12 MIN HAPPY SWEAT WORKOUT - good mood Cardio workout / including HIIT I Pamela Reif

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Pamela Reif

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Cardio won't be boring today! ♥︎ such a fun calorie killer! / Werbung
I know you guys have a love-hate relation ship with my HIIT workouts. But I promise - this one is DIFFERENT :D Of course, it's high intensity. But it's sooo much fun at the same time, I don't notice that it's exhausting until the end. I tried to take the mood of "Hey Mama" of the Happy Dance Workout & extend it to an entire video. Hope you like it!!
Apart form the good mood & I can also guarantee a serious number of burned calories here.
▸ I burned about 80kcal in those 12min (which is a lot for me, I'm a tiny human and I normally burn about 250kcal in a 1h session).
▸ you can find FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Check out the Highlight Bubble "Workout Plans" for that.
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I update my workout playlist weekly & it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎
1. S1MBA feat. DTG (Joel Corry Remix) - Rover 0:00 - 3:05
2. Yves V x Bhaskar (feat. Twan Ray) - Halfway 3:06 - 5:45
3. PARX feat. Nonô - Feel Right Now 5:55 - 8:13
4. Galantis - Runaway (U & I) 8:14 - 12:08
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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif 9 hónapja
SO THRILLED about this workout! 😍 by far my favorite HIIT routine ever. It feels like a mix out of HIIT and a Dance workout. Have fun with it! xx Pam
ler qir me gommar hengsh karin e pinguinit
ler qir me gommar hengsh karin e pinguinit 14 napja
The final song is from one of my favorite games forza horizon 3
Lara Lara
Lara Lara 26 napja
Doing. it. every. single. dayyy:)
Hanin Aloufi
Hanin Aloufi Hónapja
This is my new favorite workout thanks 😍
Bülent Dogan
Bülent Dogan Hónapja
Leia Low
Leia Low Hónapja
Love this easy and fun
Karianna Henry
Karianna Henry 8 órája
How do you find her plans and workout challenges?
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 12 órája
I LOVE TOU WORKOUTS!!!! you have helped me get back into working out every morning thank you!!!!
23luke Napja
been doing this for almost 2 weeks now and yeah I lose 2lbs Mon-workout Tue- rest day Wed- workout Thu- rest day Fri- workout Sat- workout Sun- rest day
Kendall 2 napja
I dont like jumping jacks bc i have big boobs😭✋🏾
sixsunss 2 napja
love this workout so much, comfortably sweaty XD
Larissa Bindemann
Larissa Bindemann 3 napja
This workout is amazing!!! I like to do more of these !!
Someone 4 napja
This is by far my favourite workout! No matter how exhausted I am, when the last song starts playing, I regain all my strength and energy back and it feels great! Thank you so much Pamela for making these video's! ❤❤
deb bie
deb bie 5 napja
Wow i made it 😍
Lungelo Mnguni
Lungelo Mnguni 6 napja
How’d she do up down planks, of all things, in time to the beat 😩👌🏾
Elisabeth K.
Elisabeth K. 6 napja
OmG I'm crazy. Everytime when I hear U&I - Runaway I do mountain climbers. And I love it.... Conditioning I think 😂
Jasmine Aspöck
Jasmine Aspöck 6 napja
Love your HAPPY WORKOUTS :) more of them, please!
Rosnah Mohd
Rosnah Mohd 7 napja
K Leslie R
K Leslie R 7 napja
Fav 💜
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor 7 napja
3 mins in and already checking how long is left
Virginia Houseman
Virginia Houseman 7 napja
Hi. This vid is so cool! I've been trying to find for vid like yours that informs the topics in this HUpost video. 👍 👨‍⚕️Your explanation actually is like the vids from this informative medical student Dr. Ethan. Ethan's videos are actually educational and I really learned a lot for my exams. You should check out his channel out and give Doctor Ethan a subscribe! 👉 #DrEthanOnline
hakdug 7 napja
hey guys! is it okay to repeat the same workouts everyday? will it still be effective? I am currently a beginner in exercising, so I can only do one workout everyday, and I can’t do workout programs where the workouts are different everyday. The workout I use is full body and I was wondering if it’s bad to repeat it daily.
Sheila Artist
Sheila Artist 8 napja
This is new favourite one yet
Evelina Traganova
Evelina Traganova 8 napja
I think that she really likes jumping jacks 😂💕
Adéla Królová
Adéla Królová 8 napja
My favorite workout
Bodour A
Bodour A 9 napja
This is my favoriteeeeee especially the last part it’s full of good hormones YESSSSSS
Liese Grundmann
Liese Grundmann 9 napja
*me doing Squat hold+Kung Fu* no one: me: pretending to be an earthbender
Jenny Lu
Jenny Lu 9 napja
Not love-hate, just love
Paula Thomann
Paula Thomann 9 napja
it kills me everytime
paige cruz
paige cruz 10 napja
omg this is the first workout that ive had that actually felt fun
Aurora 10 napja
Day 1
Sohel 10 napja
did it!!! and I really liked it 🥰 defintely gonna do it again quite a lot of times, could do everything except mountain climbers/plank jacks but I guess it’ll come with time, I’m also working my arms aside so I can do this with more ease ☺️
Frau B. aus H.
