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Danny Gonzalez

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on HUpost, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

Madison Lockwood
Madison Lockwood 31 perce
I love how the squishy bone joke is consistent, I almost spit out my digorno 5 cheese stuffed crust pizza that is bussin byssin
Chris Harvick
Chris Harvick 2 órája
Its a me, *ALBERT* from Flamingo!
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun 2 órája
What’s black sigma?
Grail Montgomery
Grail Montgomery 14 órája
Gabby: describe your perfect boy Mae: make him white
Hello mornin
Hello mornin 17 órája
That shirt makes me want to run on a treadmill with a phone blasted on rainforests music wearing it.
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian 18 órája
Can you do one for zapped?
Luke Romano
Luke Romano 18 órája
Love this :)
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian 18 órája
I- I love you like a love song bebe,
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian 18 órája
Are we gonna talk about how she just disses Siberia like that?
XxMøri CanxX
XxMøri CanxX 20 órája
Or hear me out the popular guy is gay Because none of us sit properly
Clockwork _the weirdo dragon
Clockwork _the weirdo dragon 20 órája
How the Greg did she know he had a self destruct and what if it was a nuclear explosion
tamsin Napja
cool people don’t know how to sit,, gay people don’t know how to sit ....... conclusion: all cool people are gay
Farheen Rokon
Farheen Rokon Napja
i love this movie tho...
Green eggs and ham
Green eggs and ham Napja
He should react to wild child
Your assigned fbi agent
Your assigned fbi agent Napja
you know that relatable moment when your being bullied by a bunch of fully grown adults, so you hack into your dad's computer and accidentally steal a military robot, and then self destruct him.
Green eggs and ham
Green eggs and ham Napja
He should react to wild child
Lilli Savoie
Lilli Savoie Napja
danny should talk about how china doesnt beileve in science 😂😭
Liv B
Liv B Napja
Criceto Napja
Detroit: Become Human
Bryan Livingston
Bryan Livingston Napja
Also, she’d be in so much fucking trouble with the military after blowing up the “savior of the free world. “ like, they’d definitely know she’s responsible for that. Right?
MaeBea Crazy
MaeBea Crazy Napja
the licence plate says "MEOW ZRS" 11:23
Green eggs and ham
Green eggs and ham Napja
“EvErYoNe DrEsSeS lIkE a GaP cOmMeRcIaL” I laughed so hard
PurpleOre123 Napja
That second time he said Super Soldier Boy I knew what was coming
The Pez Dispenser
The Pez Dispenser Napja
Germans in between 1939 and 1945: 8:29
Misax 193_x4
Misax 193_x4 2 napja
I cracked at "maybe her bones are getting squishy" 🐶✨
Laus Negrão
Laus Negrão 2 napja
wait 8:36 are her shoes inverted?
AxoButBad 2 napja
Lillian Linton
Lillian Linton 2 napja
Danny's comment sections are totally disorienting without the context of the WHOLE video
lina lol
lina lol 2 napja
soldier boy tell em’
TurtleGames 2 napja
Lauren Riggs
Lauren Riggs 2 napja
Noah centimeter looks cgi de-aged in this movie and im so uncomfortable
Camille B
Camille B 2 napja
Who is No Uh Scent of Mayo and why did all teenage girls in 2017 love him?
the noob production loser
the noob production loser 3 napja
How do you build a better boy?
ひまりちゃん 3 napja
15:37 anybody else notice the girl wearing the purple jacket is in the military scene, does that mean she knows about Mae’s dad working for the military
Nightwing 3 napja
Danny gonzalez, funny, commentary, comedy, react, reaction, reacting, awful, humor
Eve Beal
Eve Beal 3 napja
I remember watching this as a kid and thinking all the adults were teenagers lmfao
Nargiz Garibova
Nargiz Garibova 3 napja
this was my fav movie...
Eila Zerbe
Eila Zerbe 3 napja
Omg please make a song abt the ground beefy boyfriend burger😂😭😭😭
misse 2 napja
Digigom 4 napja
honestly if one of my original characters came to life i would be very scared
JosephJustJoseph 4 napja
I turned on notifications I am now greg
Kat Scorpio
Kat Scorpio 4 napja
LOL NOAHHH "it matters not what you do, but what you with what you've done with what you do"
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 4 napja
That relatable moment when you lie about having a boyfriend so you hack into a CIA black site to create one
slowandbeautiful088 4 napja
8:20 i just imagined mae's wall having a 1D and 5sos posters hanging in her room
AubreyPlays1 4 napja
So this is the Disney channel version of weird science
Austin Morse
Austin Morse 4 napja
Oh god I’m all of those
Unknown Person77
Unknown Person77 4 napja
Actually the law on acting is different
ThatMiddleChild 4 napja
May: describes a blond haired- blue eyed boy The comments: IT WAS HITLER
reaction galaxy
reaction galaxy 5 napja
where can i watch this movie
sophpocalypse 5 napja
im sorry but if they’re so low on the social radar then why the fuck does everyone care so much that she has a boyfriend
Eliza Strider
Eliza Strider 5 napja
yoU DoNT DiSSEcT LiVE frOGs ThEy woULD aLreAdy bE DeaD aNd eMbaLMED
Ollie Honeybun
Ollie Honeybun 5 napja
God I hate this guy and dram if it is him what a prick
Swaggy Tiktok Mashups
Swaggy Tiktok Mashups 5 napja
who else caught the bones are getting squishy 💀
Beth Boyce
Beth Boyce 5 napja
Me, an Alaskan: hm? oh you poor, poor child.
