To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix

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As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood, a pair of life-changing trips lead her to reimagine what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.
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To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix
Senior year of high school takes center stage as Lara Jean returns from a family trip to Korea and considers her college plans - with and without Peter.

Kyla Marie
Kyla Marie 12 órája
i am currently reading the book and i dunno why i am here, maybe i want to picture her room lmao 😭😭
Trisha Halder
Trisha Halder 14 órája
This movie series made me fell in love with Romantic Novels all over again😭 I'm buying all three books today🙂❤
Iva Miteva
Iva Miteva 2 napja
Why i cried so much at this movie.... (btw i love this movie)
denver johnson
denver johnson 2 napja
peter is the biggest asshole there is she should’ve ended up with john
Shivani Bhardwaj
Shivani Bhardwaj 2 napja
This is so perfect and look so happy and that's why i hated this series
Life Disc
Life Disc 2 napja
❤️love it
alixzah 3 napja
this movie is so trash theres no plot it's literally just lara jean whining about which ivy league college she wants to go to. I don't get how people enjoy movies like this like please tell me how did peter get into Stanford hes literally dumb asl. the whole movie is cringe and embarrassing including the wardrobe, the outfits lara jean was wearing like the yellow dress in new york was so gross what are you 12 this movie was the definition of cliché and cringe.
blink _
blink _ 3 napja
I'm wondering why didn't josh come to her dad's wedding even as a neighbour?!
Sophia 3 napja
Honestly other than showing that she didn't get in, they didn't reveal too much
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Tyson Huanh
Tyson Huanh 4 napja
a little sad that the series is over. I didnt start watching the series until the 3rd movie came out and now I wish there was a 4th book. the movie was great, soundtrack was awesome! I have a lot of the songs on my playlist now and now I have to look for something else to watch.
live love
live love 4 napja
Bore feast 😴!
Gaillin Ruiters
Gaillin Ruiters 4 napja
Forgot about 'Trevor'. All I know is Zach xxx
Dana Zaineldeen
Dana Zaineldeen 4 napja
تابعو الفيديو على قناتنا اللي بشمل هذا الفيلم كواحد من أفضل 10 أفلام نتفلكس!
Dana Zaineldeen
Dana Zaineldeen 4 napja
تابعو الفيديو على قناتنا اللي بشمل هذا الفيلم كواحد من أفضل 10 أفلام نتفلكس!
Tanner Jarring
Tanner Jarring 5 napja
this movie is pretty trash
Hristo Georgiev
Hristo Georgiev 5 napja
I came here because of "Pretty Savage". Im grateful they used it, because now it is one of my fav movies!
xhk xhk
xhk xhk 6 napja
H Susmitha
H Susmitha 6 napja
As soon as I started the movie " gee " song started to play and guys don't watch the trailer , go and watch the movie lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Safitri Andani
Safitri Andani 6 napja
What namedd of that ringtone please answer
Esther Lalruatmawii
Esther Lalruatmawii 6 napja
One of the best part about netflix original movies is that it introduces me to different beautiful underrated music and I looooveee it! 🤩❤️❤️❤️
Rajani Anil
Rajani Anil 6 napja
Oombiya padam.. Just a waste of time☹️
I havent had the chance to watch it because I'm scared to feel if they break up plus it gives me memories of my past relationship and I want to have the courage to watch it but I would really like to have someone to tell me if I should or shouldnt watch it
Kyna Ng
Kyna Ng 6 napja
Feel like this was a nostalgic end of the story :P
Snivellus 7 napja
These movies highlights long distance relationship as the epitome of hardships and difficulties. Like it is even a big deal lol
Dušan Osadský
Dušan Osadský 7 napja
What a great movie....I could be watching this as mini series every day...btw...I am just watching it :-)
Never Mind
Never Mind 8 napja
I actually really liked this movie more than the previous ones🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Hasini Munidasa
Hasini Munidasa 8 napja
Even though she didn’t get in there was scene in the trailer where she throws her cap
Mel Lovegood
Mel Lovegood 8 napja
I watched it... they played pretty savage in one of the scenes and I said: AAAAAAA
The Continent
The Continent 9 napja
Just break up already
basma fenji
basma fenji 9 napja
why is this movie so blue.
Shaneka Watts
Shaneka Watts 10 napja
It’s the same cast for me! 🙌🏽😍😌
rohit 10 napja
The song in the trailer should have been their song instead of what they chose!
rohit 10 napja
The trailer did not spoil the movie. Go watch it!
rohit 10 napja
1 and 2 was better than this one as we all know sequels keep getting less interesting. Whatever, they are just school kids acting too serious about life!
Mockavel Velli
Mockavel Velli 10 napja
They should call this TO ALL THE NON-ASIAN BOYS I LOVED BEFORE (because I'm an internalized racist who hates Asianness and Asian guys).
Moreot 10 napja
Is this one any good? I fell asleep with the second one...
