Dax - i don't want another sorry (feat. Trippie Redd) [Official Music Video]

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[LYRICS BELOW] "i don't want another sorry" is a very personal song to me. Share this with anyone and everyone who can relate to those words. Love y'all.
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Shot by: Logan Meis
Produced by: Trademark
#idontwantanothersorry #trippieredd #dax #relationships #heartbreak
After they hurt you the first time, leave
Cause if they’ll do it once, they’ll do it again
Never thought you’d leave
never thought it would end
Look at all the pain that you caused m
Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
I never thought this shit would end
And I don’t want another sorry
Sorry, you’re not sorry
I never thought this shit would end
Dax verse:
Two wrongs don’t make a right
I turned left
Now you mad I don’t pick up
I don’t return texts
Like I’m supposed to let it slide what and just forget
That you destroyed everything we had what just for sex
Fuck that!
I’m angry, I’m depressed and I’m mad
Reminiscing over days living life in the past
How’d you do that shit? Was I really that bad?
I even let you stay
I even let you meet my dad
I don’t know where we go but I know that you’re not for me, you’re not for me..
Ayye yoo, ayyeee yoo...
Never thought you’d leave
never thought it would end
Look at all the pain that you caused me
Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
I never thought this shit would end
And I don’t want another sorry
Sorry, you’re not sorry
I never thought this shit would end
Trippie Redd verse:
I'm sorry
it was a mistake
every fucking day another heartbreak
I can't take this pain how much heart aches
there won't be nothing left
say you're not sorry, not sorry either
told you I would love you to the moon and to the ether
she thinks that I'm stupid and I peeped her
better off alone by myself I need to leave her
ye aye
Never thought you’d leave
never thought it would end
Look at all the pain that you caused me
Fuck it I don’t want another sorry
I never thought this shit would end
And I don’t want another sorry
Sorry, you’re not sorry
I never thought this shit would end

Dax Hónapja
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Tray Pray
Tray Pray Napja
Cyris Diaz
Cyris Diaz Napja
This has been my favorite song for a minute
Creole Queen
Creole Queen Napja
Wow I'm sorry I was asleep on Dax. Just finding this cause Simba. I dunno why not before I'm on here all the time. this man been through some shit w the woman he loved. We all been there we just broken ppl joined together by a love for this music. I'm a fan now! Damn Dax Respect !!! Love this!💯💯🔥🔥
Ezziro Payne
Ezziro Payne 5 napja
I feel bad for you dax 😭
Ezziro Payne
Ezziro Payne 5 napja
I feel bad for you dax😭
Luiz Modesto
Luiz Modesto 4 órája
Q som é esse muito loko
Traydizzle 5275
Traydizzle 5275 5 órája
You underated bruh you goin blow up one day
darius dalip
darius dalip 7 órája
Dax is such an amazing rapper 🔥💯 I mean, this man is so versatile and he can actually sing too. You name it, he can do it. You can tell the work he puts in is alot and if y'all follow him on tiktok, y'all would see that what makes him one of the best is that he is super humble and a chill af human being. He is definitely underrated and it's about time he gets that well deserved recognition 👏👏👏 This one hits hard aff bro and with Trippie too, like damn 💯 Definitely my favourite yes...Keep up the great work Dax! Bless 👍
Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy
Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy 7 órája
one heart, one life, a powerful piece hitting the target
Paweł Mlłośnik
Paweł Mlłośnik 7 órája
what a heart to change, everyone has their own, practical
Thomon Geid
Thomon Geid 10 órája
Hard track listen to Haïti
Lily Martinez
Lily Martinez 12 órája
Your worst nightmare Me
Your worst nightmare Me 14 órája
This song hit me like the truck
Batmans _ NUTZ
Batmans _ NUTZ 14 órája
Dax is one of the most underrated artist there is he Definitely deserves a goat title I SHARE HIS MUSIC WITH EVERYONE
Claudia Jefferson
Claudia Jefferson 15 órája
Damn I love this song. I listen to it er-day!
Cheyenne Ditzler
Cheyenne Ditzler 16 órája
thank you for your talents dax you are an amazing lyricist i can only wish one day you would use my material ...i have been hindered in expressing myself so if possible can you be my conduit?
We are friends mizo
We are friends mizo 17 órája
This is my new favourite song now
CeHa SzkodaSensu
CeHa SzkodaSensu 18 órája
Am so deep whit it... Greetings from Poland.
