Congressman Adam Schiff on Trump Leaving, Capitol Attacks & Impeachment

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Jimmy Kimmel Live


Congressman Schiff talks about Donald Trump’s final moments in office, impeaching him for a second time, being in the chambers when the Capitol attacks took place, feeling animosity toward Republican colleagues, and the possibility of Trump going to prison.
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B Giv
B Giv 13 napja
Lid dle Kidz and Adam Schiff. SMH
Ari berry
Ari berry 14 napja
Shifty Schiff looks like a robot...
Mike Davison
Mike Davison 17 napja
Schiff is done!
Jamie Lake-Boyd
Jamie Lake-Boyd 22 napja
We need to loose the democracy you democrates have created. And guess what we get to do that because we are a republic. THE PEOPLE HAVE THAT RIGHT
Jamie Lake-Boyd
Jamie Lake-Boyd 22 napja
Gods gonna get you ill say what ever to keep this job loosers
Jamie Lake-Boyd
Jamie Lake-Boyd 22 napja
MyChilepepper 23 napja
That loser should’ve been impeached and removed from office a year ago. None of this insurrection incitement would’ve happened.
Google Google
Google Google 25 napja
tja, studiert und nix verdient...tja , kein kredit für die idee die hast du dann mit dem BND abt. Wirtschaftsspionage Kohl Genscher brutal gestohlen...Genscher (FDP) führte ein Doppelleben als Homosexueller so kam der Türke Erol Sander zu seinen Rollen beim Staatsfernsehen😀
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 25 napja
Schiff is a bug eyed freak !
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 25 napja
Two dorks... lol
Kendra Hoffman
Kendra Hoffman Hónapja
We the People will Win. You perverts are done!
thejudster75 Hónapja
Intelligence Kimmel says? Can't find Intelligence with these to thats for sure
Red Step Stacker
Red Step Stacker Hónapja
Jimmy Kimmel, if you’re delivering your audience to the devil because you truly believe that your favorite politicians are not controlled by China I’ll forgive you. If you’re delivering your audience to the devil because you got a big mortgage you’re going to hell and your politicians can’t help you there. You better figure it out fast because your soul is on the line
AngelNClown Hónapja
4:30 He was so honest, God bless him.
Lil weasel
Lil weasel Hónapja
We love you Adam Schiff!! Your courage Gave us courage
cucamonga41 Hónapja
We need more Adam Schift. He's great. All you have to do to find out what the CommuCrats are hiding is look and see what he's accusing other people of doing. It's literally the fastest and most accurate way to determine what they are up to.
mark caplinger
mark caplinger Hónapja
next time things happen, schiff, go to your office desk, pull the dilder outta it and scare attackers of the loud vibrating noise.
mark caplinger
mark caplinger Hónapja
Schiff, how about your continuous lies about President Trump for the last 4 years? You will never, ever be taken seriously anymore by THE PEOPLE.
mark caplinger
mark caplinger Hónapja
shame on JimmY Kimmell for feeding these lies and showing hatred for Conservatives.
mark caplinger
mark caplinger Hónapja
maybe Shifty Schiff will come up with a Russia story on how the election was stolen.
mark caplinger
mark caplinger Hónapja
intelligence? adam schiff? hahahahahaahaha they guy continues to make up lies.
Gregory Pollock
Gregory Pollock Hónapja
Yep, yep yep... the career politicians are back in control. They are going to make america great again. They've already decided to have boys play on girls sports teams because what? " field hockey isn't offered to boys". The teachers of Chicago are being paid to vacation in the Caribbean while the students are not in class because what? "we might get sick if we teach in a classroom." Some Photoshopping kid in Florida was arrested for making political 'images' memes, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation no less ! ! ! If I were the one assigned to that investigation I'd of told my supervisor "YOU DO IT! I'm not putting my name on that one", GJP Again, understand what it means to swear in. *** ... I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States ... ***
GeoDen Hónapja
Compared with Adam Schiff, Republicons look like a bunch of second rate people that need to get another job.
PG Hónapja
I like how all the liberals think Adam Schiff is a class act. He is the kind of person that elevated gutter slime. Another Representative with a state going broke and doing nothing for the people in it. How many businesses have left Your state sir? Why is there a record # of homeless people now? Why is your governor being recalled? You are supposed to represent the people sir not yourself!!! When Chuck Schumer said President Trump incited an erection he was talking about Adam Schiff.
watersport86 Hónapja
Adam Schiff is the reason Californians shouldn't be allowed to vote
Mehmet Yilmaz
Mehmet Yilmaz Hónapja
Some of these republicans need a new party of their own
JoAnne Johnson
JoAnne Johnson Hónapja
Definitely Honorable!