Traveller 9 napja
Meh not really tbh.
Onika Maraj
Onika Maraj 10 napja
OMG already watched and so sad that it is a goodbye. Wanna see 4th and 5th. 😩😍
Charlie bob
Charlie bob 10 napja
Anyone know the name of the song in the background of the trailer I can't find it anywhere
Zsa Yalung
Zsa Yalung 10 napja
Part 4 pls😭😭
Melanie Rosales
Melanie Rosales 10 napja
Ok But what Happend to the Coronavirus In this 🤣
Ube 11 napja
Spoiler but not really: she goes to NYU he goes to Stanford and they do Ldr. Little did they know a pandemic is about to hit and it ain’t looking so bright now
Syifa Farah
Syifa Farah 11 napja
I cannot stop thinking about "the originals" or "gossip girl" while watching this lol
Prince of Stride
Prince of Stride 11 napja
This movie makes it sound as though going to any of these college is so easy....
Alina Films
Alina Films 12 napja
I love you so much my heart
Alina Films
Alina Films 12 napja
I love this series
Dreamland 2020 Full Movie
Dreamland 2020 Full Movie 12 napja
NICEEE! 🇼​🇦​🇹​🇨​🇭​ 🇴​🇳​🇱​🇮​🇳​🇪​ 𝚍𝚘𝚗𝚏𝚕𝚒𝚡.𝚖𝚕 (Search for any movie title name)
LOL LOL 12 napja
Ok but we need To all the boys 4 😍
Marcelo Silva
Marcelo Silva 12 napja
NICEEE! 🇼​🇦​🇹​🇨​🇭​ 🇴​🇳​🇱​🇮​🇳​🇪​ 𝚍𝚘𝚗𝚏𝚕𝚒𝚡.𝚖𝚕 (Search for any movie title name)
Mahikun 12 napja
00:45 song please????
Stephend Segui
Stephend Segui 11 napja
Always and forever
L Y 12 napja
This trailer was like beginning, middle and end...
Michael Beavers
Michael Beavers 13 napja
Lol doesnt get into PAC 12 school
J 13 napja
What is the song name??👁👄👁
Stephend Segui
Stephend Segui 11 napja
Always and forever
QunieeY 13 napja
Okey netflix thanks. Now we have ,To All the boys 3 . Can you also bring back Teenage Bounty Hunters??!!
jaylen detorres
jaylen detorres 13 napja
The coordinated distributor jointly untidy because maid ultimately brake about a volatile tanker. real, oceanic mile
annahoops !
annahoops ! 13 napja
this looks like the most shittiest movie i have ever seen we could have ended the series after the first one but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. just like the shitting booth it was so abd and now it needs another movie?!?! umm we rlly lost the show abt the girl blowing off the boys head at prom for this??? fgoodbye netflix im moving to prime. *leaves*
devxl peep
devxl peep 12 napja
Julissa Campos
Julissa Campos 13 napja
It didn’t include the part when they went to the beach for the summer- lol The book: am I a joke to you
ovoo javer
ovoo javer 13 napja
angel akhir
angel akhir 13 napja
The thirsty effect immediately whisper because bridge neuroanatomically perform down a wise prepared. tricky, repulsive arm
melonie_melons 13 napja
Did any other seniors get emotional by the end of the movie? I feel like i'm living my senior year through this movie sadly
IMRAN AHMAD Khan 13 napja
the cringiest , shittiest thing i've ever watched in my life... EWWWWWWWWW !!!!! no wonder I was avoiding this one since a long time ,.... but gave it a try since had nothing new to watch and weekend kicked in.... such a lame , old fashioned , riddled with silly age old cliches , yawnnnnn ...SKIP IT ...
GAME Play MMO-RAW 13 napja
This is not a movie this is a fking a Nightmare.
Remiremi 14 napja
wow seoul~
Noah Joe
Noah Joe 14 napja
Loved the film😘😘
Bubbly Kamii
Bubbly Kamii 14 napja
Now my anxiety is gonna be real high when I watch it thanks a lot-
ieat2staypolite 14 napja
Is Netflix going to address what happened to Hana Kimura suicide from Terrace House? Why is that show still available on NETFLIX?
Janet 14 napja
This movie reminds me of my first love. We broke up because I chose the distance for my career and I am happy to see in the movie that Lara chose with her own will too! I really loved this movie.
Carissa Drum
Carissa Drum 14 napja
why is this giving me riverdale vibes
Distortion Music
Distortion Music 14 napja
dude no one asked for this lmao
Hồng Liên Nguyen
Hồng Liên Nguyen 14 napja
What's the name of the song in the trailer?
ezra muchiri
ezra muchiri 14 napja
I stopped watchig after she didn't tell him she didn't get into the same college. After several conversations!!! Is this the eighties? Sixties? Tens?