Sarah Schmitt
Sarah Schmitt 22 órája
Thank you Dax for being so talented & real and down to earth. I feel your pain in this song. I left a man I was with for 8 years, because I was tired of the cheating allegations and once I found solid proof I got up and left. I hope you gained strength too...
Kai Armstrong
Kai Armstrong Napja
Kai little kid on SoundCloud is fire
pam pam
pam pam Napja
It would be badass if someone can remake this song female version.
tiger 118
tiger 118 Napja
Is that lo key like a reel lamp heart or something?
Ross games
Ross games Napja
Love. pain. life gain. hate .kids. love passion .new meanings
Reusch Glenna
Reusch Glenna Napja
Actually trippie could have sang the whole song i would have loved that no disrespect DAX
Cyber Myaa
Cyber Myaa Napja
I’m literally in hospital cause of my ex this song is so true I’m suffering like this..,,,
Hélder Körke
Hélder Körke Napja
Love from PORTUGAL 💖
Chaos Aero
Chaos Aero Napja
Kinda sucks he's not on a dirt road.
Hassan Patin
Hassan Patin Napja
I literally cried watching this!
Mika Hope
Mika Hope Napja
Love you man, so underrated but you’ll get there! One off the best✨
Gabe GabeREAL
Gabe GabeREAL Napja
trippie's part is 🔥
Dani K Official
Dani K Official Napja
This song is so lit
Trent Paul
Trent Paul Napja
I had to come back to this song because my girl just left me, and this hits so much harder now🥺
Derrick A
Derrick A Napja
Just found your page N the 1st two songs I click on..mannnn 🔥...thankful i found your music.. Appreciate your sound.
Ngai Paite
Ngai Paite Napja
View my channel guys
Dante_plays_games_1000 2 napja
i love this song to of my favorite rappers/singers collab
Nas G
Nas G 2 napja
Dax looked like Tupac in the beginning of the video from the side view
Brandon Mackey
Brandon Mackey 2 napja
My wife divorced me. Took my kids. Beat me down to nothing. Im drowning in sorrow and i dont have much strength ledt to push forward. Thank you dax for all ur great music im sorry if im not around to see u in concert or meet u brother. Just keep pushing ur gonna be the best there is
Reiner braun
Reiner braun 2 napja
Man that's rough . Hope u recover from that
Scarlett Barber
Scarlett Barber 2 napja
This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you
Xin Xin
Xin Xin 2 napja
King Garcia
King Garcia 2 napja
This earth is so unfair
Jay G
Jay G 2 napja
Dis hard asl I felt dis song real heavy 💯🔥
Kellen Hall
Kellen Hall 3 napja
i can’t wait for dax to become as big as he deserves he’s so talented and deserves way more fame
Eric Perez
Eric Perez 3 napja
Journey Valentine
Journey Valentine 3 napja
That “FUCK THAT!” hit hard🥺😱
Alejandro 3 napja
Dax and Trippie, what a collab bro 💥
Dana Yankanich
Dana Yankanich 3 napja
Me to
Dish Soap
Dish Soap 3 napja
the lyrics hit me
Bonnie Legacy
Bonnie Legacy 3 napja
Trippie Redd damnnn🙏🏾🙏🏾🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥💎
Joshua King
Joshua King 3 napja
Maria Onyango
Maria Onyango 3 napja
I hate how Dax is so underrated....his music is meaningful and legit...thumbs up from Kenya 🇰🇪👍💖
David DeLong
David DeLong 3 napja
how true this is tho
Maria Burton
Maria Burton 3 napja
I love this song❤" I don't want another sorry"❤
cool girl
cool girl 3 napja
People are never sorry.... only sorry they got caught lol
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 3 napja
Trippie the Literal Satan
LarsVegas 3 napja
Lets destroy the like button, like she destroys his heart! 💔
Faiz Nasir
Faiz Nasir 3 napja
Counselor Atta Shitor
Counselor Atta Shitor 4 napja
Angel Padilla
Angel Padilla 4 napja
"Im sorry, it was a mistake" just that alone was heat
jdog boss
jdog boss 4 napja
Shiloh dynasty needs to get a feature from dax
kiyoraka 4 napja
now dax, when you teaming with Polo G my man?