Frau B. aus H. 10 napja
Es klappt immer besser! Nur meine Haare muss ich ständig richten - irgendwelche Tipps?
Cecilia Belsanti
Cecilia Belsanti 11 napja
Yeah it was sweat but funny
Ishika Jain
Ishika Jain 12 napja
Whenever I don't feel like doing workout, I begin my workout with this video and get all energy 😀
Olivia Suhendra
Olivia Suhendra 12 napja
@Pamela Reif i love this workout
Ludmila Karen
Ludmila Karen 12 napja
I acidentally(but not rsrs) switched montain climber for high knees becase i was too lasy to lay down on the floor. Can you forgive me Pam? :)
Thay 13 napja
Wow, this workout was soooo sweaty!
Anastasia Rasvani
Anastasia Rasvani 13 napja
i bet my neighbour from downstairs curses at me while im doing this workout lmao
Єлизавета Данилюк
Єлизавета Данилюк 13 napja
quiteon 14 napja
Thank you very much for your energy Pam !!!
Ananya Sathikumar
Ananya Sathikumar 14 napja
These songs literally makes my day . Good start for a safe workout and rest of your day . Be healthy and fit guys . Do it for yourself .
Ananya Sathikumar
Ananya Sathikumar 14 napja
When she starts with jumping jacks im like woo-hoo im flyin !! Is it just me or everybody loves em. Love you pamela reif !
Ananya Sathikumar
Ananya Sathikumar 14 napja
Thank you sooo much!!! I used to be so lazy . I hate the mere idea of working out but after I started following your dance workouts , trust me I've never been in love with working out . Again thank you so much for helping us . Really appreciate your efforts and hardwork !. Stay safe and happy !❤
Andrea Birkhofer
Andrea Birkhofer 15 napja
Heart's a beatin'. Thx
Arian Noorollah
Arian Noorollah 16 napja
maybe n eating moress so u get n gosome chunky
ines claesson
ines claesson 16 napja
Best.workout.ever I love this workout! I have never done so good and my best in a workout as this one! The music really makes it all 100% better💗
Almedina Mehmeti
Almedina Mehmeti 16 napja
Okay I'm Dead
vivka 16 napja
I can't breathe!
Francesca Santi
Francesca Santi 16 napja
promemoria per la me del futuro che lo rivedrà : skippa skippa skippa hai sudato anche l'anima!
Carolina Delgado
Carolina Delgado 16 napja
A absolute killer! I love love love this workout video and the music is lit Please more workouts like this
Lily 2006
Lily 2006 16 napja
Pamela i love you! Through you and your workouts, I learned to love myself. Thank you! ❤️
Sophie Rose
Sophie Rose 16 napja
Hey Bestie, i cant do this today :D
Marie Zillinger
Marie Zillinger 16 napja
Same :D
Juliana W.
Juliana W. 16 napja
Me in the middle: Omg a workout were I hate no exercise yayyyy Mountain climbers at the end: What did you say?
Seren B
Seren B 16 napja
I was not ready for the plank
Ma Ria
Ma Ria 16 napja
i had to hit pause like three times to motivate myself again ahahah
Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal 16 napja
I will do it while following my diet and also I will be doing her 12 min cardio workout I will tell u if I loose any weight from this Day 1 :: i was about to die but I completed both of them Day 2 :: okay i did it today too , but my thighs are paining as hell Day 3 :: going good , still my thighs are paining a little
elif 16 napja
this playlist though! and the moves accordingly ahh!!! those mountain climbers feel soo good with that song and this video is a product of genius🙌
Cardi and Hannah Co.
Cardi and Hannah Co. 16 napja
no one: literally no one: not even the tap at our school: my sweat during plank + pike: drip drip drip
Claire Troyer
Claire Troyer 17 napja
I love this workout! Its so simple and makes me feel so good afterwards!
Leo Np
Leo Np 17 napja
"When you choose the right song for the right workout" Yep this is FINALLY included on earth
Getchicken 17 napja
some1 Knows how tall she is...somehow i feel small with 179cm
Stephanie Sasso
Stephanie Sasso 18 napja
Songs I never heard! Nice!!💚💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜
ellie charroin
ellie charroin 18 napja
thanks for motivating me!
Joh 18 napja
Even though it was hard to finish it, I was quite happy the whole time! And I made it haha :D thank you
Kyara Horta
Kyara Horta 19 napja
that moment when you work out to feel great. not thinking about burning calories, losing weight, just to feel overall amazing.
abigail marie
abigail marie 19 napja
when runaway started playing i was FEELING IT I LOVE THAT SONG
Apphiadona Shylla
Apphiadona Shylla 19 napja
Hey dear thank you so much you inspired me alot ❤️❤️
Chenelle Thomas
Chenelle Thomas 20 napja
This is the first time I’ve done this workout without taking any breaks!!! I’m honestly so proud and excited 😆. Don’t give up! Wherever you are on your journey, whatever you’re trying to achieve, you can do this! Patience is key 😊💖. Sending love and hugs 🤗!