Zinat echaraf Elmidaoui
Zinat echaraf Elmidaoui 13 napja
She did tell him when they were eating cupcake
Melanie Pellens
Melanie Pellens 14 napja
The movie looks like it was made by instagram 2012... that filter isnt working
JustMeAlivia 14 napja
i watched this movie with my friends and they kept talking about how they think Noah Centineo is cute. how do i tell them that prefer Lana Condor...
lisa evers
lisa evers 14 napja ground-breaking. Yet another asian woman with a thing for white guys (and who, in real life, is also dating a white guy). But I'm sure it's all pure 'coincidence'....that she happens to be asian and he's white. Yet funny how it always skews in this direction, no? When it comes to asian/mixed couples, 9 times out of 10 it's the woman who's asian, and the guy white. Rarely the other way around. But nooooo... this has nothing to do with stereotypes of what is or is not considered desirable in a male or female mate. It's just that asian women are very 'open minded' about who they date. Nothing to do with self-hate or white worship. Naw....
Rickypotter55 14 napja
Looks like the cast is having much more than fun than the audience
Sonny 15 napja
I think we can all agree that we need a spin off with the little sister!
Gabriela 15 napja
Wait, I’m confusion. So to make this clear, she and him are a couple who were supposed to go to the same college but then she realizes she’ll miss out on opportunities because she visited NY so now she’s debating if she should stay with her bf and go to the same college vs going to NY because In 20 years she’ll realize that she missed out on her young life??? I’m confusion
Jarrell Mckenna
Jarrell Mckenna 15 napja
What in the hell is this song in the trailer? It’s stuck in my head for the longest
qh 15 napja
Who came here after watching the full movie :))
Virus Of Cyrus
Virus Of Cyrus 15 napja
WAITING for the actual POINT! Yuk.
Cristina 15 napja
This movie was so boring and cliché, oh my god
Aigerim Zhakenova
Aigerim Zhakenova 9 napja
noo, actually I thought she would changed her mind
anusha vashishtha
anusha vashishtha 15 napja
The fact is I’m gonna miss them so much! Wish Netflix make more movies with them.
Glennys Rosario
Glennys Rosario 15 napja
Cuando sale la 4ta parte ? Ya la vi y quiero ver la otra,... todas en la vida deseamos un Peter así 🥰😁✌️peace
onıka 15 napja
I hate Pete🙄✋🏽
Sophia O'Neal
Sophia O'Neal 15 napja
why is it that in every high school movie they're trying to get into the Ivy Leagues? Y'all - community college is a thing! local universities are a thing! _not having crushing student debt - it's a thing_
Sammi Cho
Sammi Cho 15 napja
**SPOILER** The sex scene was HIGHLY unnecessary and kind of ruined the end of the movie
Judy the Kung Fu Master AKA Panda
Judy the Kung Fu Master AKA Panda 15 napja
So true In the books however they didn't well there was a Beach Week part and she wants to do it to wrap her relationship with Peter but he got uncomfy.
吉川則子 16 napja
The ritzy earthquake regionally mess up because doctor supposedly greet till a statuesque skirt. highfalutin, childlike december
Tune of Karate Cake
Tune of Karate Cake 16 napja
My question is nothing related to this movie. Where can u find season 2 of creeped out?
Nedim Talovic
Nedim Talovic 16 napja
Jesus Christ will return. He died for your sins and God has raised him from the dead. Jesus can save you friends.
Em 14 napja
This is a lazy way to spread the message. This will not get someone to automatically want to be christian lol, you have to get out there and talk to people! Talk to them individually and gradually bring it up. This is not the way
김도균 16 napja
Pascal B.
Pascal B. 16 napja
Diamantis 16 napja
Tf is this shit we need good series not this WE NEEEEDDD SOCIETY
Rolan Bouzas Wensing
Rolan Bouzas Wensing 16 napja
Everyone in the comments for no reason: *This trailer revealed too much* Those same people now: 👁👄👁 No but really... its a really good trailer and didn’t spoil anything big
Jasmine Torres
Jasmine Torres 16 napja
trailers like this? ... really? I first saw the trailer on netflix and was like wow this looks so cool for the first 30 secs but then by the end of the trailer I felt as if I had just seen the movie then got angry and came to youtube to let you yall know.... wtf... DO BETTER
Anjuman Ara
Anjuman Ara 16 napja
Where to watch itt with subtitles?!?!😭
That Guyyy
That Guyyy 16 napja
Can he hit puberty already ? His voice makes me cringe .
Marilou D. Koliner
Marilou D. Koliner 16 napja
Because I have diff. parts I love from each of the 3 movies (bet. Lara and Peter, yes even the break-offs) , then I choose all 3 to be my favorite movies. :P
Beth Norman
Beth Norman 16 napja
This song is perfect!
Madelaine Howell
Madelaine Howell 16 napja
emma laflam
emma laflam 16 napja
What song is in this trailer called??
too slump cruz
too slump cruz 16 napja
was it just me or the filter on the movie kinda bother anyone else
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