Gregory Long
Gregory Long 4 napja
Dax is one of the few that raps how shit really is and exposes the fake woke MF. America!!! Stop hiding and stop lying about the secret shit you do. This world might actually see the it's true beauty and it's real potential
Shayne Boswell
Shayne Boswell 4 napja
Really hit in a different way just amazing
Yeezy Base
Yeezy Base 4 napja
Demmm this track so hot
Legend_Wrxld 4 napja
It Okay Bro I Got your back until the end I'll Always Love You so stay Strong Big Bro♠️
love this song thanks dax😳
Icecak 4 napja
I appreciate.the fact that all of you're songs have a message I wish there was more rappers like you and joyner lucas nun of that brrrr brrrrrr don't get me wrong pooh shiesty goes hard but most of these rappers ain't got messages as clear as you're music 💯💯
Munkyanna 4 napja
trippie made the song good
Hallo Nachbar
Hallo Nachbar 4 napja
Love from Germany Brooow
Morgan Plank
Morgan Plank 4 napja
bruh i felt this so much
Martin Aaved
Martin Aaved 4 napja
you all need to understand that we all make mistakes! we hurt sometimes we are humans and some people are worth forgiving. sometimes when humans hurt you they stand by it with pride even tho you can see through it and see their regret. make them understand and continue your friendship stronger than ever :) sometimes!
tom rainey
tom rainey 4 napja
love how he is liking all the comments
Deo Gratias
Deo Gratias 4 napja
I'm scared of people i love cuz I gave them my heart.
Peter Harper
Peter Harper 5 napja
Well I’m here after finding out my girl of over 3 years cheated more than 5 times with different niqqas
I don't want another sorry I am in pain right now 😔 💔
PanaZ 5 napja
I don't want another sorry😢❤🔥
Reusch Glenna
Reusch Glenna 5 napja
Wow i love it
Mike Kautz
Mike Kautz 5 napja
The ONLY thing wrong with this song is that it needs to be longer.
Michael Callender
Michael Callender 5 napja
i know how dax feel
Susie Kilpatrick
Susie Kilpatrick 5 napja
I love this fricking song !!!
Dee Mahon
Dee Mahon 5 napja
Not bad at all your singing voice was on point . Just wish your rapping lines was alittle faster but not a bad joint I’ll give it some plays.
Paul D
Paul D 5 napja
I have been posting today, for the first time. I wanted to say, that I will keep checking the comment reply’s if anyone needs to talk. I am 45 yrs old, and have struggled for most of them. I have experience to share , and tons of room for new love
Paul D
Paul D 5 napja
Dax, you matter to me . And anyone who is going through something, you matter to me. Anyone who needs, I’m here
Wrenz Eon Pasiona
Wrenz Eon Pasiona 5 napja
Z B 5 napja
Smh damn Dax stop giving these wack trash ass rappers a spotlight. You're supposed to be saving the rap game not helping these joke artists stay in it
Juninho Cilliers
Juninho Cilliers 5 napja
Best of the Bests mad a song for others
Lalthlamuon Hmar
Lalthlamuon Hmar 5 napja
I swear Dax will leave a heart comment on this
Jeni Whitelightning
Jeni Whitelightning 5 napja
Nozwe Simelane
Nozwe Simelane 5 napja
This is wonderful I hope it is to everyone else too Saw it on my friends story I had to check it out
zidiegha benji
zidiegha benji 5 napja
Please put lil tjay or polo g or lil durk on the remix.. I’m begging you 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Cecilia Tembo
Cecilia Tembo 5 napja
😢😢😢💔💔💔 u are a legend man my favorite of all time 👏👏👏👏
karmas gaming
karmas gaming 6 napja
Who's listing in 2021?
Ezequiel Carreño
Ezequiel Carreño 6 napja
Dax maybe know how i feeling now
Pavati Rock
Pavati Rock 6 napja
This video is intense....
Max _
Max _ 6 napja
Trippie Redd is by far the best possible fet. for this song
xX Dre
xX Dre 6 napja
Chris Bee
Chris Bee 6 napja
I love you. 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘By the way I am a girl. 💋💋💋💋
jojo hawes
jojo hawes 6 napja
I would give anything to do this
Ja Rah
Ja Rah 6 napja
W👌W...errthing lit🔥
Fulgencio Fulgencio
Fulgencio Fulgencio 6 napja
T Sanders
T Sanders 7 napja
I wish I can remove that too. My heart is hazardous to my health.
Dont u hate the way the girl u loved changes up on u
Anthony Spearfishing Ja
Anthony Spearfishing Ja 7 napja
Trippie Redd line was short but it hit hard
This really got me crying and remembering my past
Anna Jessica
Anna Jessica 7 napja
my lull this sound 😍❤️ 🇧🇷 Fortaleza City 🙏
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