Kate Hónapja
It's hard not to love this guy, Schiff. So smart, articulate, soft-spoken, prescient and witty. We could sure use some more of such dedicated leadership. Thanks, Mr Schiff.
drew Don
drew Don Hónapja
It is the people's house ! Get it right you smug blankety blank
urbanothepopeofdeath Hónapja
wow! reading the comments and it makes it clear that most of you are enjoying the kool aid that Schiff has provided you. you do realize he knew that the russia thing was a total fabrication yet continues to tell you sheep that it was no such thing and he had "proof in plain sight" that Trump was a "russian asset"???????????? right???? he lied for 4 years and you guys fawn over him??? wtf is wrong with you people????
Das GV
Das GV Hónapja
Adam Schiff decent respectable person but not explained the powers of President and after his tenure of office ,whether President is impeachable for his wrong doings at the cost of Constitutional Articles when he enjoys all other benefits after terms are over.Explain sir !
Bobby 33
Bobby 33 Hónapja
Recall Adam Schiff Californian Hispanic Republican Trump supporter here
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hónapja
Poster Boy for decent president
Tara J. Fitzgerald
Tara J. Fitzgerald Hónapja
It is unforgivable all republicans invalid need to resign or be removed ASAP!
John Santana
John Santana Hónapja
rewind the tape. 6months, 1yr ago, and see then all kiss##% his a@#
Carly Hamilton
Carly Hamilton Hónapja
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos Hónapja
It's my twin
Lucille McKinery
Lucille McKinery Hónapja
I really love seeing paperbacks on the bookshelves. No pretensions, how refreshing!
Rick Glorie
Rick Glorie Hónapja
They all have to come out how ridiculous the riot was, how they lived through it.
Samuel Sotunde
Samuel Sotunde Hónapja
Trump being banned from Twitter is the best thing that has happened so far in 2021.
Old Ghostly
Old Ghostly Hónapja
Cometh the time, cometh the man.
Wimpi Handoko
Wimpi Handoko Hónapja
Ok Iranians, we're still waiting for your open season trophy on the orange pumpkins, it's too long before it's too late ..
Tanya Fortson
Tanya Fortson Hónapja
God bless you sir
true teller
true teller Hónapja
BREAKING: New Mexico leaders say Biden domestic energy bans will devastate the state's economy, where jobs, education, and public programs depend on funding from the industry New Mexico voted 54-43 for Biden (or did they?)
Dare Bear X
Dare Bear X Hónapja
Adam does a lot of good work
Sandra castro-baker
Sandra castro-baker Hónapja
How many lawmakers have this man’s integrity, intelligence and courage?
Topical Storm
Topical Storm Hónapja
Two losers.
Robert Hoeller
Robert Hoeller Hónapja
Trump’s going to hold a big rally February 8th.
dinkar rao
dinkar rao Hónapja
sir thank you
Louise Cole
Louise Cole Hónapja
That comment was for Trump.
Louise Cole
Louise Cole Hónapja
Good riddance to old rubbish, I can smell the fresh air,no more s.......... in the air .
Marié telléz
Marié telléz Hónapja
I can’t stand Republicans, thank you Mr Adam Schiff for your leadership and opening the eyes of some Americans who where blinded on the past Trump impeachment
Amy Dutcher
Amy Dutcher Hónapja
Oh yeah, good guest choice JK - and Bravo!
DesertFox MJ
DesertFox MJ Hónapja
he is my hero among all the democrats.
boatnikdog Hónapja
Mr. Schiff's description of their escape from the house floor sounds like a scene from "Jurassic Park."
Dizkover Hónapja
The single best thing that has happened was Trump getting banned on Twitter. The last 4 years was toxic. I felt PEACE when he was banished from that platform.
Bradley Baggett
Bradley Baggett Hónapja
Please go watch officer Tatum or Anthony Brian Logan. Listen to what you people are saying you're literally taking it right out of Hitler's book you have become communists talking about reprogramming, you people are the farthest thing from Americans
Lucia Delia
Lucia Delia Hónapja
Hey Jimmy. Don’t put down “animals” by calling Trump’s mob animals. However Jimmy, a great interview!
