyAmIHere no u
LolWhyAmIHere 8 napja
0venth 19 napja
the link is letting them get paid, just go to the play store or app store.
Joshua okeke
Joshua okeke 21 napja
Sorry but it kinda sounds boring
Izaiah Smart
Izaiah Smart 24 napja
@Karma king i like u tub
Nick Galvan
Nick Galvan 17 órája
Dr Collingwood got a dump truck
Kari Wash
Kari Wash 21 órája
Love em or hate em 2030 kinda drippin
Tr3v1on Napja
Soooo Gustav can override HUpost premium? 😳
CosmicLevi Napja
dem hips tho god damn she thicc
Donald Hornback
Donald Hornback Napja
hey metel man oh wait ahhhhhhhhhhh
Jack Thatcher
Jack Thatcher 2 napja
7:49 *Looks in the back* *flashback to nigga lamp*
Amazing Meat balls
Amazing Meat balls 2 napja
Damn she’s pretty thicc👌 5:59
ГОЛЕМ 3 napja
that red hair dude look like a junkie
Sophas Sok
Sophas Sok 3 napja
Laugh is laugh "Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor."
Sophas Sok
Sophas Sok 3 napja
When you smile so much that your eyes disappear:
Theo YouTube
Theo YouTube 4 napja
Joker 4 napja
Now this is my kind of game show!
Tony Blank
Tony Blank 4 napja
Herissmon 5 napja
At the start it sounds like Dr. Collingwood is autotuned.
Dirty Eddy
Dirty Eddy 5 napja
This was incredibly entertaining to watch, thank you! It felt like I was one of the attendees in the briefing room. I'll be checking out all your videos.
ஹƘƳOƘOஉ 6 napja
Why does everyone mention dr.collingwood being thicc but forget about dr buck :(
Matthew Posas
Matthew Posas 6 napja
to those wondering if dr. coolingwood and lawrence are dating . watch the sleep killer episode were carson being carson then coolingwood said yes yes i am and she answered to carson,s question what? are you his girlfriend or something
RoboNator 6 napja
4:40 2030 : *_Literally fucking shoots you_* 2030 : "just a prank bro." you : "HOLY SHIT MAN YOU GOT ME GOOD"
Maile Brown
Maile Brown 6 napja
Anymore questions..? Gustav: *slowly raises hand*
Maile Brown
Maile Brown 6 napja
n E T f l i K
Talon Pederson
Talon Pederson 7 napja
I would probably be gustav in that situation
Im in pain Lmao
Im in pain Lmao 7 napja
You silly lads it’s already real it’s called the Eric Andre show
Aceystar 1
Aceystar 1 7 napja
Wingtip shoes with mixed colors are called spectators
MICHYitsreal 7 napja
Kill raid shadow legends
Wam-UwU 8 napja
Bruh my boy Gustav’s just trying to stay informed.
Mr.Flamingo 8 napja
MistyBlue094 8 napja
I love how he just said laugh nonstop
Seedling King
Seedling King 9 napja
Damn boi she's thicc
Mélange Boys
Mélange Boys 10 napja
He is a reality bender with sick mind & camera from where he represent his satanic reality warping skills in the name of prank show.
funny man
funny man 10 napja
She thicc tho
Jacnson 11 napja
Why was the first word by Dr collingwood auto tuned
Marlyn Belleza
Marlyn Belleza 11 napja
Oscar Maybe
Oscar Maybe 12 napja
Gustav has more character development in a series of small animated videos than Rey in 3 movies.
Michael B.
Michael B. 12 napja
1993 just so happens to be the year Coca Cola used a round logo with a bottle.
BoniBon 666
BoniBon 666 12 napja
Ok ok but ... damn boiiii , she thiiiiiicck 🥵🍑💦
The Oddon
The Oddon 12 napja
Sr pelo anyone?
Preshyll Tomas
Preshyll Tomas 12 napja
Hello😁👋👋 i am new subscriber😁😁
JwockMallock 12 napja
Show "participants": experience horrifying tourture and traumatic changes to their bodies. Laughy McLaugherson: it's just a prank bro
Adam 13 napja
I made your husband puke bees Laugh
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro 13 napja
I found it 999 is my best friend
Silveron 13 napja
“Laugh is fun” English are great!
Maile Brown
Maile Brown 6 napja
Chimchar009 13 napja
Well clearly 2030 is in HUpost now
Chippy 13 napja
Collingwood lowkey *thicc* tho
Felix Sabado
Felix Sabado 13 napja
Sodapop Cowboy
Sodapop Cowboy 13 napja
Chunkle 14 napja
Did.... did Gustav go back into the briefing room?