Beth Boyce
Beth Boyce 5 napja
Danny: they can't sit right. Me: I'd rather sit on the table or the floor or if I must sit in a chair, crosslegged.
Hi 6 napja
Bimbo flying somebody catch her
Joke is nonexistent
Joke is nonexistent 6 napja
3:37 lgbt community: *well heck-*
Chlorine rae
Chlorine rae 6 napja
bye this was my favorite movie as a kid
ava is groovin!!!
ava is groovin!!! 6 napja
Vermillions Alia
Vermillions Alia 6 napja
DaSpammer58 7 napja
How did Danny not notice that the boy’s license plate when he pulled up was “MEOWZERS” holy shit 😂
Z Lamb
Z Lamb 7 napja
so is nobody gonna mention the "meow-zers" licence plate
taro tea
taro tea 7 napja
i love the return of the squishy bone joke
The UwU Monster
The UwU Monster 7 napja
Danny: Do you feel dominated rn? Me: I always feel dominated by u daddy Gonzalez- I mean Danny Gonzalez 😅
Aaron The Meme
Aaron The Meme 7 napja
Can I make him look like Danny? 7:39
Aaron The Meme
Aaron The Meme 7 napja
I guess I'm Greg now
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker 7 napja
i love this.. pro consent, anti military.... a perfect film for the Youths
Mickey Bekele
Mickey Bekele 7 napja
red_shamus 7 napja
The phrase "skin bath" is making me liver hurt
Salem Mint
Salem Mint 7 napja
3:34 [Laughs in bisexual]
HOW HOW 7 napja
Dash Horton-Szar
Dash Horton-Szar 8 napja
Yo May's ideal boy sounds a fair bit like Hitler's ideal one too...
oli 8 napja
super soldier boy
Julia Keefe
Julia Keefe 8 napja
Ok but May is kinda a jerk, she did try to steal Nevaeh's birthday
speddy watermelon
speddy watermelon 8 napja
LOL i like his shirt and good vid
An enemy stand
An enemy stand 8 napja
A cleverer movie would have had the computer interpret the main characters inputs into something relevant to the military. Like she says she wants him to notice the little things, so you see like a little bit of text pop up on the computer like "adjusting optical sensors. Predicted efficiency 200 percent" something dumb like that
anya marie
anya marie 8 napja
Nsabella2 :
Nsabella2 : 8 napja
Build A Better Boy is ligit a copy of Princess Protection Program which, please do not EVER do this with that movie, it is terrible, but it is terribly good.
Grace Tawwater
Grace Tawwater 8 napja
I kind of want him to talk about Life With Derek
Jonah Popp
Jonah Popp 8 napja
I loved the principal bit
domesticated hooman
domesticated hooman 8 napja
he's either a cool kid cos he doesn't know how to sit properly... or he's gay
hey bbg
hey bbg 8 napja
“oh you’re not gonna kiss me?” *”might as well blow up.”*
Timothy A Schuler
Timothy A Schuler 9 napja
This is just strange and awful. Every disney channel movie is awful. I hate the ones with the highschool drama and the oh cute boys and the tee-hea! moments and the he should fall in love with me stuff in these movies. Plus with all the movies just goes all like, joining something or whatever else thing and there's a bully that hates their guts. I don't do those kinda movies. I also hate those kind of books too. In my book there is kinda something like that but nothing like all this nonsense that people are putting. My book will be bloody because of it's title and you would never expect the whole story to be.
Little Rachel
Little Rachel 9 napja
"Cool kids, dont know how to sit right" >w> Not sitting correctly is a gay stereotype- so what you're saying is.... all the cool kids are gay?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 9 napja
Disney channel "original"
aaanyways animated
aaanyways animated 9 napja
problem: youre lame and no one likes you bc ur a nerd and ur single solution: get a gf obviously
Alethea VanDemark
Alethea VanDemark 9 napja
Teacher: Your actually doing WELL in school? Damn you...my mission is ruined...
cicero maguire
cicero maguire 9 napja
Disney channel is cringe... Change my mind.
Mitzi Bitzi Spider
Mitzi Bitzi Spider 9 napja
Did no one else notice the licenses plate on Albert's car legit says "meowzers"
Fifth Season
Fifth Season 10 napja
This movie is just a big “Fxck you” to the US military
Credits unknown
Credits unknown 10 napja
Man, the new Terminator movie looking wild.
Juan Largacha
Juan Largacha 10 napja
Wait is that the actor of katniss?
Fifth Season
Fifth Season 10 napja
Noah centimeter is lich rally everywhere 😭
Fifth Season
Fifth Season 10 napja
That “love you like a love song” acapella sold the movie for me tbh
Y. Sanchez
Y. Sanchez 10 napja
3:46 It feel very dominated
Seagulls on The deck
Seagulls on The deck 10 napja
This was the first video from Danny I watched
Morgan Kenning
Morgan Kenning 10 napja
Yes I do feel dominated. More like Daddy Gonzalez.
Wesley _
Wesley _ 10 napja
Wait a second. They were going to murder and then dissect the fresh corpses of the frogs unless the robot save them?? That's...psychotic on Disney's part? How were they going to kill the frogs? Or did he just throw out the dead bodies? For someone who hates frogs, I have a lot of questions.
Angie H.
Angie H. 10 napja
Q.L. 11 napja
How to build a better boy Get a *man* a fully grown man
T-spiral 11 napja
He blows up then All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
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