Dena Sharpe
Dena Sharpe Hónapja
Animals don't plot against their own
World Travel Blogger
World Travel Blogger Hónapja
People died... Do people not understand that? DEAD, I personally would say Murdered!! Someone literally lost their lives because of these Republicans' inability to be honorable in the face of evil. In my eyes, they are traitors to the United States and should be stripped of the honor of being called a congressman or woman. This is coming from a former Marine who had to remove other Marines from their ranks or positions because they brought dishonor or embarrassment to the Marines. So is It fair we do that to our military but not these traitors. Could you imagine the story if a Marines on base tried this, what people would say about them? This is not some yay military piece here either. This is just about pure human dignity, honor, and respect, yet they want military and veterans like myself to respect them, call them sir. No, that is earned... I personally do not care what house you are in, I just respect those who respect me and fellow Americans. Due to their part in this, people are now dead, who didn't have to die. I do not think people are truly understanding this, they are gone. Never to be hugged, kissed, told I love you, laughed with, to see their happiness on Christmas day or their surprised face on a birthday. These are only pictures and memories now for their families, friends, colleagues. The United States all of us should be embarrassed as a nation, that we on our end allowed this as well, but those Republicans knew, and as Peter said, it is unforgivable.
AbortRetry Fail?
AbortRetry Fail? Hónapja
If you erase a guy on Twitter, and he disappears in _real life,_ was he ever "real" in the first place? Only Devin Nunes' Cow knows for sure...
Michele Borland
Michele Borland Hónapja
I echo your sentiments Jimmy. He’s a good man with integrity few in the House have. We’re lucky to have him!
Amy Brown
Amy Brown Hónapja
A big loser!! 😂😂
Nina Bhagat
Nina Bhagat Hónapja
Thank you, Adam Schiff. Thank you to every American who turned up to throw out Trump. These thanks are from an Indian, where democracy hangs perilously by a slim thread.
GreatOne Really
GreatOne Really Hónapja
Wow, Trump is a "Turd" That won't flush down fast enough.
Lissy Sexsmith
Lissy Sexsmith Hónapja
The gabby hip jointly tame because disease booly squeeze along a glistening glorious oboe. abstracted, tremendous adult
Tom Hall
Tom Hall Hónapja
Adam Schiff? What the hell? Why isn't that meat puppet in prison? Oh, right. We have a criminal for a president now.
Main Man
Main Man Hónapja
Two absolute sketchy sketch bags.. Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Schiff. Look at the creepy smiles on those 2 dirt bags. I wouldn't trust them to take out the trash.
Paige Morgan
Paige Morgan Hónapja
I sincerely appreciate Congressman Adam Schiff for his honesty, integrity and his great intelligence. He is truly a unique individual who loves our great nation and all who reside in it. I think Adam Schiff would make a great president or any office that he may consider for that matter. President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris will restore honor, truth and dignity to our great nation and the soul of our nation through God and them both will be restored. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers.
Lancet Fencing
Lancet Fencing Hónapja
“stand back and stand by” was not misspoken message its so clear !
Lancet Fencing
Lancet Fencing Hónapja
that speech was the Best!!!
Robby Williams
Robby Williams Hónapja
Think of all the lives that would've been saved if he'd been removed the first time!
Kim S
Kim S Hónapja
There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY! Yes!
Modeltnick Hónapja
The Kimmel Traitor Hour. Why don’t you two move to China. They will be coming for your kind first.
Randor11 Hónapja
There's still a dangerous Republican psychology that I think we will have to deal with, and that is that they try to WIN AT ANY COST.
Omaigad Brochacho
Omaigad Brochacho Hónapja
The People stand by you Congressman.
Robo Jacko
Robo Jacko Hónapja
if you trying to tell me that somebody like Trump who was runing for president for the first time in 2016 can win the election and now Biden who's runing for president since the 80's won this election. I cant believe you. Sorry. Trump will be back in march.
Jorge Alberto Martínez Mendoza
Jorge Alberto Martínez Mendoza Hónapja
Congress MUST OUST ALL those Republicans who BETRAYED their oath of office and FORBID THEY TO RUN FOR OFFICE EVER AGAIN.
AC Ricucci
AC Ricucci Hónapja
Why has Adam Schiff not run for President? I've watched him in dozens of interviews over the last 2 years. He's very intelligent, the way he talks is measured and thoughtful, his political awareness is impressive. I would vote for him in a heartbeat!