Jiminie’s Smol Hands
Jiminie’s Smol Hands 14 napja
super plays super cool
super plays super cool 14 napja
0:38 every teacher after they say ASkME wHeN EVer
Ghost Bear
Ghost Bear 14 napja
i love the whiteboard with the "999 is my best friend" and a cute little drawing of them in the bottom corner
Alexandria Trenier
Alexandria Trenier 14 napja
Molly Collington is now my favorite staff member with Amanda Buck ranked second
Roarke the story maker
Roarke the story maker 14 napja
7:58 Jesus christ
64 Animation
64 Animation 14 napja
Comments: 20% actual comments 80% dR. cOllInGWOoD dUMmY ThiCC
64 Animation
64 Animation 14 napja
Also laughboi has a good sense in fashion.
Brianna Condron
Brianna Condron 14 napja
llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaugh with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speed Zebra
Speed Zebra 14 napja
I like Gustav he always has the best questions
Random Videos for you
Random Videos for you 14 napja
She has smooth cerves ;)
Anonimity Flagger
Anonimity Flagger 14 napja
I never Realised how THICC she is.
Chance Campman
Chance Campman 15 napja
So, we're trying to contain eric andre?
Frogletboys 15 napja
Wow the teacher is thic boi
da shaman
da shaman 16 napja
I don't trust Gustav, he asks to many questions.
ConnorLovesPanthers 16 napja
dam she thic
thehappy camper
thehappy camper 16 napja
The back row look all the same so as Yoda said "begun the clone wars have."
Dastan 16 napja
Sounds like Let Me Explain Studios voiced the presentation.
Apple Bloosm
Apple Bloosm 16 napja
We just gonna ignore the “999 is my best friend”
Down Sound
Down Sound 8 napja
Emma Cait
Emma Cait 17 napja
Maybe 2030 feed's off laughter
Red Polscorp
Red Polscorp 18 napja
I love the detail that Lawrence's phone looks like it's been through some shit.
matt 18 napja
9:09 that's the voice of captain from among us logic 1:06 AND THATS GENTELMAN NO WAIT THATS STILL CAPTAIN
Pembroke Love
Pembroke Love 18 napja
Commercials start... me: No, Gustav! (To wife) Honey, it’s Raid Legends... they got Gustav.
Raccoon Byz
Raccoon Byz 18 napja
3:15 The floor is made of floor
sans 18 napja
They were all registered pills that remove memory after
DisobedientCrab 18 napja
Poor Gustav, my guy’s just inquisitive. He wants to know everything he can about the SCPs, it’s useful, especially so that you don’t die when there’s a breach. Smart guy.
Epicgamerman Yes
Epicgamerman Yes 18 napja
Those thighs doe lol
Adam 19 napja
Kelz Wells
Kelz Wells 19 napja
Dam the lady is more interested than the bullshit story ...
Barker Bits
Barker Bits 19 napja
I’m getting Eric Andre show vibes from a place-2030
munapää 21 napja
No fuck raid shadow legends
Joshua okeke
Joshua okeke 21 napja
No one is gonna talk about how the word laugh if repeated so much in that episode
R BLOX 21 napja
This is SCAWY
Orange Bandit
Orange Bandit 21 napja
why she so thicc tho XD
It’s Bob
It’s Bob 21 napja
Now i hate u Why did u sponser raid Shadow legends whyyy!!! Just for Money yea and the game suck
ARTHUR FORT 22 napja
The 5 of a kind old people in the back row though >->
Laghy Mc lagherson
Laghy Mc lagherson 22 napja
He was a living bee hive haha
Laghy Mc lagherson
Laghy Mc lagherson 22 napja
Uhg laugh stop
LASTRO __PaN 22 napja
*I n c l u d e s p a i d p r o m o t i o n*
Emahni Jones
Emahni Jones 22 napja
Why she so thick?
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis 23 napja
I am Mr.person who watches animations
I am Mr.person who watches animations 23 napja
Everybody: *colourless* Gustav: I’m the odd one out.
ElemasterPlayz 24 napja
Laughter Is A Good Medicine Me:
Lbm504 24 napja
Most people dont know this is that they have a fornite and among us roleplay/anamation/minigames/challenges
A pair of hands
A pair of hands 24 napja
See why I hate happiness now?
I don't want many parents to know about this
I don't want many parents to know about this 25 napja
DAMN 2:51 ⌛️
Makhi Richardson
Makhi Richardson 25 napja
Thumbnail caught u in 4k
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 25 napja
Bruh, y’all gotta use your brain. Dr. Collowingwood is just wearing a skirt. S h e e s h
I’m The tea man
I’m The tea man 21 napja
Techno Stan pog
Gold Saiyan
Gold Saiyan 25 napja
Hunter Springer
Hunter Springer 25 napja
e *Read more*
Rolando Anderson Jr.
Rolando Anderson Jr. 25 napja
Does anyone know if Gustav actually noticed something or was simply reacting to the wtf nature of the video? So curious.
zoro4661 26 napja
Dr. Collingwood do be kinda thicc tho Seriously though, awesome as always!
Els Keytsman
Els Keytsman 26 napja
Did i mean
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez 26 napja
Gustav has alot of question
Polydull the funny guy
Polydull the funny guy 26 napja
God damn it Gustav
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