Kristina Blagojević
Kristina Blagojević 21 napja
Jumping jacks are hitting differently with this song. Undescribably great!
Rina Khan
Rina Khan 21 napja
Hi. There this is my 12 days doing this. Wow.🥰🤗
Cyra Matteio
Cyra Matteio 22 napja
Am I the only one who watches how stunning she is rather than the right technique to do the exercises?
Lena 22 napja
Das BESTE Pam Workout 😍. Es macht soooo gute Laune ✨
klo bow
klo bow 23 napja
NOT me pertending to be a fitness influencer and talking to fake fans
Lajoie 23 napja
8 months later, still love it. Thank you Pam❤
annamcnulty_drawings 23 napja
That moment when it was your favourite song until Pam does a workout with it 😩😩😩
seamaide 23 napja
To those of you who finished day 1 week 6, we did it! Totally out of breath but it's a step further in our progress! Keep it up!❤️
Svět podle Deneris
Svět podle Deneris 23 napja
Okay, now I know what love- hate relationship means. You are all sweaty and your heart is beating fast, we have all symptoms. I am not sure if I like it yet lol.
Shu Jie
Shu Jie 23 napja
I realise that I really need to practise and do this workout many times in future. It is fun !
Pillaaa 00
Pillaaa 00 23 napja
This is by FAR my favorite cardio workout from her
Magic Wolfie
Magic Wolfie 24 napja
Pamela is not only AMAZING for surviving exercise but also at DANCING EXERCISE I can't stand at least 1 min
Preetha Sarkar
Preetha Sarkar 24 napja
when you are about to press the play button n you see "INCLUDING HIIT"🙄🙄😣😥
Kimmy B
Kimmy B 26 napja
On my Fitbit versa 2 said i lost 100cal and i took like few second breaks. 😊
loyz tem
loyz tem 26 napja
We are all fearfully , wonderfully made in the Image of God( psalm 139:14). God spent good time on each and every one of you! ❤️
loyz tem
loyz tem 9 napja
@Manuela Melca we all have different trials and tribulations in life, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us. The reason why bad things happen is because of the devil. We may never understand, but God protects us from so many things we don’t even know exist. So, don’t criticise God please. God Bless
Manuela Melca
Manuela Melca 9 napja
Then why did he give some people a crappy life? And why are some of the newborns dying in the first 3 minutes of their life?
Maggie Z
Maggie Z 26 napja
I did 5 minutes and sat down watching the rest🤓🤓
Ane Nieto
Ane Nieto 26 napja
Who is here after hardcore hiit? It was a pleasure to meet you all 😂
Samira M
Samira M 26 napja
i'm sad because I didn't finish the workout. I think after doing abs workout I hurt my back, and then couldn't finish this one, too much painful :(
Sarah Oldland
Sarah Oldland 27 napja
my favourite workout ever!!! Its so fun!! Thank you pamela!!
Alessia Gentili
Alessia Gentili 27 napja
best video ever
Azinka 27 napja
this burnt around 120 calories!!!!!
anusha garimella
anusha garimella 27 napja
I thoroughly ENJOYED this workout!!! 😍
John Hunt
John Hunt 28 napja
hi! i wondered how many cals doea this workout burn? i know it depends on many things, but my fitness band always shows so little burned during workouts, so i'm curious what is the actual amount. thanks to anyone who can answer 😊
Shirani Dhauri
Shirani Dhauri 23 napja
Hi! 120cal
Angel Augustino
Angel Augustino 28 napja
Asude Kaçmaz
Asude Kaçmaz 28 napja
Your kill me but maybe I'm okay.?.. Oh no I'm not okay djdhdjdhdjs 😅👍🏻🦵😵
Dhruvi Chavda
Dhruvi Chavda 28 napja
Legit lifted my spirits up
Poppy Holiday
Poppy Holiday 29 napja
Cant get enough of these work outs!love you girl! x
Zoe Moreno Calderon
Zoe Moreno Calderon Hónapja
Hi girls! Just wanted to help you on this journey!, comment your name and date of this workout, I’ll come back in 6 months to remind you how far you have gone, me first: Zoe, jan 31/21
Etsaman Lapen
Etsaman Lapen Hónapja
Its happy sweat workout until the mountain climbers start
CookieDough•v• Hónapja
Pam really needs to make a ponytail tutorial cuz her ponytail will never fall off 😂 ❤️
senadnz Hónapja
Week 4! I came here after 12 min happy cardio! Anybody??
senadnz Hónapja
I am dead btw.
week 4 day 5??? WE CAN DO THIS!!
Tereza Lehenová
Tereza Lehenová Hónapja
This was os hard
Tereza Lehenová
Tereza Lehenová Hónapja
But good
Fernanda Castillo
Fernanda Castillo Hónapja
Sofia Pontes Ferreira da Mata
Sofia Pontes Ferreira da Mata Hónapja
Oh my god! I feel so good after this! Thanks @PamelaReif! 💗
JuliaMerchant Hónapja
And suddenly I love jumping jacks and mountain climbers!
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