John Bear
John Bear Hónapja
Ahhh the world of vampire reality.. 😆🤣😂.... hey it pays well... Trump reigning down truth on the world of the illusionists...sorry boys your magic tricks don't work anymore....bye bye Babylon... 😆🤣😂
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Hónapja
Adam Schiff voted for the Iraq war. Under oath he testified that he had zero evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.
Jaberwoky Hónapja
I'd be happier if Schumer & Pelosi were also gone.
damon watlington
damon watlington Hónapja
I am Sooooo Happy to see Adam Schiff Smile and Laugh after 4 yrs + Long Years, of The HORRIFIC NIGHTMARE We've All been living through.
Deck Hardt
Deck Hardt Hónapja
To call the insurrectionists "animals" is an insult to animals
Randy Bailin
Randy Bailin Hónapja
Congressman Schiff is a true patriot.
Dan Flores
Dan Flores Hónapja
Calm, level headed...that’s what we need.
baker gayfield
baker gayfield Hónapja
Both of these guys are dirtbags
bunny mom
bunny mom Hónapja
McConnell is a rat in a suit. He and the GOP were enablers for 4-years, and at a huge cost to the American people. SHAME ON THEM!
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell Hónapja
Little Adam Shift, so much a bigger man , a patriot and leader , that the x- president. Thank you congressman Shift for do ing the hard work in the past 4 years.
bunny mom
bunny mom Hónapja
Yeah, 20Jan was the best day! Joe and Kamala in (yay) and bozo the fake prez is out (good riddance to bad trash). Schiff is what is good with congress!
Sophia Estella
Sophia Estella Hónapja
As wistful as you would be farewelling the Bubonic Plague...
spaceballs44 Hónapja
There is MySpace.
ferdinand quintos
ferdinand quintos Hónapja
Senator Schiff please ensure ACCOUNTABILITY for all!
Mrinalika Singh Bais
Mrinalika Singh Bais Hónapja
The uneven robin collectively steer because stone literally place worth a telling camp. careful, lopsided dictionary
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Hónapja
Head of the Intelligence Committee and he "had NO idea what was going on." 😆 😂😅
Great interview.
CoolhandLukeSkywalkr Hónapja
They impeached Trump twice. Now he's essentially going to be found "not guilty" twice by the Senate, showing how much of a witch hunt these things are.
CoolhandLukeSkywalkr Hónapja
@Willoughby Krenzteinburg Well said. Every Liberal will find him, a few Republicans as well, but nowhere near enough to convict him. He should have zero impeachments. Why not remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house, she's way less professional than Trump was.
Willoughby Krenzteinburg
Willoughby Krenzteinburg Hónapja
@SAVAGE PILOT The constitution does not allow for an impeachment trial to be had regarding a citizen of this country (which Trump is now). This was always a farce. Not to mention that Trump was not guilty of what he was impeached for to begin with. The articles were drafted and passed within 12 hours or so. The articles specifically charge Trump with inciting the insurrection and point specifically to statements made and assert that those statements caused people to breach the Capitol. In reality, the breach occurred *_during_* Trump's speech. The FBI has now revealed that the breach had been in the works for weeks (it was mostly planned on Facebook, and Parler gets taken off the internet for it). People planted pipe bombs, they brought things to smash windows. In order to find Trump guilty of inciting this breach, one would have to assume that people heard the beginning of his speech, left and went home and got weapons, materials for pipe bombs, *_made_* the pipe bombs, then returned to the Capitol to break in - all before Trump was even done with his speech. Even if they held a trial, if he is found guilty, the only thing it would mean is that precedent has been set for the Senate to hold impeachment trials over one of its citizens - and you don't even need to *_be_* guilty to be found guilty. If you think you are safe from that arm, you are patently naive.
CoolhandLukeSkywalkr Hónapja
@SAVAGE PILOT Are you under the impression that he will actually be convicted? Lol, take a civics lesson.
You being sarcastic or you really have no brain?
allyourcode Hónapja
The Republican party is literally a terrorist organization.
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams Hónapja
I like Congressman Schiff. I bet he's saying in his head, "Told you so!" (About that 1st impeachment).
carolyn kinch
carolyn kinch Hónapja
Accountability IS Essential..!!
Mazhar Soufi
Mazhar Soufi Hónapja
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